Parker Executive Search to assist IU in finding new coach

A search firm will help Indiana University land its next men’s basketball coach.

IU will use the services of Parker Executive Search to find a replacement for former coach Tom Crean, the Herald-Times has learned. Parker has long been an industry leader, helping schools such as Indiana coordinate interviews, conduct background checks and provide cover for schools and coaches so that all communication can be conducted with a cloak of confidentiality.

According to the firm’s website, Parker completes most coaching searches within 10 to 14 days. IU’s use of Parker was first reported Sunday by Rick Bozich of WDRB Louisville.

This won’t be Indiana’s first time working with Parker. The school also retained its services during the hiring process for former coach Kelvin Sampson. On its website, Parker lists Vanderbilt, Chicago, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Notre Dame, Buffalo, Northwestern, North Carolina State and Dartmouth among the schools and organizations it has partnered with in the past.

This month, Missouri paid Parker $80,000 to assist with its men’s basketball coaching search. Missouri hired former California coach Cuonzo Martin last week.

According to a 2013 feature story on the firm written by ESPN’s Dana O’Neill, Parker typically charges schools between $60,000 and $90,000 for its services. In exchange, the firm handles all calls regarding the vacancy, provides schools with a comprehensive database of information on coaching candidates and negotiates contract terms on behalf of the school, among other duties.

Parker helps the school identify “A” candidates, which are ones the school wants but isn’t sure it can get, and “AA” candidates, which are ones the school is interested in, according to O’Neill’s story.

Confidentiality is one of the perks a firm like Parker can help provide. For instance, as O’Neill’s story notes, Parker usually flies candidates to Atlanta, where the company is based, because it is a common layover city. That gives the parties involved a quick alibi.

“I don’t think we can overstate what a big deal this hire is,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said at a press conference Thursday. “I’m not going to really spare any resource to get the advice and input from the people we need. Some of that costs money, like a search firm. Some of that doesn’t cost money but it requires time.

“I want to talk to former players. I want to talk to Indiana high basketball coaches. I want to talk to AAU coaches. I think a great part of this job, from where we sit in this recruiting area in the Midwest, generally Indiana, in particular, so the thoughts of those people are important. We are going to comprehensively get all the information we can get and, I hope, make a great choice here.”


  1. With this layer of confidentiality added means anything we here prior to an announcement will be speculation.

  2. Some the coaches that were on a supposed short list have lost their games in the NCAA, so there will be coaches that will have time to interviews with the search company.

    1. Or…IU will refuse a huge buyout clause without incentive ties. I think that is more likely.

  3. “Industry sources say IU doesn’t need a firm to identify candidates but more to help facilitate communication, do background checks and things of that nature.”

    We may already have our guy just going through formalities.

    1. They’re using them to do background checks on all the candidates. Helps to not waste time delving deep into the interview process to find out there is something that won’t align with the values that Indiana is basing their hire on.

      However, I’m happy to save the Athletic Dept some money. These notes are free:

      – Gregg Marshall’s wife being a complete lunatic in the stands. She’s removed from her seats for being a loon:

      – Steve Alford’s people flooding the media with the hopeful stories of his imminent hiring by Indiana. All the while, his team is still alive in the tournament. My already low opinion of Steve Alford has managed to drop even further.

      1. I’ve been hearing Gregg Marshall stories but I didn’t know about his wife. It would be worth hiring him just to watch her go off at Mackey Arena.

        Alford is Crean with less humility.

        1. The comments are classic. Nothing like reading a UK fan calling someone else a loud mouth, ignorant, bleach blond. I guess it was the first Kaintuck game they’ve ever been to.

          Pot, meet kettle.

          1. I’m not entirely convinced. The Kris Wilkes get was a big one. Crean got a couple of big ones too, but not recently. However, Alford’s arrogance is legendary. Also, he doesn’t quite have the cache to stop the flood of recruits heading to UK and Duke. This is because none of these kids care that Alford hit a bunch of 3 pointers in 1987. I have a friend here who’s dad is the all time winningest high school coach in Iowa. He absolutely detests Alford.

            Also, recruiting is FAR more than recruiting local high schools. The best recruiters have shifted and are deep into the AAU circuit. And this isn’t about being local. For as much as traditionalists (not saying they’re wrong about their tastes, I hate AAU ball, too) find this distasteful, it is critical to develop strong bonds to this world. These kids are looking to get to the next level…and the school and coaches who are aligned to this, are going to get the kids. Being closer to them geographically doesn’t matter at all anymore.

            I have yet to find a single person under the age of 40 who thinks that Alford is the right guy to take Indiana from good to great. This isn’t a personal shot. Just feel as if there may be some blinders to the reality of Alford’s abilities as a coach versus others who could actually get the job done.

  4. Gregg Marshall on the sidelines reminds me of TC. Hands waving, constant yelling to the players. He looked to be participating in one of the fast breaks. Not that it makes much of a difference…

    Rex Chapman on KY talk radio had a number of Alford stories. Alford was suspended for a game, on the bus ride home Knight stopped the bus 3-4 miles from IU. Alford walked home.

  5. OK,
    So, scratch Marshall and take a flyer on Alford. I had already come to these conclusions.

    Is anyone passing my tips along to Fred?

  6. RON….that’s an old story and not sure it applies to Alford.. Story I heard ; Knight had the bus stop and kicked his son Pat and Mark Haymore both off the bus for non-attendance of classes. This after a game at OSU ….and watching Gonzaga play..I’m not sure Mark Few is the coach needed either (as if he were looking).

  7. Ron, Gregg Marshall not only acts like Tom Crean, he looks like a slightly chubbier version of him. Glasses, hairline, gestures, silly facial expressions…holy smokes, that’s spooky. I would hope that we could be done with that template of a coach for a while.

    1. The more I read about him the more he sounds like a less stable version of RMK…with a family who matches him.

      IU would certainly stay in the headlines.

  8. The big issue with Marshall is the fact that the Koch Bros. really like him and are big contributors to Wichita St. They would throw tons of money at him to get him to stay and could out spend IU.

  9. IUhoosier1992. Let’s hope your Koch Bros statement is true and he stays in Kansas.

  10. I know he is correct about the Koch brothers throwing money at WSU. The team plays in Charles Koch Arena.

  11. The more I read about Marshall the more I think IU could be buying the biggest PR disaster in quite some time.

    When it’s very quiet you can hear him ticking.

