Hoff named one of SI’s workout warriors

Nate Hoff is a big man.

The Indiana defensive tackle has also posted some big numbers in the Hoosiers’ weight room.

Hoff placed at No. 30 on Sports Illustrated’s Freaks List, which recognizes the top “workout warriors” in the game today. SI’s Bruce Feldman writes:

The Hoosiers had a couple of other guys who I also considered, especially Alex Rodriguez, a 5’10”, 225-pound former walk-on running back who benches 425, squats 650 and verticals 42 1/2 inches. Instead, I went with Hoff, a 6’2”, 310-pound defensive tackle. Hoff led all Indiana D-linemen with 38 tackles last season to go with six tackles for loss. A former standout prep wrestler in Ohio, Hoff bench presses 500, hang cleans 395 and squats 700. He also moves surprisingly well for a guy his size clocking a 5.07 40 this spring.

Feldman mentions Rodriguez, another physical specimen on IU’s roster. For further consideration, I’d also suggest left guard Wes Martin, who also benches 500 pounds and owns the Hoosiers’ bench press record of 41 reps at 225 pounds.


  1. No doubt these athletes would have over achieved but it proves the modern, supersized weight room is worth the investment.

  2. This is a good recognition for Nate and IUFB. Hoff is one of my favorite players with how hard he plays. It was very good the writer had to consider several other Hoosiers. The weight program is how you take 3 star players and make them 5 star players when they graduate in four years. IU’s players can’t often compete as freshmen against the best in the B1G but after several years in the strength and conditioning program they can develop themselves into players that can compete and beat younger 5 star players.

    1. DITTO!
      Check out Hoff’s speed. That also is development through 1st class conditioning lead by top notch people. 6 years ago no way IU would have been looked at for this recognition let alone have 3 in the running. For IU it is small steps to the ‘Breakthrough’.

  3. Another example of the good recruiting done by the past coaching staff…the hardest part was finding a defensive coordinator that realize the potential of Nate Hoff. Nate Hoff and Wes Martin are good example of improved lineman in the last 6-7 years. I believe that the offensive line and defensive line will be very good this year…a good reflection of good recruiting and good coaching over the years.

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