Hoosier Morning for April 19

The biggest roster challenges are still ahead for Archie Miller, Mike writes.

Indiana’s Dan Feeney went to the Vikings in the second round of a full mock draft, via ProFootballFocus.com.

Why Feeney is a perfect fit for the Vikings, Jordan Reid of TheVikingAge.com writes.

Jade Butcher is the first in a series of legacy players celebrating the 50th anniversary of IU’s Rose Bowl season, Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Archie Miller and assistant Ed Schilling had a good first meeting with Romeo Langford and his family, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall reports.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo of the Thunder went straight to the film after a rough shooting day in Game 1 and hopes for better tonight in Game 2, Brett Dawson of The Oklahoman writes.

For Archie’s first meeting with Romeo, “First Time” by Lifehouse.


  1. What role ….or firepower does Oladipo provide the Thunder that just about any unheralded NBA guy coming off a bench couldn’t provide? The biggest bust in NBA history. The luckiest man alive to sign for so many millions and do so little in terms of “star power” or “lottery” worthiness appropriately aligned with expectations/impact on a team/game.

    Westbrook must get a good majority of assists looking everywhere except in Oladipo’s direction. Most offensive sets I’ve watched involve Oladipo drifting far off center stage(in the deep corner or near the sideline) and watching ‘The Russell Show.’ Westbrook rarely even looks in his direction. I could see how it could get discouraging to play on a team with one guy as the center of the universe. Is Westbrook incredible? Yes. Is it ever going to be a team…even with his Oscar Robertson numbers? No.

    1. Chet- How do you figure? He is no superstar nor will ever be regarded as an All-Star caliber player. …to go along with such grotesquely overrated draft/lottery status. You best talk to some true Thunder fans to see if he’s living up to his billing. Do you even listen to NBA analysts who constantly rip him for being so uninspiring and disappearing on big stages?
      The only person delusional was a guy on Scoop who would mention Michael Jordan in the same sentence with Olastatue.

  2. Greg Oden net worth somewhere around 15 million. Did he get that playing for OSU or NBA?

    Professional sports, professional entertainment, politics, Company CEO’S, ministries, are all intertwined along with the drug epidemic is its own war machine without the mother of all bombs; just sickness that suppresses society into its own little ant hill.

  3. t- You are too much fun. I absolutely agree with your take on the cliff ride the ‘elite’/one percent have taken capitalism. All the senseless distractions across oceans while so many of our country get suppressed and economically imprisoned into a hopelessness of debt and wage stagnancy…And it’s been going on for decades while those we drool over on the business, entertainment, tech, and sports spheres play to the repression of America in reverse.

  4. Consensus is building that Dan Feeney will be a second or third round draft pick. Not sure if the “concussion issue” will affect his status, but it doesn’t help. At least the pros will know that he was allowed plenty of time to make a full recovery. It would be great for him, and for IU, if he was picked in the second round.

    1. I wonder if, in a tangential way, Feeney may have been a subplot to the events of the past football season? Perhaps one faction wanted him on the field, another did not, and the AD became involved. They certainly exercised caution…as an attorney would.

      Just supposing…

  5. EJ UPDATE: Sweet, deep, deep, clutch three by EJ over Oladipo in the final minute of the Houston vs. OKC game. I believe ‘the best sixth man in the NBA,’ Eric Gordon, scored 6 of the last 8 points for the Rockets.

    Reggie Miller: “Oklahoma is simply a one-man show.”


  6. VO UPDATE: 41 minutes, 3-pointers 1/7 (14%), Field goals 4/14 (29%), 11 total points. The ‘Magic’ acquired by the Thunder appears to be quite the illusion/disappearing act. Oladisappear? Houdinipo?

  7. I believe I can fly brick
    I believe I can clang the iron sick
    I overthink it and miss wildly all day
    Spread my wings and clang away
    I believe I can score
    If I could just hit the side of a barn door
    I believe I can brick
    I believe I can brick
    I believe I can brick

    If I can rim it, then I can lay bricks on it
    If I just believe it, there’s nothing nets feel splashing through it.

  8. I heard Mitch McGary is studying to get his insurance license so he can intern at the Chesterton branch of State Farm.

    1. The Dipo policy is now in works:
      -Special policy discount for his inflammable shooting touch.
      -A slightly higher premium for ‘brick flood’ coverage. See attachment.
      -Zero comprehensive deductible recommended due to many jump shot collisions with rim.
      -Low hazard of falling threes on property. Lightning only seems to strike on Westbrook Avenue.

    2. Sounds like a good fit. It would be great to see him catch on with a team commensurate with his basketball skills.

  9. Reading reports that this year’s NFL draft has the worst group of O-linemen in 15 years. But Feeney is supposed to be amongst the top five O-lineman in this draft.

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