  12. My buddy out in California called to tell me that Alford is the topic of the day on the two main sports talk radio stations. Apparently, they either think it will be a done deal or they are hoping it will be a done deal. And the suggestion from one of the experts is that in order to get around Alford’s large contract buyout with UCLA, IU will get Adidas to write the check. One source on the sports talk said that he thinks IU will offer a contract worth $4.5 million per year to get the guy they want. I have no idea if this “source” has any credibility, just passing on the latest speculation from the talking heads in L.A.

    If it was my decision, I’d prefer Mack and Miller over Alford. I see no value in hiring “an Indiana man” over other qualified candidates. That criteria should not even be on the list.

  13. On the drive back home today I again got hung up on Kentucky Sports Radio. Main topic besides the S-16, Gregg Marshall’s wife. One Ky felt IU – Ky series would start again just due to the entertainment the wife would generate as IU gets beat.

  14. IF…..IF Steve Alford were to come back and coach IU ..he WOULD KNOW the expectations, he would know what the fan base expects …he LIVED under that microscope. IF those expectations of Defense, cut down on TO’s and recruiting don’t scare him away then IM all for Alford because HE does KNOW and cant use any excuses.

    1. Apparently defense is not one of those expectation axioms. Also, these axioms have to move beyond expectations, to execution. In reality, his teams’ defenses make Crean’s teams look like the ’85 Bears.

  15. No talk of the hottest commodity in college basketball right now…?

    The antitheses of Crean’s team always “bouncing” the ball too much would be to go after a guy that actually knows something about keeping bouncing to a minimum.

    You like tough teams that will play defense respectful of the banners? He’s the talk of the tournament right now and his team is the reason 98% of all brackets have been busted.

    What’s wrong with a former “bouncer” and a guy who looks meaner than a junkyard dog(until you see him wildly celebrating in a postgame locker room with his guys who seem to love him to death)?

    Why aren’t we hearing any chatter about Frank Martin?

    My picks:

    Bryce Drew
    Mitch Henderson
    Frank Martin
    Andy Enfield

    Bryce and Mitch are sorta choir boys…but nothing of the softness of what we just put on the bus. Solid b-ball IQ’s and ‘up and coming’ names

    Shaka is on the downward slope, but I still think he could do some marvelous things at Indiana. He’s the type of guy who can relate to kids…He’s a players’ coach.

    Andy and Frank are currently hot items…Both are way less expensive than a Donovan, Stevens, Alford. Both exude a toughness and fearlessness that seems to flow into their teams.

    Lastly…..Ride on Wagner! Told ya all so.
    And who saw Michigan as a deep tournament team months ago? Hmmm?

    Ya all keep playing tiddlywinks….Thank god the buffoon coach is out. Anything is an upgrade of momentous thankfulness. I’m still stunned that we have new life. Thank you, candy stripes. Hope springs eternal. The preacher is dust.

  16. I remember a few years ago Frank Martin coached at Kansas State. Boy, to me he sure looks like he aged quite a bit from his K. State years.

  17. After reading about F. Martin @ K. State quite a bit of turmoil among players, assistant coaches and A.D. due to F. Martin behavior toward players.

  18. Do you have any dirt on the other 4 names?

    Did any of you see the video of Martin’s SC players waiting to mob him in celebration after the Duke game?

    I skimmed Jeremy’s link…It is four years old, of course. I like the last line: “Good luck, Gamecocks. You’re going to need it.” They didn’t need much “luck” against Duke….and wow…that locker room appeared like the most passionate bunch ever. Who knows…? I caught an interview with him some ESPN radio show today. He definitely is Bobby 2.0.

    You still have four pretty good names….Millers don’t do anything for me…nor does the Wichita St. coach.

    But how about Wagner! You boys are ducking the topic of the kid taking the tournament by storm….And who was preparing you for such destiny many weeks ago? Hmmm?

  19. The piece on Martin does tend to make Kevin Wilson look like Mother Teresa….

  20. And there’s this….

    Good read, Jeremy….Good read.

    Martin’s players, almost to a man, swear by him. He’s not for everyone — two-dozen scholarship players have left (or been escorted to the door) at K-State and South Carolina — but the good times are finally here.

    He’s 202-120 in 10 seasons. In five K-State seasons, he won 22 games or more each year, guiding four of those teams to the NCAA Tournament. The progress has been slower to come at South Carolina, but the Gamecocks were 25-9 last season (NIT bid) and look even better now.

    He’s building a program that could last. It’s easy to get carried away with the sideline-stalking caricature of Frank Martin, but the man is getting results. The Gamecocks are playing for the outright lead in the SEC.

    Bottom line: He’s a terrific coach, a man in touch with the pulse of his players. It’s time for that to be recognized.

  21. Looks like Fred Glass needs to take a real in-depth look at any of the coaching candidates, some of information on some of the supposed candidates and other names is very troubling. The coaching search isn’t a week old and there’s no need to make a quick and regrettable decision.

  22. Somewhat surprised at the Frank Martin article but always knew things were done the Martin way. As I recall though the move to Columbia happened unexpectedly.

  23. There was a post on another thread about body language. That was the first thing that jumped out at me watching Frank Martin. After the camera had panned back to him for about the tenth time I thought, “He seems kinda like a dick.”

    Then again…it was just body language.

  24. I read that article. That flattering excerpt from a blog post about Frank Martin posted above left out the part about how he trades insults with fans on Twitter because he is so thin skinned. I’d prefer a coach with little to no time for Twitter who can laugh off insults from strangers.

    As far as Dawkins, he’s shown nothing but mediocrity. In nine seasons of coaching at Stanford and USF he has gotten to the NCAA tournament exactly once. Career tournament wins…two.

    Hurley has good basketball genes but his body of work doesn’t tell you much. Seven years as a college HC. Career winning percentage of .568. This year was his first trip to the Big Dance.

    I don’t think any of those guys should even be on the list.

  25. I’d prefer a coach with little to no time for Twitter

    I’d also prefer a president not so thin skinned to hurl insults and concoct false accusations on Twitter.

    You are correct, Chet. It is a great vehicle for the fast and loose salamanders of the world.

    As far as basketball coaches go…? For his first six years, Tom Crean thought Twitter was the 11th Commandment. Only recall one person on this site who thought he should quit anointing himself in tweet lotion and maybe concentrate his full energies on the program that was decimated by the spawns of evil.

    ‘Thou shall not go a day without tweeting the Joyce, the General, the Graham…or the Jesus, Amen.’

