Moore reaffirms commitment to Indiana

All three of Indiana’s 2017 signees will remain with the program.

Four-star forward Clifton Moore reaffirmed his commitment to IU on Sunday evening, Hoopdreamz AAU coach Jonathan Michels told The Herald-Times. Moore requested to be released from his signed National Letter of Intent on March 20, four days after Indiana fired former coach Tom Crean.

But one week after new IU coach Archie Miller flew to Philadelphia to meet with Moore and his family, the 6-foot-10 forward is ready to recommit to the Hoosiers.

In recent days, fellow IU signees Justin Smith, a four-star wing from Illinois, and Al Durham, a three-star guard from Georgia, have also reaffirmed their commitments to the Hoosiers, keeping IU’s full signing class intact.

Moore emerged as a recruiting prospect after a breakout spring and summer 2016 playing for Michels’ travel squad. In September, IU offered a scholarship to Moore, who also received early offers from Northwestern, Ole Miss and Temple, among others. Moore committed to IU in early October.

Since requesting his release, Temple, St. Joseph’s, Penn State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Delaware, Villanova, Pitt, Notre Dame, SMU, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, South Carolina and North Carolina State reportedly reached out and expressed interest in Moore.

During the April 9 meeting between Miller and the Moores, Miller broke down Miller’s game on tape and explained how the player will fit in his system at IU. Michels says he feels that Miller has a strong grasp on the type of player Moore can become in Bloomington.

Moore could blossom as a stretch-four type, a forward who can handle the ball and play along the perimeter, as well as in the post.

“He just believes in Coach Miller’s plan for him,” Michels said.

Moore gives Indiana important frontcourt depth, too, especially if starting center Thomas Bryant decides to remain in the NBA Draft pool after the May 24 deadline to withdraw from the draft and return to school. Beyond Bryant, the only true posts IU currently has on its depth chart are De’Ron Davis, Tim Priller and, now, Moore.

Rivals considers Moore to be the No. 130 ranked player in the 2017 class. 247 Sports ranks Moore as the No. 126 player in 2017, the No. 32 power forward and the No. 7 prospect in the state of Pennsylvania.

Playing for the Blue team in last week’s Jordan Brand Classic, Moore played 21 minutes, scored 11 points, grabbed two rebounds, dished one assist, blocked one shot and made two steals.


  1. Now the question becomes, which players are going to leave to make room for our three new freshmen?

  2. Hoosiers Insider Blog:
    “The challenging part comes if they both (RJ & TB) return because I’m pretty sure that the third – Robert Johnson — will be back for his senior season.

    But if that were to happen then there might be some difficult conversations with a few IU players (Priller being one of them for sure).”

  3. Unfortunately Archie is going to have to deal with Crean’s typical oversigning. He will have to deal with something that wasn’t his own making and sadly Priller may be the victim of his previous coaches decisions.

  4. This is a difficult roster to mange and still hold that benevolent image. But still it must be manged. I’m on board as saying it will be hard to get rid of Priller as a Senior next year and get him to believe and leave under the circumstances of it being in his best interest. Maybe the same for Jr. Blackmon. That leaves Grant Gelon as a prime sacrificial lamb. But how does that make Miller look in the eyes of the Region? Yet is there the possibility someone voluntarily gives up their scholarship and still stays and plays? If he had not gone all out and re-recruited Moore and Durham I could understand Miller being anything but “full speed ahead” in making the roster to his liking.

  5. Anyone who places this at the feet of CAM simply hasn’t been paying attention.

    All but the most ardent CTC supporters recognize that this issue is completely of Tom Crean’s making just as it has been more seasons than not.

    Why he put himself and the Hoosiers in such an awkward position every year is beyond me.

  6. What’s the big agony about? Priller proved he cannot play at a high level in the Purdue game, where he embarrassed Hoosier fans with his flagrant foul against Indiana-born Caleb Swanigan. I hope Priller is given the heave-ho and does well at a Division II or II school.

    I was one who shouted “Priller!!” during blow-outs but his dirty foul against Swanigan turned me from wanting him representing IU men’s basketball.

    politely waving good-bye to Priller would be a nice ending to the horrid Crean years.

    1. I have to admit that parting with the last of CTC’s projects would be cathartic. Yelling Priller’s name at the end of blowouts would be a constant reminder of what the program had become.

      There are no Prillers at UNC or Duke. It’s time there were none at IU.

      Sorry Tom.

  7. Anyone wondering what Archie Miller’s first season team’s record will be, need to realize that this what Tom Crean would be coaching for the 2017-18 season, minus Hartman, that was going to be pushed out by Crean for roster room. Now , I U fans will see what a real basketball coach can do with Crean’s crop of players.

  8. “what a real basketball coach can do”? Come on, Crean is gone. Put him in the rearview mirror and let him rest in peace. Since none of the young men on this roster are Archie Miller’s recruits, it’s not fair to place any significant expectations on our new coach. It’s going to take at least three years for Archie to create his program and put his team on the court. And only then can The Hoosier Nation begin to burden Archie with our extremely high expectations. Until then, all we can do is be patient and hope for the best.

  9. So misguided. When the 2017-18 Hoosier BB team hits the court it will play Miller ball. That will be about 112.5 degrees deviation from Crean ball. The branding of the program Miller is producing has started by recruiting Indiana HS’ers to be future Hoosier players. Coaching changes can and do make an immediate impact and we’ve all seen it happen before to teams who have some talent. Crean collected decent talent and took it as far as he could. There will be no problem recognizing Miller gets much more out of Crean’s players than Crean ever could. It is his program and he has embraced the Challenge. The challenge Crean made into a burden.

  10. “Rest in peace”…..? If only other ‘unattractive hires’ were ‘resting’ on 30 million dollars to ride out some lonely sunsets. Did he get the job at Petrified Forest State College yet? You know, that school you claimed was itching and ready to hire a Final Four coach?

  11. Per Po…..”3 years for Miller to create his program”….That works out pretty good. Indy will host the 2020 Midwestern Regional tourney and the following year will host the Final Four. Nice goal.

  12. So I guess we can sit back, relax and count on Miller leading this group of Crean-recruited players to win the outright Big Ten Championship and make it to the Sweet 16 at least once in the next two seasons. That sounds like a completely reasonable expectation. He’s such a gifted coach (or should we say “savior”), he can take another man’s recruits and mold them into a juggernaut in a very short amount of time. Wow, just imagine what Archie will accomplish with a roster full of players that he recruits!

    Sometimes I think some Hoosier fans care more about style of play than they do about winning games.

    1. For sure lack of defense, turnover after turnover and no half court offense is a style of play that leads to underachieving.

  13. Isn’t that exactly what Mike Davis did with guys who, essentially, all came to play for Knight…? Not to mention, Davis took “another man’s recruits” and went through #1 Duke at a regional semi to get to a Final Four.
    It wasn’t an expectation, but it shows what is possible with quality players coached by someone with a baseline of competence in their profession.
    The main question….is whether or not Crean recruits are regularly overrated (much like those lottery picks from four years ago who have turned out, at best, far too highly compensated average contributors to their teams.

    We’ve already witnessed how Bryant has digressed and not lived up to the hype. Will Archie have the chance to extract some true dominance from him before he becomes another Crean ‘bust’ in the NBA? I guess we’ll know soon enough.

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