Hoosiers get No. 2 seed in Lexington, open vs. NC State

Indiana had reason to be confident.

But that didn’t make the Hoosiers’ wait any easier.

When they converged inside their Bart Kaufman Field clubhouse to watch the NCAA Tournament selection show on Monday afternoon, IU players were left to sit through more than half of the hour-long ESPN broadcast to await their postseason direction.

Even with a solid postseason resume, there are no sure things on selection day.

“There was a commercial break about halfway through and when that hit, I think you could hear everybody kind of take a deep breath,” second baseman Tony Butler said.

Indiana, it turned out, was in for a pleasant surprise.

The Hoosiers picked up a No. 2 seed in the Lexington Regional, where they’ll begin the NCAA Tournament against No. 3 North Carolina State on Friday at 7 p.m. The game will be televised on ESPN3.

The double-elimination regional begins when host Kentucky faces No. 4 Ohio on Friday at noon.

“We were surprised, honestly,” outfielder Craig Dedelow said. “We were pretty confident going into it that, hopefully, we’d make the tournament. It got late there and we got a little nervous. Seeing our name pop up as a No. 2 seed was pretty big for us.”

This is the fourth time in five seasons that Indiana (32-22-2) will play in the NCAA Tournament, after having fallen just shy of the bubble in 2016. In total, this is the program’s seventh NCAA Tournament appearance, and it comes during a nice year for the Big Ten, which tied a conference record with five teams — IU, Nebraska, Michigan, Maryland and conference tournament champion Iowa — in the field.

Consider that the Pac-12 only has four tournament teams this year. The Southeastern Conference led the nation with eight.

It was believed that Indiana was in line for a No. 3 seed after winning only one of its three games in the Big Ten Tournament.

The Hoosiers, however, were delighted to see that their resume and postseason positioning were stronger than they realized.

“It says a lot about our program, the players who’ve been here and the ones in the past,” said Chris Lemonis, who is the first coach in program history to make two regional appearances in his first three seasons leading the Hoosiers. “I’m excited for our league. We were going through and watching and seeing where our league was going. It validates a lot of the things we say all year long. The growth of the Big Ten just took another step forward.”

For Lemonis, keeping Indiana in lockstep with the recently-raised expectations for his program, one that should annually compete for Big Ten titles and NCAA Tournament appearances, is part scheduling science.

Lemonis has embraced a tough scheduling approach, including early-season trips to play the nation’s top teams in more agreeable climates and dotting the midweek portion with challenging regional opponents.

This season, Indiana played 17 games against tournament teams, winning nine of those contests and finishing one in a tie. Two of IU’s losses to tournament teams this season came to Oregon State, the No. 1 overall seed, in a season-opening showcase in Arizona.

Indiana, the highest-rated RPI team in the Big Ten at No. 26, is 8-7-1 against the RPI top 50 this season. So the Hoosiers feel they’re ready to handle the NCAA Tournament environment and the pressures that come with it.

“In my world, I look at my future schedules almost every day, just trying to figure it out,” Lemonis said. “You can’t always figure it out because it happens so far in advance, but it took a lot of time and effort to put our schedule together. Then you have to win during that schedule. I do think all those parameters, and just the atmosphere we get to play in every night with a great fan base, I think it prepares you for these types of games and environments.”

Indiana won its final six weekend series of the regular season before dropping two of three in the Big Ten Tournament this past weekend at Bart Kaufman Field.

NC State (34-23) also closed the regular season strong, winning 13 of its final 15 regular season games before losing to North Carolina in the second game of last week’s Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament.

The Wolfpack, making their third consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance and 15th in the past 20 seasons, went 9-11 against the RPI top 50 this season.

“I’ve known their head coach (Elliott Avent) for a long time,” Lemonis said. “I know, early in the season, they were ranked as one of the teams in the possible eight for (the College World Series in) Omaha. There’s talent there. I think they’re playing really well right now. That first game will be a huge test for us.”


  1. Selection committee did say IU’s SOS was key to them getting in and being a 2 seed in regional. Coach Miller are you paying attention to that. SOS can be key.

  2. Coach Miller is quite aware of SOS in the NCAA, the previous IU men’s basketball coach didn’t and scheduled for number of wins in a season.

  3. The football team has basically been an embarrassment for most of the last half century…Yes, I said a half century. A spattering of the lowest tier bowl games to be found to highlight the successes.
    For the last decade, our Indiana basketball program was headed by a man who was viewed by any honest observer as so foreign to genuineness and competency as to be a mockery to the sport. No deep tournament runs since Mike Davis. Not even an Elite 8 appearance. 9 other teams from the Midwest have collectively been to an Elite 8 a total of 23 times.
    Spotty success at best in the peripheral sports. Nothing of the Mark Spitz sort of success in swimming. We had a female swimmer who got 15 minutes of fame by berating a Russian swimmer trained to enhance with PED’s in California.