    Thin skin….fake skin…lizard skin? One in the same. It’s much like too much blogging; there is likely something amiss.

    Maybe we should take a page out of the methods employed to find our last coach and our current AD….? Why stop with the hiring process? We should be the first college basketball team to be coached by “committee.”

    O.k. All kidding aside. If you don’t like Bryce Drew, Shaka Smart, Mitch Henderson, or Andy Enfield, then here’s my last proposal.
    1. Fire Fred Glass now.
    2. Hire Steve Downing(currently the AD at Marian University) as our new AD. Not a finer man on the planet. Not a finer Hoosier.
    3. Hire Bill Coen as head coach. Keep Chuck Martin. Tell the rest of Crean’s staff/assistants to pack their bags.

  26. At the end of the day, I am of the opinion that a big ‘outside’ name won’t change a hell of a lot. Change at Indiana has to start of humble origins and authenticity. Big dollars won’t bring back the lost reputation we now have with statewide high school coaches and high school talent ignored over the last 9 years.
    Bryce Drew may be the most intriguing name…He knows the game inside and out. He comes from quite the coaching tree…dating back to one of the best teachers of shooting fundamentals in the history of the game: Virgil Sweet. Kids coming out of Valpo inherited all those teachings from decades ago. There’s a reason anyone near a Drew can shoot the ball.
    Bryce seems like the sort of self-confident young man who would not duck intense pressure…nor be straight with the fans and media. Integrity with a smile. Valpo had to recruit everywhere. Bryce knows the Chicago market…the NW Indiana market…and the overseas market. Is he the next Brad Stevens? Probably the closest thing out there. I think he would love nothing more than to take on the challenge of bringing quality basketball back to Indiana University.

    Many of you think we should be swinging for the fences. Many of those so-called big names may also be nearing big burnout.

    Indiana is not a place for those who do not have an extremely positive inner constitution. I don’t see Alford, Donovan….or many of the other “premium” candidates in such a light. They will be masters at deflection. They will cash the paychecks while not exuding the positive force needed to make McCrackent feel young again. I know my opinion doesn’t mean much on here….I just believe we need authenticity and youthful energy before worn out arrogance and mighty swing for the fences.

    1. I like Drew.

      Here’s a tidbit.

      Drew’s wife, formerly Tara Thibodeaux, was a professional cheerleader of the Atlanta Hawks. Tara is the daughter of former child actor Keith Thibodeaux who portrayed Ricky Ricardo, Jr. (“Little Ricky”) on the TV series I Love Lucy.

      How about that?

  27. Here’s a name that, if I recall, was bandied about either after Davis left or Sampson left — or both: Scott Skiles. He’s a good, tough coach and, I recall when he was the top man in Chicago, a few coaches commented that he ran the league’s best offensive sets. He doesn’t last long at NBA stops because it’s been reported his style wears thin on players after a few years, but in college, you’re changing rosters every 3-4 years anyway. The only question: Would he be able to recruit? And at one point, I think he lived in Bloomington. He knows the state and he knows the conference. Another problem would be the new coach probably needs to be a guy who can press the flesh and make nice with fans and boosters — and I’m not sure Skiles would have the temperament to do that. Still, he’s as viable a candidate as anybody else listed.

  28. Hate to keep quoting Ky talk radio but, think it was Rex Chapman who felt Skiles would be a smart choice. Felt he may not want the job due to his close friendship with Crean.

  29. How long would each stay @ IU Donavan vs. Alford vs. Drew vs. Fife vs. Whoever assuming all win?

  30. My guess….Fife, Alford, Drew, Donovan. If yrly success Fife & Alford could be long-term. Donovan not so much. Drew would be an interesting choice

  31. I suggest you guys read today’s article by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports. His analysis (i.e., speculations) seems to be the most logical of all that I’ve read. I found a few of his comments to be most interesting. For example:
    Speaking of Sean Miller, he writes, “And why would Miller be eager to leave somewhere he’s appreciated to go to a place where what he’s accomplished would likely be considered underachieving?” Hmm, that sounds familiar.

    Speaking of Tony Bennett, Parrish writes, “And he just lost by 26 points in the round of 32 to Florida. At Indiana, I’m confident, they’d be wanting to fire him right now too………. So there’s no reason for him to leave the comfort of Virginia for the craziness of Indiana.” He uses the word “Craziness,” as in crazy, unrealistic expectations.

    Parrish speculates that either Alford, Drew, Holtman, Marshall, Mack or Archie Miller will be IU’s next coach. He thinks UCLA might agree to lower the $7 million buyout. And he reminds his readers that a year ago, banners were hung all over UCLA campus calling for Alford to be fired.

    Regardless of who is hired, the job just got a little tougher, because the new coach must either replace Crean’s 2017 class or re-recruit the three young men who have asked to be released from their LOIs. But hey, wasting a bunch of money in severance and search-firm fees, increasing compensation costs, losing a recruiting class, and taking a beating for two or three years while you re-build the program is the price you pay to hire a coach who is absolutely guaranteed to lead IU back to its next NCAA Championship. Piece of cake, right?

    1. Parrish must have a close association with lawyers, they both have a firm grip on the obvious.

  32. I would say Glass has made the expectations clear. Being competitive with successful tourney runs. Throw in a Final Four every now and then. Seems reasonable with the available resources.

    It happens to all teams once in awhile,, but to not get past Syracuse when coaching a team with two lottery picks plus the experience of that whole team, wow.

    TC orchestrated an amazing turnaround. He’s probably one of the better things that happened to IU BB. Years of turnovers, minimal defense efforts and unexplainable games lost, time for a change. And really, of the big guys, have they progressed,? Improved their game during their IU days?

    Hey, the way its looking, Preller may be starting next year.

    1. And really, of the big guys, have they progressed,? Improved their game during their IU days?

      They have not, Ron.
      Bryant, much like Cody in his final stanza at IU, has regressed. Because of Wade, every Crean recruit comes with exaggerated/overrated expectations and evaluations. I like Bryant’s heart…..but he simply doesn’t have the repertoire in his game to lead a team in the paint with anything comparable to a guy like Wagner on Michigan. Surrounded with oodles of talent at the next level, he’ll likely find some niche as a role player(much like Zeller).

