Reports: Former Hoosier Oladipo headed to Pacers in George deal

Victor Oladipo is reportedly returning to Hoosier soil.

The former Indiana All-American has been traded, along with Domantas Sabonis, by the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George, according to multiple reports.

Here’s more from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

Oladipo recently won the 2017 NBA Dunk of the Year Award:


  1. I sort of think a former Hoosier winning the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year is a bigger story. Strange how a trade and one dunk brings a headline but Eric Gordon, a young man actually from the Hoosier state, resurrecting his career after many injury-plagued seasons isn’t a “feel good” tale for the pages of Scoop.

    Meanwhile, Oladipo now in the Twilight Zone of suck teams.

  2. However, should be financially set for life. Isn’t that one of the reasons (the main reason) you pursue higher education and an occupational area. Everything else is just Walt Disney’s land in reality.

    1. BP- You must be smoking more weed than Mitch McGary.

      t- Isn’t the afterlife a “Disneyland” fantasy….or is there a draft night with pearly gate lottery picks written on stone tablets somewhere? And if we’re talking “saviors,” Oladipo sure didn’t look like one at OKC(relative to the dollars they threw at him). But good for Dipo…Somehow his average game still walks on water.

  3. Yea Victor! Indy and Hoosier fans will love watching Victor in the peak of his career. Victor will put out total effort for all 82 games, and up it for any play-off games. He will be a team player, a two way player, and the “Face” of the Pacers! Sabonis is a very good, young 4. Let’s rebuild the Pacers with Indiana players: Swanigan, Thomas Bryant, Cody, Tyler, Hill, Conley, Hayward, Eric Gordon, Yogi, James Blackmon, Troy, the list goes on. The seats will be full, the crowd loud, and the excitement extreme! Some of these guys should be available if the Pacers really plan and prioritize local connections. Then add some Stars for championship runs! Go Pacers!

  4. Pacers should offer Crean a head coaching gig….The NBA game is a better fit for Crean. And he does have some ex-Hoosiers currently in the NBA who would love to play for him. The Pacers have nothing to lose. You may be onto something, Beat Purdue.

  5. With Rubio going to Utah, Hill is now available! Get him! Offer Ellis, Jefferson, Stevenson, and J Young.

    Indiana Pacers

    Dealt their best player, and didn’t get a single draft pick back. There was also no rush. With the draft over the Pacers weren’t going to lose significant return leverage on the George trade between now and the start of training camp. That would have given more time to draw some of the Celtics’ endless pile of assets out, which would have been a better deal. Their return on George isn’t just bad, it comes at a high price for Victor Oladipo’s contract. They face-planted on this deal.(courtesy: CBS Sports)

  7. Not hardly anything going on with IU fb and bb recruiting. Now, are IU fans resorting to following former IU players in the pros? IU fb and bb recruiting needs to get some fresh blood recruits before former players pro careers are over and then what is an IU bb and fb fan to do?

  8. We could always talk about the starting lineup for the Food Network….where Steph Curry’s money surely could have bought the entire network instead of just one cooking show for his wife.
    I’m surprised Kyrie Irving hasn’t purchased Fox News….and changed the name to ’24-Hour News Around the Flat Globe’.

  9. Though I pretty much hate pro sports, I do think T.C. is made to coach the pro bb game. I am sure that the money would agree with him.

  10. Maybe that was it. T.C. was rehearsing for an NBA coaching job while at IU as was his players.

  11. Indy is a perfect fit for Crean…..When is he not a “pacer” of the sideline?

  12. Sort of like the old Dr. Pepper commercials…?

    I’m a Pacer, he’s a Pacer, she’s a Pacer, we’re a Pacer, wouldn’t you like to be a sideline Pacer too?

  13. He will be a very good addition to the team and should help promote more fans to come to the games. H4H. I love your jingle. Beat Purdue, you are right that those players would fill the stands.

  14. v13-

    Well, at least Bird got the only bonus with Sabonis.

    Bird and Jordan have been disastrous builders of NBA teams….These former greats believe they can do it all, but they should have left the legendary mystique to their glorious playing days. They made so much better decisions on the hardwood than managing the pieces/operaions.

    Magic Johnson will likely be the next to join the club….

  15. Why? They had fun, no real pressure, doing what makes them feel good, promotes their self-serving esteem, on and on and on etc etc etc. Just like a happy life party where sometimes you have a better time than others plus you are able to travel, attend games, be involved as a team (part of the group), and pick up a yearly few million$$$ life is good.

  16. Never said to not do it if some foolhardy owners are willing to continue to waste their time and money (and the fans) simply because of their legendary status as players.
    I’m just saying they suck at it….which goes a bit beyond the raw cynicism of money and fame rules the world.

  17. I agree 100% they suck at it and so do a lot of individuals in a variety or all positions….and really they could care less. It is very artificial caring and they prosper greatly. This indeed applies to professional sports, its owners, players, coaches, agents and pretty much all those who prosper greatly. Their caring is on a different level and is viewed as a much different concept than what my view is. They are the kings, queens, bishops, rooks, knights, and the rest of those on another level are the pawns and the pawns have been had. It is a game of playing with money and wealth pretty much knowing if they suck at it in that regard life is good. That is far different than a pawn making decisions that suck. A pawn may very well suffer from his decision that sucks. The upper status chess players just go to another island and play another round of golf to decide what to do next. And yes fame and money artificially does rule the world….and yes it is 100% artificial.

  18. t- We are kindred spirits of sorts.
    Maybe you’re too young to remember this old Steve Martin routine….?

  19. Not to young and how it is forgotten; fund drive to save the pacers, taxes upon taxes to build stadiums and then give all income to the beneficiaries. Same goes for Colts. Fighting, drugs, arrests, while forgotten so standing ovations are standard protocol. If that doesn’t work give them more because after all its forgotten. It is them the other towns/cities not us as those towns/cities says it is indeed us and not them. No worry because it is forgotten and life is good.

  20. The average Joe gets offered a job let’s say for 70,000 a year plus a few benefits. Why are not players offered a couple hundred thousand a year plus some benefits including insurance for possible injuries. If they do not like it then tell them to go get a job somewhere in another occupational area making more if they can and good luck. My point is if owners, CEO’s etc want to pay outer space salaries quit using any 0 tax dollars for any of it. Build your own stadiums with 0 corporate welfare, 0 taxes (your give back donations after getting taken care of….think about it). Now, as long as everything is paid for by those making these decisions and using no corporate welfare or taxes to do it then I could care less if they wanted to pay a player or all players ZILLIONS of dollars. Just use their own money only without corporate welfare or taxes.

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