    Baseball has been on the uptick, but there have been seen off-the-field incidents preceding the latest coaching hire that made me sick.

    For the size and budget machines running Indiana University Athletics, the need for us to be braggadocios about our dominance seems to ring hollow.

    And the fact remains, we’re basically managed, not via a selection made by our university president, but by person preselected to be hired by Tom Crean.

  4. Reaffirming to see the quiet behind the scenes work done by Lemonis gives the IU hardball program an aggressive opportunity for the future. His dirt under the fingernails approach is paying off. Another positive example that AD GLASS knows what he is doing. Ya gotta like both.

  5. The potential for IU athletics hasn’t looked better in 30 years.

    Soccer: still solid, but hard to keep up with their late 90’s run. Even Yeags Sr couldn’t match that again. One of the best runs in the history of the sport (and his best team didn’t even win the NC).
    Baseball: a joke of a program until they got rid of Bob Morgan (just a horrible coach/guy) and invested in the stadium, facilities and a new coach.
    Men’s Basketball: ARCHIE! Plus all the facilities upgrades.
    Women’s Basketball: finally out of the ashes of mediocrity.
    Football: Very bullish on Allen. IU Football is a tough one, though. So much debris coming down the river in which the program has to paddle upstream. I think we finally got the guy.

    Regardless, I think you need a rectal-optalemptamy (a surgical procedure that disconnects your eyeballs from you rectum–that way you don’t have such a sh***y outlook on life) if you can’t see that there is a ton of potential.

  6. One Rose Bowl in a lifetime….
    No Final Four ….in the same time span it takes to go from filling your Pampers to filling out your IU college admission forms.
    A basketball coach we kept for 10 years …..whose teams’ record-shattering turnover/season will live in Hoosier infamy.

    Now if two months of Archie is your new pair of rose-colored glasses to replace your Pollyanna pair you’ve been wearing since the days you installed that cool round window on your powder blue, flower power, chick magnet van, I guess your seeing things with perfect 20/20 commode vision. Do you also have an eye chart painted on the bowl of your toilet’s porcelain surface?

    1. My indifference to you not seeing a positive future for IU athletics is bottomless.

      1. Like I’ve always said, you were one of the few who did not defend or apologize for the fiasco of hoops under the last imposter.
        I’ll always remember the outrage you expressed when our Indiana Hoosier basketball team cut down nets after a loss. It was beyond disgraceful to the uniform.
        The man in charge of our athletic programs should have been just as outraged….and that outrage should have been expressed publicly. He was never outraged at anything even the most casual of fan could see as a terrible brand of basketball representing Indiana University. He was more outraged if a former Hoosier couldn’t attend a banner reunion party.
        When finally pushed into a corner of no escape, he discharged the head coach.

        And this is called leadership? Archie is a good hire. He could have been hired a decade ago without committee rooms and without backdoor deals to maneuver an AD into power.

  7. In reality for football, IU playing anything above 500 would be excellent success. Anything above that would be great success.

    1. Yes, in “reality” for IU football standards anything flirting with .500 is great…But is that a high level of athletic achievement for the size of the institution…the student population….the budgets ….and the decades of millions paid in salaries for Chuck E Cheese Bowl levels of success?
      Are Sweet 16’s our new basketball standard of excellence?

      Indiana is in dire need of something more than gradual slopes of improvement; improvement easily destroyed by mini scandals concocted by inside politics/meddlers or an Establishment-run NCAA always looking for a “BIG” program scapegoat while protecting the UNC’s and other truly corrupt programs.

      Sorry, I don’t see any sports renaissance happening at IU. Wilson may have been our closest opportunity…..but Fred was not going to risk his own hide on renaissance at Memorial. Of course, anything of real national stage success for IU Football is more of a genesis than revival/renaissance.
      There’s a lot of spending and people at the top finding ways to protect their own interests….but there are no showstopping hires ….or unexpected seasons of greatness that should even occur as a basic anomaly with the sort of talent a huge school should be able to lure.
      I just never thought I’d see the day when IU fans are selling the so-called success in the same manner a West Lafayette fan plants roses around the graveyards of mediocrity.

      But if you insist on sunshine, lollipops, and West Lafayette rainbows, I do think we hit bottom with Crean….And although his brother of another caddyshack committee room mother still works as our AD, I highly doubt the bar of coaching incompetency(in either of our ‘major’ sports programs) can get any lower.