  33. Just everybody on here has listed whom they want or thinks would be the best choice to coach IU. But honestly, I think everybody needs to resign themselves to one fact: It’s gonna be Alford. Glass made it clear knowing Indiana and having IU ties would give someone a huge advantage in the search. And think about it, it’s almost the perfect story: IU hero finally comes home (nevermind the Pierre Pierce baggage or the fact that he really isn’t that much better of a coach than Crean). He will be seen as someone who can mend the relationship between the IU program and Indiana high school coaches (still not sure how that grew fractured in Crean’s tenure) and will give much of the fan base what it wants — a link to Bob Knight. And I have the feeling that Alford has wanted to coach at IU for a long, long time. So, if you’re an Alford guy, you’ll get your wish. And if you’re not (like me), well, that’s how it goes. It’s gonna happen. You know it and I know it.

    1. Count me as one person who will be VERY surprised if Alford gets the nod. Glass wants a proven, consistent winner who is respected by Indiana high school coaches.

      Alford falls short on both those items.

  34. My money is on Drew. Character…youth….b-ball roots…very little politics or cynicism surrounding the choice. Bryce has the temperament and the love/appreciation for the lore of our statewide basketball to bring positive momentum.
    Alford has too much baggage/potential baggage. Do we really want Bobby hanging around Cook Hall? It’s been put to bed. It needs to stay there.

  35. If you’re wanting money on a long shot…? I’d go with Shaka(again..positive constitution).

  36. Given the criteria that Glass referenced, I’m not sure he knows how to assess coaching talent? Was some of that criteria established by the donors that have his ear, or was it just lip service to the agitated fan base? Having ties to IU sounds wonderfully nostalgic, but it should be the least of the criteria. Bob Knight had no ties to IU before he took the job. Yes, we want to recruit the best talent in the state of Indiana, but more importantly, we want to recruit the best talent in the country. That means signing young men who see IU’s coach as being able to help them get to the next level, and getting the exposure that winning for the year or two they’re on campus will provide. That means recruiting a lot more one-and-done or two-and-done players. If IU fans demand Championships, that’s what it’s going to take. So which candidate is best qualified to recruit and develop those elite players from wherever they’re located? Will the ability to recruit those elite players jive or conflict with IU’s other stated values (academically qualifying for IU, pursuing a legitimate degree, going to class, etc.), or will IU loosen some of those standards? Glass has made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.

  37. I have to agree with Ron when you have two lottery picks 2 and 4 Zeller and company theres no excuse nor to have gone further, should have won it all. That did it for me.

  38. Chet I have to float my stick the same as yours. It can’t be Alford. In the event it indeed went bad who would want to fire a Hoosier BB hero.

  39. The best choice for IU’s next coach, few are mentioning, is Mitch Henderson, now at Princeton. Check his bio and you might agree.

        1. 20 yrs growing up in Indiana. 11 yrs at Northwestern. Nice profile as a player. Not so much as a head coach. Lost only NCAA tourney game. Lost only NIT game. Showing yrly improvement result at Princeton . Recruitment in the Midwest would be questionable, important because I don’t think the next coach will be given 9 yrs. Not married? Be a load of pressure on the next guy.

    1. Chonnie-

      I’ve mentioned Mitch Henderson repeatedly.

      I gave mention of the Princeton coach above on this lengthy thread(March 20, 2017 at 9:03 pm).
      Also talked of him a couple weeks back…along with Drew, Shaka, Enfield.

      My gut feeling is telling me its going to be Drew.

    2. Pretty thin. Nothing attained suggesting he is viable for P5. He and Carmody together could not get NW over the hump or change the stigma of NW BB. Princeton isn’t even on the same level as NW. No signs he can recruit to the level IU demands that even Crean was faulted on. I wouldn’t want Chris Collins HC at NW now. Henderson’s youthful ties to the state are a small +.

  40. One thing to keep in mind….Ivy league doesn’t offer scholarships…..IF he were to be hired he would have to get 1 or even 2 asst coaches that CAN recruit.

  41. One of my kids was an Ivy League athlete. All of the ones I met were kind of amazing. If you ask them a question they may answer it with more information than you might be able to process.

  42. Also here…

    Harvard for Hillbillies says:
    March 10, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Shaka Smart….Already named him numerous times.

    Class act. Values kids that put forth strong defensive effort. Give him the access to the talent in Hoosier country and he will skyrocket. Additionally, he has the ability to tap into his past recruiting trails in Virginia and Texas.

    The current coach of Princeton is also a solid name. Mitch Henderson.

      1. Like the names I didn’t “chuck” ….as in Donovan, Alford, Miller, Stevens that the rest of you were wetting your pants over?

        And who was chucking Michigan on here as the most talented team in the BIG to soon pull themselves out of a bubble/struggling team in January/February to become one of the more dangerous March teams ….? And who else was chucking around the name of Wagner. Yup….The one ‘down’ team I said to take notice stuck alright.

        Sorry, Chet. You’re the chucking expert. But none of your ‘chucks’ stick. Well, you were on the Crean bandwagon far too long. He certainly stuck for 9 years of ugly basketball.

          1. …and you’ve been salivating all over a 55 year old guy with a career 174-164 record in the mighty Colonial Athletic Association, Bill Coen…

          2. What? You must be confused. I have made more snidely comments toward Stevens than you make toward me. Have I mentioned him? Of course. Who hasn’t? Butler is doing just fine without him. Indiana will do just fine without Tom Crean?
            The state of Indiana is a unique place. If you have a baseline competence and can be somewhat personable to a diverse group of high school coaches and kids, then success can happen here quite quickly/fluidly.
            But back to the main focus…Outside of Coen(admittedly, I like the guy and believe he has a passion very in tune with Indiana’s history and infectious attachments to storied tales/tournament lore in basketball…You know, all that David vs. Goliath stuff meets Crispus Attucks…meets French Lick…meets Muncie Central..meets East Chicago Roosevelt….meets Jeffersonville…meets The Big O…. meets Gene Hackman in Hoosiers, etc, etc.), I have been advocating younger names a bit more off the radar. I have also been advocating youthful hearts(thus, Coen); guys with confident and upbeat constitutions who rarely go on the defensive or search for excuses. I don’t want someone on the verge of burnout.

            My novice opinion brings me back to a rebirth in that youthful energy I once thought eternal to the candy stripes. I see guys like Drew, Henderson, Shaka, and Coen…in that sort of light.

            A youthful spirit is not defined by years on this planet. When my father, a WW II veteran, passed away at a very considerable age, his youthful spirit never failed him. He did not whine. He did not cry. He did not fear. He merely remained eternally positive until they literally had to stop his heart because every other organ in his body was in toxic distress and hopelessly failing.

