Flint, Ostrom, Schilling officially named IU assistants

Archie Miller’s first hires as Indiana men’s basketball coach are now official.

Bruiser Flint, Tom Ostrom and Ed Schilling will join Miller’s staff as assistant coaches, IU announced Thursday. All three are well regarded in basketball circles, having totaled more than 80 years of coaching experience as a trio.

“I’m very excited to be able to put together what I think will be one of the hardest working and gifted staffs in the country that will recruit, teach, mentor and develop the next generation of Indiana Hoosiers,” Miller said in a statement. “This group brings a wealth of experience in every facet of coaching and I can’t wait to work with them on a daily basis.”

In addition to the three full-time assistants, Miller has named former Dayton Director of Basketball Operations Bill Comar as IU’s Assistant Athletic Director for Basketball Administration. Former Dayton graduate assistant Ben Sander will join the program in an administrative capacity and former IU forward Derek Elston will return for his third year as IU’s Director of Player Development.

Making these hires official comes at a key time. Head coaches and assistants across the country will be on the road watching AAU events during this month’s upcoming evaluation periods, which run April 21-23 and April 28-30.

“I think the first step in establishing excellence is to surround yourself with people who have the ability to make everyone they work with better,” Miller said. “We have a group that offers our young men in the program expertise that is second to none and should help them have the best experience possible as a student-athlete.”

Miller’s staff features connections to both coasts, his former job at Dayton and, perhaps most importantly, the state of Indiana.

The latter may be where Schilling helps the most. Schilling, a Lebanon native, spent four seasons coaching Park Tudor, tutoring former Hoosier Yogi Ferrell and winning a pair of Class 2A state titles before leaving to become an assistant for Steve Alford at UCLA in 2013.

Flint ensures IU will retain ties to the East Coast. The Philadelphia native is a four-time Colonial Athletic Association Coach of the Year and the all-time winningest coach at Drexel. He has 29 years of coaching experience, having won 331 career games between Drexel (2001 to 2016) and Massachusetts (1996 to 2001).

He and Schilling both served as assistants on John Calipari’s staff at UMass during the 1995-96 season. That year, the Minutemen advanced to the Final Four with a 35-2 overall record. After that season, Flint was named head coach at UMass and Schilling joined Calipari’s staff with the New Jersey Nets.

Schilling’s Indiana high school basketball coaching experience also includes stints at Western Boone (1989 to 1991) and Logansport (1992 to 1995). He holds six years worth of head coaching experience at Wright State, along with an assistant position under Calipari at Memphis.

Schilling also seems to be as plugged in as any assistant to the worlds of AAU basketball and player development. From 2007 to 2013, Schilling served as a head coach for Adidas Nations and also has experience preparing players for the NBA Draft, having worked with Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Mario Chalmers, Gordon Hayward, Carl Landry, Jeff Teague, Marquis Teague, Cody Zeller and others in the past.

Ostrom and Comar worked with Miller for each of his six seasons as Dayton coach. Ostrom has also spent time at Arkansas (2007 to 2011), South Alabama (2004 to 2007) and Florida, where he worked in various roles for Billy Donovan from 1998 to 2004.

Ostrom and the Miller family go way back. He spent seven years working as director of operations at Xavier for Thad Matta, Miller’s former boss at Ohio State, and Sean Miller, Archie’s older brother.


  1. Glad to see that Archie’s staff is set. I know nothing about any of these men, but from their bios it appears they bring a lot of high level experience to IU. All that’s left is finalizing next season’s roster. I guess we’ll have to wait another month or so before that process runs its course.

  2. It’s the who’s who of “Criminalpari” associates…..Gotta love it. We got everything but the ‘Big Cheese.’

  3. We should absolutely hire less qualified coaches who played for RMK. No doubt about it.

    That’s the key to success.

  4. Ted Kitchel must be having a conniption. Not only did Fred not give Alford an interview, Archie took his best assistant.

    Silver lining: at least Alford has, minimum, two more years of an absolute ass-full of LaVall Ball. For his sake, I hope they didn’t peak with Lonzo.

  5. I don’t believe I ever asked for Alford or an RMK assistant.

    I’m 100% in favor of the Arch….

    I have had nothing but compliments for how Calipari’s teams play defense and play with a high level of chemistry. Any assistant working under him has probably gained immeasurable insights.

    I have never cheapened his team’s quality play by saying things like “bait and tackle shop” …or referring to a man ‘Bruiser’ and Schilling consider a most vital mentor in their basketball careers as “Criminalpari.” I doubt you’ll ever hear Bruiser or Schilling refer to John Calipari as the “criminal” they once shared many years of highs and lows.
    Jeff Meyer is likely a good assistant as well…..Simply because someone has worked under a cheater, doesn’t make them guilty by association. I highly doubt anyone is going to chase down Bruiser or Schilling and tell them they “helped wreck” a program where Calipari left some rubble.

    But fact also remains that these assistants worked with Calipari at some institutions where tournament wins were vacated….or substantial controversy circled around recruits and cheating scandals(e.g. D. Rose @ Memphis…SAT imposter?).
    But now that UNC has set a much higher bar for cheating scandals, it’s hardly any bigger deal than a 3-way caller “wrecking” a program.

