IUWBB: Freshman Gulley to transfer from IU

Freshman guard Ria Gulley will transfer from Indiana, the program announced Wednesday.

Gulley, a guard from San Antonio, Tex., is the second player to leave the program this offseason. Redshirt sophomore Tia Elbert said earlier this month she will graduate early and forgo her final two years of eligibility.

On the year, Gulley produced 3.1 points per outing on 37.4 percent shooting, but she did play 13.6 minutes per game and was regarded for her athleticism and her defensive potential.

Gulley’s transfer only adds to next year’s turnover in the backcourt. All-Big Ten point guard Tyra Buss returns, and the Hoosiers’ incoming freshmen class features three guards, a wing and a post.

“Ria met with me and expressed her desire to leave Indiana to move closer to her family,” IU head coach Teri Moren said in a statement. “We are grateful for the contributions she made to our program and wish her well in her future endeavors.”

Gulley added: “I’m extremely blessed to have received the opportunity to play at Indiana University. I’m nothing but thankful for the hospitality shown. However, I need to be closer to my family.”

Of this year’s freshmen class, Gulley seemed poised to have the most immediate impact. In the preseason, Moren called the 5-foot-9 combo guard the most athletic player on the roster.

Gulley went on to play the most minutes of IU’s three freshman, but her court time did fluctuate behind Buss, Alexis Gassion and Karlee McBride. Inserted into the starting lineup versus then-No. 20 Michigan, Gulley closed out the regular season with five minutes in a double-overtime win over Iowa and then two minutes at Illinois.

In fact, some of Gulley’s more memorable highlights as a Hoosier came on the bench. She once used a towel to jump rope during the Purdue game in January, a show of sideline enthusiasm Moren admired. It was also a notable contrast from Gulley’s otherwise stoic demeanor.

“It’s funny, when the lights come on at Assembly Hall there’s another Ria Gulley that appears,” Moren said in February. “We don’t get to see that side of her often because she’s in practice and if you travel with her, on the bus, playing with her, she’s very stoic. Most of the time she’s asleep, she loves her sleep. There’s something about her being at Assembly Hall because she doesn’t bring that type of energy on the road.”

Last week in an interview, Moren talked more broadly about spats of transfers in college basketball, and she wouldn’t close the door on departures from her program. Ohio State lost two freshmen, forward Tori McCoy and guard Kiara Lewis . Erin Boley, one of the top recruits in 2016, left Notre Dame. Destiny Slocum, the national freshman of the year, is transferring from Maryland.

Moren cautioned against speculation on specific transfers, but brought up homesickness as a concern. 

“Nobody knows the whys,” Moren said last week. “You can speculate and say it’s homesickness, and maybe it very well could be, I know it’s one of the things we get concerned about with the kids that we have, with the distance.”

Without Elbert and Gulley, and with the graduations of Amber Deane, Tyshee Towner, Gassion and McBride, new faces will have to mesh with Buss. A highly touted ’17 class does offer a surplus of guards, including Jaelynn Penn (Louisville, Ky.), Bendu Yeaney (Portland, Ore.) and Keyanna Warthen (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.). Alexis Johnson (Houston, Tex.) can play the three and four spots. Linsey Marchese (Dacula, Ga.) is a 6-3 post.

Moren did express excitement about the incoming freshman class in last week’s interview. Penn was widely considered a Miss Basketball candidate in Kentucky, though the award went to Louisville recruit Lindsey Duvall. Moren said the 5-10 Yeaney “has the body and the build of a kid that’s already been in college.” She averaged 28.8 points, 13.4 rebounds and 5.6 steals per game in ’16-17.

Then again, Moren said Warthen could have the highest ceiling of the Hoosiers’ five recruits. Warthen left her high school as its all-time leading scorer, producing 20.3 points, 10.7 rebounds and 7.4 assists per outing as a senior.

Penn, Yeaney and Warthen will have an opportunity to play early in ’17-18. IU also needs a point guard to take the reins from Buss in ’18-19. Former Notre Dame guard Ali Patberg, a graduate of Columbus North High School, is slated to visit IU this weekend. 

