Harris nominated for Capital One Courage Award

J-Shun Harris is the first weekly nominee for the 2017 Capital One Courage Award.

The Indiana receiver and return specialist, who missed each of the past two seasons, earned Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week honors in his second game back after recovering from ACL tears in his right (2015) and left (2016) knees.

In last week’s win at Virginia, Harris picked up 109 return yards — the most for any Hoosier in a single game since 1991 — including a touchdown return from 44 yards out.

Through two games, Harris leads the Big Ten and is fourth nationally with 109 yards on five returns. Harris also ranks sixth nationally with a 21.8 average.

Before losing his last two seasons to injury, Harris was Indiana’s offensive newcomer of the year as a freshman 2014, when he caught 18 passes for 168 yards and two touchdowns.

The Courage Award was first presented by the Football Writers Association of America in 2002. A select group of writers from the FWAA vote on the winner each year. The requirements for nomination include displaying courage on or off the field, including overcoming an injury or physical handicap, preventing a disaster or living through hardship.

The winner of the award will be included in festivities during Capital One Orange Bowl week and receive his trophy at an on-field presentation.


  1. Good for Harris. He went through so much pain and discomfort from the injury and recovery it is amazing he could return to such a high level of play.

  2. Just gotta like this kind of of success even if you’re not a Hoosier. Been through 3 rehabs myself and it takes a mindset. He is a big part of ST’s success this 2k17. Allen will push him hard and we’ve just started to see what he can produce. I don’t know all the slot receiver talent nationally but you’ll have to go a long way to beat the 2-3 deep at IU.


    An analysis of K.W. and previous staff before T.A. shows in an effort to upgrade talent level K.W. took some pretty big gambles on players of questionable character even though these players may have been supported by their previous coaches they played for H.S. etc… K.W. did get a couple good years from running backs and had good success with offensive lineman but it seemed the recruits that decommitted from other schools and then committed to IU came with issues and have gotten in trouble. The latest being Camion Patrick. I know things happen at other schools as well. However, some of K.W. guys have gotten into very serious trouble mostly coming after attending IU except one which happened during his time at IU. For the effort that was spent on players except the RB’S was in most cases very short changed and simply not worth it or did not work out. T.C. had issues in the bb program as well.
    With Tom Allen and Archie Miller I see a welcome cultural change for IU fb and bb (I really think there will be a really good positive cultural change for bb).

  4. Great story…..Hopefully he stays healthy and plays to the potential of all his football dreams.

    He proves that you can bounce back from very bad injuries. Deluged with tales of only the biggest names in sports deciding on which company to sign a tennis shoe deal…..or which NBA team to bolt to to ensure a championship ring on a finger… or which girlfriend/wife they just assaulted ….or which college they have decided to leave early because the money forever outshines the memories of special achievements that can only exist with substantial risk-taking…..

    We can only consume the stories force-fed into our very narrow ESPN filters…but at the end of the day, nothing can upstage the determination in a rare individual’s humble heart.

  5. Harris is an inspiration. He proves that perseverance is a great attribute. What a great example he is to so many young people who have had things go against them. I’m sure his parents and family were overwhelmed with joy when he took that punt to the end zone. I hope he has a great year and enjoys every second of his success.

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