IUWBB: Tia Elbert to graduate early, forgo two seasons at IU

Redshirt sophomore Tia Elbert will graduate early and forgo her final two seasons of eligibility at Indiana, according to a release.

Elbert, who transferred to IU following her freshman season at Marquette, appeared in 31 games this season for the Hoosiers. The 5-foot-7 point guard averaged 1.5 points in 6.7 minutes per game.

According to the release, she will graduate in the fall with a degree from the Kelley School of Business. Elbert was an Academic All-Big Ten selection in 2016-17 and held a 3.2 grade point average.

“This was a really difficult decision to make, as I am truly thankful for the opportunity to wear an Indiana uniform,” Elbert said in the statement. “This is a choice I’m making based to complete my degree in the fall of 2017 and move back to my family in Minnesota sooner rather than later. I would like to thank the IU women’s basketball program for the past two season and wish the team the best going forward.”

Elbert could, theoretically, retain eligibility and play for another school once she graduates, but it’s not clear whether she will play again in the future. It is also unclear what this means exactly as far as scholarships for IU.

With Elbert’s departure, the Hoosiers are losing six players off the current roster, with a class of five freshmen incoming. That leaves head coach Teri Moren with 13 active players for 2017-18. But depending on when Elbert actually graduates, IU may have only one scholarship available to use.

“We want to thank Tia for her contributions to Indiana Women’s Basketball the last two seasons,” Moren said in a statement. “We respect her decision to forego the remainder of her eligibility, and we are looking forward to fulfilling our promise of helping her earn her degree from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business next fall. Tia is a smart and talented young woman who has great things to look forward to in her future. We wish her nothing but the best.”


  1. Wow, not shocked at all. Seems like tia was pretty mislead about what her role would be here. I wonder where she will end up..and is Royster next? Or is she holding out hope that she will help fill jenn Andersons shoes next year? Williams is another wild card

  2. Not a surprise at all. She did not play that much and when she did she seemed to be lost at times? I would however be very surprised if Royster would leave. Royster can still fill a key roll for IU. As she has admitted in more than one interview, she simply has to become more consistent. As far as Williams goes, she was an absolute project when she was signed which was late that recruiting year when Moren was hired late in the process and she was simply trying to fill out the roster. Moren was trying to catch “lightning in a bottle”. The bigggest issue with Williams has been getting her in shape and this year she had lost a significant amount of weight and according to Moren was just starting to play much better in practice when she had the surgery ending her season. It remains to be seen if she will stay and contribute in the future?

  3. Ris Gulley has more potential theres no misleading just a better player gettin the playing time period

  4. It was pretty obvious tia must have been pretty unhappy the way things worked out for her so its not surprising shes making the move. As for Royster I would be shocked if she left. I guess Im surprised Williams has hung on this long, still wonder whats in the works for her. You may or may not be aware Ohio State has two transfers 6′ 4″ McCoy and 5′ 8″ Lewis with no statement yet of where they might go.

  5. SteveW, I am amazed to hear that McCoy at Ohio St. is transferring. She was becoming a huge player for the Buckeyes late in the season who was starting and making a big impact for them. Her shot blocking ability and emerging offensive game was pretty impressive. Brownbomber, you are certainly correct about Gulley who has a really good upside who just needs to get a little stronger. Ria had some really nice games for IU this year.

  6. In Tia’s case she got opportunity to come to IU ladies program. I respect the way she is respectfully making her way in her statement. Regarding transfers etc. across the board, we live in a mobile society with freedom of movement

  7. In D.W. case as T.M. was trying to fill roster I was going to be surprised if D.W. stayed the course. That leads me to wonder, is D.W. a kind of happy go lucky content IU girl who puts herself and IU life in perspective that is happy to be there?