“If we don’t sign another transfer in this class that’s a point guard, we have to have a 2018 kid that will come in,” Moren said. “Bendu has played a little bit of the point, Jaelynn has played a little bit of point. Obviously with the durability that Tyra has shown, she’s probably going to continue to perform at a high level, playing a lot of minutes. So we feel like we have a backup for spot minutes, if we have to there.”


  1. It would have been nice if Gulley stayed and tried to happily improve her game. However, Gulley public statement was stated with class and T. Moren is a classy coach.

  2. You can understand being so far away from your home and family if thats the reason, wish her well. As far as Morens statement about Warthen I have to say that in the back of my mind I was thinking the same thing, that she might turn out to be the big surprise of the group. Not much has been said about her and there are no video clips of her other than what was on this site. But dont get me wrong this entire incoming group has a lot to offer.

  3. I liked morens comments a few days ago talking down the people who transfer. I wonder why she said that?

  4. larryn brooks, taylor agler, maura muensterman, liz stratman, claire jakubicek, lindsay leikem, jess walter, tia elbert, ria gulley.. to be continued!

  5. Well let’s see Hoosierfan, the first 5 girls you named transferred because IU got rid of the coach that recruited them. Leikem left because she had her degree and supposedly was moving towards possibly attaining entry into the FBI academy? She made it known that was her plan? Why she wound up where she did is a puzzle to all? Walter wanted more playing time although she struggled with injury the last year she was here. Elbert was obviously an enigma to say the least. Gulley transferring because of home sickness is not uncommon for freshmen. After the first year of Moren’s coaching where we lose the majority of the players listed, we basically have no more transfers than other schools. When you think about it, what is harder to understand is the transfers leaving Notre Dame, Ohio St. and Maryland where all are starters but one? Hmmm, makes you wonder knowing that all 3 of those teams are among the best in the country.

  6. Slocum leaving maryland was the biggest shocker of the lot. She said it wasnt a good fit for her although from the outside it looked like a perfect fit. Was she also homesick? Would be nice if one of those 6′ 4″ transfers would come our way, would be a nice backup.

  7. Anyone who is taking a two year sample of transfers under a new coach doesn’t follow the game.

    Archie Miller was pretty clear about that a couple days ago.

    1. Hmmm, just read that another high profile program is losing players. Baylor has 3 girls leaving their team this year; Sophomore Beatrice Mompremier (6′ 4″ center) who averaged 8 points and 6 rebounds per game is transferring along with Alyssa Dry. Alexandria Gulley is also leaving the team. Gosh Hoosierfan, it’s happening everywhere and to many highly ranked teams?

  8. Mike, what if I told you that I know several teams in Division 1 that haven’t had a transfer in years…and regularly made the tourney? Moren hasn’t had a single season without transfers. In fact, I’m pretty sure the year we hired her she had 9 transfers at isu and was soon to be gotten rid of. I know this is the board that normalizes everything our coach does but even you guys should wonder why old coach gets so many.

  9. Transfers are the way of things at most schools and usually having little to do with the head coach. For coaches leaving a school yes new recruits might want a change. But its more the overall fit, homesickness, and atheletes seeing the writing on the wall. Im guessing the girls at ISU got wind of the coach leaving and therefore the large volume of transfers. Having said that if you come to IU you better know if you are lacking in defensive effort you will be warming the bench.

  10. Moren also said in her interview that she had not shut the door on transers. There could be more.

  11. I love Coach Moren and her defense first philosophy! What are the chances of IU getting one of these 6’2 or taller transfers from really good programs? That could make all of the difference in making a real run in the NCAA?

  12. College basketball players are getting like free agents. So many fluid situations where players choose to move rather than adapt to a situation or make situation work for him or her, especially in ladies basketball. I think for the ladies there are different factors that come into play other than just basketball itself and a coach a little more than on the men’s side. Specifically you can look at IU ladies who took advantage and made most of opportunity and situation vs the ladies who decided to move in a different direction. Sometimes it was best for both sides of the equation. Other times it could be a player acting kind of like a free agent rather than making himself or herself better or good enough in a program. Examples are Tyra, Amanda, Lex, Jenn, and Karlee.

