1. This start would be understandable if it was the first game of the season. Nobody within 5 feet of 3 attempt by GT. At least Green is bringing some effort.

    Best part of the broadcast so far; phone left in patient after surgery, maybe the first ad I enjoyed.

  2. There’s more hope for a horse with a broken leg than a team coached by Crean.

  3. This would be very embarrassing and so pathetic if only I didn’t feel so positive this is Crean’s last game coached for IU. I consider this game a turning point for IU returning to ELITE BB status.

  4. How can this not be CTC’s last rodeo?He has paced and clapped this program to very lowest point since Sampson! All we can do is hope the Missouri A.D is as dumb as Glass. If CTC stays it will be worse than this year. The only legit NBA guy is OG. Bryant and Blackmon are D -league at best. We will know soon.We need a change so we don’t devalue Assembly Hall really? How dumb does he think the fan base is ???

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