IUWBB: Hoosiers add Pitt transfer Brenna Wise

Former Pittsburgh forward Brenna Wise will transfer to Indiana.

Wise, a 6-foot sophomore, averaged a team-high 14.3 points and 6.4 rebounds per game for the Panthers last season. The Pittsburgh native is the second transfer to choose IU as a destination this offseason, following sophomore guard Ali Patberg, formerly of Notre Dame.

Wise visited campus with Patberg the third week of April. The combination of Patberg and Wise should help Teri Moren’s program turn over once rising seniors Amanda Cahill and Tyra Buss graduate. The Hoosiers will have only a handful of returners next year, and will bring in a five-player freshmen class.

Wise chose IU over Ohio State, Michigan, Dayton and Villanova.

“It’s an incredible academic institution, and not only that, it’s the mecca of basketball,” Wise said. “You think about all the tradition, the candy-striped pants. I want to be there, thriving in that mecca of basketball, under the leadership of Coach Moren and a tremendous staff. It came down to a very tough decision. I led with my heart and my gut, and I’m excited to call Indiana my home and be a Hoosier.”

While she is not from Indiana, and Bloomington’s distance from Pittsburgh was a hurdle for her to cross, she has a couple connections to IU. She played on the AAU team coached by John Miller, the father of new men’s basketball coach Archie Miller. Also, with Patberg, another transfer from the Athletic Coast Conference, she will have companionship during her transfer season.

Patberg committed to IU on April 23, the final day of their weekend visit.

“She’s a very talented point guard,” Wise said of Patberg. “Coming from the ACC, I am familiar with that caliber of player. I need someone who will push me, and we have each other for that year we sit out.

“I owed it to myself to look at all my options and go through the process thoroughly and make an educated decision. I’m glad Ali’s a part of that.”


    1. I just this morning got a print out of the 5 new freshman coming to the Hoosiers for the 2017 season. Along with Ali Patberg and now Brenna Wise, Coach Moran is doing a fantastic job recruiting players to fit her system. Can’t wait for next season.

  1. Its nice to have some guard/wing type players but we need some 4/5s. I would like to see Moren do more pressing with the incoming talent that should be no problem.
    Has anyone noticed IU no longer has a 5 star player coming in. Jaelyn Penn dropped from 39 to 71 in the hoopgurls rankings and now is a 4 star so Moren you are yet to bring in a 5 star. But regardless of the reason for making such a huge drop she is still the gatorade player of the year in KY.

  2. I have great hopes for what this incoming class can help IU do, that is providing they forget they are freshmen.

  3. Nice job by coach Moren. Now we need an experienced grad student guard to help for the coming season. With Tyra being the only guard on the roster even with the the 3 incoming freshman guards we’re short handed at that position big time. I’m confident that the staff has someone in the works.

  4. As I mentioned earlier in the Chanel Wilson article, this is a great get for IU. Although as some have suggested, no, she is not a center but, she is probably technically a 4 and is adept at playing inside. I agree that we need more size to get where we need to be. Although Patberg and Wise are not eligible until 2018, they are most definitely the type of players we need. I agree SteveW, I am really looking forward to this coming season.

  5. Practice should certainly be interesting next year!
    This has got to be good news for the IU women, even if I don’t much care for all of the transfers taking place in the college game today.

  6. Freshman are not going to forget they are freshman no more than 50 % of the time. A.C. and T.B. are going to be there. The real secret to IU ladies success is how solid on a consistent basis will D.F. and K.R. be to go along with freshman play and a couple other upper classwomen. I look for IU ladies to make March Madness tournament because of leadership of T.B. and A.C. plus coaching of T.Moren and staff.

  7. What’s really noticeable about the IU Women’s Basketball program over the last few months is it has become a destination of interest for not only high school recruits but transfers from other programs who are not really comfortable with their situation. This is success for a program with eyes focused higher.

  8. Lets look at these two transfers for what they are.. T.B. and A.C.. are Sr’s and leaving the program.
    These two transfers each play the 1 and (small) 4, so in their minds will be stepping into a starting role, I highly doubt if T.B and A.C .. were sophomores they would
    of picked IU.

    Transfers eye where they can step in and start.. I do agree the attractiveness of IU has went up considerably since Coach Moren took rains of the ship..

    I also believe any grad transfer will have the same eye as B.W and A.P, (starting) but with the incoming talent of the Freshmen , that grad trans is going to have to battle (big time)
    Don’t think they want to waste there last yr battling or sitting..

    1. That’s the point. These transfers weren’t happening 3 years ago for IUWBB. T. Moren has raised the bar.

  9. Actually, given the tradition as Indiana a basketball state due to its once upon a time the one class high school system for the state tournament (it was famous and envied) plus what Indiana men’s college basketball tradition once was once upon a time (hopefully to regain that tradition…it has just been in a low for a long time)…It only seems appropriate that the IU ladies basketball program should be a desired destination as long as it has a really competent coach which T.Moren is. She may very well be the coach that starts and develops a national tradition for the ladies program.

  10. T, there is only so many minutes to go around for 15 players .. and players are going to want to play. (Now)
    Each recruit eyes who is at there position and what year they are.. Doesn’t matter who’s the coach or what Institution it is.
    UCONN might be the exception..

    My thing is each player has one mulligan ( transfer / do over ) and most will use it according to playing time.
    I do like where the program is going ( No doubt .. upswing)

  11. Another ME, ME, ME transfer just like patberg. They sure fall for the “face of the program” recruiting technique. Don’t talk them up too much because when you mishandle them and they don’t perform it will be awkward. And wise looks like a solid player but if shes 6’0 I’m 6’5

  12. The video clip I watched actually list Wise as 6′ 1″ and call her such, appears to me she’s every bit of 6.0′ . Whats more she plays bigger than that, whether shes on the wing or battling inside. Shes the warrior leader type. Wise is also quite comfortable with the ball in her hands. Wise was also the ACC Freshman of the year. Sounds as if Moren pulled some magic as mich. and ohio st were also in the running. The arrow at IU is definitely pointing UP and outside players are seeing that. This would not have happened here two years ago.

  13. As usual, Hoosierfan loves to rain on the parade. Everyone else speaks positive and HF speaks doom and gloom. If nothing else, HF is consistent.

  14. In ‘hoosierfan’s’ (not much of one) eyes every player Coach Moren has brought in is a developmentally challenged little person.

  15. Oh no, another dreaded transfer from Maryland. Sophomore Kiah Gillespie, 6′ 2″ forward is transferring to Florida St. That makes 2 transfers for Maryland this year after all-conference point guard Destiny Slocum announced her intension about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Transfers keep happening everywhere, yep, even the really high profile programs.

  16. Yes it is and will be part of game. It is the Slocum transfer that opens your eyes wide and makes you wonder. From the outside it looked like a perfect fit even though she claimed it wasnt a perfect fit for her for whatever reasons.
    As for the upcoming season for IU I will be shocked if Moren doesnt use more of a full court pressure defense often, something up until now she just didnt have the horses to pull that off. But now with a long, quick, athletic class coming in it should be no problem to pull off, hoping.

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