  13. That was a quick situation win T.Moren came from ISU to IU and ISU was doing well for ISU. I doubt ISU wanted her to leave.

  14. Without question Moren and staff have their irons in the fire as far as the star players who have transferred . Erin Boley for one from louisville is a 40% shooter behind the arc , would be nice to get her but Im guessing she may opt for Louisville U. Players may look a little harder at IU when they see the potential of whats happening with the program that may not have previously.

  15. This is why you recruit players who are a good fit for your system, program, and philosophy. You recruit the whole person and you don’t just throw scholarships at all available players. Also love coaches quote about how transfers are a problem and then goes after transfer patberg.

  16. Well Hoosierfan, when you are in the culture of college basketball, to be competitive, you have to play the game. Unfortunately transfers are part of the game. To make yourself as competitive as possible when transfers are made available, you go after them to make your team better. It is the culture of college basketball in today’s game. Yes, coach Moren did say transfers are a problem in today’s game but, in order to be more competitive as a team you have to play that game! You would be foolish as a coach not to add a quality player to your team who is a transfer in order to improve said team, duh. Why would we not go after Patberg instead of possibly having to play against her in the future? And Hoosierfan, Chet and I are still waiting for you to name all those schools who have not had transfers for years. Trust me if you can name a few, they would be among the minority. Remember that majic number from last year that I have posted on here more than once, there were over 1,100 transfers last year. A number that can not be denied.

  17. A lot of misinformation on here as the norm . to say all those players left because the coach who recruited them left is a little naive to say the least . Leikum left because she did not like playing for coach moren period . Stop with the spin . As far as if you come to play for coach moren you better be ready to play defense you can’t say that with a straight face can you ? Did you watch any games this year . We started one really good defender and a couple of average ones and one horrible one . We had better defenders sitting on the bench . I don’t know about all the transfers that Hoosier fan is talking about at Indiana state but I do know when coach left Indiana state to come to I.u. Indiana state’s roster was full of transfers . At least 8 or 9 . I can get their names if you want them . As far as ria and Tia leaving what a difference a year makes . I wish them luck and won’t speculate on why they’re leaving . I also won’t believe the politically correct b.s. The school puts out . Obviously if you follow some of the girls on Twitter you know it’s not all sugar and spice like they want you to believe .

  18. Just took a look at charlie creme’s way too early top 25, no IU is not in it but he does have them sitting at # 27. Sort of a surprise is the terps sitting at #17, but consider they lost B. Jones , Walker Kimbrough, and Slocum and you can see why. So is this the year someone else wins the B1G. , hopefully.

  19. Ria left because she realized she wasn’t in the plans anymore. With three good guards coming in and one at least the following year she can do the math. She also knows Buss will play 39 minutes every game no matter what. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that our coach is not that popular with the players with the exception of two. With the new players coming in maybe we can change that dynamic. Even though Kym and Darby aren’t especially happy they can also do the math. I don’t expect them to go anywhere. I wish we would find another big and a good 3. You don’t have to like your coach just play hard.

  20. T. Moren is a player’s coach if you adapt and thrive in her system. The IU ladies basketball program ceiling continues to grow. What is not to like about that? It is important for a coach to run the show.

  21. The head coach’s job is not to be friends with their players but to coach and to coach them hard, especially those that are seen to have high potential. Those that react badly to those tactics may not make it in said program. But any player who has the talent and drive to be really good should also strive to be the best they can be and want to be coached hard.

  22. Still waiting to hear who those teams are who regularly make the tournament but haven’t had a transfer in years.

    Pretty sure we all knew that was BS as soon as we read it.