  8. No surprise Tia is leaving . Things never seemed to workout here for her . Graduating and going somewhere else to play is a good option for girls who don’t want to sit out a year . That’s what Lindsey did last year . Be curious to see if Tia plays elsewhere . Darby and kym need to drastically improve over the summer as they showed little this year . Ria will have a tough time seeing the floor next year with buss back and all the new guards coming in . Wickware must improve dramatically are she won’t play . With Maryland and Ohio state taking serious hits through graduation and player defections we should be near the top of the big ten . Was reading an article about Ohio state and their chemistry problems this year . They have more talent from 1 thro ugh 10 than anybody . Seems like I was right in my early season assessment of them . Hope all the hype about our new recruiting class is true . We have an opportunity .

  9. I have to agree with Nathan’s thoughts concerning gulley next season with the incoming group. Wickware may also have trouble finding the floor if the new girls are even close to their billing. So in losing 3 starters it is difficult for me to see anyone off the bench filling those roles, although Ria did start some early in the year, but that didnt work out. In the long run those spots should be filled by 3 new players, Marchese and Penn are auto fills with Warthen most likely in the other spot. Should be fun watching the team develop especially if the chemistry gels.

  10. We are going to act like tia wasn’t a good player now..as we do when anyone leaves early. Top 100 in her class out of high school, averages almost 40 points per game, gets to marquette has a solid year..avg almost 10 ppg, 4 assists pg. Was consistently good until she got to iu. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, CTM seems to mishandle some promising recruits. They never invested in her at all

  11. Freedom of movement . When it concerns players that’s a joke . The only people with freedom of movement without consequences are coaches . Coaches promise you the world till you sign on the dotted line then you better produce immediately or you could be exiled to the bench . Meanwhile as soon as the coach gets a better offer they disappear into the night conveniently forgetting all their promises they made to 18 year old kids . The ncaa is a joke when it comes to treatment of transfers . Kids transfer because things don’t work out . Sometimes it’s their fault and sometimes it’s the coaches fault . Usually a little of both . Freedom of movement that’s a joke .

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Not just coaches. A few years ago ESPN talking head, Trev Albert, was hired by the University of Nebraska at Omaha as athletic director. He immediately did away with the wrestling team to free up money for soccer and golf.

      This was no ordinary program. They had just won their third consecutive NCAA DII National Championship. They had five returning all Americans. They were a juggernaut.

      These five all Americans had to choose whether to finish their academic program or transfer to another school. They all gave up wrestling for their degree.

      This was a particularly heinous deed that was all on the athletic director.

      The kids don’t have much power.

  12. Anyone who watches the 2018 recruit from Louisville Grace Berger cant help but be impressed and excited for IU. espn hoopgurls has her as a 4 star player at #46 overall. Even though espn has her listed as 5′ 10″ watching a recent coach interview said she is 6 ‘ 0″ and she looks it. She is quite comfortable with the ball in her hands whether she is bringing the ball up the court or off guard. Even though she is not exceptionally quick has the moves to evade her defenders, seems to have a solid mid-range jumper. So when she arrives whether she will take over pt guard duties from buss or whether it will be Penn IU should be in good hands in that respect.

  13. Tia was a four star. Scored almost 4,000 points in high school. Let’s hope that these recruits aren’t mishandled by CTM like elbert was. Elbert and Royster are CTM’s first 2 failures at IU.

  14. Tia was not mishandled. She just did not play that well when given opportunity. She does not have to transfer. She could accept her role playing from bench, be or get good enough to warrant more playing time. However, I respect her decision. Like I said our society is mobile and this is just another example of a player doing what she feels like she wants to do. Plus it sounds like she has a lot going for her in Kelly School of Business and she may want to move closer to home in her current thinking. If Tia played well enough she would have played more. So what’s the big deal????

  15. Also Kym is not a failure, she just needs to become more consistant and being more aggressive.

    1. Correct.

      She obviously has not found a setting in which she is comfortable. I hope it all works out for her. As a graduate she has options. The ball is in her court.

