Hoosier Morning for May 3

Dimitric Camiel and Marcus Oliver hope to make the most of their free-agent opportunities in the NFL, Mike writes.

IU is hopeful Camion Patrick can get healthy and get dominant in 2017, Mike writes.

James Blackmon Jr. has been shooting to impress new IU coach Archie Miller this spring, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Trendon Watford, the younger brother of former Hoosier Christian, has interest from the new IU staff that he didn’t from the old one, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti is optimistic about the future with a core that includes former Hoosier Victor Oladipo, the Associated Press reports.

Tom Allen’s ascension to head coach is among the Big Ten storylines for this fall, Dustin Hockensmith of PennLive.com writes.

Time is running out for Camion Patrick to live up to his enormous potential, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Former Hoosier Nate Sudfeld is poised to battle for the No. 2 quarterback spot with the Washington Redskins this fall, Lake Lewis Jr. of RedskinsWire.com writes.

Since Nate Sudfeld is going to battle, here’s the Wilson sisters — better known as Heart — with a live cover of “The Battle of Evermore.”


  1. Not sure if Archie is just pumping up the confidence and moral of his new players by lavishing praise on them, just keeping things positive right now, or if he’s genuinely impressed by the talent amassed by his predecessor? Of course, if you’re one of those players that is not being publicly praised, it might be time, as the spring semester comes to a close, to start looking for a school to transfer to. It’s interesting to listen to what Archie says, but it’s also interesting to note what he doesn’t say. It will be interesting to see how he uses his communication to the press going forward. I don’t think much of what Archie does is “off the cuff” or by accident. He seems very measured and deliberate in his statements to the press.

  2. I was impressed by the talent level. I had pretty high expectations going into last year. After the first few weeks of the season, after seeing the new freshman, I thought we definitely had the talent to compete with the best of the B1G. However, I even mentioned it at the time, I was concerned about the characteristics, which were always a hallmark of Crean’s teams: terrible defense, turnovers and too much reliance on the 3 pt shot.

    I think Archie is not about “saying the right things.” He’s just expressing true feelings that he genuinely thinks he has a talented team. He also has talked about the ways he sees how these guys can improve. There’s very little fluff and filler from him. I’m so curious to see how improvement in the 3 elements above, which were a constant the last 9 years, flush out under Archie.

    Hopefully, flush is the perfect metaphor.

  3. I believe I heard on the evening news that James Blackmon, Jr. is hiring an agent and staying in the draft….Damn, I was hoping we’d still have a perimeter threat.

    I’m sure Scoop will have more.

    1. There has been a report that Blackmon WILL hire an agent and stay in the draft but not confirmed and apparently not yet done. Stay tuned.

  4. Also…

    EJ UPDATE: 22 points tonight! Hit some major bombs.

    Mike D’Antoni changed things up and started EJ for the 2nd half. Houston evens up the series 2-2.

    1. ^On the subject of irrelevant, “who cares” former Hoosiers…

      CTC UPDATE: Fired a +4 on the back nine at Sand Ridge Golf club yesterday.

      Made some key putts, and was particularly nimble with the 5-iron.

      1. Ironic that someone who has posted on Hoosier sports forums as “Husky” Tom(as in Washington Husky), “Mariner” Tom, and, now, “Seahawk”Tom…finds any updates about former Hoosiers/Indiana standouts as irrelevant.

        Outside of McGinnis and Isiah Thomas, Eric Gordon will likely be the third highest NBA scorer who once donned the candy stripes. I still get some sense of state pride and Hoosier pride knowing that all former Hoosiers don’t turn into NBA Alka Seltzer once a Glass gets finished with them; a lot of fizzling noise initially before going down quietly.

        100% Hoosier Tom, indeed. We’re so relevant to him. Heaven forbid we’re not chatting up Terrence Jones, Isaiah Thomas , Pete Carroll, Brandon Roy, Richard Sherman or any of his other favorite names/teams not Hoosier as the seltzer to cure his EJ nausea.

        Just another one of the many scheming elitists from East and West on this site who cherished the Tom Crean years …Any sort of Indiana success (be it a top baller from our state or simply hearing the name of a Hall of Fame coach who guided IU to three banners) upsets their stomachs and their misguided Establishment order to the world.

