Hoosier Morning for April 10

Former Park Tudor coach and UCLA assistant Ed Schilling is reportedly set to join Archie Miller’s staff at IU, Mike writes.

George McGinnis is belatedly and deservedly headed to Springfield at last, former HT sports editor Bob Hammel writes.

IU baseball avoided a sweep by winning the series finale at Purdue, we reported.

Reports Monday morning said OG Anunoby would sign with an agent and enter the NBA Draft, Jon Rothstein writes for FanRagSports.com.

Archie Miller is reportedly set to hire Clif Marshall as his strength and conditioning coach, replacing Lyonel Anderson, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

The Houston Rockets are still trying to figure out a postseason role for Troy Williams, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle writes.

IU legend and racial trailblazer Bill Garrett was honored with a historical marker on Saturday, Josh Margolis of Inside the Hall writes.

The final installment of chart week last week highlighted tackling and run defense, Dan at puntjohnpunt.com wrote.

In honor of OG Anunoby’s intent to sign with an agent, “The Sign” by Ace of Base.


  1. Good luck to OG. He’s always struck me as a fine, hard working, humble young man. I still don’t understand how someone coming off a bad knee injury with only a handful of games under his belt and an 11 point average warrants a first round pick but, if he won the lottery, then good for him.

    Speaking of winning the lottery, Troy might have done just that by falling under the tutelage of Coach D’Antoni. Good for him.

    I hope the new strength and conditioning coach can do what he did for Luke Kuechly.

    As an alumnus, I would like to see the names of rotten people like Wildermuth quietly disappear from campus and replaced with the names of people we can be proud of such as Bill Garrett.

  2. Troy Williams is the ultimate ‘havoc creator’…..Supremely athletic….can gobble up a stray board….great ball handling skills for his size….TNT on backdoor plays and he can sky for Harden alleyoop’s…..length makes him a great perimeter disrupter on defense.
    Weakness : Can he be a consistent scoring threat? College game primarily plagued by a roller coaster ride of inconsistent play. When recently called up, he certainly demonstrated the ability to catch fire from the outside.

    My guess is that he’s probably going to be Crean’s #1 superstar to come out of Indiana. When he was hitting those long bombs(to go along with his speed getting up and down the court….and his havoc creating abilities), I was nearly seeing the second coming of Scottie Pippen.

  3. Guys like Montross, May, Zeller have helped propel UNC to many of their deep runs(including 2 championships).

    I honestly don’t think Archie knew just how many Hoosier post players the state of North Carolina has pillaged from Indiana. He must only be aware of Matta getting Oden, Thomas and Conley who allowed March ‘Madness Thadness’ to put his resume on the big stage map.

    Bottom Line: Alan Henderson, Jared Jeffries, Eric Gordon, and Cody Zeller. That’s it in the last twenty years. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of top Indiana homegrown talent going elsewhere(many to the states of North Carolina, Michigan, and Ohio) while the candy stripes landed four truly top guys(not raw supremely athletic coarse sandpaper talent who need two years of IU sanding to make them smooth finer grit for NBA scouts).

    Archie’s only real mission should be to somehow begin to change the tide of such top INDIANA talent repulsed by Bloomington.

    It’s not ‘Why can’t Indiana be North Carolina?’ but, rather, ‘Why can’t Indiana recruit the best from Indiana?‘ We know Archie can bring a much better brand of intelligent and fundamentally solid brand of hoops than Tartuffe, but can he change the history of top Indiana talent leaving the state to help Tar Heels, Blue Devils, Wildcats, Buckeyes, Spartans, and Wolverines?

    It’s far too cliche to say that we can’t get ’em all when it comes to the best of the best that leave the state as we lose in recruiting battles on our own turf.

    Can’t get ’em all? We don’t get 10% of our own top talent.

    So pardon me if I get perturbed when people put other programs who have pillaged top talent from our state on pedestals….or objects of envy.

  4. And maybe Crean’s methods of aggressively recruiting outside of Indiana weren’t so wrought in misguided purpose. Maybe there is no changing the tide of top Indiana talent repulsed by Bloomington? Maybe the only reason Crean’s counter-punching of such cemented trends didn’t succeed via long recruiting trips to under-the-radar guys like Anunoby, Oladipo, Morgan, Williams, Robinson, Fischer, etc was because he didn’t have the coaching tools to make it happen?

