Indiana hosts Michigan for a doubleheader on Saturday. (Mike Miller | Herald-Times)

Hoosier Morning for April 3

IU baseball settled for its second tie of the season after 11 innings against Nebraska, Mike writes.

George McGinnis was a Hall of Famer on the court and at the soda fountain, Andy writes.

Penn State softball walked off with a win against Indiana, and the rest of the IU roundup, we reported.

Bob Knight’s last fight is one he can’t win against time and growing old, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Gene Keady and Bob Knight shared the stage in Carmel last week to reminisce, Jordan J. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Compassionate Tom Crean is not the cartoon character you think he is, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A look at Dayton’s offense and defense under Archie Miller in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Keith Smart’s shot still stings Syracuse 30 years later, Connor Grossman of the Daily Orange writes.

George McGinnis waited far too long but finally got the call to the Hall of Fame, Bob Kravitz of writes.

The Houston Rockets were shorthanded but former Hoosiers Troy Williams and Eric Gordon still guided them to a win over the Suns, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle writes.

For Big George and the Hall of Fame, “Soda Pop” by Robbie Williams featuring Michael Buble.


  1. Greg Doyel may not yet understand that Hoosier basketball fans could give a rat’s butt about how nice their basketball coach is, or how sincere he is in his faith, how often he quietly provides random acts of kindness, or how generous and selfless he is. They could care less about his behavior away from the court. In fact, many Hoosier fans cared far more about Crean’s hyperactivity on the sidelines, or how he conducted himself in interviews, or if he ever played college basketball. They cared far more about the trivial aspects of Crean’s behavior than they did about his character and/or his humanity. In fact, many of those same Hoosier fans still idolize Bob Knight, not for anything to do with his deeply flawed character, but in spite of it. They still idolize a man whose legendary mood swings could be used to define “personality disorder”, who was generally considered a bully, who was often rude, obnoxious and profane in the extreme. With many Hoosier fans, all sorts of bad behavior is ignored or forgiven as long as your teams win national Championships. And if they don’t, no amount of generosity, kindness or compassion from the head coach will matter one hoot.

    1. He was the most admirable man in the world. He never “wrecked” anything in his life. I bet he’s never left the toilet seat up.

      But, as a coach and on national Sweet 16 stages, he made ‘Indiana’ look like a peach basket only used to hold balls for a clown-dunking contest. We suffered through 9 years of record-breaking turnovers and some of the ugliest X’s and O’s….ever known to the candy stripes.

      It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, indeed. Random acts of turnovers and muffed in-bounds plays. Random acts of substitutions…and timeouts…and cue cards. Yes, we saw cue cards. It’s my understanding they were made by Hallmark.

  2. Right on Po! Your exactly right in that this Hoosier fan wants an organized basketball team on the floor that looks like they know what they are doing on the floor. Win or lose, the kind that can win in a variety of ways and one that I like the way they win win they do win. ARCHIE MILLER GAVE A REALLY NICE INTERVIEW WITH JMV THE RIDE TODAY!

  3. Speaking of Knight, I came across a 1981 Indy Star today (Yep – spring cleaning – not very comprehensive in prior years). Top sports story, Knight calling a open press conference inviting anybody and everybody for a film study of the last Purdue game. Purdue people implied the IU win was due to their rough play. Knight had a series of film studies documenting how “dirty” Keady had Purdue playing.

  4. Hey t, I want IU Basketball to win as much as any Hoosier fan. And I think Archie Miller has the opportunity to become a GREAT college basketball coach. I think IU has significantly upgraded its basketball coach. But that does not mean I will ever accept the vitriolic and hysterical personal attacks directed at Crean over the years. The personal attacks levied against him, and in at least one case, directed toward his son while he was playing in a High School basketball game, were absolutely disgraceful and beneath what I used to consider the classiest fans in college sports. Crean was not a great coach, but he deserved to be treated better than he got from many within the Hoosier nation. There was NEVER a need to demonize the man just because his teams did not meet the Hoosier Nation’s very high expectations.

