Hoosier Morning for April 27

Dan Feeney’s NFL future is now simply a waiting game, Mike writes.

Archie Miller sees a bigger, better role for De’Ron Davis, Mike writes.

Archie Miller aims to hit hard and prosper with in-state recruiting, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

A better finish is the goal as Collin Hartman works to return from injury, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Indiana is one of the teams twisting in the wind with NBA early entry decisions, Matt Norlander of CBSsports.com writes.

Former Hoosier Yogi Ferrell says his rookie season in Dallas was a big learning experience, Earl K. Sneed of Mavs.com writes.

Richard Lagow will make a long-awaited return to the Manning Passing Academy this summer, Nick Reith of IUHoosiers.com writes.

Dan Feeney is ready for the call from the NFL Draft, whether it’s tonight or tomorrow, Pete DiPrimio writes for the Chicago Tribune.

Fred Glass speaks about the new sexual violence policy at Indiana, Cameron Drummond of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Not Indiana per se, but inside a dark day at ESPN, as 100 staffers lost their jobs, Richard Deitsch of SI.com writes.

Dan Feeney is awaiting the call, so here’s The Call with “The Walls Came Down.”


  1. Based on the arguments on here you don’t fit in at all.

    I saw the above quote on Scoop today. It was posted by a king who rules over the voices of any dissent. There are various methods to rule and in this blogging world it’s via bamboozling/manipulate the deliverer of the product and collusion with certain contributing members to alienate voices said colluding group is likely afraid, jealous, or resentful.
    And to all who have an agenda to collude and take hostage of a public place/media outlet/organization/newspaper blog, etc….by only fostering only their(a.k.a. a ‘group’ to “fit in”) arguments, philosophies, personal doctrines, power alliances while excluding a free-flowing exchange of varying perspectives…?

    May the giant ESPN pink slip find your desk as well. ESPN has always had an agenda rooted in ESTABLISHMENT preferences and East Coast bias. To work for such organizations is to use such personal biases(starting at the top) to filter sporting news and create distractions that take scrutiny off your own doorstep. The recent examples of using Indiana as a target for the wrongs in college athletics while fully ignoring the fraud that has gone on at UNC stands as one of many examples the organization’s agenda.
    I relish the downward spiral of such organizations/individuals who, by only fault their manipulative choices, find that filtering and bending truth/balance/objectivity to their own agenda only builds to their own demise.

    1. H4H,

      I agree with your assessment 100%. I cannot think of another organization which has done so much damage to the sports world.

  2. As some folks like to refer back to their predictions (only the ones that turned out to be correct, of course) I’d like to note that, about this time last year, I predicted Yogi would be some NBA team’s starting point guard.

    Took a good bit of ridicule for that one.

      1. Cuban said that when Pierre Jackson pulled his hamstring on Jan. 26, president Donnie Nelson and assistant vice president of basketball operations Michael Finley gave Cuban a list of three players from which to pick a player to sign.
        “They said, ‘They’re all pretty close,’ ” Cuban said. “And I said, ‘Tie goes to the IU guy.’ Honest to God, that’s what I did. That’s the honest answer. Tie goes to the IU guy.”

  3. John Skipper is an American businessman and is the president of ESPN Inc. as well as the co-chairman of Disney Media Networks as of January 1, 2012.

    In June 1997, Skipper became senior vice president and general manager of ESPN the Magazine. Since October 2005, he has served as executive vice president of content.

    Skipper attended Lexington Senior High School in Lexington, North Carolina. He then attended UNC-Chapel Hill and earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature(courtesy: Wikipedia).

    Hmm? And we wonder why we don’t hear more concerning 15 years of UNC academic fraud within their athletic programs? And we wonder why we get ‘Outside the Lines’ stories about terrible IU? And we wonder why they never stopped talking up Tom Crean as if he was the ‘savior of all saviors’ and the best thing for college hoops since sliced bread? Did you hear Tom mention anything about the academic corruption at UNC while he was invited a guest spot for ESPN’s Final Four coverage? After all that time and money spent by ESPN and Crean to drive a witch hunt stake into Sampson’s heart….but, somehow, UNC remains the untouchable image of purity upon the Chapel Hill? Nice of them to invite Crean…..for more pink slip distractions as the alma mater of the president of ESPN functions in a complete cesspool of hypocrisy and cheating.

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