Hoosier Morning for May 17

The Indiana bullpen rose to the occasion in the Hoosiers’ resume-building win over No. 2 Louisville, Mike writes.

We’re still awaiting a final decision, but it appears Robert Johnson will return to IU for his senior season, Mike writes.

Robert Johnson’s return would be one last big boost for new IU coach Archie Miller, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Four-star Minnesota forward Race Thompson talks about his IU offer, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Former IU wide receiver Mitchell Paige earned a contract with the Chargers, Chargers.com writes.

Next in the IU football legacy series is Tom Nowatzke, who played running back, linebacker and kicker for the Hoosiers, David Sugarman of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Indiana rowing was selected for its fourth straight trip the NCAA Championships, IUHoosiers.com reports.

The return of Robert Johnson, “Return to Innocence” by Enigma.


  1. That headline, “IU earns signature win, tops #2 Louisville”. Great win IU Baseball. Hope to see that headline again during Basketball season.

  2. I’m sort of thinking about how Hoosier Morning functions here…? It’s basically a membership drive.

    Are there ever going to be stories to be read without taxation our Scoop representation?

    Many Scoop regulars have loyally participated since the beginning, or very near beginning, of this forum. Does the HT brass ever think that it would be a nice gesture to allow a longtime and faithful Scoop ‘wrecker’ some access to these stories for no charge. Five years on Scoop = 50% discount on HT membership?
    8 years on Scoop = complimentary access to HT Sports Section only?

    Think of the possible hidden benefits…(beyond the decency and goodwill you give to all the American patriots and senior citizens of Scoop)? Allowing a no charge access door to a longtime Scoop participant via the Hoosier Morning links just may encourage more commenting on HT’s stories and less on Scoop….?

    Now that HSR has gone heavily into video presentations, it appears most of the ‘writing’ on Scoop is actually done by the commenters. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very talented writers on Scoop allowing HT journalists to hone their craft via emulation and examination, but aren’t most of these box journalists basically graffiti for your membership drive billboards and other carrots(links).

    If a so-called ‘blog’ rarely provides access to the creators stories(without payment), it is merely a graffiti wall you moderate for one big ad campaign encouraging the opening of a wallet. We(Scoop loyalists) are making up most of the stories based on general emotions/thoughts only constructed from headlines and bait on a hook.

  3. or…Maybe this idea:

    BUY one Mike Miller football story at regular HT prices, get 1/2 OFF! a Jeremy Price BASKETBALL STORY!(delivery not included)……?

  4. It’s my understanding that HT has a special subscription promotion going on…

    Everything is 1/2 PRICE!….but you do have to pay double.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  5. Harvard, stop being so dang cheap. For the price of fries at Trojan Horse you can read all the HT premium stories.

    Something tells me if they were “free” but had ads on them, you’d complain about that too. These people need to make a living.

    Kind of surprised (no not really), that after all the years and time you’ve spent here, you haven’t contributed to their financial well being.

  6. I was at Trojan last weekend…First time in many, many trips that I was a bit disappointed in the fries(a bit soggy and more browned than usual…Maybe cooked in oil that was in need of changing/filtering).
    The pork tenderloin sandwich was still stellar…I can only assume they fried the sandwich in a cleaner/fresher vat of oil.
    They were also out of Budweiser….No Bud was a sign of things not fully as tradition has always delivered.

    One day I will allow Jeremy a huge cut of the proceeds to exhibit my entire ‘Crean Collection’ of doctored images at the Indiana University Art Institute….The enormous positive feedback and compliments passed my way from Scoop’s normal large family of participants with zero sense of humor(including all those legendary Scoop contributors who Ben claims I drove away) have convinced me just how ‘priceless’ my collections could one day become.

  7. It’s looking bleak, but maybe they have “one more good fight” left in their blogging hearts. We shall see….

  8. Hey Harv, I was in B’town last weekend. Nothing like riding the bike down the current SR 37 through the orange barrel construction course to get the heart rate going. Cup of coffee at the rebuilt McD’s and sit outside Assembly Hall drinking it. Talk about a quiet parking lot.

  9. Ron-

    Did you notice the way they handled the cutting through limestone on the new portions for SR37(new highway 69)? I thought it was appalling. It looked like strip mining…The old techniques for cutting through roadway may have been far slower but it left the stone more jagged and cut at its natural breaking points(making for far more beautiful sidewalls/cliffs of various shadows and colors .

