Reports: Vijay Blackmon to walk on at Indiana

Indiana will add another member of the Blackmon family to its roster next season.

Vijay Blackmon, the younger brother of former Hoosier James Blackmon Jr., will join IU’s team as a preferred walk-on, according to multiple reports.

Blackmon, who played the first half of last season at Saint Francis before leaving the program in January, averaged 9.2 points and 1.1 assists across 22 games as a freshman for the Cougars last season.

Considered a three-star shooting guard coming out of Marion in 2016, Blackmon averaged 17.4 points and 2.9 assists as a high school senior. He helped lead the Giants to the 2016 Class 3A state championship.

His brother, James, announced earlier this month that he has hired an agent and will begin his professional career.

Blackmon will add further depth to IU’s backcourt, which also features scholarship guards Robert Johnson, Josh Newkirk, Devonte Green, Curtis Jones and Al Durham. Former Bloomington South standout Johnny Jager joined IU’s team as a preferred walk-on prior to last season.

Dean Pantazi of WPTA in Blackmon’s hometown of Fort Wayne first reported the move.


  1. What is the significance of B.K. figurine pics (who has been put out to pasture long ago) on NBC Sports Network talk show hosted by Dan Patrick? Like almost all them the show itself is ridiculously boring and stupid when I watched it for 10 minutes. Just wondering why B.K. and not someone or something else.

    1. There probably is none. He is (realistically…was) a recognizable sports figure like Joe Paterno or John Wooden. DP probably picked it up on a whim.

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  2. V.B. ok. Good perspective by new coach. Preferred walk on (which if he wants to play for IU is the way it should be) vs. waisting scholarship. That says a lot about new coach vs. old coach. If V.B. actually becomes a deserving scholarship player in the future time will tell.

  3. Blackmon half pint. But in his defense….there probably is an equal level of no defense.

    “Preferred walk-on” sounds like staying in orbit on the command module while Armstrong walks on the moon.

    Are the leg supports of a chair for the preferred walk-on made from a more preferred brand of aluminum?

  4. Can’t find any fault in this. Look forward to seeing you prove your stripes. Welcome aboard.

  5. We have to trust our new head coach. So far, he has not given us any reason to suspect him of having anything less than sound judgement. And, what we know for sure is that Archie’s a much, much better judge of basketball talent than any of us are or ever will be.

    Hope Vijay works out, earns a scholarship and contributes to this team for the next four years.

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