            I’m tired of men paid millions upon millions with zero guts to go along with their hyped and imaginary glory they believe they bring to Indiana. I want a humble and young heart….and someone I believe can coach the game of basketball. I never saw Crean with all of his puritanical condescension as whipped cream atop excuse making as that sort of youthful spirit. He was already an old man in the shell of a 40-year-old. Nothing he did stuck on the wall of my heart.

          3. So, Harv, in your own words, you’re claiming Coen, a 55 year old guy with a career winning percentage around .500 playing in a 3rd tier league, is just the guy to inject “youthful energy” into the program despite the fact that he is the oldest guys and least successful coach whose name has come up (and only by you).

            Keep on chucking.

  43. H4, you predicted final 8 team for Michigan (“because of the big guy”) and you are looking good for an amazing foretell. However, Mich has to beat Oregon first…..

  44. Rock-

    Maybe it wasn’t such a ‘down year’ for the BIG….? Sorry, Tom…Too late.

    Hard enough to put together four straight wins in a conference schedule…In the Big Dance, it’s what defines programs pushing across the threshold of sustained mastery and national recognition. A lot of teams from the Midwest knocking at the doors of an ‘Elite’ 8 level stage. UK, Michigan, Xavier, Purdue, MSU, Butler….Conference Midwest Elite(CME) may soon add a couple more Elite 8 (and beyond) appearances. The running total before this season’s March Madness was CME 21, Indiana 0. Could soon be 23 – 0. Indiana must do better.

    They don’t call it ‘Elite 8’ for nothin’…..Final Fours and championships are just around the corner. Oddly enough, it often seems that the Final Four competition awaiting are teams sometimes less daunting than those you’ve already survived to move on. I thought Oklahoma State and Louisville were pretty damn daunting.

    Onward Wagner!

  45. JT3 played and coached at Princeton. They’re going to need one of those ground burrowing machines that Elon Musk is building to get him out of Georgetown. Great guy though.

  46. Michelle Obama followed in the footsteps of her brother, Craig Robinson(star forward @ Princeton and a former Oregon State head coach), to Princeton. Wiki now says he’s an ESPN analyst.

    We could go after Craig Robinson….?…and really piss off Bobby ‘Trump Apologist’ Knight. And take that, Harbaughs! We got Michelle and Barack at the games!

    I’m liking the idea of a Princeton guy…more and more.

  47. Yikes….
    .362 over six years in the Pac 12. Never mind. He’s in deplorable coach heaven right now….Dakich is there too. Crean will soon join them.
    It’s the aforementioned afterlife for chalkboard sins forgiven known as ESPN.

  48. Attempting to always look at the positive side: Listening to Crean call a game might make Dakich look pretty good in comparison. Check that. Won’t happen. It would be a total lose-lose.

  49. CBSSports is reporting that Fife is close to taking Duquesne job. To me, that obviously means Glass told him he wasn’t a viable candidate at IU. I’m guessing that in most people’s minds, Fife would’ve been a decent fallback option or a good fourth or fifth choice, and in this case, you don’t want to go with a fallback option or your fourth or fifth choice. … I’m telling ya — I can’t shake this feeling that it’s gonna be Alford. I realize that isn’t exactly going out on a limb, but if it were anybody else, we’d probably know by now. Boosters forced Glass’ hand and I think he’s gonna be pressured to hire an IU guy and by all accounts, Alford is the No. 1 “IU guy” available, whether you like him or not (and I don’t — at least not to coach in B’town).

  50. Rock-

    I already have to do my best to avoid Dakich on ESPN….Is it wrong that I’ve tired of Don Fischer as well? But if they put Crean on ESPN on a regular basis, I may just turn completely to listening to games on the radio.

    I must be in a rare camp…but I can actually find a chuckle listening to Bill Walton talking of his ‘Conference of Champions’ when he does a Pac 12 game for ESPN. I also enjoy the occassional swipes Walton takes at Alford…”You needed a timeout for that play to inbound the ball?”…or “Nice shot selection, Bryce.”
    But when I hear Dakich and his politically correct apologetic crap for incompetency at IU(because he actually has disdain for his alma mater), I want to throw things at the television. I’m hoping Crean will retire in Hawaii…..He can go deep into a luau dance.

  51. Wasn’t the University of Hawaii in the tournament last year? Wow…Did I just have a premonition? Big win against Kansas in Maui…?

    Could Tom Crean be the next coach at Hawaii? I can almost see beach shots of Jim…and John…and Tom strolling along and kicking their toes into the white sands and waves..skipping stones…tossing around a football…and the hula dances…with hula hoops to beat! Gilligan’s Island now entering imagined scene….The Professor…The Skipper….and Gilligan respectively. Big, obnoxious, tropical drinks in hand, of course.
    Because it’s Hawaii….in a Sweet 16, Baby!

  52. I U needs a quality coach that wants to coach I U and not pay a huge ransom payment to get a big name coach, for big ego hire . After reading the Rick Bozich article with an insert article from an I U grad that was raped while a student at IU( everyone needs to read this account of the Iowa/Alford Pierre Pierce situation) this is a real negative to me. Trying to recreate the Knight glory years by hiring Steve Alford isn’t a real answer for hiring a new I U basketball coach. to me.

    1. Once you get past the Iowa low point, if you can, while at NM Alford was caught calling an opposing player a racial slur. Thinking it was a game at one of Utah schools. Kinda strange, being Utah. Maybe called the kid ‘whitey’? It’s Utah after all.

  53. Lets compare the career D1 coaching stats of our dearly departed coach and that of the UCLA coach some of you believe would be an upgrade.

    Crean : Seasons – 18, Career Record – 356-231 (.606) , NCAA appearances – 9 (50%) , Sweet 16 – 4 , Final Four – 1, BIG TEN RECORD 71-91 (.438) in 9 seasons.

    Alford : Seasons – 22, Career Record – 559-278 (.668) , NCAA appearances – 10 (45%) , Sweet 16 – 4 ,
    Final Four – 0, BIG TEN RECORD 61-67 (.477) in 8 seasons.

    Not much of an upgrade in my book. There are multiple better options available out there in the basketball world if you all would take your blinders off. Hopefully Fred is thinking outside the box on this one.

  54. In my previous post I included Alford’s DIII record in his career W&L record. His D1 overall record is 481-249 (.659) over 22 seasons. I don’t want to post any fake news.

