Gelon requests release from scholarship

Sophomore guard Grant Gelon has requested a release from his Indiana scholarship, a source confirmed to The Herald-Times on Wednesday.

Gelon, a Crown Point native who played sparingly last season as a freshman, scored 22 total points across the 12 games he appeared inlast season, averaging 3.2 minutes per contest.

Jeff Rabjohns of was first to report.

His departure puts Indiana one scholarship under the NCAA limit of 13 for next season.

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  1. To have the flexibility to be opportunistic this is the scholarship situation Coach Miller has stated he finds to his liking. Probably more recruiting news coming in the near future since there will be so many out of eligibility after the 2017-18 season. Certain rebalancing yearly scholarships is a priority for him. Interested to see how he does it.

  2. Good luck Grant. Now, perhaps Archie adds Tremont Waters or Brian Bowen. Wonder if there is a high quality power forward still available, which is a definite need.

  3. It’s my understanding that Grant just didn’t have enough ‘Arch’ on his shot…?

  4. Just reading in the Indy Star Grant could end up instrumental picking up Blackmon’s long-range duties.

  5. I wish him the best and totally agree with his decision to transfer. He deserves a chance to play, and he probably was not going to get much time on the court going forward with IU. I won’t be surprised if we hear similar news from one more player currently on the roster.

    How ironic that just a month ago we were looking at the potential of having 16 players, and now we have 12, and are looking at the possibility of having 11. So much for all the critics who were piling on Crean for his habit of over-recruiting. As both he and Archie have said, “these things tend to sort themselves out.” What that really means is that the coaches, who spend so much time with these players and know them very well, are likely to have solid insight as to who will stay and who will go, and they plan accordingly. I’m glad Archie is not going to follow Crean’s philosophy of over-recruiting, simply because it always appeared untoward and messy, and seemed like it created distractions, at least to the IU basketball fan base.

    1. Not only did the fan base crap all over it but really made Crean look disorganized. I never quite understood his approach, but it did sort itself out for the most part. Many of those players who were “Creaned” were projects who never quite fit it as far as a blue blood roster is concerned. (April, Jurkin, Jobe, etc.) It’s my hope that more thought goes into the scholarships with this staff.

      1. I love the suggestion that any over-signed scholarship situation is the same when comparing Crean and Archie simply because both used the similar expressions, “these things tend to sort themselves out”….

        Of course they work themselves out…Duh. They have to get to thirteen. However they get there, it will be worked out. It can be worked out with class and dignity…or it could be worked out via finding roster space by cutting guys for something other coaches may give a a few games suspension(e.g. smoking a joint in a dorm room) or worked out by a coach never returning a phone call to decent Hoosier kid, a young man who had proven an ability to hit big shots from the perimeter, who has one year of eligibility left(Matt Roth).

        Yes, all coaches have to get to thirteen. Some coaches don’t even worry about getting exactly to thirteen. They are plenty content being one or two shy of the maximum(possibly leaving space for a last minute find/transfer under the radar). That’s where the comparisons stop. The communication, equitable treatment after minor behavioral/rules issues, and the honesty used in dealing with kids in a classy and respectful manner varies like night and day.

        I’m confident that we now have a coach who actually has some scruples. We have a coach who played the game at a D-1 level. He understands the years of work a young man will put into being a candidate to wear candy stripes. that sort of work is deserving of basic communication, fairness, forthrightness, and respect.

  6. I believe Western Michigan was the only other school to offer Gelon a scholarship coming out of High School. There was interest from a bunch of other mid-major programs, but no other offers. Illinois State might be a possibility if he wants to stay close to home. Regardless, I hope he does well wherever he ends up.

  7. And then there’s some who would say that the ‘softness’ in the roster is the main outflow. You could almost identify nearly every departure to come by merely measuring the most heartbroken faces at those early meetings with Archie.

    Some guys came to primarily wear candy stripes. Some guys came to play for a coach who would guarantee their PT(a.k.a. NBA auditions) no matter the stronger challengers on the bench. Many are taking their very slim NBA chances now because they know everything will need to be earned(in terms of playing time) under Archie Miller.

    Obviously, Grant Gelon is the outlier in the sample set, but Is it possible that Crean is maintaining contact with some of the more talented guys and giving them bad advice to take chances in the draft? Why on earth would he do that….?

    Without Etherington, Crean has no Zeller….Etherington still ends up at Bulter after being “crunched.” Archie will play the numbers game, but I highly doubt he’d be that classless, cold, and ruthless to a kid who was instrumental in giving the Hoosiers their most prized recruit in over 20 years.

  8. He could be another Spike Albrecht….Beilein will gobble him up… and next thing you know Grant has 15 minutes of fame at a Final Four.

    Beilein did what no one else was willing to — take a shot on the little guy. Spike didn’t look like a Division I athlete, much less a basketball player. He had only one other offer to play, and an Ivy League opportunity that fell through when he failed to bump his ACT score up a point.

    It was one point he’s glad he never got(courtesy: Michigan Daily).

  9. Good info to substantiate another T.C. shortcoming of why he recruited a one offer Mac. Conference quality player to try to win big ten and March Madness tournament.

  10. Let all the tom crean hate go man damn he got fired you got what you wanted a guy transferred big deal.smh

  11. OK, it is now the 25th of May. All of the decisions have been made and become final. Does anyone work here anymore? Let’s have the final recap, at least for the B1G, who is in the NBA draft and who is going back to school?

  12. Sail on, Gelon….Sail on.
    For only one thing a man can be sure,
    When the seas of a heart begin to stir,
    A cabin’s hold of discontent one must act upon.
    Youth is fleeting and the winds shall concur,
    Voyages of change pound in storm upon the bow,
    Dreams shall soon anchor as the years surrender to the howl.
    So raise the sails and curse the port this day!
    From every compass a passion should always stray!
    The canvas billows for only days without regret,
    Rocking chairs await to hesitate in this safe bay you set.

    Sail on, Gelon…..Sail on.

  13. Tough crowd….Tough crowd.

    NHL Update: Pittsburgh Penguins defeat Ottawa Senators in double OT. It was a relatively clean game followed by an even cleaner postgame, said Steve in Ottawa. No NBC sports reporters were body slammed during casual questioning when mics were raised high toward the face.

  14. I don’t follow recruiting all that closely but I haven’t seen any news about the Moretti kid. He’s a 19 year old, 6ft 3in, point guard from Italy who has narrowed his choice to 4 schools. He’s supposed to be in Bloomington today. IU is certainly the best of the four he’s narrowed it down tp.

  15. I never realized Galon was 6′-5″ tall. Pretty good size. I wonder if Butler might show some interest……?
    I wouldn’t write this kid off as destined to be at a “mid-major” program quite so quickly.

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