  16. SteveW & Chet, one thing that will never change with hoosierfan is his constant criticism of our coach. Never a positive comment, simply critical at every oppritunity. All you ever hear from him is; coach can’t coach, can’t develop, can’t recruit and can’t develop chemistry. Does her record the last 2 years mean anything? Doesn’t this rhetoric get tiring after a while?

    1. There is a handful of people on this site who are pretty predictable regarding their posts. I think everyone knows that and attaches the appropriate amount of gravitas to their statements.

  17. I hope next years recruiting class is as good as advertised. I think the girl from Louisville coming in the following year is the real deal. Coach Moren has done a good job of coaching the girls she inherited but has shown no ability to develop the girls she brought in.

  18. T.M. and staff had to develop players that stayed when hired. Excellent job, she did. I watched T.B. high school highlight film. Even though she is very coachable with athletic mind T.B. is about twenty five times better than she was in high school. T.M players she recruited are still young. Plus she was trying to fill out the roster with what was available when first hired. T.M. does not let players run wild without purpose. That’s even true for T.B. T.M. is getting into a rhythm and that includes recruiting. T.M. and staff give players opportunity to develop within team concept. This equals team development. So your last two lines in your statement are idiotic nonsense.

  19. There are those who come on the womens portion just to run people down without even knowing much about the womens program,, per “the girl from louisville’ her name is Jaelyn penn and btw yes she is the real deal and the rest of the class is also highly respected. Just for those that dont know ESPN has ranked this class as #1 in the incoming B1G. Three other venues have said it is #13 in the nation. So if TM and staff had not raised the level of this program and had the success of 2016 do you think Penn, Yeaney, and Warthen would be coming here,, seriously doubtful , wouldnt even give IU a second glance. So I say give credit where its due, TM has brought this program out of the dungeons of previous years to respectability . Be proud of the change in process and enjoy the ride, which if you are a true IU fan you will and stop all this bashing,, but then again I may be dreaming— Go Hoosiers!

  20. SteveW, if you will read Irish Ballz post more carefully, you will see he is referring to Grace Berger. Other than that Steve, I wholeheartedly agree with every word in your post! Well said. How anybody can argue that this program is poorly ran in any way is ludicrous! As you said, Go Hoosiers!

  21. Thank Mike for correcting me, Apology to Irish and I agree I think Berger is the real deal .

  22. Excuses are only going to work for the first 9 years here at indiana..by her 10th season they are going to want to know why good players are leaving and underperformed as a team. Also, t, the reason tyra is 25 times better than when she was in high school is because she puts in the work every day. Work ethic cannot be taught. I’m sure CTM will take credit for all of buss’ success..but sadly one players success isn’t going to be enough to make the team successfull. Just like when she was in hs..greatest player ever breaking all kinds of personal records, a coach only concerned about her personal success, and yet her team can’t even win the first round of the state tourney. Sounds all too familiar

    1. That’s ridiculous. What do you mean, “work ethic cannot be taught”? Work ethic can ONLY be taught. My Marine Drill Instructor had a gift for teaching it.

      Do you think people are born with it?

  23. Hoosier fan, as usual all kinds of criticism of the coach who according to you can’t seem to do anything correctly? Anyway, my friend, if you knew anything about Buss, you would know that the team she played on was basically very talent lacking. I have seen numerous game videos of Buss’s high school career and the team around her was talent challenged! If she did not score like she did, they had no chance of winning. It was unbeilievable the team had such good records each year. She had to score 40 points a game in order to assure team success. When they got in the tournament every year she faced double and triple teaming every game and her team mates were not good enough to bring the team success.

  24. Oh, and by the way hoosierfan, you are saying the team (IU) is not successful after having 2 season’s in a row of 20+ wins? OMG, really?

  25. Hey Johnny Raincloud don’t let the facts get in the way of your feelings.
    The IU Women’s basketball program in the first 3 seasons under Coach Moren:

    Most regular season wins in program history – 20 (twice)

    Most total wins for a season in program history – 23

    First NCAA tourney win in 33 years.