    When I hear a new coach maneuver with thoughts of “why Indiana can’t be North Carolina”….it gives me cause to concern. The concern is not for Archie’s coaching. The concern is a the core of a deeper truth that the new hire may even be apprehensive in approaching.
    Maybe Crean wasn’t to blame for the woes of top talent from our own state being repulsed by Indiana University…?
    Maybe no coach can bring back the rare magnetism of a campus when it was a cocktail of brilliant Bobby Knight hoops submersed in cute coeds of Indiana, Partyville, and the lingering ’60s hippy culture of Shangri-La/Shambala in the southern hills of Indiana? Maybe all the other girls(schools) are now seen as modern/in vogue as Bloomington looks more like the relic….or a place having a difficult time fitting into 21st century culture?

    Good luck to Archie…..but restoring ‘elite’ doesn’t happen in a peach basket vacuum. I think he understands that. Merely pointing out the superficial “why” IU can’t be UNC fails to examine the deeper truth. Tom Crean manipulated many things correctly to put makeup on a lonely hoops pig…..He landed some very exciting talent. He gave the middle finger to the many from our state now repulsed by Bloomington(In some respects you have to admire someone who says, “If I can’t do it with you, I’ll do it without you.”). Tom Crean just didn’t have the blackboard chalk to go along with rouge, lipstick, and eyeliner he used to lure the Oladipos of the landscape. to Shambala.

  5. t- Time will tell. Roy has his eye on Romeo…along with Izzo, Calipari, Matta, Beilein, K, Holtmann etc, etc, etc. Sounds easy but it ain’t. We’ve lost a ton of ground over the last decade plus.
    The deep tournament success that wasn’t during the Zellerpalooza phase of resurgent interest/”movements” may be a lost opportunity that sticks for a very long time.
    Archie may be the slow ascent back….but we still may lose on many big name homegrown recruits. The door for a rather ‘stuck in stagnancy’ program opened ever so slightly with Zeller….and slammed shut again.

    Now we go to Plan B.

  6. RMK coaxed very little Indiana talent to Bloomington his last decade at IU. Let’s not pretend he did or that it is a recent problem.

    It’s just a problem.

  7. Chet- It’s pretty well documented that the team Davis took to a Final Four were recruits who wanted nothing more than to play for Knight. Of course that bunch included a pretty damn good player from Michigan in Dane Fife as well. Jeffries and Coverdale were instrumental in taking down #1 Duke at a regional semi. ….And don’t discount Jarrad Odle who also came up big against the Blue Devils in the storied NCAA game in which the Hoosiers erased a 17 point deficit against mighty Coach K.
    Jeffries was the 11th pick in the draft.

    The 2002 Indiana team, like Jeffries mentioned, had truly been through a lot before it took the floor at Charlotte for the season opener in November.

    The majority of players on that team had come to Indiana to play for Bob Knight. Six of them had played at least one season for Knight, who was dismissed in September of 2000 and replaced on an interim basis by Mike Davis. A few months before the 2001-02 season began, Davis was named the permanent Indiana coach (courtesy: The Herald Bulletin.com/Anderson, IN).

  8. Indiana Mr. Basketball Winners(end of Knight’s tenure)

    1997 Luke Recker
    1998 Tom Coverdale
    1999 Jason Gardner
    2000 Jared Jeffries

    Post Knight firing:
    2001 Chris Thomas
    2002 Sean May(son of Scott)

    Knight got three of the four Indiana Mr. Basketball winners from 1997-2000…..though Recker would transfer.
    Sean May(teammate of Jeffries at Bloomington North) was the one that really hurt coming off of Knight’s dismissal.

    Not sure if May had already committed to UNC before Knight was fired?

    When asked to be specific, May declined, but after practice he said: “I can’t commit somewhere without my father’s blessing. There was some friction between Coach Davis and my father.”(courtesy: The New York Times)

    May would later be the guy in the middle to lead UNC to one of those banners they win on the “heels” of pillaging Indiana post player talent. Yes, Archie…let’s be more like UNC(a.k.a. fueled by Indiana talent).

    Some of the ‘Mr. Basketball’ winners in the years post Knight firing looks like this:

    2002 Sean May – UNC
    2005 Luke Zeller- Notre Dame
    2006 Greg Oden – OSU
    2008 Tyler Zeller – UNC

    And this doesn’t even cover the Plumlees(from Fort Wayne) who were going to Duke.

  9. It’s really quite incredible to look at the number of exceptional bigs(many Mr. Basketballs and McDonald’s All-Americans) that came out of Indiana from the year May was honored in2002 until 2015. The numbers are beyond incredible when you factor in the Plumlees as well.

  10. The internet is truly an amazing library….

    Amazing wasteland as well….as many who have seen the name Harvard for Hillbillies can attest.

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