Creans pen thank you note to IU fans

Tom Crean and his family are thanking Indiana fans for the past nine years.

Crean posted a note to his Twitter account on Thursday afternoon, expressing gratitude for the support Indiana fans showed his family and the IU program during his tenure as the Hoosiers’ men’s basketball coach.

Crean was fired by Indiana on March 16.

The note from the Creans is republished below:

Bloomington and Hoosier Nation,

We want to Thank you all for being a part of our last 9 years. We have been blessed to have spent 18 years at 2 tremendous schools and fan bases. We have raised our kids in Milwaukee and Bloomington. We want to thank all the support we have received the past 3 1/2 months via texts, letters, notes, emails and kind words wherever we have been! Thank you to all the fans of Hoosier Nation who have supported Indiana Basketball through your passion and commitment to your team. Thank you to our school families, church families, sports families and community friends! Thank you to our neighbors for your friendship and support. And a special thanks to all the players, parents, coaches, staff and our IU Basketball family. We look forward to following you all as you continue your journey!

Tom, Joani, Megan, Riley and Ainsley Crean

Crean recently told the Chicago Tribune that he and his family are moving from Bloomington to Sarasota, Fla. Crean’s son, Riley, who was drafted by the Chicago White Sox out of Bloomington North last month, will attend IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. for a postgrad year.


  1. Absolute class act from beginning to end. It was time for him to go, but I sure wanted him to succeed here. He took this job when others were scared to touch it, because it was Indiana. Thanks Tom!

  2. Tom Crean was a class act from day one.
    Can’t say as much about a great number of IU fans who still seem to think a national championship is something IU is entitled to, and that sweet 16s simply aren’t good enough for this wonderful basketball institution.
    I wish Archie Miller all the luck in the world.
    For those who think folks are knocking down the door to coach here, I think you will find the following article interesting.

  3. What complete and utter hogwash. Sweet 16’s are not good enough when in consideration of the talent that came to Crean and the talent continually available in this great basketball state.
    It would not be good enough for Butler(the new Indiana) and it’s not good enough for Notre Dame. Those who are claiming it should be good enough for Indiana are still apologizing for a coach who came here via committee room arrangements that were filled with anything but “classy” deals.

    Rather than refer to the above link, I would refer to an article not so long ago claiming IU was an elite destination….and a perfect destination for a certain elite coach.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Marquette is lucky Crean hasn’t already been lured by other bigger name programs (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.

    Unfortunately, we got that vibrant shooting star for our “bigger name” program.
    We also got “Zellerpalooza,” “We’re Back” t-shirts, “Hoosier Rising” DVD’s, and the pièce de résistance of chasing around a former assistant in witch hunt fashion who now works at Butler.
    What didn’t we get? Please don’t act like we even sniffed anything more than modest success in March. Nine different not-so-“vibrant” Midwest basketball programs have gone to a collective 23 Elite Eights. Seven of those programs went onto Final Fours. Our “bigger name” program under the guidance of Marquette Fred & Marquette Ozob has been nothing other than fixed protectionism and empty hype. But the fix between Fred & Ozob had finally run its course….and somebody had to leave “our house” in divorce fashion. Everybody got what they needed out of IU…including boatloads of cash. Joey Glass mission accomplished.

    Archie deserves all he’s getting and then some. He has to win back the state of Indiana(recruits and h.s. coaches) so recklessly and flippantly disregarded. And he has to attempt to restore a minimal threshold of lore to the candy stripes following the most grotesque theatrical “act” in the history of hot air balloons.

  4. I simply was referring to others would have taken the job separate from T.C. success or lack thereof. Maybe, several turned job down but others would have loved job regardless if IU wanted them or not simply because it is IU bb and the money is great for many who would have loved job. I am not saying any of them would have done better, as well, or worse than TC.

  5. I personally do not consider 11 years “not so long ago” when referring to IU’s “bigger name program.”
    Marquette’s success in the recent past is roughly equal to IU’s.
    I hate to even think it, let alone say it, but I have come to believe that IU is NOT a premier coaching destination anymore and what it cost IU to get Miller here is solid evidence.
    You and I will never agree on Crean, but I personally believe that IU, for whatever reason, has not been an elite team in the world of College Basketball for decades.
    Crean got IU to the sweet 16s three times from 2012 to 2016.
    Before him, the last Coach to get that far was Mike Davis in 2002. Does that sound like an elite program?
    Bob Knight has been gone a LONG time…..
    I would like to see IU do really well in the immediate future, and would LOVE to eat my words.
    I’ve done it before!

    1. Ways IU is elite…

      Average game attendance
      Nationally televised games
      McDonalds All-Americans signed
      NBA Draft picks & players

      Only a handful of programs in the country boast the resume of IU’s basketball program – by historical or recent measures.

      Crean is a good person in my opinion, and he had many good moments at IU… but to sum up his tenure, he was in over his head in too many important areas (dealing with media, working with local HS coaches, scheduling, and of course… X’s & O’s).

      If you don’t think IU is an elite program you are too narrowly focused on wins and need to look at the bigger picture. If you’re having trouble understanding IU’s place in the national landscape just Google “blue blood college basketball programs” and try to find a list that doesn’t include the Hoosiers.

      1. Nice response to the Purdue fan/grad, Geoff.

        Hope you’re doing well. How’s Grayson?

