IUWBB: Ria Gulley headed to Liberty

Former Indiana guard Ria Gulley will transfer to Liberty, according to her high school coach, Richard Herbst.

Gulley, a 5-foot-9 rising sophomore from San Antonio, Texas,  averaged 3.1 points in 13.6 minutes per contest as a freshman at IU. She requested a transfer in April, and, in a statement released by the program, cited a desire to be closer to her family.

Liberty is a private, Christian university located in Lynchburg, Va., competing in the Big South Conference. The Flames finished last season with a 13-17 record, but they were 12-6 in conference play. Their head coach, Carey Green, has been at Liberty for 18 seasons.

Gulley will have to sit out the 2017-18 season, per NCAA transfer rules.

Gulley was one of three guards to leave the program this offseason. Redshirt sophomore Tia Elbert and sophomore Laken Wairau both left without transferring elsewhere; Elbert intends to graduate from IU in the fall of 2017.

On the other hand, IU has brought in two transfers this offseason, forward Brenna Wise (Pittsburgh) and guard Ali Patberg (Notre Dame). Both will be eligible as redshirt juniors in 2018-19.


  1. Unless she for some reason wanted to go to a Christian school and play….big time program is unimportant to her….going from and up and coming big ten program staying and competing within system for playing time accepting where it goes as a team member….vs. Liberty and just playing bb where she should do well at that level of competition…maybe that is her personal priority.

  2. Funny she sent her release to a lot of power 5 schools.. I doubt she expected the response she got from most schools. What cracks me up is obviously she is making a point saying she wanted to be closer to home then going even further away. That doesn’t mean anything to you guys in your little dream world. Did you see the article about the volleyball player from Oregon who released a new statement about the real reason she left after her old coaches were terminated detailing verbal abuse ECT. Just goes to show these kids have to really kiss the schools asses until they are granted release and even then they can tell her she can’t go where she wants. Those statements are usually 100 percent bull. 13 min per game is not bad at all, so I wonder what the real reason was for her leaving t?? The world will never know, but im sure you and Teri know. What goes around comes around.

    1. What the hell is the problem? I fail to identify one from the article or the responding posts. Players transfer, it barely raises eyebrows for the most part unless to create smoke and mirrors issues.

  3. If you knew half of what goes on..team meetings with everyone crying and carrying on, moren throwing tantrums after losses asking players to get their release papers ready, you wouldn’t question any transfers

  4. Well good, I am glad T.Moren has high expectations. Your statement is so false and overly exaggerated. I suppose it depends on how you define a team meeting/s. I have seen several examples of how lady Hoosiers express their love for T.Moren and staff.

  5. I’m just an old Hoosier with no clout at all. I did attend all the women’s home games but one. Just speculating, but I think Miss Gulley wanted to be a point guard and most of her 13 Min. a game was coming off the bench for the shooting guard position, ie Karlee McBride. With Ali Patberg going to be available for the Point guard position in the 2018 season and being behind Tyra Buss next season she just opted to transfer this year so she would be eligible for the 2018 season with her new teaam to play point guard. Just my thoughts.

  6. Good for Ria. She’s going to be missed. Her charisma was awesome and she’s a very good player. She played some good minutes and I wish she would have started at SG but here we are. If the players don’t jive with the coach then it makes sense they’ll want to move on. Or it could simply be lack of future playing time of course. She’ll get more playing time there so good for her.

    Hoosierfan, fill us in on the issues please. I would like to know. I know that I only see ladies that seem to love coach. Looks can be deceiving. They also win consistently which isn’t indicative of a broken/divided team.

    I’d like to know more though.