  55. OK, I need to backtrack. CBSSports reported that Dane Fife was close to taking Duquesne job. ESPN is now saying that, for whatever reason, Fife-to-Duquesne is not happening and that he’s staying at MSU. So, I guess he’s still in the mix at IU — although as I’ve stated, I don’t think he’s your first option, or even your second or third. I just wonder if Izzo said something like, “Hang tight, kid. I’m probably gonna hang up the whistle in 2-3 years and when I do, you can take over here.”

  56. Change is in the air. Wow. Georgetown fired JT3.

    I think that’s a pretty solid job. Although, I don’t think we’re going to be crossing the streams in our respective coaching searches. The only name that both schools have in the rumor mill is Bennett. He might be a better fit there than Indiana.

    Crazy times indeed.

  57. CTC to Georgetown???….I think Chris Holtmann would be my choice..when everyone thought Butler would nose dive….he maintained the program and then built it up.

    1. Chris Holtmann your first choice if you were Georgetown? Or if you were Fred Glass? I wasn’t clear. … If you’re thinking CH to Georgetown, I wonder: Is G’town a better job than Butler nowadays?

  58. I’ve narrowed my wish list down to Bryce Drew and Mitch Henderson.

    I’d better tell Fred.

    1. Chet is wising up….

      I threw Drew’s name out there many times(chucked, if you will)….I grew up a few miles north of Valpo. They’re a bit square in Valpo…..Chesterton is like San Francisco compared to the Kouts/Valpo cornfields, but Valpo has some hoops heritage. Most of that h.s. tradition started with Virgil Sweet. Virg would make all his players get crew cuts. Everything was regimented at Valpo from haircuts right down to the multiple free throw technique shooting steps that Virgil was famous for teaching…and insisting all his players followed….to a ‘t.’ It was with Virgil that Valpo kids learned to shoot the ball with unheard of accuracy….(his teams dusted all national records…I believe there was one record-breaking season when the entire team shot in the higher 80 percent ranges..could have even been 90).
      The Drews(Homer) came around down the road. Valpo kids could shoot the ball. Chesterton…? We were hippies of the run and gun variety.

      I believe I was the first to ‘chuck’ Henderson’s name onto this site….I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about the guy. I saw his name in a piece that was primarily focused on young coaches on the rise. I watched a couple interviews…Seems like a smart guy.

      But as I said before, I’m thinking it will be Drew. Wouldn’t it be nuts if it did turn out to be Stevens? It’s hard to predict these things….

      I will go on the record as also not wanting Alford. I don’t know the facts of what happened at Iowa. I just don’t want anyone part of the old regiment. It’s time to put a new face on IU. Enough with Knight…Enough with reunions…Enough with splashing five stars on waistbands representing banners from four decades ago..
      It’s time for youthful and liberated hearts…whether that be an older gentleman with no real attachments to Indiana other than a primordial love for the game….or a man young of age and spirit. It’s time to end judgments ..Time to do some spring cleaning….Time to part with the clutter of memories better kept in the heart than replayed in distorted manipulations to make an uninspiring piece of tinware glitter like gold…We know better. Let’s be better. It’s time for genuineness. It’s time to breathe life and energy back into Indiana.

      If we bring in Henderson…then I nominate Geoff as his first assistant.

      1. For some reason, I always thought Skip Collins was the author of that “Valpo style” of FT shooting. Didn’t realize it was Virgil Sweet.

        1. Nope….You can find some stuff still on the web. Butch haircuts and attention(more like obsession) to mechanics at the stripe was all Sweet. I once ventured out after midnight with h.s. friends and fired a bucket full of rotten garden tomatoes at the storefronts of businesses in Valpo…This was on an occasion known as ‘Voodoo Night’…..(eve of the rivalry game between Chesterton vs. Valpo). Needless to say, there was intense disdain for each other. We were always more the Cinderella because Valpo was considerably larger in population/h.s. size than our tiny town of 10,000 or so. I can only recall a couple seasons when the Chesterton Trojans had a team that pulled a sectional upset against the Vikings.

          There goes my Cinderella Wolverines…..Wagner wasn’t the Wagner of the Louisville game tonight. The had the last possession with a chance to win…Wasn’t to be.

      2. While I’m pretty certain you were not the first to mention Henderson, as you have suggested half the coaches in college basketball at one time or another it’s entirely possible.

        I agree that the best thing for IU basketball would be to put that former regime to bed. It’s day has passed. Enjoy the old pictures. It has become an anvil around the neck of the Hoosier Nation. The only time that name comes up it is for something terribly sad to the point of being pathetic. Let it go.

        1. Chet- You are not being truthful. I have thrown no more names into the mix than anyone. And Jeremy follows this place very, very…very…very closely. He’ll surely give you confirmation that I was the first to put Mitch Henderson’s name on this site.


          Rather Not:

          Foolish Affection:
          Bill Coen

          Who do I think is the only real game changer?

          Who would I put my money on?

          On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me….
          twelve coaches coaching….
          And a partridge chucking up an Alford three!

          1. Oh please. I can come up with a half dozen names you’ve suggested that aren’t on that list. You were pushing Frank Martin…what?…three days ago.

            Give me a break.

        2. I was impressed with Frank Martin’s South Carolina bunch….I said he’s Bobby 2.0. I never named him as my choice.
          And what’s the deal, Chet? Everyone has thrown out a ton of names. John Thompson III just entered the mix..”Throwing out doesn’t mean a preference.”

          I gave you my list. You’re very used to emailing Jeremy. Ask him who put Henderson’s name onto this site first? Again, not that it matters. Any of a dozen names on just about any list(short or lengthy) is icing on the cake. We are rid of the dysfunction.

          But the only name who will truly build a wave of excitement(of “We’re Back!” magnitude) is Stevens.

          Can we end on agreement? It’s probably Drew. We both don’t prefer Alford. Many of the rest are agreeable but not game-changers.

  59. Coach comparison after first six seasons on the job.
    Most wins : Bryce Drew – 143, John Becker – 139, Archie Miller – 139, Mitch Henderson – 119
    Most conference wins : John Becker – 78, Bryce Drew – 75, Archie Miller – 68, Mitch Henderson – 63

    Most postseason bids : John Becker 6 of 6, Bryce Drew 6 of 6, Archie Miller 5 of 6, Mitch Henderson 4 of 6

    NCAA bids : Archie Miller – 4, Bryce Drew – 3, John Becker – 2, Mitch Henderson – 1

    John Becker was offered the Duquesne coaching job on Wednesday for a good chunk of change. He turned it down. Interesting.