    I am reminded of watching a series of on-camera interviews with Louisville fans conducted within days of when the news broke about Pitino having sex with the wife of one of his assistant coaches. It was a salacious mess that should have embarrassed every Louisville supporter. About six female Louisville fans, interviewed at random, were asked if they thought Pitino should be fired because of his behavior. All of the women interviewed said they’d continue to support Pitino. When asked why, they all pretty much said, “because his teams win Championships.” One young women said, “I don’t care what he does as long as his teams keep winning.” I remember thinking, “wow, that would never be tolerated by IU fans.” Shortly thereafter, seeing how some Hoosier fans began attacking Crean, I realized I those fans were just the opposite side of the same coin.

    1. Stop with the thing about his son that was blown waaayyyy out of proportion by the press. I was at that game. It was a handful (about 5 or 6) of Bloomington South kids saying it and was shut down just as fast as it started. There was not a single adult involved in the chants at his son that night. And if you have any idea about the North/South rivalry that is pretty par for the course and mild in comparison to other years. Actually go to any Indiana rival basketball game and you may actually blush at what gets said.

  5. First, T.C. has nothing to do with R.P. No personal attack on T.C. here. Yes, it is true expectations are extremely high at IU over an extended period of time and that includes an extremely talented competent team on the floor and I would include off the floor as well.

  6. At what point does one get to make the blanket declaration of ‘what Hoosier fans want’?

    Few people under 70 want to endure more of the soap opera we once had.

    I declare Hoosier fans want to see good basketball played by actual students being coached by actual adults.

  7. You know why crazy a** people gettin personal because most of you people are psycho and need to get a life outside of being in front of a laptop making disrespectful and insulting comments like the cowards you are

  8. Right on, Chet.

    And all this garbage from the pulpit(on behalf of Crean) is just more of the same holier-than-thou condescension. Can we stop with the oversimplification of the sinners and the saints of the world? One man’s sins observed and given due can be petty compared to another man’s concealed sins of a tainted heart.

  9. Po, very rarely have I been offended by anything anyone says here or anywhere on the internet. But your words of condescension and moral superiority over people like me have gone too far.

    I have MANY MANY MANY MANY times on this very blog, commented about the amazing things that Tom Crean the man has done. JP can back this up, too. He went above and beyond in helping the Jones family (way more than was publicly displayed) when Brian was sick with ALS and then passed away. Crean went above and beyond. It was extraordinary and I repeatedly thanked and praised him for it on here.

    But I too am a man who thought his tenure as a basketball coach should come to an end. His standing in the community is definitely part of the job description. But so are all the other things that you false put together as an either/or. It is an AND.

    I think it is disgusting that you label all Hoosier fans amoral jerks who want nothing but to win. That also doesn’t mean that some people have been unfair to Crean. But I have a difficult time feeling sympathy for anyone who’s job it is to take on that criticism. They are paid handsomely for it. But the first bullet point on his resume is winning basketball games ALONG with all the other stuff. He failed in his primary task.

  10. I appears Podunker is suffering from a severe case of Tom Crean Departure Syndrome….You’ll always have the garage poster.

  11. If T.B., O.G., D.D., J.M., R.B., F.M., J.N., health holds up for each player and whoever else from the team returns for 2017-2018 and goes the Archie Way I predict Big Ten Regular Season Championship+Maybe Big Ten Tournament Championship+March Madness Final Four with a chance to win National Tournament March Madness Championship.

  12. J.B. is in the whoever else if he wants to come back. I think he will have less playing time to as much as a third. J.B. for much of a game plays at a slow speed both, mentally and physically on offense and defense. Then, all of a sudden he may make an explosive play, but after a couple of those kinds of plays it seems to tire him out. This is a characteristic of several IU players over the past few years unless they play out of control. (Troy Williams was another example). In an Archie Way system J.B. will have to get in shape to play meaningfully intensely hard 100% of time in all areas and not just playing horse with the 3 ball. Therefore, I see him playing less while actually being a much better player. That’s where the head game comes into play as to how J.B. responds if he were to come back or if leaves and does not come back. (J.B. is not good enough for NBA).

