1. Based on my first impression of hearing Archie Miller talk, and how straight forward and plain spoken he is, along with his philosophy, I have to give Glass a lot of credit. I think he hired the right guy. And I was glad to hear Glass say that Miller was the only person he offered the job to. Archie may not have been at the top of Fred’s short list when the process began, but he was smart enough to make the offer to the right guy.

    Excited at the thought of IU developing a home and home series with Arizona. That exposure out west would be great for IU. Just as long as Archie has some time to recruit the talent necessary to compete with Arizona, that could become something very special. Two great fans bases, two quality basketball programs coached by high character men who happen to be brothers. When can I buy my tickets?

    As for renewing the Kentucky series, sounded to me as if Glass is in the process of making a U-turn. Wasn’t it Glass who emphatically stated that a home and home series should be played on each school’s campus for the good of the students? I wonder if the amount of money at stake is changing Fred’s mind, or if Archie’s position has already influenced Fred’s position on that matter?

  2. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with Archie in his first podium appearance.
    He comes across as truly genuine. That singular trait alone makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief.

  3. Shocking as it may be, I am in total agreement with Podunker. Archie hit all the right notes for me…..I hope he can deliver on his vision.

  4. I am good with A.M. The main objective is recruit and get control of the team. In about 3 to 5 years I can say how much. I wish he could train F.G. to talk more to the point. How long can F.M. talk without saying anything? Filabuster from both sides of his mouth. He misdirects what he says, hides what goes on (secretive), and nicely ignores any questions, but he talks and talks.

  5. According to daughter #2, that subject is covered extensively during the 3rd year of law school.

    1. TJ,
      I think that starts with whether Dayton opts to promote someone from his current staff to head coach and goes from there. I would guess maybe one from Dayton, then another he knows from over the years and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t someone with strong state or IU ties.

  6. Yep, Fred is an experienced lawyer who knows how to speak without saying anything of substance.

    I read in SI.com that Archie got a 7-year contract. Isn’t that the duration of Crean’s original contract? I find that interesting because while it was justified for Crean (time to clean up the toxic waste dump he discovered upon arriving), Archie’s coming in with a program in much better shape. I’ll bet you ole Fred did another deal where he exchanged time for money! Can’t wait to see Archie’s annual compensation package and how it compares to what Crean was getting paid before he got fired. My guess is that in the case of Wilson and Crean, their respective replacements are getting paid less so that ole Fred can recover the cost of the severance packages. But it is irrelevant because if Archie leads IU to a Big Ten Championship and into the elite 8 within three years, he’s going to be in position to demand a huge raise with a multi-year extension.

  7. Just noticed Mike Miller’s statement in the ticker. $3.35 million for seven years! Is that confirmed? If so, I am surprised and very impressed. Fred put his money where his mouth was and demonstrated how important basketball is to IU. But I’ll bet you Coach Allen is a little annoyed right about now, but hey, “it’s Indiana!” Good for you, Archie. After your first Big Ten Championship or Elite 8, you should demand that IU match your brother’s salary from AZ.

  8. Archie, without a doubt the right hire ! Straight forward and to the point! It is soo nice to have hope again and take INDIANA back ! Fred did a great job ! GO HOOSIERS !

  9. I like the hire. However, cannot evaluate it yet. Neither, can anyone else regarding real expectations because they haven’t happened yet. Everything else in reality is wishful thinking and that is ok.

  10. He won’t be an excuse maker.
    I truly don’t think we’ll hear statements about somebody on the team needing to take a leadership role.
    I don’t anticipate him calling sophomores “young” …..I doubt if we’ll hear the young excuse if he had an all freshman team.
    We have no idea how it will all pan out, but I have a very strong sense that this guy doesn’t duck punches. He’ll be accountable.
    If the team doesn’t perform, there will be no throwing players under the bus. The buck will stop with Archie.
    Wing spans will not be discussed like supermodels…
    Doubt if we’ll have to act impressed when a new recruit puts on a dunking display at a frat house.
    There will be no backroom recruiting deals to take every A-Hope raw project to land one talk of the town, “everything hinges” sell job, who plays a great game of 3-A ball.
    There will be no “chosen one” recruits who suck minutes because of the “NBA upside” guys(the “lottery pick” highlight on Crean’s, otherwise, empty resume) while stronger players sit on the bench.
    Archie will not chase Knight around the globe for a handshake of validation.
    A UK vs. IU rivalry will be restored…and we’ll gladly take on the challenge anywhere… anytime. (it will no longer be about saving reputations between bosom buddies).
    Excessive pacing, squatting, tongue flapping, and clapping over the reading of cue cards…? ALL A THING OF THE PAST!
    No peach basket will ever be unwoven after a loss.
    No longer will a Dasani bottle be uncapped and recapped 12 times in the span of one press conference.
    Doubt we’ll see Hoosiers whining about every call that goes against them as if they are incapable of committing a foul.
    Announcements to national TV audience of prayers in Hoosier locker rooms will not be to explain the halftime variety we make for ourselves. They will be the postgame prayers for the opponent to maintain some amount of self-worth after a thorough Hoosier beat down.