    B1G coach of the year

    Overall record of 60 – 38 (.612 ) is the program’s best winning percentage by a coach since Bea Gorton (1971–1976) 73–28 (.723) at the program’s inception.

    B1G record of 26-26 (.500) is the best conference record of any coach that coached more than 1 season (Sharon Versyp was 9-7 in 1 season) since Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah (1982-1985).
    By comparison the previous 2 coaches were a combined 45 – 91 (.331) in conference play with Miller at 7 – 27 (.206) and Felisha Legette-Jack at 38 – 64 (.373) and they played a softer schedule without Maryland and Rutgers in the conference yet.

    Those are some pretty good results for a Coach that has been on the job for only 32 months after taking over a program in disarray and “underperformed as a team”.

    I wish Tia the best and congratulate her on graduating early. If she plans on going to grad school and using her remaining eligibility good for her. She will always be a member of the Hoosier family.

    1. A. Glad the team is on an upswing, but we are still in the range of mediocrity
      B. When moren took over the program was not in disarray..don’t know where you got that information. The team was definitely already on the upswing before moren arrived

      Other than that, can’t disagree i just know that based on the way we recruit that next year’s class will be as smaller in a season or 2

  26. Hoosierfan, your prediction of IU ‘s incoming class for next year being smaller after 2 years is certainly not a brilliant observation on your part. As I have stated over the last 2 years about transfers being as common as water, duh. Have you noticed that 2 of the top programs in the country each have 2 transfers so far this year? Ohio St. and Norte Dame have 2 each. Ohio St. is losing Tori McCoy and Kiara Lewis (both starters late in the season) and Norte Dame is losing Ali Patberg (past Indiana Miss Basketball) and last year’s National player of the year, Erin Boley who was starting late in the season. Maryland’s brilliant freshman point guard, Destiny Slocum is transferring. So yes, there will more than likely be movement? Remember, there were 1,100 transfers last year, it increases every year. As noted above ,even the best programs in the country suffer from this.

  27. Johnny in the 3 seasons prior to Coach Moren the team won 1, 2, & 5 B1G games . If you consider that trending upward and the current team’s achievements mediocre you’re most definitely residing in an alternative dimension.
    As far as I’m aware there have been 0 transfers of Coach Moren’s recruits in her time here.

  28. Mike–Wow, that is some stunning news that you revealed. Boley leaving ND and even more shocking is Slocum leaving Maryland. But it just goes to show that you never know what can happen, whether players are homesick or just want a change for a variety of reasons.

    1. Two more transfers from Maryland are soph. Kiah Gillespie[personal family reasons] , and Freshman Jenna Staiti.

    2. Destiny Slocum is from Idaho and most likely will end up at a Pac 12 or Mountain West school. It is very possible that IU could be a landing spot for Ali Patberg . ESPN had her as a 5 star recruit with a 98 rating coming out of Columbus North in 2015.

  29. scwartzie, I did read this morning that IU will most definitely talk to Patberg as well as Michigan and a couple of other schools. This would be a great get to say the least if she were to come our way. Of course she would have to set out a year but, we will take all the talent we can get since some people have griped about our lack of production off the bench. Keep the talent coming! Go Hoosiers

  30. Not trying to be johnny raidcloud here but we need people who are not injury prone. I believe that was the problem with Patberg and also Corsaro out in ucla and both indiana recruits and both slowed by injury.

  31. Hoosier fan it’s obvious to me there is something personal about your posts . either a family member or friend has been mistreated somewhere along the way . You are wasting your time with your posts as most of these fans don’t care about anything but wins . Time to move on . This thread is full of so many stupid statements I’ve lost count .

