Ralph Green dishes on … everything

Ralph Green III is confident he’ll play in the NFL next year.

And when he does, he’ll be donating wads and wads of cash.

Green, the former Indiana defensive tackle, said after Friday’s pro day that he will donate half of his potential signing bonus to charities and schools in his hometown of San Antonio.

“It ain’t about money with Big Ralph,” Green said. “I never had it and I could care less. Money don’t make me happy. What (would) make me happy is putting on any jersey, going out there and battling. The game is bigger than myself. One thing I’ve learned under coach Tom Allen over the last year is ‘love each other.’ Love each other, man. That’s what is missing in this world. It’s not the woman, it’s the man. Love each other. That’s what it comes down to.”

In a wide-ranging, and at times deeply personal, interview given after he worked out for NFL scouts on Friday, Green promised he would make a final 53-man roster next NFL season.

Green earned honorable mention All-Big Ten honors from the league’s coaches last year, making 31 tackles, one sack and 8.5 tackles for loss as a senior.

The 6-foot-5, 304-pound tackle is a fringe late-round prospect at best, but should at least get a look from an NFL team as an undrafted free agent, whether in mini camp or training camp later this summer.

Green is positive he’ll make the most of whatever opportunity he’s given.

“I’m gonna make a 53-man roster,” he said. “I will make the team. It’s all God’s plan. … I’m a stand-up individual. I’m not going to be the way you want me to be. I’m going to be the champ the way I want to be. Everybody knows who that is. Muhammad Ali. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. I’m not gonna say the political correct thing. I’m gonna say what’s right, plain and simple. (NFL commissioner) Roger Goodell, whoever — they can fine me all they want.”

Unprovoked, Green brought up his 2015 arrest on charges of battery, public intoxication and disorderly conduct, saying that incident is not reflective of the person he is. The battery and public intoxication charges were later dropped in favor of a guilty plea on the disorderly conduct charge.

Green was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and one year of probation.

Much to Green’s frustration, his mugshot from that arrest is among the first images to show on a Google search of his name.

“I’m (high school) class president, honors society, freshman — varsity football all four years, all-area three years, all-district, but then you go to Google,” Green said. “Go to Google, search my name in. They ain’t gonna show you all that. … What they gonna show you is a picture of me getting in trouble (two) years ago when I was being selfish and I decided to drink and all that. … The truth is gonna stay the same, the lies are gonna change. They want to show you my mugshot. They don’t want to show you all the good things. … That’s how Google do you. That’s how Google do.”

In the coming weeks and months, Green is confident he’ll give the NFL and the rest of the country a different image of himself.

“Whatever my signing bonus may be — $50,000, $100,000, it could be $5,000 — I’m giving half my signing bonus to charity. I ain’t trying to be picky, but a charity on the East side of San Antonio.”

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  1. Ralph is a great example of how someone can do the right things but make one mistake and that mistake dominates his resume for several years. I hope he makes it in the NFL as I think he will. He would be a great teammate to be around.

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