      2. Geoff:
        EXCELLENT post.
        You’re on to something, the attributes you’ve listed are valid (especially the revenue), and I must confess IU’s overall performance for the last few decades has indeed colored my thinking regarding IU’s elite program status.
        I continue to believe many (most?) IU fans have unrealistic expectations of what IU can accomplish in today’s NCAA basketball environment.
        Why? Because IU has an extremely high standard as to what they will allow (no hookers, no imaginary degrees, self-report 3-way phone calls, etc. etc.). It’s hard to become a dynasty when almost everybody else is cheating. Not advocating joining all the cheaters and assorted slime-balls, but it seems to me we have to understand that when we (or anybody else) play by the rules it’s very difficult to regain elite status in the win-lost column.
        Would LOVE to be proven wrong on my pessimistic premise.

        Yes, I’m a Purdue graduate who also purchases 25 season tickets to the IU women’s games, because I can then take a bunch of kids to the game. 🙂
        I grew up in Bloomington, and the only years I spent away from Bloomington were my years at Purdue.
        I went to numerous IU basketball games until after college, and have had season tickets for IU football for years. I guess I enjoy lowered expectations!
        I’d like to think my thinking regarding IU fan’s expectations aren’t colored by my years at Purdue, but it certainly is possible.

        Wild Northern Mockingbird:
        Well said!

        GO IU! (and yes, I own a pair of candy stripes which I proudly wear to all the women’s games)

        1. Can we even begin to imagine the banners if “The Movement” would have had an “elite” coach who would have complemented Cody with some of the top Indiana recruits who were drifting way to MSU, Michigan, ND, SMU, UK, Louisville, etc?

          The Movement basically disintegrated. And although Crean has landed some stellar athletes, many were simply too far behind in the savvy and b-ball IQ to provide the ingredients for banners. With Zeller in the middle, it was all there for the taking. And maybe what brought him to IU was a bond to Crean that stretched beyond hoops, but, at the end of the day(and likely the decade), what a lost opportunity it will remain.

          Knowing that lost opportunity makes me rather scoff of the bragging at those Sweet 16’s.

          Time does pass quickly…..and it won’t be long before it’s 40 years since a banner was lofted in Assembly Hall. Opportunities just don’t present themselves that often. There will remain the Crean apologists who talk of how quickly it was “burned to the ground”…I tend to think it was far more painful to be waterboarded for 10 years…tortured in knowing what a quality coach could do with the talent pool jumping from the borders while Ozob was fumbling around with a premier center and a little bit of momentum so squandered.

          I believe I’m beginning to know how a Washington Husky or Purdue basketball fan must feel.
          You live in perpetual frustration while other programs far less elite in potential hire the coaches who can take the talent and do something with it.

          We’ve grown complacent and resigned….Never thought I’d see the day when IU’s basketball program was judged as a success by the seemingly nice guy qualities of coach who was paid 30 million over 10 years …but really didn’t have a clue. And we forever make it all better by pissing on horrible man who brought us three banners….never feeling the gratitude for the marvelous players who won banners in spite of his nice guy qualities.

          The state of Indiana basketball has never been lower. The exaggerations aimed at Sampson and Knight are the only means to ease the slow torture and slow drip of water droplets upon the forehead as every game is a witnessing of talent never being coached above their individual skills.

          And now I’m supposed to throw Crean kisses for a sappy goodbye? Puhhhhhhlease. Most of us can’t be substandard at a job for 10 days…yet 10 years.

  6. I totally agree with Geoff. Crean was given a great shot but he wasn’t consistent. We wanted him to succeed and he had flashes but overall he was in over his head. Just listen to him answer a basic question and he just rambles on and on about nothing. Wish him the best but it is Miller time. I think Crean should coach for Athletes in Action and spread his word. Oh, he probably won’t make enough.

  7. Farewell Coach Crean. Sometimes things don’t work out but all one can do is at least try. Thanks for coming here when nobody wanted it. Thanks for rebuilding the program when it was burned to the ground. Enjoy sunny Florida. I sure do.

  8. Actually, things worked out very well for T.C. and others when those get fired in this position and similar positions. Very lucrative way to go. Financially well off plus many opportunities that will pay a large salary as compared to the mean salary for most workers by a bunch.

  9. Well IU certainly was not amongst the “elite” college basketball programs when Crean took the job. It was in the sewer back then. In my opinion, it still hasn’t recovered elite status. But we’re a lot closer to regaining elite status than we were nine years ago, and we can thank Tom Crean for his contributions to that.

    Crean will move to Florida and live quite nicely on the $1 million per year severance he’ll be paid from IU. And that should allow him the opportunity to spend more time with his children and to get his professional equilibrium back. Good for him.

  10. After 30 million and such love for the people of Indiana, why even take the severance…? Wisely investing even 1/3 of 30 million over the last 10 years could easily net 1 million per year. Hell, just keep the other 20 million untouched under the mattress.
    Or better yet, just give the severance to charity or a suffering school system in Indianapolis…? Maybe we wouldn’t have 19 F’s of spit to the wind if many inner city kids got the same fair shake at safe neighborhoods and modern schools.

    Greed has no bounds. Think of Devin Davis and how a world could have been turned upside down for so many if that young man never had his miracle on 17th Street on Halloween night? Walk away with zero because of all the blessings that could have all ended in tragedy. Pay it forward for the answering of prayers.

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