  23. Wonder if the proliferation of multiple forms of social media/blogs adds to the transfer phenomenon.
    Who sleeps on their emotions anymore?
    Who doesn’t jump to their iphones, their twitter accounts, their facebook accounts, etc, etc…as a quick outlet to vent or place dynamite under some small personal feud that likely wouldn’t seem more than a hill of beans once other normal daily distractions(absent devices built for fast and loose narcissism) would come into play 24 hours later?
    But once things are said they are difficult to unwind. Next thing you know it’s multiplied into unnecessary complications?
    This is new territory for feeding the importance of ‘self.’ We once had some semblance of balance in the universe.
    Now with the power of one tweet we can create our very own acid rain….We can spill upon a sea of ears and force strangers into grief and tears. Nobody steps on our toes. Nobody gets a benefit of the doubt. Nobody gets to reclaim their reputation once some dirt grows wings to feed the addiction.
    Obviously, there are bad people out there and exposing them is better done sooner than later. But is that where we’re going? Or, are we headed into something very dangerous as a carefulness invades all walks of life to a degree so scrutinized that any dissent or outward emotions is automatically and repeatedly subdued/pacified …or, far worse, buried to explode at later date?
    We are destroying privacy and all the important idiosyncrasies in face-to-face nonverbal arts in communication via the lazy ease in acquiring our own corners of “power” and “flawlessness. ” We are heading into waters of deep deception where a ‘moment’ is bigger than patience, prudence, due process, and a sincere taste of truth upon honest examination….and maybe, god forbid, some time to forgive or sleep on a small mistake now a reason to smash a person not nearly as perfect as the guy/gal in the mirror.
    Are we really making choices…or are we all becoming prisoners to a mishmash of needless exploding impulses of the incoming and the outgoing where all egos will soon be incapable of any reason?

  24. Bottom Line: No quiet time. We make our noise via only projection rather than introspection.

    Recommendation/Therapy? Take a one week summer fishing trip into a remote area of Canada(where internet service is zilch) . Leave ALL devices/pacifiers at home. Go far out into what may still be clean waters and bright blue sky. Fish under a warm sun and cleanse yourself of all the noise that the misfit fraternity of a Zuckerberg world has afforded you. What to do in your cabin during the evenings? Is there a significant other in your life? And please don’t bring a Kindle Fire …tablet…whatever. (Remember? The only “device” you need to catch fire is a fishing pole.) Take a couple classics and turn some paper pages…..Maybe it’s time to read Tale of Two Cities? Warm sun, mindless fishing so therapeutic and inviting to the twitter assembly line now your brain….the sounds of nighttime frogs instead of narcissists on blogs…..? It’s terrifying, isn’t it? Terrifying to truly have one week with a fishing pole and whatever exists at the core of who you are…?

  25. And there you may see the ghost of BK and T.W. (Ted Williams) fly fishing or the alive B.K. with the ghost of Ted Williams….but not me because my fishing seems to always end up in a tangled up frustrated mess and not just the fishing done with a fishing pole. The lack of BK’s lack of political correct communication and uncooperative character with the media is why many think B.K. is just a frustrated old man or maybe he just couldn’t catch the one that got away. So he came home and shot a Quail. Then, many got offended; thus the demise of B.K. time @ IU. All that B.K. wanted to do was talk to the one that got away.

  26. So here we are having a nice women’s basketball talk and all of a sudden H4H steps in and turns the conversation into jibberish, OMG, can’t we get back to the subject at hand?

  27. All my years of being a very successful basketball coach I never knew it was important to have your players dislike you . Had I known that I might have never lost a game .

  28. When you talk about like and dislike it depends on how you are defining it. As a friend, lover, player-coach respect/relationship, production, fitting in a system, player and coach growth, etc etc etc. With incoming class and the ability of T.Moren and staff as coaches…excellent productive years from Tyra, Amanda and big development and growth from Darby, kim, and Bre (all should stay in program and take the bull by the horns and get mentally focused, tough, and challenge themselves) IU ladies basketball program will continue to trend upward. The incoming class will be 18 and 19 year old freshmen. Though highly regarded that makes Darby and Kim development huge as I am sure Tyra and Amanda will continue their excellence.

  29. I remember the days when we had Coach Jack and my wife and I would take bets on which player would disappear from the bench in the middle of the year. I remember players leaving so frequently that I always took it for granted that we would end the year with two or three fewer players than we started with due to them leaving in the middle of the season.
    At least these transfers are happening at the end of a season, rather than in the middle of it.
    You look through news reports from different websites listing which players are transferring and from which schools, and it seems like there are more and more each year, and more are transferring from major programs as well.
    I do not know why some of the people here seem to think that IU would be immune from these transfers when programs like Ohio State, Notre Dame, Baylor, and Maryland are not.
    Transfers will happen. Players will leave. Life will move on. It is the way of these things.
    In the mean time instead of saying how horrible our coach must be, why don’t we celebrate one of the better seasons in IU women’s basketball history?