  8. I just took a look at all the non-revenue sports performances and they are all doing pretty well. No one in their right mind would complain because the swimming team isn’t what it once was. UCLA isn’t winning the NCAA basketball tournament every year either.

    Ten IU athletic teams had perfect APRs, as well.

    Other than Eeyore every can see how well IU athletic teams are performing.

  9. I separate IU, basketball from football and other sports by tradition. (I know there’s soccer and swimming tradition). Narrowing it down to basketball and football and none of the even most successful programs are worth the money being spent because there is hardly any perspective. However, I expect national championships for basketball and would be happy with above 500 football along with a nice looking baseball team and decent representation from other sports with their fun in the sun here and there. Because lack of perspective, no it will never be representative of what money including salaries paid, size, and student population. The reason is because in reality is just not worth it.

    1. 1000 is above 500. If you’re implying to be happy with IU Football hovering around overall records of around .500, I doubt that will ever put “butts in seats.”

      Overall .500 records in football generally means winning most of the softer non-conference openers and getting destroyed in the conference(except for some possible wins against the other notorious bottom feeders).

      This wasn’t a question of expectations anyway….or hope for the future. The future can change quickly with the right signature hires in coaching and leadership. It’s simply a mere fact that IU has not claimed big stages with any manner of consistency for a very long time.

      Butler is the new basketball model for a ‘Hoosier’ playing late into March…..And IU Football is in yet another retooling of the Edsel. Allen and Archie bring the excitement of new blood…..but Hoosiers will thirst like vampires if football continues to dangle in mediocrity and our hoops program struggles to reclaim the big stages of March Madness.

      I can live with more years of blasé knowing Bozo is finally out of Bloomington.

      1. Why don’t you keep complaining? Just eternally whine and cry that Tom Crean was the coach of Indiana Basketball. HE’S GONE. Move on, dude. You’re posts are more pedantic than the “preacher’s sermons” who got run “out of Bloomington.” You’re doing nothing but saying the same stuff, different day.

        It takes zero intellect to point to the past and add qualifiers. Man up, look to the future and make your bets. I DARE you to post on this blog for a week without mentioning “the clown who ruined our basketball program.” Can we chip in for methadone treatment for this addiction? Will Trojan Horse fries help?

        1. Beware of the man who pounds the chest of his superior intellect.

          HE’S GONE. Move on, dude

          Maybe you should tell that to those who still have time to place snidely remarks aside the name of Bob Knight. I just saw some more on a thread today. How long has he been gone? We all have our personal little Hoosier villains. I guess three national championships is not enough for some to “move on.” I suppose it’s because they just despise those truly “underachieving” days at Indiana University.

          1. The only one pounding anything is you. Bozo the Clown saw less airtime than Crean does in your posts.

  10. The Edsel was an automobile marque that was planned, developed, and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company for model years 1958–1960. With the Edsel, Ford had expected to make significant inroads into the market share of both General Motors and Chrysler and close the gap between itself and GM in the domestic American automotive market. Ford invested heavily in a yearlong teaser campaign leading consumers to believe that the Edsel was the car of the future – an expectation it failed to meet. After it was unveiled to the public, it was considered to be unattractive, overpriced, and overhyped. The Edsel never gained popularity with contemporary American car buyers and sold poorly. The Ford Motor Company lost $250 million[3] on the Edsel’s development, manufacturing, and marketing.

    The very name “Edsel” became a popular symbol for a commercial failure(courtesy: Wikipedia)

    Doesn’t it eerily sound like IU Football attempting to survive in the Big 10? I guess IU Basketball has remained General Motors while Duke, UNC, Kansas, UK….all became akin to how Japanese and European imports dominate everything from entry market to high end. Our “market share” of Sweet 16’s is like owning a Chevy Malibu….or a Silverado.

  11. Hoosier baseball has made it to the NCAA tournament a total of 7 times, four of those in the past 5 years.

    Yeah, they are in a tailspin and a 2 seed is meaningless.

    1. I’m going through “material” withdrawal. Hated the basketball…Loved the material.

      Chet- You said just another one of “those” underachieving programs. Your implication dosed with sarcasm was that other programs are in some sort of glory era of achievement in IU Sports. There is nothing further from the truth.

      Appearances in the opening rounds of the tournament are progress, I suppose.

      IU Sports is all about the “appearances.” While the rest of the Midwest and teams from the BIG contend for national championship bowl selections and at Final Fours….we’re getting goosebumps over “appearances” in early baseball brackets, “appearances” at Sweet 16’s…and “appearing” average enough in football to squeak into the lowest level of the 45 bowls games set aside for standards in achievement.