      1. First of all, this article is a non-issue to begin with. Why do we care where she transferred to, it’s her decision? Transferring to a Christian school says a lot about her character, good for her. I suspect her real reason for transferring is because what she sees as a lack of playing time in the future.
        It is really interesting how the doom & gloomers come on here and tear down the coach every time someone transfers. All of these accusations come out about the coach making people cry and telling the players they need to get their transfer papers ready, really? All kinds of accusations about the coach pushing players out the door, OMG!!
        Here’s what I think, until a player who has transferred, graduated or left school for any other reason comes forward and produces such information as has been insinuated, then I will take all of this with a grain of salt. As has been insinuated before by several other people on this website, it seems as though certain individuals seem to have what seems to be personal issues with our coach? Hearing these accusations 3rd hand is somewhat suspicious to say the least. We are all still waiting for a former player to back up these so called transgressions? Real x-players making these statements would seem to settle some of this. If things were so bad at IU, why would not some of the players who have moved on speak up? Maybe because, some simply like to stir up stuff because of their simple hatred for an individual? Who really knows? This is the thing about social media, anyone with an axe to grind can type out anything they want to try to skew our thinking about an individual whether it is true or not and the author shall basically remain faceless, it’s a great world, isn’t it?

        1. Mike you really don’t understand how this works. The coaches have all the power. They decide if you can go, where you can go, as referenced by Liz stratman..anyone remember liz??
          Liz transferred to iu from butler, sat out a year then decided she didnt want to play at iu and decided to actually go back to butler..it was then when our vindictive coach denied her transfer, ending her career(if I can’t have you, no one can). In fact, moren had every player that left that year deleted off the roster. Which, despite what you guys think..is NOT a normal practice. So why would you trash talk the person who controls your future?? You don’t want to be a liz stratman..

          1. We’re all waiting for you to post something…anything…other than baseless accusations. You are sitting at zero for forever.

  7. I doubt if Moren is putting her hands around anybody’s neck.
    Without verbal abuse, we don’t have the three most recent championship banners hanging above McCracken(“most recent” certainly not being very recent).

    I will say that the “peripheral sports”(meaning everything outside the huge $$$ that comes with the mega TV contracts and coverage of men’s basketball and most BIG football programs) can probably escape the sort of scrutiny that comes with the two “major” sports.

    And very few paid much attention to Knight’s verbal abuse until the Establishment got threatened by all the winning and deep tournament runs coming out of little hick Indiana and their little hick basketball state. Somebody was paid a lot of money to hand over a video of Bobby choking Neil Reed.

    Bottom line: Until the peripheral sports get at least as much attention as Tiger Woods’ driving habits, the rumors will usually remain rumors. When ESPN attempts to make a story unfairly singling out Indiana University….for medical negligence in our women’s IU rowing team, I’m sure the viewership numbers blow away a documentary on John Calipari.

    And the stuff about Kevin Wilson? Those mostly speculative misdeeds received so much national attention that OSU Football decided to assign our former football coach a most prominent position on their coaching staff. Lesson here? IU Sports, our old and forgotten breadwinner in men’s hoops and our skyrocketing ‘Bad News’ Football Bears of the Big 10….have been rather peripheral for many decades.

    Lastly, in this age of humans posing as iPhones, I highly doubt any tyrant of a coach could escape the evidence against him or her…(sort of like ransom used by a teenager to throw dirt at another teenager via some unveiling of “Truth or Consequences” on Facebook).

  8. Alabama and Ohio State football abuse norms vs. IU football norms.
    (As far as Ria goes maybe it just wasn’t important to her to compete against the highest competition for playing time. Maybe she just decided she wanted to play somewhere no matter what the competition level and have a little fun while pursuing her educational interest.

  9. Yes Hoosierfan, I do understand how this works. You don’t seem to understand what I am saying or you simply refuse to understand it? The girls I am referring to are now away from the program either at another university or are now out of school. They are at a point in their lives where IU or coach Moren have no hold on them. I reiterate, if things were so bad, why would they not speak up, they are no longer connected to IU of their past coach. There is absolutely no reason why they would not speak of these horrible atrocities that you speak of? All we hear from these former students is crickets in the night……

    1. Actually that’s not true. Let’s take patberg for example. She’s is counting on muffet McGraw to allow her another year of eligibility..so even though she’s at a new school not out of the woods yet. You be obviously never had someone you personally know be worked thru this system. If I transfer from iu, sit out my year, play a year, then my senior year I get hurt and miss majority of the season, coach moren would make the call as to whether I get another year of eligibility. Does that make sense? I wish you people didnt act like i dont know anything? Do you guys truly think i would I post this stuff if it was completely baseless?? I wouldve stopped caring a long time ago. I know too many people that Teri has affected in a negative way..when a coach is supposed to provide guidance and support along with a winning atmosphere.