  13. I think it’s pretty well known on here that I was sort of not a Tom Crean fan…..That being said, I don’t think players being out of shape was the major impediment to consistent quality basketball and deeper tournament runs. For this Hoosier fan, outside of the mirage of momentum that came with Zeller, it was always a season in reruns.

    Kentucky Rivalry? Nine years of Rope-a-Dope.
    Non-conference scheduling? Mr. Whipple inspired.
    Leaders? Where were they?
    Turnovers? When weren’t they?
    Synergy? Where was it?
    Erratic Substitutions? When wasn’t it?
    Indiana Top Talent? Which way did they go…?
    Pipelines to Projects and The B-ball IQ Challenged? All day.
    Slogans? Found our consistency.
    Defensive Tenacity? Maybe someday..but Whipple is still good with it.
    It’s a process? You betcha.
    It moves, it just moves? Roll Tide!
    Banner Reunions? “I feel good,” said James Brown.
    Ceilings in March? Lionel Richie danced on fewer.
    Guys out of shape? If you say so…Big Red Liquors does have more six packs.
    Mental Fatigue watching Mr. Clueless? We were the ‘Hurryin’ Hamsters.’ The wheel kept turning, but it was never rollin’ down the street.

  14. Will the NCAA ever come down on UNC for their 15 years of academic fraud? It’s my understanding that UNC is now claiming that the nonexistent classes(a.k.a. ‘ghost classes’) were designed with the sincere pledge in maintaining anti-discrimination standards/policies. In the spirit of accommodation, UNC did the right thing for this student…. and his many family members to follow.

  15. Double Down, why do you assume my comments were directed at you? Why do you assume I do not recognize that you’ve written positive comments about Tom Crean on this site? Were you one of the people who chanted “Crean sucks” during his son’s High School basketball game? Were you one of those Hoosier “fans” that continuously made personally disparaging attacks against our former basketball coach? If not, than you have no reason to be offended. And again, your reading comprehension needs a little work. Read my posts again. Note the following from my post above: “but he deserved to be treated better than he got from many within the Hoosier nation.” The key word was “many.” I did not say “all,” I said “many.” It’s a true statement. Here’s another part of a previous post; “In fact, many Hoosier fans cared far more about Crean’s hyperactivity on the sidelines, …” Again, I used the word many. If you are offended because you include yourself in that group of “many” that I referenced above, that’s your problem.

    You can express your displeasure at a coach’s style, performance or lack of results without making personal attacks. You can call for the coach to be fired because you expect IU Basketball to be better. I have no problem with that. But I do have a problem with fans making personal attacks, and especially people who attack the man’s family members (teenage son). Tom Crean is a good man. He did a lot of great things for a lot of people in the community, and as Doyel’s story documents, he did those things without seeking or expecting recognition. He may not be a great coach, but he and his family did not deserve to be subjected to personal attacks simply because his teams did not live up to the Hoosier Nation’s very high expectations for it’s basketball program.

    1. And many of those stories were overblown. The “Crean Sucks” chant was a handful of high school kids that were promptly shut down. The prof doing the April Fools joke with Crean’s kid in class was a tool. But just one person.

      I feel as if the VAST majority of “Hoosier Fans” were completely reasonable and gave Tom every chance. That doesn’t mean they weren’t disappointed along the way, either.

      In every single situation, there are going to be detractors from day one. Not only that, when people are unhappy, some people express it inappropriately. But this is sports. I find it hilarious that people think Indiana fans are harsh. Geeze, spend 5 minutes listening to sports radio in Philadelphia. That is a town where they literally throw batteries at your head if you dare sign with another team.

      You’re painting with a wide brush. It is unfair. I think the national media has perpetuated the myth of the “fan base with unreasonable expectations” that simply doesn’t exist. You’re on about this as well. Generalizing your complaints leads to confusion and the inability to dialog directly with people who have a diversity of feelings, thoughts and the way they express them.