  30. T every time I read one of your posts I think I get Dumber. Some girls can play for a coach they don’t like and some just can not. We just need to recruit the ones who can. I am more concerned about getting some more depth at the 5 and the 3 spot. Stop insulting everyone’s intelligent with your constant drivel about moren.

  31. That’s right Nathan, your name keeps popping up also? Most of us are people that have a pure love of the women’s team. We try to remain positive and actively appear at all home games encouraging the team to win. We support the team with a positive attitude and cheer them and the coach on at every opportunity like great fans should. Others look for every reason possible to tear down the coach for being a coach?? Such is their lot in life. The issue of transfers in college basketball is so common, it is hard to understand why such a big deal is being made of it? It’s everywhere like the air itself. It was very nice to see a new poster on here addressing this issue (bvance) whose post was incredibly insightful.

  32. My posts aren’t for you mike c . anything you don’t agree with you ridicule or ignore . you know it all . Sorry I don’t agree with your version of things . I know a lot more than you about what’s happened the last couple of years and it eats at you . stay in denial .

  33. Oh no, latest update: Alexa Middleton, sophomore guard who averaged 8 points a game for Tennessee this year is transferring. Hmmm, am I seeing a trend here across the country??

  34. Mike names specific individuals taking specific actions at specific schools.

    NJ offers up vague references about unspecified players who may or may not have had their feelings hurt and may or may not be happy.

    See the difference?

    1. I was told things by certain girls in confidence and won’t break that confidence . the info mike gives us anyone who can turn on a computer can find that’s the difference Chet . By the way I am still trying to figure out if you can teach a work ethic or not . Which way is it now ?

  35. Mike, why don’t you look where the transfers are going to in large numbers..two solid programs off the top of my head are depaul and South Carolina..I guess coaches there are.more realistic to recruits about the role they will play? You want teams in the big10 with low transfers? Mich st and Michigan come to mind..

  36. Ria Gulley is the first T. Moren recruit to legitimately leave the IU ladies program once T. Moren is getting her feet on the ground. Sure, those who left program and decided not to come to IU when she transitioned into the job is within the norm and roster was getting filled. SO RIA GULLEY IS THE FIRST T.MOREN RECRUIT TO LEGITIMATELY LEAVE THE IU LADIES BASKETBALL PROGRAM THUS FAR.

  37. Victoria kemokai, tia elbert, and ria gulley. That’s more than all the programs I just listed in the last 5 years. CTM recruited all those people..

  38. Miss state doesn’t seem to have many transfers and they seem to respect their coach too. I will make a nice list for you Mike if thats what you really want. Conf by conf

    1. What’s this bull about programs with low transfer rates or not many transfers? You said you could list teams that regularly made the NCAA tournament and “hadn’t had a transfer in recent years”.

      Quit trying to changes your story. Show us the list of consistent tourney teams that haven’t had ANY transfers in recent years, as you said you would, or shut it.

      1. Pretty sure all those programs have had almost 0 transfers in the last 3 years? Do I have to go back a decade? You seem to be getting really worked up about this, Chet. Mad because there are programs that recruit and perform better than us regularly? It’s not hard to find schools that don’t have an average of 2 transfers per year or more

  39. Hoosierfan, yes you can name an isolated FEW teams across the country that haven’t had transfers but, you simply can’t discount the number of 1,100 transfers heading into the 2016 season of which I have mentioned many times before! You seem to want to ignore that which is mind boggling. That number speaks volumes! You simply won’t address it. you always talk about me ignoring some of your questions, where are you when you keep ignoring this monumental number? As I stated before, the transfers are increasing every year, there is no denying that. And all you want to do is constantly criticize our university because of transfers simply because of your vendetta against our coach. Seems a bit odd?

    1. I am addressing the transfer epidemic mike..that’s why I wish iu wasn’t a major contributor since they don’t have to be. I literally can go conference to conference if you want and name teams I just think my point has been made. Most other iu forums besides this one seems to take the transfer situation a little more seriously. You guys want to pretend we are louisville or Baylor or something and that who cares about all the unhappy players we seem to regularly have! We had a mediocre season but it was better than the past!

