Hoosier Morning for May 8

Quarterback Richard Lagow is finding his groove in his second spring at IU, Mike writes.

IU baseball finished off a weekend sweep of Xavier, Jon writes.

IU softball saw its rally fall short on Senior Day, we reported.

From over the weekend, doubt continues to dog Thomas Bryant as he heads to the NBA, I wrote.

Unconfirmed reports indicate James Blackmon Jr. intends to sign with an agent and remain in the NBA Draft, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Fortunately for IU, it didn’t hire Archie Miller to be the life of the party, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

IU athletics celebrated its 2017 graduates with a list that included only Cody Zeller for men’s basketball, IUHoosiers.com reports.

An updated look at Indiana’s 2018 recruiting board, via Inside the Hall.

Indiana fans may want to temper expectations, Jon Rothstein of FanRagSports.com writes.

A look at one of Indiana’s best defensive lineman, Earl Faison, in the legacy series, by Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com.

Here’s one for Richard Lagow, “Into the Groove” by Madonna.


  1. Your link to the Jon Rothstein article goes to the HoosierHuddle.com article.

  2. If J.Blackman signs with an agent that makes a total of three thus far this year. Regardless, of how good each player is or they are not ready or how things work out for each one IU could not make March Madness tournament nor make it past second game of NIT. It plainly shows where players heads were during their time at IU and still are. That pretty much sums up what the IU T.Crean basketball culture has been during his tenure.

  3. i hope the new coach does not leave lagow in if he start throwing int. like wilson did last year .

    Go IU

  4. I didn’t realize that Blackmon was that close to getting his degree. Good for him. And while I doubt he’ll make an NBA roster next season, assuming he does get his degree, I support him pursuing his dream of playing as a pro.

    As for Lagow, given his maturity, I expect him to make a significant improvement this season, relative to last season. And that improvement should be measurable, expressed as a higher completion percentage and far fewer INTs. Of course, that improvement requires the cooperation of his receivers, which by all accounts, as a group, should be better this season than they were last season. But if Lagow starts showing a bunch of INTs, I won’t complain about him getting replaced, so the future QBs get some invaluable game experience.

  5. Hate to say it, but probably the smartest thing Robert Johnson could do right now is to transfer. The roster has just been too decimated.
    It will be difficult to get senior year notoriety on a team that will be very challenged to see any games in the NCAA postseason…He’s talented enough to find a healthier program while improving his game while sitting out one season. Does the NCAA make any exceptions to sitting out rules if a coach has been fired? For some reason, I thought I remember that being Remy’s case(or is that just during recruitment)?

  6. Actually no better stage than AH for Johnson to establish and showcase his prowess. He should start by going all in on D for Miller then be that consistent clutch scorer and adding reliable leadership on the road. He really only needs the transition of this off season to improve his game. Expectations and his chances accomplishing that are many times better than JBJ making the NBA.

  7. Did the coaching change contribute to these three experienced and productive IU players leaving early, or would it have happened even if Crean had remained as IU’s coach? Of course, we’ll never really know, but I’ll bet that Crean was confident that he’d lose three veteran players after the season. But my guess is that he thought Hartman would graduate and two of the younger veterans would declare for the NBA. If that was the case, it explains why he was willing to risk being three players over the scholarship limit. So, while we can argue that the quality of the freshman coming in does not match the quality of the three players departing early (two of the three leaving were McDonald’s All-Americans), none of this should be a surprise to any Hoosier fan who has been paying attention. So why lament the decimation of the roster? Is there another VO or OG in this group of three new recruits? Obviously Crean thought enough of them to offer a scholarship, and Archie thought enough of them to diligently “re-recruit” them. Taking an optimist’s perspective, with the return of Hartman, and assuming these three freshman have under-appreciated talent, IU’s roster could be stronger than last year’s roster, especially if Johnson and Newark improve their play as IU’s guards.

    Looking ahead, I think it’s fair to say that while Archie will improve in-state recruiting relative to Crean, I doubt he’ll be any more successful, at least in the next four years, signing the true 5-star-rated superstar (i.e., McDonald’s All-Americans) players than Crean was. So, we just have to hope that he’ll be much better than Crean was at getting his players to play defense, minimize turnovers, and play in harmony as a team. It’s hard to imagine any IU coach out-recruiting the coaches in charge of the true blue-blood programs such as Kansas, UNC, Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, etc. (Arizona is approaching blue-blood status) for a while (until some of those coaches retire or get busted for NCAA rules violations). If you doubt that statement, you should watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on Calipari. It offers valuable insights about the nature of college recruiting in today’s one and done world.

  8. CTC has a bit of success recruiting McDonalds AA to campus. Not a lot but a few. Calipari has probably had individual recruiting classes with more than CTC had in nine years.

    How did they do once they were in Cook Hall?

    JBJ is the same player who showed up as a freshman and isn’t on anyone’s draft board. TB got worse as a sophomore. Cody didn’the show off anything he he couldn’t do in high school. Was Noah a Mickey D AA? I can barely remember him playing.

    Yogi stayed for four years and became a great player but, let’s be honest, he stepped into the starting lineup his first day on campus.

    I think most people saw those three as leaving, ready or not. I don’t think Archie was surprised and I seriously doubt that we’ll ever hear Archie spend an entire season whining that the team isn’t performing because they are so young. Probably not even a single game.

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