      Again, for the budgets..the salaries….the passion for sports and the heritage deep in the hearts of Indiana residents….the size of the institution….the student population….the facilities….the talent pool of recruits within the state….? For anyone to gush over “appearances” without nothing of even an anomaly to put together one or two incredible runs in our major sports is, in my humble opinion, doing a disservice to the standards and potential we are capable.

      When something is called the “BIG”….(as in the conference), one would think a “BIG” stage once every 25 years wouldn’t be too much to ask for after paying AD’s and head coaches hundreds of millions to “appear” at something.

  12. Apparently, Tom-Crean-Derangement-Syndrome (i.e., TCDS) is a disorder that is difficult to recover from.

  13. “Appearances in the opening rounds of the tournament are progress, I suppose.”

    Right, the first Big Ten team to make it to the College World Series since 1987 is an “appearance”.

    This isn’t a discussion. It’s a bunch of guys laughing at your posts.

    1. Under the last coach…..who built the momentum along with a porch brawl swept under the rug via despicable delays and donation money tied to the institution. Makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
      Well, I’ll grant you your baseball anomaly under Tracy Smith. Now can you please give me one in football or basketball for the hundreds of millions spent on blowbags?

      Maybe my recollection fails me, but I do believe the last Final Four was under Mike Davis. Your senior in high school would have been in Pampers when that happened.

    2. Previous to Nebraska entering the Big 10….should have been your qualifier.

      Of the current teams in the Big 10, Nebraska currently has the most College World Series appearances since 2000 (2001, 2002, 2005).

      And we should make the distinction between a College World Series and an MLB World Series….A College World Series consists of 8 teams making the “appearance.” Indiana won their opening round game and proceeded to lose the next two. It took UCLA a total of five World Series victories to claim the ultimate prize. Appearing in a College World Series is an admirable accomplishment but winning one is another bracket challenge of strong contenders in itself.

  14. Sure. Alabama used to be in the Southern Conference so the SoCon has a bunch of NCAA titles in FBS football, too.

    No, Peaches, there is no “qualifier”. Nebraska was not in the Big Ten.

    Read very slowly and carefully. Indiana was the first Big Ten team to qualify for the College World Series since 1984. The end.

    That sound you hear is the rest of us laughing even harder. You continue to forget the first rule of holes.

    1. It’s an example, Sugar Plums. It’s going on 16 years since we’ve seen a Final Four.
      If you had a 1-year-old child(in Pampers) during that last Final Four, they are likely somewhere approximating being a senior …or graduating from high school.
      I sorta figured your law school son was out of diapers in 2002. Then again….I guess you never know. It does appear anal retentiveness is in the genes.

  15. Circular logic doesn’t just run amok in the White House.

    Literally ZERO people have been claiming that Indiana Athletics has been the archetype of consistent success in it’s history.

    It’s about where the teams are now, how far they’ve come and the trajectory.

    Baseball: I’m intimate with this program because I walked on for a very short time, was nothing but a glorified high school program. My high school field was nicer than the original Kaufman Field (Sembower) across from Briscoe. Bob Morgan was an eternal mediocrity, however, gotta give him some props for coaching for 22 years. He had more than 1k wins. But, he only made the regionals once and lost. The “facilities” were a joke. It was barely a club team. The investment in the stadium, facilities and two proven and hungry coaches has been unbelievably impressive.

    Soccer: the most consistently great part of Indiana. Again, as I mentioned earlier, Yeags Sr’s run in the mid to late 90’s, early oughts was so unbelievable I don’t think even he could replicate it. But since then, 2 National Championships. IU Soccer is still a force to be reckoned with.

    Women’s Hoops: I’ll let guys like MikeC who know waaaay more than me on this chime in. But the women’s team is certainly on the upswing.

    Football: for god’s sakes. Kevin Wilson performed a miracle. He took the worst sports program in the history of everything and made it respectable. Sure there were missteps and flaws. But Indiana became a team that wasn’t an automatic W. No more 60 pt home blowout losses. Football has a long way to go, but the investment in facilities, recruiting and coaching are such that I think Allen has more to work with than any other coach in IU football history. I’m bullish on Allen. But it’s very early.

    Basketball: yes, this was the albatross around the neck of the Indiana Program. No topic has been debated around here so thoroughly. The above average program made a bold statement this year, fired Crean, and hired the best young coach in the game (not some mediocrity from Northeastern). He’s hitting all the right notes and he’s able to take advantage of the massive investment that’s been put into Indiana’s facilities and he now owns a recruiting budget that would make a Persian Prince blush. This, too is too early to tell, but the trajectory of a flatlined program is headed up and to the right. Again, we’ll see.

