Hoosier Morning for April 28

The pressure remains on the IU baseball team with Maryland coming to town for a weekend series, Mike writes.

IU women’s tennis won its Big Ten Tournament opener, we reported.

Tom Crean says he’ll be a “little pickier” about future jobs after his experience at Indiana, Randy Beard of the Evansville Courier & Press writes.

Archie Miller and the Hoosiers are playing catchup in recruiting, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

When James Harden calls, you pick up the phone, again and again, Eric Gordon writes for The Players’ Tribune.

Cornerback Tim Wilbur was one of the best to roam the secondary at IU, Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

A peek inside the film room with IU offensive coordinator Mike DeBord and and former NFL coach Jon Gruden, via IUHoosiers.com.

One former IU rower had a different experience with an injury than what was portrayed on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, TC Malik of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

IU soccer will host the Mexico U-18 national team to conclude the spring season Sunday at Armstrong Stadium, Josh Eastern of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

For Eric Gordon, “Call and Answer” by Barenaked Ladies.


  1. Wow! Crean learned nothing from his 9 years at IU. Judging by his responses to this article & others, he thinks he would have been successful if not for Fred Glass. Always the sign of a mature competitor to blame others.

  2. He’s history, and its time for him and I U to move on . Looks like the separation from I U isn’t going well for him.

  3. Crean said, “It really comes down to the relationships and the trust that you have with the people that you work with, the alignment of leadership and being at a place where you can really work together and get some sustainability.” My translation: Glass is not a leader anyone can trust. He’s a manager who sees his job as protecting IU against financial and/or legal risk. He does not have the leadership skills to help build winning programs, and can not be trusted to do that.

    It was subtle, but it’s clearly a shot at Glass.

  4. Crean also said, “I don’t think it’s any accident you’ve got South Carolina doing what they are doing,” said Crean,….. “That’s a really high-level athletic environment.” Crean chose his words carefully when he said, “athletic environment.”

    He believes Gamecocks athletic director Ray Tanner, who coached the school’s baseball program to back-to-back College World Series titles in 2010 and 2011, has created a winning atmosphere throughout the department. “Frank and other people rave about Ray as a leader,” said Crean. “He gets what it means to be part of a team and I think that’s part of it (having success) too. You’ve got to have people who have an idea of what it takes to be successful.” Crean’s saying, “no one ever raves about Glass as a leader, and he has no clue how to be part of a team.” Ouch, that’s a not so subtle indictment of Fred Glass. Crean is saying, “Glass is not a leader, he can’t be trusted. He does not know how to create a culture of winning.”

    Make no mistake about it, those comments were directed at Fred Glass. And from my perspective, combining what I’ve witnessed, what I’ve read, and what both Wilson, OSU’s AD, Crean and Harbaugh have said recently, there appears to be merit to their criticism. Not saying Fred’s not smart, not a competent manager, not dedicated to IU. But I’ve never seen him demonstrate real leadership. He’s simply a manager. And let’s be honest, his tenure as IU’s AD has not exactly produced any high level winning programs. Is that his fault, or is he still cleaning up a mess that forty years of mismanagement created? And with decades of experience as a lawyer, he is a hyper-risk averse manager. He has a different set of priorities than his two most prominent former head coaches feel he should have had. And I think they’re saying, “he’s a boss, not a collaborative member of a team, and he can’t be trusted.” I guess only time will tell if they are right, or if they’re simply deflecting and justifying.

    1. So, the first Big Ten team to make it to the College World Series since 1984 is not ‘high level’?

      You also frequently stated that the basketball team under CTC should be considered very successful. Have you changed your mind?

  5. Tom Crean hired his own AD in a caddyshack committee room….

    He picked his bride…The bride threw him out. Fixed marriages rarely work.

  6. I think Fred Glass has helped move the I U Athletic forward with much success, with the new facilities, softball field, baseball field, major work on Assembly Hall, North End Zone Project, the New South End Project and the newly approved volleyball & wrestling project. Good hires in Women’s Basketball, Men’s baseball, Men’s and Women’s soccer coach hires and other areas of coaching changes. Made major leadership decisions in replacing the Head Football Coach and Men’s Head Basketball Coach, both of these decisions were made to get both programs back on the right track. I can wait until the 2017-18 season results are in before I call out Fred Glass’s leadership abilities. Also start checking the news on the University of Louisville Athletic Department and the changes resulting from the NCAA investigation and what changes in their leadership area of the athletic department may happen.