  40. Again, Tia and others were recruited to fill roster as T. MOREN gets system established in transition period. Ria was first to legitimately leave the IU ladies basketball program after being on team that T. Moren truly recruited as a good enough player to play for IU ladies. D. Williams probably contributes in practice thus far.

    1. Wow that, so a “fan” you sure know a lot about how moren personally felt about her own recruits. You guys must be close. Whether you two like it or not you recruited Victoria, tia, and ria..and the latter two were both good enough for this program so there’s no reason to be ashamed.. except you couldnt figure out how to use them

  41. Oh no, another major update, Hoosierfan, since you mentioned Louisville, I just read that their 3rd leading scorer this year (Mariya Moore) is transferring to get closer to home. Another top 20 program who is losing a major component of their team. An the count keeps rising.

    1. Their Freshman Center is also transferring I heard just this morning. I would consider that a lot for any team

  42. Lets see Hoosierfan, finished 4th in the conference for the 2nd consecutive year and won 23 games which is a school high and we had a mediocre season, hmmmm, interesting. Lets remember what this program was a few years ago in order to get a true perspective.

  43. Score: MikeC and Friends 11 – Opposition 0. Game, Match and WIN!
    When it comes to IUWBB I only spend enough time to observe the peaks and the valleys. With that focus the IUWBB program by a wide and ever widening margin experiences more peaks for Coach Moren’s BB program than valleys. In contrasting Coach Moren’s tenure to past past performances Jack was a joke and Miller imploded. Even if you are hung up on transfers as an adverse issue Coach Moren has overcome and produced more success each successive season. So the 1 bitch is just bitching without any resulting proof of harm or establishing any credibility. The future is undoubtedly positive and extremely bright for IUBB. Both girls and boys. In fact Coach Moren may have me paying a little closer attention. Hell everyone likes rooting for a Winner.

  44. Talk about changing your story . Still waiting for you to decide what your story is Chet . Can you teach work ethic or not . You’ve said it both ways . Is it just what’s convenient for you at the moment . You want names teams players . I just want an answer .

    1. Just because you repeat a lie over and over doesn’t make it true. The statements I made are consistent. Your reading comprehension…not so much.

  45. if all you do is observe peaks and valleys then you really have no clue what’s going on so we can’t let you keep score h.c. But you fit right in .

    1. You are still unable to establish any credibility or even garner support. Based on the arguments on here you don’t fit in at all.

  46. Now we’re telling people to shut up and calling people liars . Maybe you need to work on your reading comprehension Chet . April 5 Tia article you jumped Hoosier fan for saying buss had a work ethic . You said work ethic can only be taught . Then on march 13 article on not making tourney your rebut to my statement that moren needed to get McBride in shape or bench her was “the fire must come from within . No one can force you to get in shape.” That means work Chet . So I give up . Forget it . You can’t answer the question . What cute little saying do you have now . You know the saying . Say it forget it write it regret it .

  47. I said work ethic can be taught. What? Do you think it comes in Miracle Grow?

    I also never claimed it could be taught to everyone. A person must still have inner motivation.

    I can see why you posts are so disjointed and pointless. Written language completely eludes you.

    I’m done with you. Shoo.

  48. I said work ethic can be taught. What? Do you think it comes in Miracle Grow?

    I also never claimed it could be taught to everyone. That’s not reality. I doubt I could teach you to read.

    I can see why you posts are so disjointed and pointless. Written language completely eludes you.

    I’m done with you. Shoo.

    1. Thats what i figured chet. If you cant answer the question just keep piling on the insults.

  49. You got me Chet . even though I went to college I am just a dumb ole construction worker . Not nearly as smart as you . My original point was coach had 3 years to get a player into shape or just not play her . She couldn’t guard anyone and despite the fact she was on the court to score she shot the ball very poorly . I would rather have seen the coach try to develop ria more or play amber more once she wasn’t hurt . That being said for the hundredth time I plan on coming to our home games this year and would love to get together so you can teach me to read and write .

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