    To many people it’s a meaningless thing when getting from point A to point B….I guess it’s simply the trend to ignore the wonders of nature standing in the way of doing something faster and for less cost. Those once old beautiful limestone walls between Martinsville and Bloomington once carved the way through many memories and trips back and forth to college. Seeing it all blown to smithereens seemed like a terrible way to disrespect the love of a scenic drive(even if rarely appreciated by weekend warriors and the to and fro of students back and forth to B-town) and the master carvings of Mother Nature.
    It’s those sort of little disregards that give me no hope for mankind.

  10. In her first trips to Bloomington, my girlfriend(now my wife of many years) and I would meet at that McD’s ….I was a freshman at Foster Quad. She would drive her American Motors puddle jumper from NW Indiana nearly 200 miles…and down that dangerous stretch of 37 during many dark and late nights to satisfy the heart on a course it cannot control. Now our hearts don’t pound so fast…..and there never seems to be a race to get anywhere in a hurry.

  11. Harv, the fries at the TroHo have always been that way, haven’t they? Brown and soggy. It’s one of those really perplexing food engineering oversights that certain restaurants make over and over again. I’ll give them credit for using fresh potatoes, but that’s about it…the fact that corporate chain Penn Station, up on Indiana Ave., uses fresh cut potatoes and gets them crispy every time, makes it all the more unacceptable.

    Reminds me of the classic move of throwing a medium rare burger straight onto a bun from the grill, without letting the patty rest for a few minutes to shed some of its hot, fatty juices. Result: burger juice immediately drenches and obliterates bun beneath it, just as the customer is ready to pick it up. The hot, shaggy mess that ensues completely defeats the purpose of ordering your ground beef as a hamburger.

  12. Only 3 reasons ‘fresh cut fries’ get soggy.
    Oil has to be 375-400 degrees. Accurately measured. Anything less and they get soggy because they take to long to cook.
    Ratio of oil to potatoes should be very near 2 to 1. The more cool potatoes added to volume of oil seriously lowers oil temp. increasing cooking time = soggy fries. Correct ratio should cook about 8 minutes.
    Setting under a heat lamp to long before serving.

    Home prep hint; as soon as removed from grease, drain for 5-20 seconds, dump fries into a paper bag, add spices)salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cajun), whatever your heart desires, close up bag and shake bag vigorously. It’s a little bit of heaven.

  13. Not true….Trojan Horse’s fries have nearly always been excellent to my taste. My last visit was a rare departure into the soggier fry appearing overcooked and darker brown(rather than golden). I wouldn’t really even call them soggy…It was most likely one vat of older oil…combined with too long of frying or temperature issue…or too much sediment in the frier.
    Fried pickle spears and pork tenderloin sandwich were simple perfection as always. Wonderful light breading on delicate spears of a variety far less salty than most sandwich/burger/wings joints.
    The pork tenderloin continues to be worthy of ‘Best in Its Thinly Pounded Class.’ Crispy, light, hot, tender white pork…I order it on a “dry bun” with pickles. At the table, a generous squirt of ketchup.

    One caveat… Our visit to “TroHo” was on a Sunday. I usually try to avoid most restaurants on Sunday. It’s probably why they ran out of Bud(busy Saturday night) …and why someone that should have been more conscientious didn’t change the oil in the vat used for fries.
    I’m not an easy critique. Everyone else at our table fully enjoyed the fries down to the delectable bits of crispy crumbs at the bottom of the basket.

    Bottom Line: Trojan Horse still rocks the casbah.

    Side of Fries: Can’t beat the soundtracks played at Trojan Horse. Very atypical 60’s tunes and B-side cuts ignored by most generic radio jocks and joints.

  14. Good to hear from you, Seahawk….Miss the old days when we were unbridled and swinging for the fences with every keystroke. We had some great times on Basketblog. And Remora too…Remora was so damn creative and smart.

  15. Yep. Their oil isn’t hot enough.

    HC, hadn’t used a paper bag. I’ll try that. I usually line a colander with paper towels and lift them out with one if those strainer/spatula things. Season to taste. Nice and crisp.

    I mix it up with the occasional sweet potato. It’s the only way I like sweet potatoes.

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