  7. Tom Crean is determined to prove himself a fraud! He did not turn down one genuine offer from a power 5 program to coach it’s men’s basketball program, “feelers” from Mizzo don’t count. His self examination is lacking credibility! Can he make it in sports TV, that is an open question? Can he take a promising mid-major job and make them great, like Butler, Gonzaga, etc., that appears unlikely. Glass firing of Wilson and Crean in the same year, and replacing them with Allen and Miller, seems genius so far. Both football and basketball appear more healthy in the first year of change. The fan base is pleased, the players are motivated and encouraged, the new staffs are excellent! Look in the mirror Tom. You had 9 full years of solid support from the AD. You really cleaned up a mess. You did achieve some good results. But you could not build an elite, consistent program!

  8. Podunker, follow IU swimming and diving, men’s soccer and recant your “no winning programs lament. Look at women’s basketball is clearly a rags to riches story. South Carolina had a great year in basketball, while going from near great to below average in football. Grow up, nobody wins them all!

  9. In trying to make AD Glass sound small Crean becomes the crybaby. The juvenile is still getting paid and should keep his lips from flapping as no one cares but Po.

  10. I do believe Crean will put these sour grapes to rest once he sees the monument planned for the …..Kirkwood area.

  11. For what T.C. had as a resume of work and now his body of work @ IU he should thank his lucky stars….for the career/job and all the money he is able to have plus friends, family, and (he can pretty much exclude those who may not think positively or may not like him as much as he would like)

  12. Off-topic a bit (though somewhat Crean relevant as it pertains to his use of “pickier” and someone he’s very familiar)….

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an NBA series flipflop the way the Celtics vs. Bulls match-up turned. When the Bulls acquired Wade, I believed it to be a total waste of a pick/trade that could have been money much better spent elsewhere.

    How did the state of Indiana ever allow Brad Stevens to slip away….? Can we get some sort of royalty payments from Boston? How did we ever allow ourselves 9 years of a charlatan to run our program? In July of 2013 we were embarrassed by Syracuse at a Sweet 16 (only 4 months after Glass handed Crean the ridiculous extension spanning until 2020). In July of 2013 Boston hired Brad.
    It is Fred Glass who closed the door on a chance to get what will likely be one of the top-10 names to ever coach the game of basketball.

    You’re welcome, Geoff.

  13. H4H, your Kirkwood post, as the old saying a picture is worth 1000 words, in this instance more like 10,000 words! Thanks for the post.

  14. If any of you are following the NBA Playoffs, I’m providing a helpful link to find TV schedules, times, matchups, etc.
    Some of the major sports websites do a terrible job in offering the full overview of the playoffs. Hope the link helps those who are interested.

    First year in quite some time that I’ve gotten into the early round games of the NBA postseason….Following some of the many Hoosiers on various teams has likely raised my interest.


  15. This is exactly why Crean is looking for another job. Excuses and puzzling behavior.

    Here’s another fun fact: yesterday, Christian Watford’s 5 Star little brother Trendon, said that Crean nor anyone on Crean’s staff, ever contacted him. Miller’s staff reached out to him right away.

    Yeah Tom, you didn’t succeed because your boss didn’t support you. Was Glass supposed to tell you to pick up the phone to talk to the even more talented little brother a former player who hit the shot that defined your tenure at Indiana?

    You know, all of the the heartfelt human stories started making me feel sorry for him a bit. Now he’s back to whining, passing the buck and the stories of how Archie and his staff are schooling him on the basics of recruiting couldn’t be in starker contrast. Crean, shut up. Leave with your dignity. At least let your whiny brother-in-laws cry in the press for you.

  16. Coach Crean anytime you’re fired shows you’ve lost the support of your boss. Also you’ll be less pickier about your next address as an overwhelming majority of Hoosier fans have a higher BB IQ than you do. You’ll be burning energy on the sidelines of a court less famous in an arena with far less expectations than AH.

  17. He really is being his own worst enemy right now.

    Future employers (ADs) don’t want to hire a guy so quick with excuses. Especially when he’s blaming the AD. For me, hearing a litany of excuses would be all I needed to hear…for any job.

  18. I could see there being a bit of a sense of betrayal seeing how Crean was likely the most important voice in the committee room to hire Fred. And then there’s that ‘Marquette Wire’ letter to the editor by Joey Glass(student at Marquette) standing as the ‘Exhibit A’ of collective planning before Crean and Fred did the tango via committee rooms.
    Fred may have made the right choice with Archie….Time will tell. But Crean was the perfectly pure easy pawn to secure jobs for a decade. It all smelled of seediness to me.

  19. But I think 30 million dollars is a pretty generous price for even a sizable taste of betrayal. The boss is the boss….whether your own hiring was predicated on putting him in that chair, or not.

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