    Feels good to see good things happening for the sports programs. Then again, never needed a rectal-optaleptemy in my life.

    1. Facilities ….facilities ….facilities. Are they new facilities for our two major sports? Nope. They are glorified remodeling jobs to stadiums that were already long overdue for the demolition ball.
      Off course, we have all the museums at Cook and inside entryways to sell us as just as relevant as 1987….Funny how Butler never needed museums to claim back-to-back championship games. And Butler’s football program is just a tad lest storied than Indiana. Hell, Mitch McGary’s bowling trips make bigger headlines.

      And , like Chet, you keep acting like the once in a quarter century anomalies and marvels…for those dud programs nearly given up for dead made in baseball and football will continue under the current replacements. Fred cooked Wilson because Kevin would not tolerate the distrust and Glass’s only concern to cover his lawyer butt from the most inkling of controversy. Smith pretty got cooked because his son couldn’t keep away from those Mellencamp models of citizenship. How wonderful to have any of our funding for “upgrades” on the knuckles of those fists full of dollars?

      1. Yep, going to the NCAA tournament four of the past five years is an anomaly.


        Keep digging.

    2. Speaking of glorified high school, that’s the dynasty career of mediocrity what’s his name at Northeastern has put together. They aren’t even average. ‘Bruiser’ has one helluva better resume as a head coach and he’s five years younger.

      Fred Glass would quite reasonably be in fear for his job if he had hired the best below average college coach out there.

  16. Kevin Wilson performed a miracle.

    That’s not anything from laughing gas fart you hear….I’m just searching for my eyes.

    By your own admission, Mitch McGary’s bowling trips make bigger headlines.

  17. If only you could put a gutter ball next to his name for putting his team on his back and leading Michigan to its last Final Four trip. When’s the last time Dipo or Zeller took us to a Final Four…?
    When’s the last time any Hoosier went all carpe diem in the NCAA tournament against top teams the likes of Syracuse and Kansas?

    When’s the last time any Hoosier has even taken over the paint in the NCAA tournament? Guess who…? Answer: Jarrad Odel against #1 Duke. He’s also had a big pro career. Do I care? Nope. I’ll forever treasure the day he didn’t shrink in the moment against mighty Duke(nor did our coach..or anyone on the last Hoosier team with any cajones).

    Hurry….Go do your research. Dig…dig…dig…dig.

  18. I knew you’d settle down once I said “mighty” Duke. Go Asheville! Did you ever hook up with Geoff to discuss Grayson Allen hoops over a bottle of Chianti? Did you mention something about a “funny bunch?”
    And you certainly can’t ever think I bought into all that “bait and tackle” shop malarkey concerning UK as well? Double Nope. It’s called ‘neck of the woods’….You can take the man out of Kentucky but you can’t take the Kentucky out of the man.

    You’re a better man than me, Chet. I like kids from Indiana who Coach Ozob* ignored ….I’m also a bit partial to some who grew up in my own neck of the woods. Small town…forgotten steel town….cheer for the underdog…All that sort of silly stuff. It’s my way of living out my own dreams unrealized of one day playing sports on some sort of big stage. But I’m no fan of Michigan….nor their grad transfers from Illinois who helped Crean stay painfully longer at IU. That, my friend, was like Russians meddling with the election.

    * Because of the backlash stemming from the use of the name ‘Bozo’ to describe Tom Crean(mostly from WGN Chicago, Cookie the Clown’s son, and Bozo’s surviving family members), I have decided to go with Ozob. Ozob, you may have noticed, is Bozo spelled backwards. Ten years backwards from the day of his hire would be a generous compliment for Ozob. His cultural sophistication likely set the image of Indiana back to 1955. I could have lived with that if he wouldn’t have used twitter to express his ignorance alongside the images of Indiana Basketball. His hollow dungeon of basketball sophistication(always with a tongue-lashing built in a reverse gear of excuses) was one hell of an anomaly I never want to see again 1000 miles from McCracken. I would take 1000 kicks in the shin from Knight and 1000 daily treatments of my face stuffed into Dan Dakich’s armpit before one more second of Crean painting the color of Bogus Ozob upon the home of men like Steve Downing.

    Could Ozob recruit? Sure he could. Finding kids who could score multiple buckets was never an issue. Some will return for IU reunions…much like in this video of a rather famous Bull. And people claim it was all Jordan!? Malarkey.

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