4 storylines for IU’s game vs. Georgia Southern

1. How does Indiana juggle quarterbacks?
Richard Lagow will start. Peyton Ramsey will play, too. Beyond that, it’s unclear exactly how else Indiana’s quarterback situation will play out this week and beyond. IU coach Tom Allen says he’ll consider game progression and the hot hand as he manages the position moving forward. Virginia didn’t prep much for Ramsey ahead of IU’s Sept. 9 win in Charlottesville, but the redshirt freshman won’t catch Georgia Southern, along with the rest of Indiana’s upcoming opponents, by surprise. How will he respond?

2. Room to run?
The offensive line — and, by extension, the running game — has been Indiana’s most glaring weakness after two games. The Hoosiers could receive a boost from the return of right tackle Brandon Knight, who will make his season debut against the Eagles. Something has to change for Indiana to improve on its Big Ten-worst 64.0 yards per game and 1.8 yards per carry.

3. Time for takeaways?
Considering the frequency with which coach Tom Allen preaches about the need for takeaways, the Hoosiers have been disappointed to go two games without one. They could have had at least three against Virginia, two of which were wiped out by penalties. Allen said this week that takeaways often come in bunches. Perhaps against a flimsy Georgia Southern offense, a few could be on the way.

4. More special teams magic?
This is a chance for Indiana’s special teams unit to author some consistency. Two weeks ago, Griffin Oakes looked like the 2015 version of himself at Virginia, kicking field goals of 51 and 48 yards. J-Shun Harris earned Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week honors after he picked up 109 punt return yards, including a 44-yard return for a touchdown, in that same game. Punter Haydon Whitehead also continued with his strong start to his college career.


  1. The only question I have is the OL going to improve or stay as ineffective as it has so far. Along those lines when will Majette quit being the main RB? It is time for younger backs to play and see if they can be more effective with more carries. Ellison has shown the most promise and needs to get more early game carries. I think Gest hits the LOS fast enough and breaks tackles to also get more of a shot. The coaches need to make some changes to get the running going.

    1. Knight should be a huge upgrade at right tackle. Baker has been the worst of a not very good line. I agree Ellison needs more carries early and Gest too. Gest is fast but seemed to have had more burst last year. I’d like to see the coaches allow Ramsey to throw more downfield. He made a great throw to Hale but then they didn’t throw anything past 10 yards after that. I’d also like to see them work on a pass rush. I had high hopes for Stallings as a true speed rusher be he hasn’t done much so far. The lack of a rush is going to hurt against B1G opponents. Also with big receivers that can block and fast slot guys, why haven’t we seen more bubble screens? Even go empty backfield with Gest or Majette lining up in the slot. Bubble screens could be a way to get around our poor blocking.

  2. Everyone should look great in this game. Of course it is deceptive due to competition level. However, everything should feel great baring injury/injuries this week. Unless it is a close game for some unforseen reason and then it still will be a feel good but not great week because a win is a win.
    Yes, agree about running game and they would have to be out in left field not to see it. I am sure there is a plan in place of who are going to be running backs one, two, and three. M.E., C.G., and others with M.M. playing a role when it all washes itself out and coaches decide to move on it.

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