1. Well, the first half was kind of a mess. Should be fixable.

    Jeremy, family reasons? Probably a smart move. 1973 I chose to miss my wife’s nursing school graduation. I watched IU play a NCAA tourney game. Don’t remember who & don’t remember if IU won. My uhh, soon to be ex-wife was not impressed. With me and/or IU win or loss.

    1. Why in the hell does Crean leave Bryant in! He cant score and he sure in the hell cant defend! Oh wait thats how he coaches, the guys that are making a difference sit and the ones who cant do anything get to play

  2. This game is only a stark reminder of how piss poor a coach Crean is. Many Hoosier HS coaches would provide better results for IU faithful. Wisky owns Tom Crean.

  3. Ron,
    I figured out a long time ago to pick my shots. I skip the cupcake games and, whenever possible, record others. I will never regret skipping the Fort Wayne game.

    It’s a dance.

  4. IU and T.C. had their Teaser game vs Iowa. Tonight against Wisky a nice showing, kinda moral victory similar to IU football tradition. IU should dominate big ten year in and year out most years. Wisky carries the big ten flag again, a team Indiana once upon a time IU hardly ever lost to.

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