        1. For those keeping count, Gordon has already passed Calbert Cheaney’s career NBA scoring numbers.

          If you’re looking at names of former Hoosiers whose NBA heyday wasn’t more than forty years ago, EJ is currently is nearly already in the top three(only slightly behind Mike Woodson who he should easily pass in a couple seasons).

          EJ’s ppg. average is the fourth highest for any NBA player who once donned the candy stripes. (Top-3: McGinnis, Bellamy, Thomas).

          1. “…former Hoosiers whose NBA heyday wasn’t more than forty years ago…”

            Sure, let’s be dismissive of Bellamy. Who did he have to match up with besides Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlin, Nate Thurmond, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

            They shouldn’t even count his stats.

        2. “Outside of McGinnis and Isiah Thomas, Eric Gordon will likely be the third highest NBA scorer who once donned the candy stripes.”

          As soon as Gordon scores another two thousand points he’ll have half as many as Walt Bellamy. Gordon has around 8,000 points. Bellamy finished with nearly 21,000 and his real strength was rebounding.

          1. As you always like to dismiss the play of Victor Oladipo, here are their career averages.

            EJ 16.6 pts, 2.5 trb, 3.2 ast

            VO 15.9 pts, 4.4 trb, 3.7 ast

          2. Let’s put it this way……

            EJ has averaged 55 games per season since arriving in the NBA in ’08. This year he’s played in 75 games.
            Oladipo has averaged 73 games per season.

          3. Sounds like he’s lucky to still be in the League. Being constantly injured is a real liability.

  5. Spring is sports purgatory for me. I don’t care much about the NBA and I only follow human interest stories in baseball.

    I’m probably a better person for it.

    1. You might want to check points per minutes played in your comparison….

      And EJ is finally having a season when he’s been primarily injury-free…..Thus, the ppg comparisons are rather deceiving. EJ hasn’t put up the same minutes…nor had full seasons/games under his belt.

      Fact remains, Oladisappointment will have to remain a relevant scoring equation for the next four years to even have a shot at equaling the scoring numbers an injury-plagued EJ has already accumulated.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Oklahoma deals Dipo off…though it would be very costly after giving him a contract nearly as ridiculous as what Glass was giving Crean. He showed a hint of life near the end of the Houston series, but for the most part, he was non-existent starter on the ‘One Man Show’ team during the playoffs.

  6. Good HS athletes everywhere and we all maybe know some names in the state. There is a 2019 competitor who has emergrd in NE Indiana, Craig Young. He attends and plays for the Wayne Generals of Fort Wayne. He is the star of their BB team leading them in points and rebounds this past season as a sophomore. Plays WR and S besides returning kicks for the FB team. Qualified for the state track and field finals last year as a Frosh. A 1st ever by a competitor in the SAC conference. Watched him last week at the SAC track and field championship win the 100, 200, anchored the winning 400 and place 2nd in the high jump. All with an injured toe he had not practiced on in some time. He beat the son of a friend of mine in the sprints and relay. Who also is competing with a quad/hip/groin injury of the last 3 weeks. Hell he don’t even walk good. To bad they both were injured as it would have been a sight to see. My friend’s son is fast with a tremendous burst out of the blocks. As it was they both ran a sub 11.00 100. Young stands 6’5″ and 200. It has been said the Irish have already been in to see him. He would appear to have a lot of possibilities for the gridiron. He holds no offers, yet.

  7. Eric Whatever-his-Name’s first love was Illinois. He made a decision to back out of his commitment to the orange and white only because he calculated at the last minute that a few months in candy stripes would give him slightly more visibility as an NBA prospect. A real Hoosier, that guy….

    Thanks Harv for the Brandon Roy update. The diametric opposite of Eric Gordon. Loved his school, loved his city. A cherished 4-year starter and program icon. Now spends his timesaving back by coaching high school in the Seattle area; makes himself seen at UW games from time to time. Loyal to the core. The DJ White of Washington.

    Has Eric Gordon ever attended an IU game since he left? Ever make an appearance on campus? Has he put in a call to Archie yet? I honestly don’t know, educate me.

