1. Huge things happening in IU bb! Playing for a 10 seed in big ten tournament. Wow! How exciting is that? The outer ozone of Lala Land eliteness. Change coaching staff. (Pre-game, Top Cat keeps bringing up foul situations in past games not knowing how to play games according to how game is being called). T.C. is working hard to give himself and team an out (excuses) to lose game. Change coaching staff!!!! Needed.

  2. Gifts from the Establishment:

    #1 The frivolous NCAA investigation into Kelvin Sampson(3-way calling restrictions upon coaches removed by the NCAA the following year).
    #2 The Indy lawyer’s club/political arrangements to bring the worst in-game coach in D-1 history from Marquette to Indiana.
    #3 The radio and ESPN platform given to a very bitter Dan Dakich; a man whose only purpose is to flatter and apologize for the mediocrity permanently dug in deep at Indiana. His current favorite spin: “The players just aren’t buying in.”
    #4 The constant ridiculing of Steve Alford as someone who would never be qualified to run a big time college basketball program.
    #5 The East Coast slant allowing an NC alum, Delany, to head the Big 10. When, at the conclusion of the 2014-15 season, the very mediocre coach at Indiana was on the hot seat, the “conference’ gifted Crean the softest Big 10 schedule in the history of the program.
    #6 The luring of Brad Stevens out of Indiana and into the Boston Celtics job. The Establishment could care less about the Celtics. Their first objective was to pull this man away from any possibility of coaching the candy stripes.
    #7 The complete lack of NCAA scrutiny given to following: The prostitution scandal at Louisville; The sudden validation of Calipari as a quality coach with impeccable integrity; The flippant treatment/regard of UNC’s many years of academic fraud where fake classes for athletes who could not make the academic cut was allowed.

  3. Apologists in place @ Indiana. Check.
    Defunct X’s and O’s coach with a William Jennings Bryan tongue hired. Check.
    Steve Alford @ UCLA. Check.
    Brad Stevens @ Boston. Check.
    Allow Calipari to become the face of college basketball. Check.
    Ignore scandals at UNC and Louisville(while burning down a program because of 3-way calling). Check.
    A very embittered Dakich using the airwaves to keep defending those who keep Indiana in stagnancy. Check.

  4. 3 reasons for IU win.
    1. Ohio State is awful.
    2. IU made some shots with lousy defense on them.
    3. Thad Mada is great for IU. (Ohio State should give him an extension for the glory of old IU for same reasons that opponents think IU should keep T.C.)

  5. I’m going with Dan Dakich’s statement: “Indiana is an incredibly dangerous team.”

    Matta would be a disaster for Indiana. I’d rather keep Crean another five years than see Matta as our head coach.

  6. I’ve always assumed the Boston Celtics were merely a pawn in the Machiavellian scheme to put a mediocre coach in place at IU.

    UCLA, too.


  7. Movin on up…#10 seed vs. #13. Yay! How exciting. This win is akin to putting bright crimson lipstick on a sloppy hog. For those hoping this fat sloppy hog with lipstick can win more than 1 game in the Big Ten Tournament….it isn’t going to happen. Do yourselves a favor, go buy some Butler or ND gear, and enjoy the rest of March.

    It is the season of what could have been. OT losses to Iowa, MN & a good shot to have beaten MD, all on the road, & instead of 2-8 on the road, we’re 5-5 on the road & 20-11 overall. That is a non-bubble resume. Clearly, all games won’t go your way, but those 3 stand out to me as “the difference” between hope & reality. On the flip side we could’ve lost to KU & PSU, both OT games, as well as NW @ home & PSU on the road. But these tight games is where sloppiness, selfishness, lack of fundamentals, poor coaching and no leadership on the floor will sink you. Welcome to the USS Indiana, circa 2017.

  8. I did not intend that Matta would be good for IU. I think he is awful along with the Buckeyes.

  9. Decent. We agree.
    The only major tournament success Matta has seen at OSU was when he reaped the benefits of Hoosier recruits(Oden, Conley, Deshaun Thomas) .

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