      Personally, I’ve never been more proud of being a Hoosier. Most people whom I’ve talked with about Crean, his firing and then the hiring of Archie Miller have been really thoughtful. And they all had different feelings about the situation. Although, I’m finding it hard to find anyone who is having a hard time with AM hiring. And I see that as a great thing.

  16. Thank you, Double Down…
    The Establishment wanted nothing more than to keep Tom Crean in place at IU. Now they must simply backup their endorsement by claiming “us,” IU fans, to be unreasonable. HOGWASH! Unreasonable is the NCAA allowing an institution providing ghost classes to athletes to even be playing at a Final Four! Unreasonable blowhards are those who have ulterior motives in keeping IU down(e.g. the media/NCAA elites who still can’t get over the beatdowns a once storied IU program could put on their East Coast alma maters).

    Woe who is Tom Crean…Woe that is 30 million dollars over 9 years for never going deeper than a Sweet 16. Woe that is UNC with all their heartbreak from last year…Woe that is the Big 10 and the NCAA run by the East Coast elite. Woe who are the 3-way callers to recruits and the “wreckers” compared to this.

  17. And it is criminal that ESPN puts Crean in a chair to quietly draw attention to our “unreasonableness” while leaving any discussion of UNC’s academic fraud off the topic table. All of college basketball has become a bigger farce than Crean’s antics….Only appropriate they give him a chair. And this is the coach that ran all of those Sampson degenerates out of Bloomington, but none of the talking heads can bring up the 15 years of fraud at UNC?
    What happened at UNC’ makes targeting Kelvin look like ignoring a house of serial killers to get a jaywalker.

  18. In the IU men’s basketball program mentally out of shape goes hand in hand with being physically out of shape in this case. When teams tighten the screws and elevated play IU did not match up and fade physically as well as mentally. They would become really sluggish unless they were hitting a very high % of 3’s.

  19. North Carolina made a movie “Ghost” in successful collaboration of athletic department and fine arts department.

  20. DD, I remember on several occasions when Bob Knight would walk over to the scorer’s table, snatch the public address microphone, and admonish those IU fans inside Assembly Hall who were chanting “B— Sh–, Bull-Sh–” in the middle of a game. He told them to stop it, and the fans would immediately stop the chant. As Bob Knight would say, “this is Indiana, we’re better than that.” Of course, not all 17,500 fans were chanting, but many of them were, and Bob Knight would not tolerate that. I’m guessing he knew that such behavior just diminished IU and his program. And regardless of what percentage of IU fans were involved in directing personal attacks toward Crean, it was wrong and it diminished IU Basketball.

    I’m proud to be a Hoosier too. Always have been and hope I always will be. That’s why I found and continue to find the personal attacks directed at Crean unacceptable. He’s gone now. He’s no longer IU’s coach. Let’s allow him to move on as we embrace Archie Miller and help him build IU Basketball back to where we all want it to be. Hanging on and continuing to express disdain for Crean does not further our cause and should not be tolerated by the millions of good people that make up the Hoosier Nation.

    1. ^^^All this coming from the sanctimonious blowhard who threw Doug Mallory under a bus before he ever coached one game at IU? You might not have been yelling “SUCKS!” at the football games you don’t attend(while crucifying the rest of the fan base with your “wide brush” to paint empty seats on the whole world not you) but you made your opinion pretty clear on here….and made it numerous times.

      Mallory sucked as a defensive coordinator….to “many” fans.
      Crean sucked as a basketball coach ….to “many” fans.

      Some thought Wilson was a Jerk from Day 1.
      Some thought Mallory sucked from Day 1.
      Some thought Crean sucked from Day 1.

      Get off your highfalutin, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious throne. Tsao could see right through your garbage….and your desire to defend the holier-than-thou wind instruments…all the while playing a defeatist violin and telling us all how Indiana isn’t elite anymore.

    2. Well, I remember that happened once, anyway. I don’t believe it happened more than once.

      I remember it quite well. He took the mic and said, “This is Indiana. We don’t do that crap here.”

      Pretty sure he missed the irony.

