Hoosier Morning for April 5

This spring it’s the offense embracing Tom Allen’s coaching approach, Mike writes.

Matt Lloyd’s walk-off homer in the 11th inning lifted IU baseball over Ball State, we reported.

An oral history of the 2002 run to the national championship game 15 years later, Alex McCarthy of Inside Indiana writes.

Cindy Simon Skjodt and Bart Kaufman both gave new IU basketball coach Archie Miller their support, Andrew Hussey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Athletic director Fred Glass not only is putting his trust in Archie Miller on the court, but off the court as well, Jordan Guskey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Winning big means recruiting big for Archie Miller, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

IU basketball released a video look at big-man workouts with Archie Miller on Tuesday night, via Twitter.

In way too early preseason polls for 2017-18, Indiana checks in at No. 18 in the AP poll and No. 15 in the USA Today poll.

Rookie Rockets forward Troy Williams is getting a crash course in the NBA, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle writes.

Linebacker Tegray Scales is motivated to make IU’s defense even better, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

Among the many pro days, Dan Feeney and Devine Redding stood out for Indiana, Gil Brandt of NFL.com writes.

Keeping with the embrace theme, here’s Robert Plant live with “Embrace Another Fall.”


  1. Not OK, but what is happening with Maryland’s women’s bball program? Three transfers including the Big Ten freshman of the year. Very strange.

  2. I really like CAM’s philosophy on roster numbers. I’ve never believed that more is necessarily better.

  3. Chet, Must really be some kind of telepathy out there. I had that thought in mind near to when you did. I could not agree more. Over signing is just plain stupid, 13 scholarships active on a roster is a waste. All options can be exercised if a ride or 2 are left open. Be opportunistic. Really like that philosophy coming from Coach Miller.

  4. I attended the I U baseball game Tuesday, and a person in attendance told me that two of the new assistant basketball coaches were on campus ( Assembly Hall when the announcement going to be made?? He actually saw the coaches and their families.

  5. DiPrimio referenced Scott May’s injury (broken arm) costing IU the opportunity to make it to the final four in 1975. Imagine that, someone suggesting that injuries to key starters can cost a team games and affect the outcome of a season, and even lead to a coach getting fired! According to the experts on this site, since “all teams suffer injuries” and “well coached teams overcome injuries,) I wonder if Bob Knight was criticized back then for not having a deep enough bench to replace May and win through to a national championship? LOL.

    It will be interesting to see if IU relaxes its emphasis on academic qualifications and/or academic performance in order to achieve its recruiting objectives for basketball. Having established a reputation as a school that requires their “student athletes” go to real classes (not UNC’s imaginary classes, but actual college classes), pursue a legitimate degree (unlike UNC’s fake degrees), etc., that issue has clearly affected IU’s ability to recruit some of the best talent in the country over the last decade. Some (not all) of these young guys don’t want to be held accountable for any significant degree of academic performance (hence Kentucky’s recruiting prowess with one-and-done players), they just want their year at school to be an extended NBA training camp. It should be interesting to see how Archie Miller handles the contradictory ideals established by his chain-of-command at IU; the need to recruit five-star basketball players and the demand that they be legitimate student athletes while on campus.

      1. Didn’t Bobby Wilkerson get hurt in a big game? Knight endlessly used it as an excuse for losing that game.

        ABERNETHY: If I was a fan, I would be freaking out(on Wilkerson’s concussion keeping him out of the second half), but I don’t think we really felt freaked out as players. We sure had a heck of a final half of our season in the final half of that game.

        Indiana outscored the Wolverines 57-33 in the second half, in a runaway victory. A perfect 32-0 had been clinched(courtesy: Indy Star).

        Yup…Those Hoosiers were all about collapsing the tent when adversity came in like a tornado. No Bobby Wilkerson and they outscore a very talented Michigan team by 24 points in the second half of the NCAA Championship.

