IU receiver Simmie Cobbs arrested in Hamilton County

Indiana redshirt junior receiver Simmie Cobbs was booked into the Hamilton County Jail on Saturday night.

According to online jail records, Cobbs is facing misdemeanor charges of failure to identify and resisting law enforcement. He was booked at 10:24 p.m. Saturday, and was released on Sunday afternoon.

Cobbs, who was attending a Jason Aldean concert at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, was taken to the venue’s security office for failing to clear the aisle during the show, according to a press release from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office. Inside the office, Cobbs declined to take a portable breath test for alcohol and also refused to provide identification, according to the release.

Per the release, it was that refusal that led to Cobbs’ arrest.

Indiana University released a statement on Sunday afternoon.

“Indiana University Athletics and the IU football program are aware of the arrest of redshirt junior Simmie Cobbs Jr.,” the statement read. “We will continue to gather facts, monitor the legal process and take action as the evolving situation warrants.”

Cobbs caught 60 passes for 1,035 yards during the 2015 season, earning All-Big Ten Honorable Mention honors from the league’s coaches and media. Cobbs was suspended for the 2016 opener at Florida International before suffering a season-ending fibula fracture on his first play the following week against Ball State.


  1. If this story is true as written then this BS. Cobbs should have given his identity but I have to wonder why he was asked. I will refrain from commenting on the police until the total story is out but I do have some real questions for them along with questions for Cobbs. This isn’t the way for Cobbs to start his 2017 season. Younger receivers have shown they are ready to step up if given the chance.

  2. Just another bump in the road in the on going history of IU football. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. Even though very serious, maybe it won’t reach the level to where he can’t continue his football career and no higher level of suspension for all non conference regular season games meaning he could play first game. Sounds idiotic to me unless the story is bigger.

  3. How can a person be forced into taking a breath test at a concert? Cobbs will be 22 on August 25th, so even if he had been drinking, that is not a crime.

    If the security personnel came up to Cobbs in a friendly manner and told him he couldn’t stand in the aisle and asked him to move, Cobbs should have been smart enough to do as asked. If, however, the security officers were singling Cobbs out and trying to act tough and pushed him out of the way, then I wouldn’t blame Cobbs for not cooperating. So many security guards are wannabe police officers who are trying to act tough.

    I am a retired FBI agent and If some security guard came up to me at a concert (very unlikely) or some other public event and started hassling me and requesting that I take take a breath test, I would probably get angry and refuse the request myself.

    I sure hope that this minor incident doesn’t derail Cobbs 2018 season!

  4. And people wonder why black people are frustrated….

    Sorry, the racial element is impossible to ignore. Does anyone think if Colin Hartman was getting his groove on in the isle, he would have been treated the same way?

    Ranger 67, great comment. I, too, would never give ID to anyone unless I was in trouble with the authorities and they are in their right to ask me. Security guard? Ha. They can jump in a lake if they want me to identify myself. In this case, they had absolutely no authority to ask Cobbs to identify himself and take a breathalyzer.

  5. Coaching inner city players in the past and being a disciplined person expecting my players to do the right thing, I saw my players deal with the same BS. If everything was reported as happened then at most Cobbs should run one set of stadium steps and everything should be ok. I would like the team and coach along with our AD to stand up for Cobbs if his behavior was nothing but what was reported.

    Ranger67 and DD I would have to say I agree with you and unfortunately Cobbs is dealing with bad headlines and people that want to believe bad things about talented people.

  6. Of course he can’t be forced to give and ETOH breath sample in this situation. Good idea to refuse.

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