      1. He used the irony to his advantage, Chet….That was the beauty in it.

        And he was fired for admonishing…the same. We sort of sent Bobby mixed signals. We loved him for his fatherly treatment…and then when he touched the shirt sleeve and so horribly violated the space of a frat rat who knew nothing of respect(see Brody’s piece), we used the opportunity to can him.
        “What’s up, Knight?” Knight: My butt cheeks when they bury me so you can easily kiss my ass.”

  21. Have any of you ever listened to Scott Ferrall’s ‘Ferrall on the Bench?’

    I found him on the AM dial a few weeks ago…Love this guy..Love the raspy voice. It’s like Harvey Fierstein went from ‘Hairspray’ to sports junky…I caught Ferrall on the radio last night following the big game.
    Out of the sea of national sports journalists(ESPN, CBS, NBC…web, television, and radio alike), Ferrall is the only one who really spoke to the truth of the farce that is the NCAA and our recent basketball ‘champs.’

    Here’s the podcast…Copy and paste

  22. Hey Crean- While you were on the road to a Final Four… crew of ESPN analysts and slathering all those praises on the backs of Isaiah Hicks and UNC, why didn’t you give note of the “19 A’s !!!” earned in those fake Tar Heel classrooms…?
    What’s the matter? Is it just that the shining light upon the Chapel Hill is too bright…and the eyes win favor over the tongue?

  23. I was at the game against PUke when he stopped some fans from hollering F___ PUke. That’s what Po would consider a mood swing.
    The real purpose of this exercise is to express with simplicity how uninterested fans got with watching ‘Crean Ball’ the last 3 1/2 seasons. It was maddening, an eye sore and an insult to the image of fans with a very high BB IQ. I do commend him for the very hard work during the 1st 5 years. But after that every time I saw or heard IU committed another turnover I expected to here Verdell Jones name called for the infraction.

  24. Oh, Verdell……The Chosen One: A thousand sinful turnovers erased via the godliness in one historic unselfish assist found in a rivalry game no more. Let’s all raise a glass to VJ !II. Speaking of “SUCKS!” in capital letters….Wasn’t it Geoff ….? Never mind…Maybe it was Troy? Consult Chet…He has the healthy memory cells.

  25. My favorite memory in those hard-working first five years was watching Danny Moore lick his hand and apply the grit-spit to the sneaker bottoms. This is when you know you’re a baller. Oh, Danny Floor Burns….Let’s all raise a glass to Danny once Moore.
    Wasn’t Pritch recruited by Kelvin? And Elston too? We needed some Windex on the glass and these were two of Kelvin’s we opened our hearts.
    Gosh…It’s fun to reminisce. Remember when coachv spent four years talking of how he was going to correct Mo Creek’s jump shot form? Who is coachv now? Where is coachv now?

    1. I miss coachv too. We all know why he’s not here though HfH (the mall security got him). Meanwhile though we’re bombarded by Trollunker’s neverending “sanctimonious” hogwash. Trollunker does not miss an opportunity to bring up Bob Knight and his “many” flaws (though Bobby’s been gone for 17 years now). All of what Trollunker wrote these past two weeks started from RMK. By comparison Crean has been fired two weeks ago and Trollunker has been adamant in describing the Hoosier fans as horrible for calling the obvious: Crean sucks. He sucked so hard and yet he left with 30+ million. A poser who is responsible for the greatest underachievement in college basketball and who won’t ever get a job as a coach in DI. Meanwhile we have coach Mallory who was not good for Trollunker from day one but was good enough to help Atlanta to a super bowl appearance last year. Trollunker only wants to get himself noticed.

      IDS had two nice stories yesterday. The first one was about Miller and Glass. Good one. The second one was even better: Brody Miller on Knight.

    2. And here’s Osterman‘s piece in Indy Star.

      Knight still knew how to play to his base, at one point dropping the line, “When I was born, I stopped being a Kentucky fan.” He rambled, often pausing one story to tell another. He spoke glowingly of former players, his comments routinely being stopped for applause. He waved to old staff, and took audience questions near the end.

      Pat Ryan finished with the microphone in her hands.

      “Thank you on behalf of all of these people,” she told Knight. “We miss you.”

