Oladipo excited to be back home in Indiana

Nevermind that Victor Oladipo was born and raised in Maryland.

The state of Indiana is just as much of a home to the former IU All-American.

Oladipo is glad to be in Indianapolis following last week’s trade that sent him, along with Domantas Sabonis, from Oklahoma City to the Pacers for Paul George. At an introductory press conference at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Friday, Oladipo expressed his excitement to be back at his home away from home.

“I’m a Hoosier,” he said. “Living, breathing, or any way you can imagine, I’m a Hoosier. To be able to play for the state team and represent the Pacers organization is a blessing and I’m truly thankful for it.”

The 25-year-old Oladipo, who signed a four-year, $84 million contract last fall, has grown into a solid complementary player entering the prime of his career.

Across the first four years of his NBA career, Oladipo is averaging 15.9 points, 4.4 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 1.5 steals per contest, while starting 234 of the 291 games in which he’s appeared.

“Victor, to me, can be a very, very special player in this league,” Pacers free agent point guard Darren Collison said. “Sometimes, it just takes opportunities and the right situation to take off. I’ve been watching his game for a long time and I think this is a situation where he can take off.”

After spending one season playing alongside league MVP Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, Oladipo will now be one of the Pacers’ featured components, along with center Myles Turner.

“I feel like I have the opportunity to show a little bit more than I’ve done in my first four years in the league,” said Oladipo, who was drafted second overall by Orlando in 2013. “Obviously, to come in here and help lead young guys, lead the organization (is the plan). So I’m looking forward to it. There’s nothing like playing for the home team.”

Pacers general manager Kevin Pritchard said Oladipo’s status as a fan favorite at IU, where he was the Big Ten’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, didn’t factor into the team’s decision to pursue Oladipo in a package for George.

For the former Hoosier star, it’s just nice to be back in Indiana.

“To come home, there’s no feeling like it,” Oladipo said. “To get off that plane the other day and realize I know where I’m at, to see familiar faces is always a good feeling.”


  1. 2017 Playoffs(5 games)

    3-point field goals: 5-25
    In three of the games, he went a collective 9-43.
    Averaged barely 10 ppg while averaging almost 35 mpg!

    When does the “upside” start going up? This dude fooled them all. Good for him.

  2. I don’t care if a player is 25 for 25, and 43 for 43, averages a 100 points a game still money talks and b.s. walks. Yes, good for him/them they fool us all.

  3. He’s certainly underperformed in comparison to the hype and expectations that comes with being a lottery pick. Then I guess it’s only “newsworthy” due to the money he makes. The stats are rather pathetic when considering his minutes. When will the NBA start paying based on performance? Would you pay 84 million for stocks that underperformed to such a degree?

    I really shouldn’t say “underperformed.” That implies there was/is game there to begin with. It’s all rather mind-boggling.

    The Pacers don’t have much to talk about…unless we are no longer judging NBA teams based on playoff success. I guess you’re right, t. It’s all just a “BS” money machine built on hype and trapeze acts. Bird understands it’s not about winning…It’s about finding dummies to put in seats who now have a rather tangential “Hoosier” reason to buy tickets. No Diposit, no return.

    1. Harv, relax a bit brother… that draft was not hyped up at all. It was considered one of the weakest drafts ever, which is part of the reason both he a Cody left early. There isn’t a single all-star appearance amongst any of the lottery picks, and there are only a couple players in the entire first round who have performed better than Dipo to this point.

      If the NBA had only you, me, Chet, Clarion, Double Down, Dustin Dopirak, t, JPat, and Po to draft from then no production should be expected from any of us regardless of where we were picked… well, except for some snarky comments and poetic diatribes.

      1. Geoff- I was a huge fan of the NBA long before draft hype and ESPN. My bones are drafty. Bob “Butterbean” Love(his retired jersey hangs near MJ’s) was my childhood hero of sorts. Bob Love had his lifetime savings of $100,000 hijacked by a wife who cleaned out his account and left him. He had a severe speech impediment and ended up washing dishes. My perspective on “hype” is probably based on “Hall of Fame” talent that weren’t lucky enough to be born in this insane time of blow with nothing to back it up.

        I never expected 20+ ppg. out of Oladipo…..unless he was averaging 60 shots per game. And once the pressure increases in playoff atmospheres, poor shooting skills and low b-ball IQ becomes even more evident.
        And Crean has been forever hyped. That hype usually involves the words “lottery picks.” They are never qualified with statements by those on this blog, by those in local publications, by those on ESPN, by those on the BIG network, etc….. that only one of his lottery picks(3 guesses. He’s not a Hoosier), ever lived up to the billing.
        There were people on here talking of Oladipo as being the next MJ…..Talk about crazy-ass malarkey..? All of that malarkey fueled the reasons to keep Tom Crean far beyond his obvious clueless behavior on the sideline.

      2. Oh, and I can assure you that Po, Clarion, Double Down, Chet, JPat, and Dopirak don’t have a bone of basketball skill in their bodies. We saw Dopirak in those media challenges…It wasn’t pretty.

        We would have to be the team captains, Geoff….and then simply divide up the garbage. We could save time by merely playing a game of one-on-one. My money is on you……..to lose.

        I know Price has a bit of game, but you didn’t put him on the Scoop mock draft.

        1. I’ll wager and gladly take up that bet. Happy for all of us to meet on court in Bloomington to validate your assuredness. You’re going to be buying a lot of Trojan Horse icing those knees after the game.

          1. Like all NW Indiana ballers, I bring my game when the stage is biggest. And if Trojan Horse is involved, you be going down.

            disclaimer: Matt Nover brought his game in “Blue Chips.”

