1. They commonly turn the ball over during the first minute of play. It’s as if they want to get it over with.

  2. Looked like IU played pretty well. And although the Crean-haters are terribly disappointed because today’s blow-out upset victory conflicts with their narrative, at least IU has never quit in a game like Iowa did in the second half. What a wimpy way for Jok to end his college career. He looked like he was pouting throughout the entire second half.

    Any of you Crean-haters getting anxious that IU might beat Wisconsin tomorrow and make a run? Does IU have to win the Big Ten tournament to get into the dance? I know that anything that makes it harder for Glass to justify firing Crean next week is very upsetting to you, but this game was fun to watch. I for one would like to see this IU team keep it going for a few more.

  3. I love Podunker. He loves mediocrity. Say they win against Wiscy and somehow win again and get into the finals. Say they even when the Big Ten tourney and get inti the tourney. Say they win two games (Crean Celiing). Are you happy with that. Crean is inconsistent. To have a chance at success you must have consistency. IU/Crean is not consistent. I would call Greg Marshall at Wichita State. He is consistent and proven to be much better than Crean over the same period of time.

  4. And to think that not having OG and Hartman was the reason we lost 8 out of of our final 11 regular season games. And to think beating Iowa by any amount of points changes that either means you’re a very bitter Dan Dakich(a.k.a. Indiana-hater) or you want more of this.

    Sort of ironic that an Indiana kid who has taken a good share of Blackmon-hate on this site(never from yours truly) comes up with the huge game for the most dangerous team in the country. Blackmon is the last in the pipeline. Dakich doesn’t seem to want to share with his national audience just how much Indiana under Crean has lost the appeal to high school talent in Indiana. Those Indiana kids make a lot of teams “dangerous, ” Danny Boy. Most actually have quite a bit more scoring punch than averaging 2.3 ppg over four years at Indiana.

  5. Dakich has no symptoms of TCDS. Hmmm…..?

    If Bob Knight took a 7-11 conference record to the BIG tournament, do you think the Establishment Hoosier-haters of ESPN would be calling them a bubble team for winning against Iowa and simply being competitive against an upcoming Wisconsin opponent?
    If this isn’t proof of how the ‘powers that be'(the same ‘powers’ that ignore the academic scandal at UNC) would love nothing more than stagnancy under Crean to continue, I don’t know what else you need.

  6. Scarlett Croaker. How profound. You bring so much to the table. Very educated. Stay classy

  7. I give all the credit a HC deserves to Crean for this win; and all the losses, TO’s, lack of half court offense and no energy D for the bulk of the season. Nothin is different for me.

  8. What a quintessentially Creanian box score:

    17 TOs (6!!! by Morgan and 4 by Rojo)
    Shot 60% from the field, 60% from 3.

    When the jump shots are falling, we’re dangerous. But you can’t rely on shooting 60% to win games. Indiana was 10th in the B1G, because when the shots aren’t falling, we don’t have any other ways to slug out wins.

    Whoever the coach is next year, I like a lot of these freshman to build around. Green is going to be very good. I’m quite fond of Davis, too. He’s tough and one of our few players who seems to take pride in playing defense.

  9. I agree that there is some talent to build around with an excellent teacher/coach that will instill discipline for working through big men. This would include meaningful moving on offense; dribbling, passing, screening, cutting, shooting, and rebounding plus playing great defense. This would have to include recruiting Indiana blue chippers (and blue chips from neighboring states).

  10. Even though Jeff H also misinterprets my comments and tries to twist my words (hardly original on this site) about Crean, at least he has the guts to name a coach he thinks IU should hire if Crean gets fired. No Jeff, I do not love mediocrity. One of the only things I despise more than mediocrity is wasting a lot of money and increasing the risk of setting our once-excellent IU program back even further. Spending a million dollars to buyout Crean’s contract when there is no obvious “savior” who is sure to lead IU BB back to the promise land is just stupid management, from a university administration that has demonstrated profoundly stupid management for years in the past. As I written many times before, I do not love Crean, I do not think he is a great coach, I do not put him at anywhere near the same level of today’s best coaches. But he is not an “absolute disaster” as some really twisted sisters on this site insist he is. He has had a significant level of reasonable success recently, and therefore should be allowed to continue coaching IU until it does not cost the university a lot of money to fire him. In spite of what some very stubborn people continue to insist, IU does not have the Athletic Budget to waste money firing a coach that won the second outright Big Ten Championship (in four years) a year ago and was named Big Ten Coach of The Year in 2016. IU fans pressuring Glass to fire Crean puts IU at great risk of “allowing great to become the enemy of good,” and wasting a bunch of money in the process. There are dozens of better ways for IU Athletics to invest that large sum of money, especially when there are no obvious upgrades to be hired right now. Will there be no job candidates for IU to hire next year? Do they all disappear if we don’t hire them in April? Crean’s not a great coach, and he is never going to be. But, he is not the disaster that some Crean-haters claim he is, and IU could in deed do far worse. Why waste a million dollars to take that risk right now? Now please, if you want to argue with me, at least base your response on what I’ve actually written instead of twisting my words or putting words in my mouth.

    And FYI, Greg Marshall now makes more money than Tom Crean. In 2015, it was reported by CBS Sports that Marshall makes an average of $3.3 million per year at WSU with many years remaining on his contact. Given his security coaching in the Missouri Valley Conference, where he is likely to dominate for many years to come, why would he ever consider leaving that job for anything less than the rally big bucks paid by the elite blue-blood programs like Kansas, Duke, UNC, KY, and Louisville, if even for those schools? So, it is highly unlikely that IU could lure Marshall away from WSU by offering him the money it would take to justify changing jobs. Besides, he’s lead his BB teams to the same number of final fours that Crean has. Yea, he has an impressive win percentage and is almost guaranteed to get into the tournament every year because his teams feast on weaker competition in that conference, but if we define success at IU by final four appearances and hanging banners, his tournament record is not much different than Crean’s.

  11. Podunker, quit asking for names of coaches that could come to IU on this blog and stop saying Crean is the end all be all of Hoosier basketball. You truly need to know? Ask Mike Krzyzewski, he has some names of young talented coaches … Let me know what he says. I’m sure he will respond to you. As for the Iowa game, what happened? Did Hartman come back? Did OG come back? Did the team not know that the great expert Podunker only a week removed had decreed: “Stick a fork in this team. They’re done!” Turns out they’re not done. Turns out the Podunker had (still has) absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

  12. The scope of the matter is to keep Crean after this season his contact will have to be extended otherwise he is a lame duck to recruiting which will be communicated by opposing coaches repeatedly. Which in turn will really cost IU $ after another collapsing season. There is plenty of $ available to do what needs to be done July 1. I can think of 4 up and coming coaches IU could talk to and no doubt AD Glass knows more. + I’ll bet everyone on here can name some with the exception of a certain poster.

  13. Shaka Smart….Already named him numerous times.

    Class act. Values kids that put forth strong defensive effort. Give him the access to the talent in Hoosier country and he will skyrocket. Additionally, he has the ability to tap into his past recruiting trails in Virginia and Texas.

    The current coach of Princeton is also a solid name. Mitch Henderson.

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