  8. I doubt that EJ has ever been invited back to Indiana…According to all of your old theories, he only came to IU to play for Kelvin. Which may…or not may be true. Who did Terrence Jones go to play for? Who did Cody go to play for? Was is simply an allegiance to candy stripes …or was it also an alignment of other doctrines that brought him to Indiana?
    I’m sure you would have thought despicable things of TJ if he’d done a last minute switcharoo and remained a Husky.
    You know that Kelvin guy, right? That Kelvin guy who is the scum of college basketbal, right? That 3-way calling Kelvin guy who wrecked Indiana and college basketball more than 15 years of academic fraud can wreck UNC? Yes, horrible, horrible EJ….He’s such a bad young man for wanting to play at Indiana for a demon seed “wrecker”

    Purity is Brandon. Purity is Terrence Jones…Purity is Calipari…Purity is UNC and their fake transcripts handed to athletes….Purity is Tom Crean.

    Here’s the facts: You believed EJ would fail in the NBA. That was your stance. I believed he would be a success.
    On Indiana: I don’t think he embarrassed the candy stripes in his effort and heart for the game. He was Big 10 Freshman of the Year…but things were disintegrating quickly in the last weeks of the regular season(once the witch hunt started).
    Did he brick some shots in the tournament while enduring an injured wrist? Sure he did.

  9. Damon Bailey did all those things you speak of with Brandon Roy….Did you see Indiana inviting Damon back to have any sort of involvement with the men’s or women’s basketball programs? Is Damon making contact with Archie? Is Calbert Cheaney wanting to return …again?
    Nope. Even Calbert and Damon weren’t pure enough for Crean. Why? Because Bobby gave Tommy the brush off…..And all of Knight’s top examples of men who have displayed great character in their adult lives…were vilified as well. If only IU could embrace great former Hoosiers in the style you U. of Washington embraces Brandon Roy. But we’d rather spend time calling them failures because they played for Kelvin….or bandits of some sort because they don’t want to vilify Knight in the manner Crean and Glass were attempting to do in securing their own righteousness.

  10. In his first four years in the League VO scored 4618 points. Gordon racked up 3732. Victor had more assists and rebounds, too. A lot more.

  11. Gordon has played much more of a shooting guard role…Oladipo should have more assists.

    Compare the first season stats before EJ had a couple major setbacks from injury. EJ should have been a Rookie of the Year candidate in 2008-09. EJ played a whopping nine games in his fourth season; his first year with the Hornets…now Pelicans(he obviously sustained a season-ending injury). You are basically comparing four seasons of Dipo to three for Gordon. Gordon’s first three seasons were only about five hundred points shy of what it took Dipo to do in four years.
    This is one of his best seasons in terms of health…You can debate whether or not that’s a liability. Obviously, Houston was willing to not think so and its paid pretty strong dividends…. He’s hovering around top 4 in three point field goals and is being considered for NBA’s best sixth man.
    But please don’t compare their ability to score the ball with such a skewed and purposeful deception. I’ll give you rebounds. I’m pretty sure Dipo’s primary role was point guard at Orlando….If his assists are barely more than a shooting guard, that’s hardly anything to write home about.

  12. “Invited back to Indiana”? You have got be kidding. Since when does one need an invitation to show love for their Alma Mater? This is a gesture that should come unsolicited. Do you wait for your mom to “invite” you to call on Mother’s Day? Or for your wife to “invite” you to celebrate her birthday? If you answered yes, you have an unhappy mother and are probably not married.

    Eric Gordon will probably be caught at Bruce Weber’s backyard barbecue before he ever attends a Hoosier game. His utter indifference to the program is really the most symbolic testament yet to his inconsequential and irrelevant place in IU history. Definitely in Bracey Wright/Noah Vonleh territory.

    1. Now will you be quiet on this?
      How in the hell did you forget Mr. BrylCrean getting EJ’s brother as a grad transfer? How could you forget that move intentionally made by Crean in an attempt to manipulate EJ’s youngest brother to think about wearing candy stripes for Bozo?

      The entire Gordon family came to Bloomington. One of EJ’s brothers played for Crean. Does that sound like the actions of Scott May’s son/family not even considering Indiana once Knight was fired? Lord, have you been following the program at all?

      Although Gordon’s single-season tenure at IU ended on a sour note (read: Kelvin Sampson), he never lost the love for his Bloomington alma mater. In fact, he’s been a reliable social-media cheerleader ever since.

  13. It’s pretty funny how you try to portray being injury prone as some sort of positive and that we should inflate what EJ has actually done because he spends so much time hurt. I used to have a car like that. Rarely ran but looked good on occasion.

    Do you think that EJ is going to get healthier as he ages? He’s having a good year. That’s great. That makes one.

    “EJ should have been a Rookie of the Year candidate in 2008-09.”
    No ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ for Vic. He finished second in the ROTY voting. Sounds like he was perfectly drafted.