  32. My curiosity is killing me Chet can you teach someone a work ethic or not . On march 16 you said a person either has it or they don’t . Now you’ve flip flopped and are saying the opposite . Swartzie I think 2 of morens recruits have left Tia elbert and a point guard who left during the summer of morens 2d year . L.b. T.a. L.s. M.m. L.l. J.w. And the hulls girl are miller recruits who quit or left the program . As far as your statement about Tia always being part of the Hoosier family what about the girls who played the entire season in morens first year but have been wiped off the roster like they never existed . Look it up . Hoosier fan was right about the program heading in the right direction before moren got here . The players doing all the work are Miller’s recruits . Finally mike c buss scored points against bad teams . It was simply about breaking records and winning awards .

    Go to tyra buss news and read all about it . This will anger several of you but you want the truth but you can’t handle the truth .

    1. Nathan, my post says “As far as I’m aware there have been 0 transfers of Coach Moren’s recruits “.
      Tia is not transferring she is graduating early just as Lyndsay Leikem, Nicole Bell, Kaila Hulls did. The Junior college transfer from Texas that coach Moren recruited was never an official member of the team and didn’t come due to personal family reasons so there was no transfer. All transfers since coach Moren arrived were coach Miller’s recruits. Just for the record I think you should apply for a job at CNN where the facts don’t matter.

  33. You’ll have to do better than that.

    Yes. Work ethic must be taught.

    Go ahead and demonstrate where I said otherwise.

  34. Nathan, Yes, some of the teams Mount Carmel played were bad teams. Most of the teams on Mount Carmel’s schedule were Class A teams as they were. But, as I stated, Buss was the only PLAYER on her team! The rest of the team was basically made up of girls who simply could run up and down the floor. This is the reason she had to score like she did in order for the team to win. Swartzie, it is quite apparent that Nathan is not quite as up to date on the actual history of our team as some of us who are there every night watching them. He tends to make quotes about the team that as you stated are not quite the truth. It simply is what it is. Swartzie, your last post is right on as far as facts are concerned.

  35. Man , this thread turned into a big downer. Why are you guys not talking about the upcoming season with Buss and Cahill becoming Seniors and this killer five coming in.
    There will be transfer and, doesn’t matter who is the head coach . Coach Moren inherited players some produced and some didn’t.. some stayed some left that just how hoop rolls.

    Some dig the coach some don’t … thinking this thread is a (back and forth with no opinions changed) For me .. don’t really care about the past its gone , but IU Women’s hoop is alive with
    new blood mixed with players that are winners…. Roll on IU………………..

    1. You hit the bullseye with that release Archer. You’re 100% correct, yesterday is gone. IU Women’s Basketball …… The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!

  36. FWD: Swartzie, the way you spin things. L.l. And t.e. Left after graduating for one reason only. Hulls was hurt and wanted to stay on and work with the younger girls but quit at Christmas for one reason only . Chet, I’ll spell it out for you . Go to your post on march 16 when I referred to our out of shape senior. 3 years and moren never got her in shape or benched her . You stated that you basically can’t make someone work if they don’t want to . Then a month later you say you can teach work ethic . Which way is it Chet . You don’t play unless you get in shape was my point . Mike c as usual you are clueless . No one on mt Carmel ever developed . An intelligent person can figure out why . I am not going to bash anyone anymore . I watched a lot in person not on film . I figured you couldn’t handle the truth . Stay happy in Disneyland .

  37. FWD: Anytime someone posts an opinion contrary to your thinking there are 3 or 4 of you who immediately start bashing that person . The only one who doesn’t do this is Steve w . I rarely disagree with him and when I do I don’t say anything because I respect his opinion . The rest of you only see what they want you to see and you drink the koolaid right up . Looks good from the outside .

  38. Though not a lot of different individuals and much nonsense, here it is in April and IU ladies basketball has more than 50 posts on its blog. Does that mean IU ladies are currently the most major successful / intersting / popular blog sport at IU? Lady players big ten and nationally recognized.
    T. MOREN is doing really, really super job with the ladies bb program.

