IUWBB: Hoosiers unveil 2017-18 non-conference schedule

Indiana has released its non-conference schedule for the 2017-18 season.

Once again, IU coach Teri Moren has assured there will be some level of difficulty. Five teams (Western Kentucky, Chattanooga, Louisville, Auburn and Missouri) made the NCAA tournament in ’16-17, while two more appeared in the WNIT (St. Mary’s and Virginia).

The Hoosiers will begin the season with four straight home games, starting with Arkansas State on Nov. 11 and Southern University on Nov. 14. Chattanooga and Western Kentucky, two teams IU played on the road last season, close out the home stretch at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

IU then heads to its first tournament on Nov. 24-25 at the St. Mary’s Classic, where Alabama-Birmingham will be followed by host St. Mary’s. The Hoosiers will return home to face Louisville in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge before matching up with Auburn and North Texas. Auburn and North Texas are also teams IU played on the road last season.

IU’s final four non-conference games will be on the road. The Hoosiers will travel to Northern Kentucky on Dec. 9, and then the West Palm Invitational on Dec. 17; their first opponent in West Palm Beach, Fla., will be Virginia, followed by Missouri on Dec. 18. The non-conference finale will be at Yale on Dec. 21.

For the full schedule, visit IUHoosiers.com.


  1. So the same middle of the road noncon schedule we always play. This is why we weren’t picked for the tourney last season. A few teams at the bottom of the sec, some okay mid majors and a few scrubs. Louisville should be interesting at assembly hall. Only 3 true road games. Hmmm. Why don’t they schedule a good regional mid major like drake, UNI, ect

  2. Butler should also happen every year..would draw a good crowd, our team and theirs spotlight a lot of local talent..plus we could beat them.

    1. They would be good for strength of schedule.. and they went to the tourney. And they were ranked top 5 mid major polls all year. Do you know anything about women’s basketball?

      1. I know alot actually iu women were one of the last 4 out they lost to tourney teams wku,auburn,and nc state their schedule wasnt the problem them not winning those games was the problem

  3. OK Hoosierfan, 7 of the 13 games are against teams that played in the post season last year and you claim the schedule is weak. Boy, you never let us down……If you think Missouri is an easy task, you are in for a big surprise. I saw them play 5 or 6 times last year and they are a load! Any opponent from the SEC is tough to play. Chattanooga and Western Kentucky are quality teams. This is a pretty good schedule no matter what you say?

    1. I applaud them for playing several tough teams at home. What I’m saying is that strength of schedule is an important. We need to negotiate with some schools like butler, ball state, ect to draw the local crowds..we also need to up the schedule at least a little more so that at the end of the year the committee looks at everyone’s strength of schedule and decided our wins aren’t as good as Purdue or auburn (2 teams that shouldn’t have gotten into the tourney ahead of us)

  4. T.Moren continues to improve scheduling and adding better competition since she has taken over. Plus she is winning like no one else in IU lady history against tougher competition.

  5. Dude,
    Purdue beat OHIO STATE in the big10 tourney.
    Lost to Maryland (playing their fourth game in a row), won an NCAA game, then lost to Notre Dame by 6.
    I agree with you on Auburn, but don’t forget the Big10 got no respect from the NCAA in general.
    I really doubt strength of early season schedule had anything to do with us not getting in the tourney.
    Playing 7 post season participants in preseason is a tough enough schedule for anybody.

  6. While it’s nice to play Ball St. and Butler for what you call attendance purposes, we have played them in the past and attendance was poor! And playing those 2 schools will certainly not improve our strength of schedule since that is what your complaint was about to begin with?

    1. So you don’t think butler would look better than NKU, SMC, Southern U, or North Texas? We basically have the exact same schedule as last year, and the toughest matchup we have wasn’t even chosen by coach. And 3 true road games on the whole schedule. I mean I know why, we will be having a farewell tour this year

  7. The non-conf. schedule is plenty tough with 7 teams having made post season last year, the trick will be winning more of those games this season. Therefore the question, will the added athleticism and speed with the incoming class add enough to this years team, Im hoping it will, but time will tell the story.

  8. Uh no becuz the butler women stink they were 6-25 last year so that will not help at all period

  9. BTW, just read ESPNW’s final top 20 recruiting classes for this year. Northwestern was # 18 and Nebraska was # 20, IU was nowhere to be seen? Very strange to say the least? The only positive about playing a home & home with Ball St. and Butler is that they are easy to get to when you play at their place. Look at the past couple of years when we played them in Bloomington, out attendance was poor.

  10. The team is young…. only 9 players.. going to make mistakes.. grow.. learn.. mature..
    Doesn’t matter if they are in the top 20 recruiting class or not.. look for toughness at the beginning and composure.
    Look how Buss and Cahill gets the younger players better.. look for Royster giving quality minutes minimizing mental lapses.
    Wickware is going to bound and get up and down …. They are good .. give them the preseason to get ready for B1G.

  11. The problem is that they have no size with Foresman leavin the team that means Cahill 6’1 and Royster 6’2 will have to guard centers i dont like that dynamic but perimeter wise they can match with just about anyone

  12. Lindsey Marchese at 6’3 is going to have to play some minutes if she is ready of course but boy they are gonna be really thin with just 9 players available

  13. Thin yes Kym will need to come in and give quality minutes , she needs to really step up this year as they wont really have a choice. One thing this team has been lacking is overall team speed but the incoming class has it. With buss , penn, and warthen on the floor at the same time or maybe yeaney the speed will outclass some teams. Some growing pains yes , expect it but should be fun watching them grow together as a team. Hopefully no injuries or sickness will plague them as they are already too thin.

  14. This is a well crafted schedule. We start out with home games against 2 of the weaker opponents so our rookies can get their feet wet and gain confidence. The we face 2 NCAA tourney teams from last season ( W. Kentucky-38 rpi , Chattanooga-63 rpi) to see how much the rookies have learned. Then it’s off to the left coast for some team bonding time and a scrappy well coached Saint Mary’s (113 rpi). Five days later we face the Cardinals (12 rpi) at home. It’s time for the veterans to step up their game and find out where the rubber meets the road and for the rookies to shine. Defense will rule the day.
    Next up is another NCAA tourney team (Auburn-50 rpi) with their ’40 minutes of hell’ pressure defense. Last year in their house we wilted in the 4th. The next 2 games against N. Texas & Northern Kentucky should be a chance to get everyone plenty of playing time and work on whatever needs to be done .
    Now it’s off to Florida for the final exam against Missouri (22 rpi) & Virginia (51 rpi). We’ll finish off with a white Christmas in New England and those always pesky Yale Bulldogs (136 rpi).
    My way too early non con prediction: 8-4
    This team is very young. Only 3 players have extensive game experience. They will evolve as the freshmen evolve. They are the future of this program. Tyra and Amanda will draw most of the attention from the opposition but Kym Royster will be straw that stirs the drink. She is a shot blocking, rebounding machine and now is her time.
    The Lady Hoosiers will be well prepared for Big Ten play.

  15. Does anyone know , will jon blau be on the trip to Italy? Will we get to see any of the competition in europe, even clips of such?

    1. Steve,
      Jon will not be going to Italy, although he’d probably welcome a gofundme page on his behalf as an alternative to the preseason high school football coverage he’ll be immersed in by then.

  16. Mike-c Yes espnw has iu out of the top 20 but over at prospects nation they still have IU at #16 class ranking and 4 players in the top 100. That appears to be their latest update. But as they say rankings are more for the fans.

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