    1. Yes but, Hoosierfan, you are the only one speaking of these so-called actions. Still, no confirmation from anyone who was actually involved in them? As I stated earlier, a grain of salt is still pending? You are one of very few people who continue this witch hunt against our coach? Still have seen no facts to support your accusations, until then, I remain in support of our coach!

  10. I’ve read all the articles that I can regarding her previous positions. I see two things. First from a former athletic director she worked for, “She’s highly organized. She was really good with student-athletes and parents. She’s a good recruiter. Obviously she’s a good basketball coach”. Plus from a former player, “She had a strong philosophy and really expected the most out of her players. Off the court, she was very open, very able to communicate with and just a person you felt like this was going to be a good fit for you, a good home, a good family”.

    I can see where her being so blunt with her ability to judge if the ladies will be a good fit in her system could cause negative feelings. It’s never fun to be told you aren’t a good fit and to move on.

    Just my .02

    Good discussions, I would like to see some evidence in the form of former players from UIndy or ISU where coach was like this. That would lend credibility to the information put forth from her time at IU so far.

    I can only imagine that if you have a few athletes that don’t buy in it can really cause dissenters. That’s just normal behavior. I won’t speculate here who might have been in that role. Maybe none.

    I CAN guarantee that not all players will jive with a coach. No matter if they are Mary Poppins or something worse.

  11. There were a lot more speaking out after her first year and they saw that anything on this website that you post that isn’t positive propaganda was ridiculed. She has one player from isu that raves about her and one player from iu..

      1. Check the archives from when larryn and company left. I don’t have a problem with people giving her a chance I’m just really tired of people acting like nothing is her fault and she’s the next john wooden..especially after the way I’ve seen her treat several former and current players. And it’s not my place to name specifics. There are many people who know that work for the university and their job is to shine this turd.

        1. This is the only reference I could find.

          “Jeremy Price says:
          April 10, 2015 at 11:47 am
          Let me see if I can curb the bickering a bit here by weighing in. As I wrote in a column for the paper two weeks ago, this past season wasn’t exactly the turning of lemons into lemonade you might’ve hoped for Teri Moren’s first year. A number of sources indicated, though only Maura’s AAU coach would say it on the record, that there were the chemistry issues alluded to here, at least a portion of which stemmed from the way Moren and staff handled the difficult situation into which they were put. That said, we know she wasn’t the first or even second choice as coach, and as mentioned, did not meet the preferred criteria of the team. So that, and other internal factors played a role in this storm as well. And to address the Agler thing delicately, Brian was an option on the table, however his history with the NCAA at Kansas State made it a non-starter.

          Moren’s style and system may well work in the future, especially once she gets her kind of players in. But there was certainly a clash this year, although I will repeat that the W-L record may not have been much different with Miller as coach given the roster imbalance. Which direction is the program headed now? To be determined, but this whole thing has meant a step back, at least temporarily.

          And since ‘casual observer’ brought it up, assistants Rhet Wierzba (Austin Peay) and Todd Starkey (Western Carolina) have been linked to head coaching jobs that remain open to my knowledge.”

        2. What a cop out.

          You claim to be privy to inside information but the second you get called on your BS you say, “…it’s not my place to names specifics…”

          In other words, you have none. You…have…no…specifics.

          Your BS has been called…again.

  12. To be fair Hoosierfan, maybe you do have insight into what’s been going on.

    The fact of the matter is that she inherited a team that was well established and had good chemistry. They obviously didn’t agree with her style of coaching. Whatever happened, it happened.