  39. Glad to finally hear someone with a positive forward thinking attitude . Archer has the point of view I like and “killer five” I hope you are right about that. They should bring a lot to the table along with the likes of Buss, Cahill, Royster and the rest. IU may not be ranked at the beginning of the season but I dont think it will take long for people to notice this team is coming, so look out.

  40. t, absolutely.

    It might just be as simple as the fact that we’ve never experienced this much success from the women’s program and it is uncharted waters. Some people don’t handle change well.

    Fortunately, RSS editors let you filter the nonsense. When the level of stupid gets too high and never contains any real content I just block the poster and it never reaches me.

  41. First, I’d just like to mention how great that all of these IU women’s basketball sports write up articles truly are and that I do enjoy reading them as well as skimming through the comments section too.

  42. Now, I too believe that the Hoosiers women’s basketball program is headed in the right direction and that is mostly due to the great job that Coach Moren’s been doing with building up the program. Also, I’m definitely feeling overly optimistic about next season because the Hoosiers are welcoming back both T. Buss and A. Cahill for one last season plus they’ve also got a few more “underrated” player’s who should all be quite a bit better than they’d been during this past season and it also helps that they’ll be more experienced too. Player’s like K. Royster, B. Wickware, D. Foresman, and R. Gulley are going to step up and prove all of their doubters and haters wrong. And let’s not forget what a huge bonus it’ll be for the team after the arrival of next season’s 2017 freshman class which by the way happens to include at least four future all-conference performers and a fifth player that might need an extra year to get it together but there’s no doubt about it that J. Penn, L. Marchese, B. Yeaney, A. Johnson, and K. Warthen will be making a hugely positive and immediate impact during the upcoming 2017-18 season.

  43. The anticipation is building and I for one cant wait for the next season to begin. It will be great fun to watch the development of the new additions to the team and to see the improvment of the the overall IU womens program.

  44. The future is very bright. Who cares how girls were mistreated in the past. The past doesn’t matter. Archer are you the big girls mom dad or coach? Can’t wait to see how these great guards mesh with buss. The way things are shaking out we should be the big Tens favorite

  45. Walklzak 96 typical of half the people on here . As soon as someone has a different view on something they’re haters . I know most of the girls on the team and actually like almost every one of them . I hate no one . The only thing I hate is seeing 19 and 20 year old kids being mistreated . Like telling a girl when they come in and ask for their release that they aren’t good enough to play in the big ten anyway. This after she had a very good freshman year and was hurt a lot the next year . Just be kind and give her a release . This has happened more than once in the last 3 years . If you’re ok with that then maybe you’re the hater .

  46. We all know who you are t . We consider the source . You never need to insult a kid . Just tell her good luck and give her a release . I know you’re not a kid so I can insult you . You’re classless .

  47. By not playing a player as a coach you are telling a player that they are currently not good enough and need to improve if they want playing time . There is absolutely nothing wrong with this . As a coach you can also verbalize this . But when a player ask for their release its not necessary to insult them as they walk out the door . Not the first time this has happened . Indiana university needs to be better than this .

  48. Most of us who post on here are aware of the highly regarded incoming class and that Jaelyn Penn , a five star recruit and KY miss basketball and that she is self-proclaimed defensive minded. What I wasnt aware of is that Bendu Yeaney is the point guard of her high school team, at 5′ 10. She also talks about how she likes the defensive part of her game. But she did have to play the post for a period of time because of another player being injured, her leaping ability and overall athleticism allowed this, but she was happy to get back to her natural position. She is quite comfortable with the ball in her hands as I watched drills of her dribbling behind her back and between her legs at will. With this kind of guard play coming in will give Buss more rest time even though she may not want it, the rest will help her game. I can just envision Buss, Penn, Yeaney, and Warthen running the transition to perfection by way of the defensive pressure that can finally be utilized by the coaching staff.

    1. From what I understand nobody is gonna be getting much rest next season. I hope those freshman come in ready to play! We will need them..

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