    1. Burlington, VT, is an incredible city if you can handle serious winter. I live 8,000ft up in the Rockies and their winters intimidate me. I’d rather live in Burlington, VT, than Pittsburgh, though.

      As has been mentioned before, Mitch Henderson accomplished what he has without athletic scholarships. The only time the playing field was level was during conference play. Getting a player admitted to Princeton is a little different than most places, as well.

      1. Not sure how that compares to competing with UK, Butler, Michigan, Louisville, Purdue, MSU, ND when they call the same kid Indiana wants to now give a scholarship?
        We’ve been doing the Sunday Sweet 16 backstroke while they’ve been in featured relays on Elite 8 and Final Four stages.
        Not sure if the scholarship thing makes Mitch an instantly better coach in the current state of candy stripes. We’ve lost a lot of ground/pool.

        Maybe this hire does need to make a much bigger splash. If it ain’t Stevens, maybe we should just hand the keys to Chuck Martin until a true resurrection day can arrive.

        1. Does it make a difference? Well, the kid at the Ivy League school (keep in mind, I’m not speculating, I knew all the basketball players at one of these schools for several years) goes in with the understanding that, unless their family has the money, they will be working two or three jobs and they will STILL have to take out a bunch of student loans.

          Or…you can play anywhere else and it won’t cost you a penny.

          If nothing else those kids were completely committed to the education part of the agreement.

      2. Chet you are correct in saying Burlington is a great place and the winters are hard. I was there last month and it was a wee bit nippy. Last week they got 2 feet of snow. In the Rockies where you live it’s a dry cold (lol).
        You’re also right about the Ivy schools. They are recruiting from an entirely different pool of student athletes where the student part vastly outweighs the athlete portion. They may compete with schools like Stanford and Northwestern for a player on a limited basis but the kind of student that they recruit is unique. Mitch Henderson has done a fantastic job and would be a great hire for anyone.

  60. Seventeen years beyond the day Knight was severed from Indiana Basketball, we still remain a rather confused lot.
    Doesn’t matter how you feel about the guy, something of our identity still wanders about confused.
    I’m not supremely confident. The umbilical cord to those days is often more a ball and chain.
    I hope Indiana can be young again. I used to get chills up and down my limbs when the candy stripes would jog out the tunnel and onto the maple stages of college basketball. It’s been a very long time…
    Will the high school talent of this state see Indiana as I once did? Will getting a scholarship offer from Indiana invoke the hope of future and produce teams marching as defenders of something deeper than cloth, trophies, and banners? Will they get the goosebumps when the call comes to wear an Indiana jersey? Or is that day forever gone no matter the choices we make today…?

  61. Knight has left little legacy because he could never stand when the light shined brighter than him. His little 10 yr tantrum after Coach K beat him in the FF should have been indicative that Knight didn’t want to be King of the Hill by elevating, but by also pushing people down.

    When he left, there was no basketball program at Indiana. Bob Knight WAS the program. It was like watching the Soviet Union fall. Nothing but institutional rot and a wasteland once it collapsed.

    The specious analogy stops there. Still has the greatest basketball mind I’ve ever seen. But, the further we get away from that culture and ties to him, the better. Not a pure break, I’d love to see what assistants like Cheaney, Guyton, Fife or Elston could do to earn their way in, that’s cool.

    But Comrade Alford? Pluhleeze….If Duke, Kansas, Arizona, or Kentucky became available tomorrow, would he even be mentioned? Not even.

    1. His name would only be mentioned to get a laugh out of the room.

      By the same token, Johnny Dawkins name would at least be mentioned for the Duke job but no other traditional power would give him a second look.

      UNC has guys like that, too. All the great program look in house first.

  62. Just watched Xavier beat Arizona. An undersized Xavier Team that defended like their hearts depended on it, rebounded with a tenacity and mentally wouldn’t allow themselves THINK of Losing. Watching Xavier play full court up beat offense and then stingy defense. Chris Mack needs to be considered for the IU coaching position

  63. Blueitt….Indy….Hoosier miss…..depressing.

    Man that kid can play. Love his game.

  64. It’s not a Hoosier miss…It’s a Crean miss. Crean missed on everything except what fell in his lap as the result of Mr. Everything Hinges. And without Austin Etherington’s efforts, Crean likely doesn’t get Zeller. And with Indiana Elite and Mark Adams’ ties to A-Hope, also arrived a lot of scholarship offers for toe-trippers. Tijan Forever….Jurkin ….Bawa…Perea.

    So much time wasted…So much ground lost.

    If it wasn’t for Austin, we probably would have been rid of Crean five years ago. Funny how he ended up on Butler. He cost Butler a national championship by not bringing his Cody to Hinkle in the first place.

    1. He’s not going anywhere. He may well have the best gig in basketball. All the good stuff and fairly low expectations. He’d be crazy to leave.

  65. Mack and Holtman both hold a good future for IU. The 2 have successful Big East credentials with A10 previously. As TJ said above Mack’s team surprised his ex boss’s team in getting to the 8. Then we have Holtman forging ahead, formulating a surprisingly successful start at Butler after Stevens left and Holtman then replaced the guy picked to replace Stevens. Both would be ruthlessly thorough recruiting the best talent Indiana has to offer.

    1. I think so, too. I put a different couple names on my wish list but I’d be happy with either of those guys as well. Honestly, as the official search progresses, my own internet detective work has lead me to the conclusion that there are a number of people who check off all the boxes in terms of basketball. The trick for Fred Glass is to find the person who best fits.

      A guy who could recruit for a school in California or Oregon or Florida may crash and burn in Indiana…and that’s where we all think the bulk of the future teams should come from.

      John Becker’s Catholicism would be a meaningless detail at Georgetown or Syracuse or Stanford but would it be as meaningless to an Indiana recruit?

      Mitch Henderson is selling a great education…period. Would he connect with players who can only see the lights of the NBA in the distance?

      Bryce Drew is coaching in a conference that rarely has more than 3 decent teams in any given season. How would he do in the Big Ten gauntlet?

      Can Archie Miller make the jump to prime time?

      While I don’t think that a numbers comparison has no value I do believe that you can’t take a coach simply based on who has the best numbers.

      The names we’ve tossed about are the same that all the so called experts are bandying about. I would not be surprised if we are all wrong.