  6. And it certainly seems like this many former associations with Calipari would guarantee getting our storied rivalry back.
    I’m more than elated that we have a coach who wants to go toe-to-toe with UK. Sure hope we get that game back on the schedule immediately. Glass should be able to make this happen now that we have people in place who respect the opponent, respect the former mentor they would love nothing more than compete against, and likely respect the importance of the game to both fan bases.

  7. And that’s the irony, boys. And that’s why I love it.
    These hires merely help prove what I’ve said for the last nine years: Crean was a buffoon….and the witch hunting methods he(and a good majority of fans who jumped on his ludicrous bandwagon of hate) used to make every player under Sampson, and every coach under Sampson, guilty by association would be no different than attaching Calipari scandals to the assistants Archie Miller just brought into our basketball home.

    That ain’t me, boys. That’s the game you all played.

  8. Matter of fact, you’re playing the game again with your jabs at Knight and Alford…You’re making any good man, former player, former association with Knight as some sort of “loser” or bitter villain by association.

    I never called for a former Knight association to be our next coach. Then again, I think guys like Steve Downing are pretty outstanding men.

    Wow… Miles Bridges returning to MSU. Now there’s a young man who wants to bring home a banner to his school and coach.

    1. Or he realized that his draft stock slipped considerably and another year of development would get him back into the lottery pick range.

      Speaking of leaving early sans banner: has Mitch McCary applied to finish up at community college yet? No athlete’s bill of rights at Michigan.

  9. Sorry to pull some of your teeth(but it is so easy). Chet has suggested on numerous occasions that pUKe as an institution is a bait and tackle shop. Not the BB program only. Also the descriptive term “Criminalipari” came from me. + you throw so much mud on the wall it is impossible to know what you are trying to get across which contrasts in total with the couple things you have incessantly posted over and over and over until none of us have any interest in the topic. Like the 4 posts, 1 after the other, above. That’s a hint. Take it.

  10. Yep it’s a beautiful morning in the deep south. I think I’ll get the John Deere out of the barn, light up a cigar and cut some grass.

  11. Harv will use Crean as a proxy to attack all of the posters here to continue his reign of hostility and moral superiority. Because we all like Archie, he needs another vessel, so he’ll dig up this corpse to flog it daily.

    Please, tell us more about program wrecking, 19 Fs, villain chasing and the multi class, Indiana state high school basketball travesty and why that makes you better than all of us.

    1. Guilty by association, it’s the ‘Crean Way.’ And for many on here, it was his impenetrable excuse as to why everything(kicking decent kids off for mild offenses) he did came with a big fat apology.

      Did the Bluiett kid just get into some trouble.
      It’s another Park Tudor Mitch McGary! Drag him to the gallows! Ban him from NCAA tournaments! One year suspension!
      Meanwhile, John Calipari has just become ‘The Other Pope’ because we hired some of his former assistants…And guess what else! UNC, the biggest academic cheats in the history of college cheating within athletic programs, is who we should emulate as the model of college basketball banner runs(not to mention, they won most of those banners via post players from the Hoosier state to go along with fake classrooms and fake transcripts).

      But, no, there’s no hypocrisy in making Kelvin Sampson the 9-year poster child for drugs, class-skipping, fake classes, and the wrecking of of all things wholesome as peanut butter and Jelly on Wonder bread.

    2. We could talk cooking….? I’m very strong in the kitchen. I made some incredible spaghetti with meatballs the other day. I use a blend of Red Gold whole peeled tomatoes(2 lg. cans) and fresh Campari brand tomatoes. Sweet onion…garlic….bit of red wine….parm rind,,,,,salt…pepper….couple dashes of oregano ….and about 1 tsp. Hershey’s cocoa(gives the sauce a richer color). There are numerous other steps. I do tend to wreck the kitchen…..and the only villains are those who don’t claim my meatballs are unmatched.

  12. And if Archie has real gonads(which it certainly seems he does with his hiring of former assistants to the biggest “slimebag” in the game), he should fill all the scholarships of those “water testers” out trolling the NBA for more ego teething crackers.

    And that’s the difference between Bridges and these Faux Hoosiers. Secondly, these faux Hoosiers are really not that good. I’m confident Archie could do more with some JC transfers, graduate transfers, or a couple of his guys from Dayton dying to play for him. Cut bait. Bryant is a whining child who has quickly been surpassed by Davis(once Davis got some PT under his belt). Blackmon is a prima donna whose defense has more holes than a swiss cheese factory. Johnson? His shot-making faded into darkness longer than an Alaskan winter near the Arctic Circle. His bricks are likely more responsible for Crean’s dismissal than anything ever written on those hilarious cue cards.
    So show some more gonads, Archie, and cut bait with the Faux Hoosiers.

  13. “A so-called college institution can be a ‘bait and tackle shop’ while Calipari stands above as a beacon of hope for all of college sports.”

    HILARIOUS! No more than two months ago, anyone who merely bumped shoulders with Calipari was considered seedier than Kiwi. And when I said we should not fear playing UK anywhere…anytime? All these blowbags ever did was whine of “Criminalpari” never deserving of any admiration as a quality coach…nor any compromise to bring back a storied rivalry game to the fans. Now, he, and anyone who ever worked under his eminence, is what all programs should aspire. Does it get anymore bizarre at Indiana? I simply love it.

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