    I think we’ve got to move on knowing that Coach Moren isn’t for every player. Transfers will continue. I feel like I’m talking about Coach Knight… Is she perfect? Nope. I’ll continue to support the team and Coach. Most of us here are behind them all as well. Past and present players.

    Ria transferring away really stunk though. She’s going to do well no matter where she plays.

    I’m rambling…

  13. Hoosierfan, really, very nice, “shine this turd”, a lot of class there. As has been stated before, it is obvious to many of us who frequent this site that you have quite the vendetta against the coach. As Tallguy most eloquently stated, not all players are going to agree with their coach for a myriad of reasons but, they decided to come here and they will learn in a short period of time that this place is or is not for them. If not, move on like over a thousand players around the country do every year. That is their prerogative. This happens all over the country every year as evidenced by over 1,000 transfers each year over the past few years. But, like I said earlier, all we hear is crickets out there from x-players.

  14. We have a women’s coach with major Purdue roots…Huh?

    We have two assistants in the men’s program who have a proud history with Calipari….Huh?

    We have a football coach who will make Indiana football skyrocket up the standings because he will capture the huge pool of football talent from Indiana? Huh?

    Brad and Billy wouldn’t call us back…..so we needed a search firm to find a coach from Dayton? Hell, I need a search firm to find Dayton….but I think I could do it for less than 97 grand.

    Very strange times at Indiana.

  15. Why are we questioning Ria Gulley’s motives? She simply said, “Give me Liberty, or give me death.”

    Borin’ Moren…left her emotions searching the gulleys of despair?

  16. For my money Moren is what this program needed. Miller had them winning on run and gun cupcake schedule then when the big ten started they knew what they had lose lose lose. They actually were ranked for one week under the undefeated cupcake schedule but what did they learn certainly not how to play defense. The program is headed in the right direction and I will agree its not for everyone as it invokes memories of a certain mens coach from the past. This coach will push trying to get the best out of each player and if they cant stand the heat , then get out of kitchen.

  17. I have heard a lots of stories, but I cannot verify any of them. I can only use my own common sense to figure out what’s really going on. Two things I have witnessed with my own eyes help shape my opinion. During a game against Indiana State In coach Moren’s first year I was sitting right behind our bench and several times near the end of the game a couple of the Indiana State players were openly talking trash to our coach who happened to be there Old Coach. Never seen that before. I questioned one of the Indiana State parents after the game and he said the players were glad she left. The second happened at the end of that same year when we were 30 points ahead with five minutes left. Coach sent a walk-on into the game before a freshman on scholarship. Which is a definite No-No. Then with 2 minutes left she sent the freshman in. Thinking it was some kind of discipline.I asked one of the players why the Freshman didn’t go in before the walk on. I remember her exact words, “because coach is a ______. I bet you can fill it in. Do I believe the story about the coach had been embellished? Absolutely do I believe coach has treated several players poorly? Absolutely as far as past players coming forward Common Sense will tell you that won’t happen. I doubt coach did anything that warrants that. These girls don’t want the hassle. But stop acting like Hoosierfan is making all this up. Where theres smoke. One final question. Why would you delete players and coaches off a roster? only here it’s done. Go to Moren’s first year and look at our roster. Coaches and players have been deleted. Why? That’s a question for our AD.

    1. What on Earth are you talking about?

      There was rarely an IU men’s game last year when a walk on did not play before a scholarship player. It happened pretty much every game. Shoot, we’ve had a couple different walk ons starting games.

      I knew the Moody boys who walked on at at UNC and Kansas. They always went in before scholarship players.

      You sound as if you’ve never watched college basketball.

      1. Men’s and women’s basketball are not the same. If you want to pretend they are…quit getting butthurt when someone is critical of the program, I could read comments from this same website that are critical of the former men’s coach..i didn’t see you over there ridiculing everyone talking about crean??? You resort to insults when you don’t agree and it’s very childish. Get over yourself buddy..you know less than 1/100th of what I know about BOTH programs.

        1. Actually, I’ve proven to be pretty reliable. I’ll stand on my record. I think even my critics will attest to that.

          We’re still waiting for you to make your first installment to back up the rumors you continue to attempt to spread.