    Oladipo scored nearly a thousand points more in his first four seasons than Gordon. Period. We don’t need qualifiers or excuses. He did it. He also had a ton more assists and rebounds.

    You also imply that coming off the bench to launch a few threes is more valuable to a team than being a starting point guard. Right.

    It’s nice to have a shooter on your bench. That’s what EJ is. He’s a shooter coming off the bench. There’s no doubt a reason he should be in the HOF for that.

    Keep it coming. Funny stuff.

  14. I was reading the SI NBA top 100 player rankings for 2017. VO is in at #74. Gordon didn’t make the list.

    Here’s the SI take on EJ.

    “Eric Gordon, Rockets

    Justifying a Top 100 ranking for a player who missed nearly half of his team’s games over the past five years would require some daunting mental gymnastics. Gordon just isn’t healthy often enough to be much of a contender—particularly when the range of his contributions is actually quite narrow. Shooting alone carries Gordon’s career at this point. Running a pick-and-roll isn’t completely beyond him, though Gordon can’t push past defenders like he used to and is better suited for a more passive role. The stubborn on-ball defense he played in his earlier days has been compromised by knee injury and undermined by his size disadvantage relative to other wings. Dynamism comes in short, muted supply; Gordon can make plays here and there against a defense caught in rotation but isn’t doing much to scare opponents once chased off the line.”

  15. Chet, you’d be the first to remind that graduating from IU is not the stuff of offspring to the Ivy League. Listening to you elevating those East Coast schools pretty much portrays Indiana as chopped liver. ‘It was fine for me, but my offspring climb higher mountains.’

    But congrats to Dipo for getting a meal of chopped liver…..in Sports Communications.

    1. I think very highly of Big Ten schools. I graduated from one. My son in law attends an IU school currently. I’m sure that you’d have your daughter pass on an Ivy League school she had chosen to attend and had been admitted. I didn’t make any of those choices for my children as your comment implies you did. That was up to them.

      But the personal attacks are always appreciated.

      1. Having someone who uses the offensive moniker ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ suggest that I don’t respect the educational opportunities at IU is the height of hypocrisy.

        1. Where my kids ..or any kids go to school had nothing to do with my blogging name. I simply enjoyed the way it rolled off the tongue.

          I don’t use this site to as my kid’s Facebook page.

          1. That sounds you hear is everyone on the Scoop laughing.

            Facebook? Nobody posts on Facebook as much as you write here. There’s probably a limit.

            You’ve posted more personal soliloquies on the Scoop than everyone else combined. For God’s sake, you were telling us what islands in the Pacific your dad served just last week or was that someone else?

          2. Really, Chet?

            This is coming from the man that rubs lotion on Andie MacDowell’s feet at the Ashville YMCA? You’re funny.

            I think we’ve heard the Pensacola training days at least 40 times.

            Hell, you share everything from cochlear implants to every surgery you’ve ever had performed.

            If you could add an inch to every time you’ve slobbered all over yourself, you’d be the beanstalk Jack climbed.

  16. I stand partially corrected on Gordon’s visits to IU games; I guess he did go to at least one, if your link is correct.

    Meanwhile, Chet has provided enough firepower to permanently put the issue of Gordon’s (limited) NBA game to rest. No comparison to Dipo whatsoever, in terms of current basketball acumen or historical importance to IU basketball. Not surprised to see that Oladipo is also the better student.

    1. Chet has provided enough firepower to permanently put the issue of Gordon’s (limited) NBA game to rest.

      That’s what you call Gordon providing nearly as much offense in three years plus nine games(205 total games) as it took Oladiploma to accomplish in four seasons(291 games)?

      You have a strange way of putting deficient arguments to rest. Plus, not even taking into account how long it takes to get back into any sort of rhythm coming off of a long injury.

      But kudos to VO for not playing tonight, tomorrow, and the rest of the season injury-free while EJ is getting a starting assignment for the only NBA game in town tonight.

  17. Fixations always get you in trouble. In this case it is the ‘gore Crean’ fixation.

  18. Currently the 4th leading 3-point scorer in the NBA this 2016-17 season. Doing this while coming off the bench.

    Getting a starting assignment in the only televised playoff game in town tonight….(I’m probably jinxing him, but …oh, well. Got a Game 6 regardless of tonight).

    Life really sucks for EJ right now.

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