Tennessee kicker Charles Campbell commits to IU

There’s at least one way that Indiana coach Tom Allen’s recruiting philosophy differs from his predecessor.

He’s bringing in specialists on scholarship.

Indiana landed a commitment on Sunday night from Tennessee kicker Charles Campbell, who becomes the eighth member of IU’s 2018 recruiting class.

Campbell is considered the No. 8 kicker nationally by Kohl’s Kicking Camps, which is widely considered the training leader for high school specialists.

“He is a confident, talented field goal kicker, who has great command of his body and his ball striking,” Kohl’s writes about Campbell. “His kickoffs have improved as well, he is one of the better field goal kickers in the 2018 class and might be the most game-ready player in this class.”

Playing for University School of Jackson in Jackson, Tenn., Campbell has connected on 17 of his 25 field goal attempts, with a long of 50 through his junior season. He is 133-for-138 on extra point attempts.

Campbell, who was also recruited by Navy and Army, is invited to play in next year’s Army All-American Bowl.

With Griffin Oakes set to graduate after the upcoming season, Indiana will need a new kicker in 2018. The Hoosiers also have walk-ons Logan Justus, a redshirt sophomore, and Nathanael Snyder, a redshirt freshman, on the roster.

During the six-year tenure of former coach Kevin Wilson, Indiana didn’t bring in any kickers or punters on scholarship. Allen, whose background includes specific duties as a special teams coordinator at Ole Miss and Wabash, quickly changed that in December when he brought in 21-year-old Australian punter Haydon Whitehead.

Now, Campbell is the latest specialist Allen has prioritized.

“I’d like to thank Coach Allen, (IU quality control assistant Jeff McInerney), and all the staff at Indiana for giving me the opportunity to play Power 5 football,” Campbell wrote in a message posted to his Twitter account.


  1. How smart of Coach Allen! Think of all of the plays during a game that involve punting and place-kicking! Not to have real super-skilled specialists was DUMB Coach Wilson!

  2. When you have a roster with fair depth you also have the luxury to be smarter. Wilson and his staff spent nearly their full tenure building that depth. Allen recognizes that and is making the appropriate adjustments as he should.

  3. Please dont act as if kevin wilson is the only coach not to that you get a kicker off a soccer team so please spare me plus when you stink for as long as iu has you need to get real impact athletes and kickers are not impact guys sorrry if disrespected any kickers

  4. It is nice to have a HC that puts special teams as important as offense and defense. Having a very good kicker and punter along with returners make a big difference in games. My understanding of coach Wilson’s position was he was going to out score other teams so he didn’t need to spend scholarships for kicker and punters. The walk ons would be good enough to have a decent special team and the extra scholarships could help the offense or defense better. I could be wrong about Wilson’s approach but listening to him that was his approach. Coach Allen however, has a different approach to Special Teams because he thinks they make a difference in games. Especially in close games special teams can make the difference.

    I like the future of IUFB because punters and kickers will now be some of the better players on the team to match the offense and defense players.

  5. I agree totally with you vesuvius 13 in that Coach Wilson believe that he was going to out score other team so he didn’t need to spend scholarships for kickers or punters.But i also think Coach Wilson realize that he needed every scholarships available for offensive and defensive players. Why? Because IU is not going to get (recruit) enough 4 and 5 star recruits to field a excellent team, an that he (coach Wilson) realize that a few of his recruits where going to be misses and he (coach Wilson) needed the extra scholarships. An at the present pace of the current IU staff 2017 recruiting class ranked 13th in the BIG 10 and the current class ranked 14th (dead last) in the BIG 10. the current 2018 recruiting class is small in numbers. yes, i know, all of this is irrelevant at the present time, because it is so early in the recruiting period. i just hope some players start commitment to IU soon. GO HOOSIER!!!

  6. i sorta thought Wilson was averse to losing a down. Not sure if he ever really believed in punting or kicking. I remember Double Down presenting some pretty solid evidence to support the “going for it” philosophy.
    Personally, I loved the gunslinger/gambler approach. I think the benefits far outweighed the negatives in attempting to keep an offense on the field(especially when rebuilding a defense can be on a bit more challenging). Playmakers on the offensive side of the ball can always keep you in a game….while a relatively challenged defense still acquiring the right pieces in terms of depth and size can take you out of a game very quickly.
    Wilson had no choice but to gamble while taking IU out from under decades of mediocrity. Having the best kickers in the world wouldn’t have kept us in games.

  7. Let’s also acknowledge Wilson always put an adequate priority on a quality LS for his ST’s and he had a couple of good 1’s. Outside of scoring his emphasis was on building team depth which has turned into a solid competitive program we enjoy today. He successfully accomplished the heavy lifting needed to transform the IUFB program and I’m confident Tom Allen will take full advantage of it.

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