        Crean’s name can’t hold a footnote in the book of Knight’s teams and his teams’ mental toughness. So pathetic that some try to make those sort of comparisons.

        1. Wilkerson’s injury didn’t keep him out of the second half. It kept him out of the whole frickin’ game. He was hurt at the start of the game. After trying Wayne Radford and Jim Crews, RMK put in Jim Wisman who had a great game in Wilkerson’s place. Great coaching decision by RMK as Wisman wasn’t a regular sub but moved the ball well.

          As far as May’s injury. No, RMK’s job wasn’t in danger for going 32-1. Was that intended to be anything other than a ridiculous question? Pretty sure no one has ever been fired after a one loss basketball season. Why ask that?

          1. My memory of it was vague, Chet. Hope it’s not a problem. Find myself forgetting details…..

  6. I glad, I don’t have an ax to grind. I can get up every morning with a clear mind and no particular agenda to act upon.

  7. “contradictory ideals established by his chain of command at IU”, Po you have become more outrageous than h4h. What a bunch of ‘hogwash’.

    1. Yeah, and they lost to Kentucky by a millimeter. Their only loss of the year.

      Yup, that is exactly the same as losing 16 games total, only going 7-11 in conference (tied for 10th) and missing the tournament for the 2nd time in 4 years.

      Hehe. It is becoming comical, isn’t it?

  8. When you talk B.K. you talk alot of championship bb. Period. So what, if his teams lost some along the way due to injuries or another reason. You don’t have to win all of them. However, you must have a championship image and tradition. (One that IU hopes to get back to).

  9. Saw the after game interview with Troy posted somewhere. Haven’t heard him speak very much. He seems like a really sweet guy. Also, looks like he’s having a lot of fun.

    1. Always thought Troy’s ceiling was much higher than Oladippin’ Dots. Cody…Yogi….Vonleh…Oladipo..Williams…? Who stays in the NBA the longest?

  10. just a note about staffing for Coach Miller……I read where Anthony Grant was hired to be the HC at Dayton and John Groce was hired to be HC at Akron….I think that opens up a staff position for Coach Miller’s Chief Recruiter at Dayton…and cant think of how to spell his name so I will call him …begging his pardon….Coach O.

    1. TJ,
      I believe you’re referring to Tom Ostrom, who was Archie’s lead recruiter at Dayton. During today’s interview session, Archie said his staff would have “a flavor of Dayton.” His director of basketball operations there, Bill Comar, is also expected to be here. The lone question mark is really the third assistant with Ostrom and Bruiser Flint now that Groce is out of the mix.

  11. Hog wash! It was hog wash to suggest that losing two key players this season should not have cost IU a bunch of games and a chance to make it into the tourney.

    And if you don’t think IU’s adherence to academic achievement affects recruiting, you are naive. If you don’t think UNC’s two-decades long fake curricula and automatic A’s helped them sign/keep numerous talented basketball players, you have not been paying attention. You don’t think the word got around? “Hey, come play for UNC. You don’t have to go to many classes, and you get an automatic A without ever studying, or even taking a test.”

    I’m glad IU maintains reasonably high standards and will not tolerate academic fraud. But as long as some of the big basketball programs just give a wink and a nod to legitimate academic performance, the schools that maintain higher standards, like IU, are at a disadvantage in recruiting.

    1. Butler went to back-to-back title games….Did they do it on the backs of cheaters? Villanova? Wisconsin?

      Everyone cheats but us….Waa! Waa! Waa! Waa!

      Tom Crean had an opportunity to talk gently of academic issues at UNC while in his “Final Four” ESPN chair….He chose to slather praise all over their backs instead. Talk about a hypocrite buffoon?

  12. Don’t really see Few and the Zags as cheaters either…but I guess anything is possible (except Crean getting past a Sweet 16).

    Back to coaching hire/hires topic….

    Anyone give thought to Damon Bailey as an assistant?

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