          1. Is Chet running for Scoop class president?

            JPat’s rumors concerning Wilson’s less public demeanor turned out to be pretty accurate….Wonder if he’s heard anything on Moren?

  18. Transfer update: Jessica Shepard of Nebraska who averaged about 20 points and 10 rebounds a game is transferring to Notre Dame. Erin Boley from Notre Dame has decided on Oregon as her transfer destination. And the wheels just keep on moving.

    1. I remember when I was younger I got in trouble for saying a curse word in front of my parents. When I was asked about it, I simply stated that I shouldn’t be getting in trouble because my older sibling does it too. My parents explained to me that i should compare myself to others and shoukd set a higher standard for myself. Therefore..i don’t care who us transferring from where. I care about 9 transfers in 3 years from iu, not about 2 random self centered players from other schools

  19. Pretty funny mike . You ridicule anyone who has a different view then you practically call them a liar . Then you get your feelings hurt cause someone calls our coach a turd . And do you really expect players to hold a press conference saying coach was mean to me . Coach moren treated several girls very poorly in her first year . That is a fact . Time to move on but stop acting like it couldn’t have happened . Hoosier fan is over the top but most of what they say happened in some form . Tall guy if you really want to know everything that happened in her first 2 years I have no problem telling you . Things I saw things players told me . Things coaches told me .

  20. jessop- Whenever Chet backs you into a corner, just go with the pro forma answer:
    “What happens in creepy curtained vans…stays in creepy curtained vans.”

  21. I can’t slip anything past my phone. It will auto correct after I hit post.

    My current favorite is that it changes ‘Jared’ to ‘Jaded’.

  22. Hoosierfan, fine that you don’t care about transfers from other schools but, you continue to rip our coach about these transfers when it is the normal thing that goes on all over the country every year and especially to some of the top programs in the nation. As stated at an earlier time, it is business as usual almost everywhere! You continue to rip our program but, transferring of college athletes is like Santa Claus, he’s everywhere.
    And Nathan, MY feelings aren’t hurt by Hoosierfan’s crudeness. It just simply shows a lack of class. I did not call our friend a liar but, simply stated as Tallguy has said, a little confirmation from someone else would seal the deal. And nobody expects a press conference from a player but, it seems as though if things were as bad as our friend says, a player would share these problems with friends or family and the word would get around but, as I have stated before….crickets in the night.

  23. Regardless of which side anyone takes here. I simply love that women’s basketball has over fifty comments which are mostly relevant.

  24. To see a lot of posting on the women is always good. I wonder what the conversations will be once the “fab five” roll into town. Are they as good as advertised, lets hope so . It will be a few months yet before we will get any kind of indication of just how good they could be. I notice charlie creme’s way too early poll has IU sitting just outside of the top 25 at #27. Sounds as if Creme is cautiously optimistic as a lot of us are at this point.

  25. Chet you seem knowledgeable on the men’s side but on the women’s side not so much . Not sure you were around much during morens first season when most of the problems occurred . I went to every home game knew every girl on the team some very well . I am not making things up . Irish was exactly right on the walk on comment and if you knew the circumstances and players involved you would understand . I think . Tall guy if you put a mailing address on here I will send you a letter telling you what I know . Too many people on here who wouldn’t believe things if they watched them with their own eyes . Not wasting my time with them . You seem open minded and interested . Believe it or not but I am an I.U . Fan .

    1. Credibility requires accountability. As of yet there has been nothing but unsubstantiated rumors. That results in zero credibility.

      That’s how it works. With anything. Anywhere.

      1. I don’t doubt you fully believe what you are saying. There is not a single reason why anyone else should.

        Give us a single reason why anyone should believe the unsubstantiated rumors that have been posted. Suppose you decide to claim Coach Moren is a child molester but you haven’t provided a single piece of evidence. Are we expected to believe that, as well?

  26. It’s called common sense Chet . You’re not going to find a dead body . Add up all the circumstantial evidence . Where there’s smoke .

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