            CHS Starting Five:

            Matt Nover, forward (currently Cook Hall because Matt works there)
            Zack Novak, shooting guard (currently confused with Matt Novak)
            Mitch McGary, point guard (currently high)
            Jim Gaffigan, forward (currently worth more than Oladipo)
            H4H, front and center…Nobody posts like H4H nor takes up space(currently worth more than a hole in the wall)

            Sixth Man: Jay Cutler (currently with a supermodel on an island purchased by the Bears).

          1. The only time I’m above a rim is when I’m emptying my bladder.

            Doesn’t matter. I was nurturing the round ball from childhood driveway to the pounded dirt of a lonely countryside field. Once I grab a basketball, the old majestic maple never feels cheated to be given the floor for game….A basketball becomes and old friend again…The clock briefly cheats the hours. The rewards are found and time is offered back for the summer evenings and jumpers into the stars when never a crowd or cheer could be found. There was never a crowd. Never a gym. Never the planks where the experts of the game drank to a clapping hymn.
            Only a memory, some dreams, and a love to splash some nets. My game does not abandon nor have my knees. Maples grew behind the pounded ground of my 3-pt line of trees…Their roots are likely bigger and stronger. The leaves still rival the colors of a setting autumn sun while the old wooded beam and backboard have fallen into the blackness of time.

  4. To expand on that point, if Dipo had been in this year’s draft, he would not have been a lottery pick… and probably ends up in the 15-20 range. If he then gave his teams the same type of production he has given to this point, he would rightfully be considered a value.

    1. To expand on that point, if Dipo had been in this year’s draft, he would not have been a lottery pick… and probably ends up in the 15-20 range. If he then gave his teams the same type of production he has given to this point, he would rightfully be considered a value.

      He wouldn’t give that sort of “15-20 range” production because he’d never see the court with the frequency he was allowed by being a lottery pick playing in Orlando. His minutes would have been given to someone else. His value would have needed proven in a role of coming off the bench. His shooting would have likely been even more miserable due to the pressures of showing “value” in narrowing opportunities. There’s your dose of common sense.

      OKC bought into the hype based on zero common sense and they blew quite the boatload of cash on a player who could simply be an occasional dunk contest participant/highlight reel.

          1. ….”white guy” from northern Indiana? Really?
            Indiana is my color and it has nothing to do with skin tone….but you should be above such suggestions that race has anything to do with my warped opinions.
            I’ve defended and thrown under a bus the whole gamut. I’m pretty sure Ron Patterson and Devin Davis are not white…And I’m pretty sure there are plenty of black guys from NW Indiana full of talent that Crean(in his own narrow world) believed to be as near as Mars …while he took flights to the East Coast.

        1. What did he do as a Hoosier that makes him deserving of more credit than guys like Tom Pritchard….or Christian Watford….or Mo Creek? He was overly hyped to justify keeping Crean far longer.

          I was the guy saying it was a weak draft back then…Now that Oladipo’s production has fallen short of the sell job, I’m hearing more of how it was a weak draft.

          Why were some invested in making him into the next MJ? Were they smoking more weed than Mitch McGary?

          1. That’s totally a false narrative… Everyone called it a weak draft… you were a drop in an ocean of agreement. No one thought he would be the next MJ… if that were an opinion held my more than a couple twitter voices then he would have been the #1 pick overall without question.

            And to answer your first question, he did nothing as a Hoosier to deserve more credit than those other guys… But those other guys aren’t part of any discussion. We are talking about Dipo, and Dipo is a Hoosier. He played his ass off for the Cream and Crimson for 3 years. He won a B1G Championship. He is one of ours, and for some reason you spend a lot of headspace and comment-area disparaging him.

          2. And he came in as a 3-star, worked his butt off and improved every year as a Hoosier. I can totally see why someone would hate on that guy. Who wants anyone who acts like this?

            Meanwhile, McGary get suspended for drugs, prematurely enters the draft and is in a bowling league now. He’s the guy we’re supposed to bow down to….because, white guy from northern Indiana.

  5. Depends on how you define concept of common sense as it seems that things are defined in so many different ways nowadays. Common sense has been lost. G, those draft picks might make a good act for entertainment in a game of horse with clown outfits at the field house. It has potential to be good high quality family entertainment and I know I would do it for so much less money. Maybe, a game of horse clown league could be formed. I would come nearer to attending that than an NBA game if the money was right meaning a whole lot less, a whole lot less, a whole lot less regarding the whole marketing machine in such areas as this.

  6. if it were easier to go back to posts around the time he was drafted, I would prove that “weak draft” was not the overall narrative. And one particular very well know “expert” of all things basketball and world was having a habit of putting Oladipo’s name into sentences with MJ references.
    I was the guy primarily saying Zeller and Dipo were not the level of talents that the mock draft was giving the perception. And weak draft ..or no weak draft Zeller and Dipo were part of a bizarre Establishment/Media quest(one that I still hear repeatedly sold as if it’s written in stone) that Tom Crean is akin to the Galileo of finding “soon to be stars.” There was a lot of spinning going on and it looked something like this.
    I watch a lot of ESPN. I’ve spent far too much of my life listening to opinions that are not based on any form of rational observation. I never heard this particular narrative before the “coach” who walks on water came to Indiana. And did he even find D-Wade …or did he merely make room for academic concessions for a talent anyone could see? And would he had ever made similar concessions and probationary decisions if it wasn’t at a program very off the radar?

    So long story short…My opinion doesn’t matter. I just think it’s sad that so many decisions are based on the spin machine. And I still believe that no amount of money can replace the full-out attempt to do the sorts of things that Crean & Glass loved to use as a reason for a reunion party.
    I prefer current parties on Kirkwood Ave. …and finding the sorts of players who live a bit outside the marketing prophecies hellbent on turning them into a mere commodity for the NBA.

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