    These are only a few of the changes…I’m sure many of you can provide numerous more that provide hope and anticipation of how Hoosier Basketball is going to be able to breathe again rather than be suffocated in overblown hype, excuses, apology, irrelevant comparisons across decades, and blame targets.

    Even if we finished dead last in the conference, it will still look more like Hoosier Basketball than anything from the last nine seasons.

  11. Must be tough on kids….Tough to be uprooted from friends, familiar teachers, school, and extended family. Change isn’t easy for adults….Kids have so few options or voice in all of this. It rips the heart out when all the goodbyes have to said….

  12. When I worked with little kids I used to tell them, “I’ve been a Dad a lot longer than you’ve been a kid.”

    Arch has been a coach longer than they have been players. He’ll be the guy in charge.

  13. I was traveling all day and just caught up on the press conference. I really like this guy.

    BTW, I know Fred said it wasn’t important for his new hire to “win the press conference,” but I disagree. He needs to set the right tone that he’s the captain of this ship on day one. Not with fluff and filler, but determination, intelligence and confidence. Man, did he ever deliver. Not only does he seem like he’s “got this,” he has a look in his eye that shows he knows what he’s doing to get us there.

    As t said, we’ll see how this plays out. But I like his first steps. Can’t wait to see how the roster shapes up over the next few weeks.

    Archie is really making it easy to root for him on Day 1. Welcome to Hoosier Nation, coach!

  14. Harv, your post was a classic. Had a good laugh. The Dasani bottle, that was hysterical. How did you notice such details? You mean you actually paid attention enough during Crean’s pressers to count?

    Speaking of Crean, there’s a coaching vacancy at the U of Akron; wonder if Crean will be applying?

    1. Seahawk-
      The definition of insanity is paying attention to a Crean presser.
      I learned long ago to zone out of the anticipated jargon, excuses, his street hoops lingo Cliffs Notes, his “upsides,” his “next level,” his “it moves, it just moves,” his “it’s a process,” etc, etc… I believe his Dasani pressers are now part of an amendment to the Geneva Conventions definitions of water-bored torture.

      If a Dasani bottle could talk it would likely tell Crean to make his next 30 million by inventing “Twitcher” to replace Twitter….or maybe InstaTwitch?…Twitchbook?

      I’ll always have a soft spot for Tom Crean…He inherited an IU that was in worse shape than a dusty motel inherited by Norman Bates. Mother Bobby was quite the domineering type…..Peering from a window up on Cook Hall hill…or hiding in the fruit cellar. The empty rooms and petrified old sheets merely changed for protocol are the absence of trips to Final Fours long ago left from the busy highway of our once dominant hoops. Kelvin and Jeff Meyer were easy targets when the McCracken ‘Mother’ briefly turns to her wig of the old days…..

      1. Loved your Bates metaphor, Har-vard…you still got it!. Have you seen the A&E series “Bates Motel”? A “prequel” of Norman’s descent into darkness…very good show

  15. MILLER TIME!! He listed the feelings he holds paramount about Indiana basketball and he specifically outlined them.
    His passion for basketball matches the passion of the state of Indiana.
    Really like his thought about program pressures, if you don’t handle pressure well don’t come to Indiana.
    “Inside out recruiting” Indiana talent will be 1st.
    To be a top program today you must play successful “D” against all kinds of offenses.
    He gets it.

  16. If for no other reason, I am happy for the Miller hire because it has changed Harvards tune… I can read through your posts again now in their entirety.

    I had a feeling that you would be a fan of this guy Harv. I’m hoping it’s a long lasting relationship.

    And now for something that will make Harvard cringe… When I watched the presser I couldn’t help but think the expression he keeps on his face looks a bit like Coach K.

  17. The big question: What program is going to pursue Frank Martin? Where did Bobby first start? OSU? It wouldn’t shock me. Matta has run his course. His best days at OSU came via sucking key talent from the Hoosier state…during our witch hunt and shaming ourselves days.

      1. You’re probably right…
        But the do like their rather Neanderthal(ish) coaches at OSU. Home of Woody Hayes….and they certainly turned the other cheek to the allegations surrounding Wilson.
        Change is in the wind…..Martin is a very hot name right now. Can SC keep him?

  18. That’s by no means a dig on Matta…..Archie looks up to Thad.
    But let’s face facts….Butler is doing fine without Brad(a little disappointing in the tournament, but they did take down the defending national champs twice). Indiana talent has a way of making a lot of just-above-average coaches look pretty damn good. That’s why they never drift away from the Hoosier state too far….Well, there is that Alford guy, but everyone says he’s pretty much a terrible coach. Wait…? That supports my theory. Never mind.

  19. And Brad was making his mark in the Horizon League….Holtmann has the Big East to navigate. Timing is everything.

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