Rosters set for Cream and Crimson Game

Mike DeBord got his guys. So, too, did Mark Hagen.

The rosters are set for Thursday’s Cream and Crimson game at Memorial Stadium, with the Hoosiers borrowing some structure from the NFL to set their teams.

DeBord, IU’s offensive coordinator, will lead the Cream team, while Hagen, IU’s defensive line coach, will guide the Crimson. Both coaches had four days to select two free agents — one offensive player and one defensive player — before completing Sunday’s four-round draft at Memorial Stadium.

The complete rosters were finalized on Monday.

DeBord’s two free agent signings included quarterback Richard Lagow and defensive lineman Robert McCray. Hagen inked tight end Ian Thomas and hybrid safety Marcelino Ball.

From there, the Cream side selected receiver Simmie Cobbs with the first pick of Sunday’s draft, which saw each side make six picks in each of the four rounds. With its first pick, Crimson selected linebacker Tegray Scales.

As should probably be expected with Hagen at the helm, the Crimson team was built around defensive playmakers. In addition to Scales, an All-American last year, and Ball, a Freshman All-American in 2016, Hagen also added All-Big Ten corner Rashard Fant. Up front, Greg Gooch and Jacob Robinson add heft to the defensive line.

On the offensive side of the ball, Crimson will use both Peyton Ramsey and Austin King at quarterback.

DeBord’s Cream team will have veterans Chase Dutra and Jonathan Crawford in the defensive backfield and well-regarded freshman Juan Harris, a 6-foot-3, 370-pound defensive tackle, debuting up front.

Cream’s other first-round selections include center Hunter Littlejohn, safety-turned-linebacker Kiante Walton, right guard Simon Stepaniak, defensive tackle Ja’merez Bown and receiver Isaac James.

In addition to Scales, Robinson and Gooch, Crimson’s other first-round picks include receiver Taysir Mack, left guard Wes Martin and right guard Brandon Knight.

Notable Crimson undrafted free agents include safety Khalil Bryant, who has impressed IU coach Tom Allen this spring and linebacker Dameon Willis.

Other notable Cream undrafted free agents include receiver Nick Westbrook, linebacker Chris Covington and running back Tyler Natee.

On the Cream side, DeBord will be assisted by safeties coach Noah Joseph, running backs coach Mike Hart, linebackers coach William Inge and quarterbacks coach Nick Sheridan, along with Pat Kuntz, Jeff McInerney and Kasey Teegardin.

Hagen’s staff will include receivers coach Grant Heard, offensive line coach Darren Hiller and corners coach Brandon Shelby, along with Billy Cosh, Jim Nelson, Ryan McInerney and Sean Fisher.

Kickoff is set for 7:06 p.m.

To view the entire Cream roster, click here
To view the entire Crimson roster, click here


  1. This will make for a more interesting Spring game and I know I like it much better than last year’s format. It will be good to see the players in a real competitive situation as you never know what players will show up when going live. I anticipate a couple of players that will be impressive that really haven’t been noticed so far as some players are gamers.

  2. Several things about this draft piked my interest.
    DeBord taking Lagow as his 1st offensive free agent is so revealing.
    Crimson Team only takes 3 RB’s and 1 is Patrick who has not taken a hit all Spring.
    Does that mean the wraps come off QB Ramsey dual threat abilities to create more offense or Majette and Rodriguez will both get many, many carries.
    It appears Cream has a slightly stronger offensive staff of Heard and Hiller to help Hagen on the offensive side vs. the D help Inge and Joseph will provide to DeBord for the Cream’s D.
    No matter who has the ball the LOS is going to be wildly fun to watch. I think they really get after one another as the depth chart pecking order starts in the Spring.

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