Indiana adds 3-star forward Jake Forrester

A weekend in Bloomington was all it took.

Jake Forrester wants to become a Hoosier.

Following a weekend visit to Indiana’s campus, the three-star forward gave Indiana a verbal commitment on Monday. Forrester, a 6-foot-10 native of Harrisburg, Pa., is the fourth member of a 2018 Indiana recruiting class that is shaping up to be among the nation’s top hauls.

With Forrester’s commitment, Indiana’s 2018 class is now ranked second nationally in the database. It’s also the third-best class in the country, per 247 Sports. Forrester now joins fellow IU commits Robert Phinisee, a four-star point guard, and four-star wings Jerome Hunter and Damezi Anderson.

New Indiana coach Archie Miller took Forrester around campus this weekend, showing him both what his academic future could look like as well as his role on the floor. Although Forrester may not be a prolific scorer — he averaged 7.6 points per game on the Nike EYBL travel circuit this spring and summer — he’s a fundamentally sound post presence who could develop into a rim protector for an IU program that needs post depth for the coming years.

During Forrester’s visit, Miller and his staff, particularly assistant Bruiser Flint, made it clear to the high school senior that they needed a player with his skill set.

“They made it clear to Jacob that they wanted him,” Forrester’s father, Dwight, told The Herald-Times. “It’s always nice to be wanted and they made him feel wanted. They made him understand that he would be important to their program moving forward. I just think that it was beautiful.

“The way Archie and the way Bruiser conducted themselves during the visit, it was awesome. It really was awesome. It made him feel like he would be a contributor to the program, and that’s what Jake wanted. He wanted to go someplace where he would be a contributor as a freshman and make a difference.”

Flint and Dwight Forrester have known each other for more than 30 years, dating to their days playing college ball in Philadelphia during the early 1980s. Dwight Forrester played at Temple from 1981 through 1985, while Flint was at St. Joseph’s from 1983 through 1987.

Flint, a Philadelphia native who came to IU following a 15-year head coaching stint at Drexel, was a significant factor in Forrester’s recruiting process.

“We’ve known each other for a long time,” Dwight Forrester said. “For me as a parent, it made it smooth for me. If it was smooth for us, then it is that much easier for Jake to understand that Coach Flint has his best interests at heart.”

Forrester stood at approximately 6-6 as a high school freshman, then hit another growth spurt during the summer leading into his junior year. He has a 7-foot-1 wingspan, which will fit nicely into an IU frontcourt that needs more size.

During the 2017 Peach Jam, Forrester averaged 6.2 rebounds and one block per game.

Forrester chose Indiana over offers from Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall and Xavier, among others. He’s considered the No. 3 prospect in his home state per the 247 Sports Composite rankings, the No. 37 power forward in his class and the No. 168 player overall.

The past few years, those rankings have pushed Forrester to prove he is even better than those figures project.

“That motivated him to be what he turned out to be,” Dwight Forrester said. “That motivates him to still continue to work as hard as he works.”

With Forrester’s commitment, IU now has one more open scholarship available for the 2018-19 season. The top target for the Hoosiers to fill that spot is five-star New Albany shooting guard Romeo Langford, who will attend Hoosier Hysteria according to multiple reports.


  1. I really like Jake Forrester. I know that we always say of every 3 star recruit ” Victor was a 3-star recruit and that worked out terrifically”. Not every player can be a Victor. But Jake is a 6’9-10, long, talented player with good shooting and ball-handling skills. I think that he can be every bit as good as that kid Wilson at MI last season, he was a first round draft pick in the NBA. Enjoy your Candy-Stripes Jake! Welcome to Indiana.

  2. Well, there are certainly no “projects” in this recruiting class. Forrester looks very capable. As for the fifth scholarship, if it’s not Langford, then Archie needs to go after a BIG.

  3. Is he 6’8″ or 6’10.” Seen him listed both ways (so maybe, 6’9″). Langford or at least high 4 star 6’9″ or bigger.

  4. Thanks, Jeremy. At least we know he has size, good wingspan (that in recent years gave small IU guards problems) and looks pretty coordinated.