      With that, the crowd, which had thinned because of the late hour but nonetheless remained strong, rose to its feet once more. Knight fought back tears that, even from the gym bleachers, appeared to come anyway.

      “I’ll remember that until I’m gone,” he said. “You are the best fans in the history of college basketball.”

      You hear that Trollunker?

      Best. Fans. Ever.

  26. h empty glass, You may have backed into something I been thinking about and formulating for almost a week now. There is no doubt a wall between the old IU administration and RMK. I honestly believe there is even a bigger wall of disdain for Tom Crean held by Knight. 2 things may now be coming together; the old administration is gone and the positive remarks Knight has made about Archie Miller being hired as the new IU BB coach on 2 separate public occasions while in the state. That is the 1st softening of the hard core stance RMK has held since being fired. I’m not predicting anything just stating that little bit of change has occurred.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that RMK will find a way to facilitate a reconciliation in the very near future.

      At this point I’m not sure it should be reciprocated. He forced a lot of water under that bridge.

  27. My goodness…How could you not see the ‘wall’ and the disdain Knight had for Crean?

    I spoke of this dozens of times on Scoop….The disdain was more than obvious.

  28. Huh…? I’m pretty sure you’re acting like this is a new theory. I do believe Jeremy would even back me on this one. Notwithstanding that photo worth a thousand words(which I probably posted on Scoop a dozen times), every time there was an attempt to bring Knight to Bloomington(via HOF ceremonies ….or those lovely reunions), I basically said Knight would not be caught anywhere near Mr. Carnival.

    Maybe you should go to sleep, Grandpa Grumpy Tweezers?

    Harvard for Hillbillies says:
    November 20, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    People hate winners…It’s why the Establishment hated on Indiana last year..They saw us coming.

    And I think if many took a hard look in the mirror, it’s why they hated on Bobby. Bobby’s success(in terms of championships)faded in his latter years, but the banners are there because of great players and a man that knew how to coach the game.

    If Tom Crean takes the Hoosiers to a championship victory, his biggest fans on here will claim it’s ridiculous to give that credit only to the players. The same is true of Bob Knight. It’s equally as ridiculous to assume we have three banners from his teams without his coaching genius.

    There is absolutely no reason in the world Knight owes Tom Crean a thing. This isn’t Dean Smith approaching him to shake his hand. We are telling Knight to move past his bitterness. Tom Crean needs to move past believing that because he now coaches the Indiana Hoosiers, Bobby Knight owes him a warm handshake. Put your name in the record books..Hang some banners in Assembly. Don’t expect to put yourself on equal ground by working at the same hoops factory and having Calberr Cheaney on your bench.

    I don’t care if we ever see Knight in Bloomington again, but for those that are saying Knight needs to forgive and move past all of the bitter history, it may come more naturally if Crean would figure out that having the job and hiring some of Knight’s old players, doesn’t make him into a legend by association to Knight’s better history(his coaching genius and three banners…and some very fine young men that were willing to learn from one of the best coaches in the game despite knowing he was a tyrant). When Crean has achieved something remotely measuring the same level of success the same, then show respect by letting Bobby quietly approach him outside the flashes of cameras to shake Tom Crean’s hand.

    Any questions, Grumps? There are many more on this topic(Crean creating the wedge). Ask and you shall receive. I could have beaten six horses to death with a whisk broom on that topic.

  29. And notice how I used the word “respect” in the last sentence of that post from nearly five years ago? If you had the pleasure of reading Brody’s piece(which I visited before h.empty glass made note of it here), “respect” is sort of the theme. It’s all about the themes……and the aura of pretentiousness(and holier-than-thou posturing) surrounding IU Basketball over the last nine years that keeps a man far from moving past some things he may want to conquer before he dies. Bobby Knight was labeled as a zero tolerance abuser and “wrecker” of sorts…in his own right. Do you not see the hypocrisy? He’s not real big on judgment types…if you get my drift.

  30. If your hokey one-liners get any grumpier, you could start your own ‘misfortune cookie’ company.

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