  66. If it is not 1 of the 3-4 most prominently possible which we are pondering(less Alford, Bennett, Donovan or any other fantasy)then I would have to identify someone hired from the peripheral as a “gut” decision. I expect you know as well as I lawyers rarely exercise that course option because it is not part of their trained process.

    1. I don’t know — Tom Cruise followed his gut and got Jack Nicholson to admit he ordered the Code Red.

  67. Crean not wasting any time. His moving truck hurried out of Cook Hall and was subsequently photographed crossing the bridge before taking a Highway 37 southbound exit ramp.

    Southbound…? Ole Miss? LSU? UAB? Lipscomb?

  68. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the game, here’s Michigan’s Wagner against Oregon.

  69. Gotta hand it to Fred’s marketing department…They’ve already produced a ‘coaching search’ video.

  70. You can add Sean Miller to the list of “fantasy” candidates. Besides, after last night’s loss, which was far worse than IU losing to Syracuse in the Sweet 16 (AZ was loaded with talent and still choked), you’d think that the ultra-demanding Hoosier Nation would be soured on Sean Miller. He has yet to lead a tam into the final four, in spite of numerous teams filled with lottery pick players. Last night, he simply got out-coached by his former assistant. Can’t have any of that in Bloomington.

    Mack rising, Sean Miller dropping. And since the new coach is going to inherit a depleted roster that will require two or three years to rebuild, I’d still pursue either younger candidates like Archie Miller, Mack or Holtman. But of course, out in California, they’re still saying it’s a done deal for Alford. With his son graduating, and Lonzo Ball going to the NBA, the speculation is that Alford will opt for more money and returning “home” instead of taking another two seasons to rebuild UCLA. And it’s not as easy to recruit one-and-done stars to UCLA as it is at Kentucky. UCLA actually has fairly high admissions standards and much higher academic standards once the students are enrolled.

    1. Let’s not be so foolish as to compare the first year roster for CTC with next year’s team. Cream had Tom Pritchard. Period.

      The Hoosiers will have plenty to work with next season. There will be no multi year rebuilding to be done.

      1. In fact, our roster will be more or less full minus players going pro. Teams that get bumped in the first game of the NIT don’t generally send too many guys to the League.

        Who is going pro? OG, who started maybe 10 college games? Possibly, but it’s a reach.

        TB, who was better last year? Maybe.

        Blackmon, who confirmed he is very fragile and, with another year under his belt, demonstrated he has no idea how to play defense. I doubt it.

        RJ? Davis? Newkirk? Green? Morgan?


        I’m betting we will recognize most of the faces on next year’s team.

  71. And only a sycophant can equate a 2 pt loss as worse than the double digit shellacking Indiana took as the #1 rated team in the nation at the time.

    But, Sean Miller’s starting a trend of losing the tight ones. I still think he’s a great coach who’ll break through, but until he does, he deserves the criticism. The Swt 16 has been an insurmountable headwall for him.

  72. Butler looks completely adrift at sea…Makes me wonder if the players sense something. Butler playing with zero spark against UNC. Not looking like their usual stubborn ‘difficult out.’
    We may have an announcement by tomorrow.

  73. An 11-seed, who lost six games in February and 13 games this season, beat a 2-seed with a record of 32 – 4 going into the game. Forget the margin of victory, Xavier’s win last night was a huge upset, much worse than a 4-seed beating a 1-seed by 11 points, especially when that 4-seed was coached by a man who had already won a National Championship. Even Sean Miller admitted he got outcoached last night. AZ was terrible last night.

    But that is irrelevant because Sean Miller ain’t coming to IU. Best to pursue his younger brother or the guy who beat him last night. Miller, Mack or Holman, with an outside chance of Alford, just for the sake of nostalgia.

      1. No discussing things with some folks. I should stop with the layup drill here. 🙂

  74. Butler picking it up a little with 8 min to go.

    As of now my bracket at 10% with only Ky and Gonzaga left..

  75. Please not Archie….He looks like another evangelical. Time for some unholy hoops.

  76. Wow….Showalter with the last-second, game-tying three and the discount double check to Rodgers in the stands. That was pretty damn fun.

  77. Florida has now been to the Elite 8 5 of the last 7 years. Indiana = goose eggs.

    Blue blood.

  78. Jeremy/Mike, is this an appropriate place to discuss the harm and embarrassment that Justin Albers is to your profession? I know he isn’t, or will never again gain employment, but he’s managed to own the conversation on Indiana basketball twice this month by falsely reporting 1) sources saying Steve Alford coming to Indiana (deleted tweets after uproar and then 2) Donavan being in Bloomington today. What is this guy’s major malfunction? He has to be just outright ridiculed….how else can he be stopped?

    1. Justin Albers is not in the same profession as Jeremy and Mike. The latter two work for a newspaper, where there are professional standards and ethics. I would guess if either of those two wanted to use an anonymous source, it would need to be solid and need approval from a senior editor. Albers runs his own website and is not subject to any rules or standards or ethics. He can write whatever the heck he wants. There’s a big difference, and it’s important to realize that. The internet has created a LOT of fake news sources.

      1. Agreed completely. However, this dope has been retweeted, quoted and passed around the internet like a pipe in a crack house.

        I’m glad that no media source has the lack of judgement to hire him. Yet he still influences the chatter and discussion around Indiana football and basketball. I’m afraid he’ll weasel his way into a job like Skip Bayless or Steven A Smith. Dude crashed his server with trolling hits today.

  79. Michigan — Sweet Sixteen (but a very nice try, H4).

    Purdue- Sweet Sixteen and lambasted by a “power program” (like IU vs. N.C. in tournament past)

    Wisconsin — Sweet Sixteen (with horrible defense on that last play).

    Whatever! Who to root for now? South Carolina looks like the most fun team in there to me.

  80. Rock-
    Agree. I’m indifferent to, or pretty much despise, every team left in the Madness.
    It’s pretty much a ‘blue blood’ vomit list….UK, UNC, Kansas.

    Why is UNC even playing basketball with the discovery of “ghost classes” for athletes and the 15 years of academic corruption unveiled?

    Wow…Alford quoted as wanting nothing to do with Indiana. Can’t believe I heard radio chatter about IU possibly interested in Mike Woodson. Can we just put all the former Knight-coached guys to bed? Playing for legend doesn’t make you next in line.

    Holtmann, Drew, or Henderson(Mitch…not Allen)….? At this point, I’m thinking Holtmann is the target…Drew and Mitch are fallback plans.

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