  5. Very intriguing player. Hopefully he is a legit 6-10. You win the big ten with quality deep front courts and this team is headed in that direction. It will be interesting to see where this class goes. One spot left for Langford. Love the players Archie is recruiting, but he may be selling himself a bit short…seems like he is working his way towards some serious talent and no scholarships.

  6. I read in the Indy Star that IU’s Class of 2018 is currently rated as the 3rd best recruiting class in the country. Wow! That probably improves Archie’s chances of signing Langford, which would be an extremely impressive accomplishment.

  7. We don’t need another “Big” in next year’s class. Look at the size of the Hoosier’s next year:

    De’Ron 6’10
    Moore 6’10
    Jake F 6’9 or 6’10 if you believe his dad
    Race T 6’8
    Juwan 6’7
    Hunter 6’7
    J Smith 6’7
    Damezi 6’6

  8. I agree with DD… While the college game will always be a bit different than the NBA, players will always attempt to imitate the thing they want to become. Therefore the college game will move in that direction… So overall, there is a shift towards more positionless basketball. Brad Stevens defines his positions as ball-handlers, wings, and bigs. And bigs now are obviously more versatile than ever, a la the type that Miller is targeting. There have been plenty of successful college programs that have overcome the lack of a tall, beefy, low-post defender, which is what I think the people who still pine for “another big” are picturing.

    Basketball at the highest level imitates what the Warriors do, which is really basketball at it’s purest form… putting as many unselfish, versatile, skilled, athletic shooters on the court as you can. If the Warriors can win NBA championships playing a great guard with a bunch of 6’6″ to 6’10” versatile players then it can certainly be done at the college level.

    1. All true, but you are talking the best of the best in the NBA…The college game sets up better for a 7-footer with legit and ready skills.
      Duke, the gold standard(according to the many Duke and ‘K’ lovers I find on here), has two players 6-10, two 6-11, and one 7-footer. Beyond that cluster, they have five more players above 6-6.

      It’s all about skill sets…Outside of the severely overrated Zeller(especially in the areas of post move repertoire/vision/snap in his step), a train car full of top bigs from our borders have fueled other programs to deep tournament runs and Final Fours.

      It’s not that Archie isn’t building a roster tall enough…The question marks will be in the full array of skill sets they are bringing. The top programs find kids with tremendous b-ball savvy …..Projects are great to put a coach’s name in headlines for finding NBA dark horse talent. But by the time their games have evolved, they are ready to grab the mega millions from NBA. That’s where IU has lost the recruiting battles over the last decade and more….They have lost on the top players out of high school ready NOW….or, at minimum, high slope with high/experienced b-ball IQ’s.

      The b-ball IQ improvement in recruits is where we will see the huge positive differences in Archie’s talent pool(especially in the 6-9 and above range). Higher recruit b-ball IQ coupled with legit coaching from the sideline is going to produce exponentially better results that do not shame what those five banners represent.

  9. Will D’Ron stay 2 more years would be a consideration? High 4 or above star big man needed if you want big ten championship, big ten tournament championship, and NCAA March Madness tournament championship. However, Langford is top choice who I think IU has a good chance of getting because of Archie Way. Archie makes sense when he talks and wind does not blow in all kinds of different directions like a wind bag.

  10. Iu’s class is 2nd or 3rd nationally at the moment, but that can change quick. If we get Langford we probably finish in the top 5 and if we don’t it will probably be top 15-20. Still a great spot to finish with a first year coach. I also think it’s a great class to really set up a solid foundation for the future. Most of these guys will likely be 4 year players so Archie can focus on throwing a couple one and dones in the mix over that time frame. The future is bright in Bloomington.

  11. Bryant will likely find a 10-year career/stay in the NBA, but how much more intriguing and seasoned would his game have flourished if he would have had time to play under Archie Miller’s instruction and mature guidance? Maturity/composure on the court is part of that b-ball IQ equation…..Those that suffered a bit in such areas were never going to find a selfless/smart game under the the coach creating a total eclipse over our banner sunlight.

  12. Speaking of ‘How To Be An Average College Center While Making Mega Millions in the NBA’…..Is anyone else astonished by Mason Plumlee getting a $41M , 3-year deal with the Nuggets?
    It’s all just gone completely off-the-charts nutso.

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