Report: IU’s list of 2017 two-play opponents revealed

Michigan State is widely considered to be the Big Ten favorite for the 2017-18 season.

And according to a report from national college basketball reporter Jon Rothstein, Indiana will see the Spartans twice.

Michigan State leads the list of IU’s two-play games — or, opponents the Hoosiers will see at home and on the road — next season. Indiana will also reportedly have two games against Illinois, Iowa, Ohio State and Minnesota.

The rest of the league’s two-play games, as reported by Rothstein, are as follows:

Illinois: Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Rutgers, and Wisconsin.
Iowa: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State and Penn State.
Maryland: Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, and Rutgers
Michigan: Iowa, Maryland, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Purdue.
Michigan State: Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Rutgers, and Wisconsin.
Minnesota: Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Purdue.
Nebraska: Illinois, Minnesota, Penn State, Rutgers, and Wisconsin.
Northwestern: Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State, and Wisconsin.
Ohio State: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Penn State, and Rutgers.
Penn State: Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Ohio State.
Purdue: Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Rutgers, and Wisconsin.
Rutgers: Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Purdue.
Wisconsin: Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Purdue.


  1. Awesome. 3 of last 5 years we only get Purdue once.

    How many years does the ACC hold Duke and UNC to only 1 game? Oh yeah. Because that would be epically stupid.

    No respect for this rivalry whatsoever.

  2. Once again, the “BigTen” (varying number of teams depending on which sport we’re talking about, but never ten) has shown their incredible desire to do only two things, make money (which they keep) and be stupid.
    How can anybody with a brain not protect the IU-Purdue rivalry?
    DoubleDown is spot on. Three times in five years?
    What are these people getting paid to make bone-head decisions, anyway?
    Well, I feel better now……

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