Indiana fills schedule with Charleston Southern

Indiana once again has a full 12-game schedule.

IU announced Tuesday that it will host Charleston Southern on Oct. 7, replacing this weekend’s canceled game with Florida International.

The Hoosiers are back to six home games after scrambling to fill the hole left by FIU, which canceled this week’s trip to Bloomington due to issues arising from Hurricane Irma.

“It’s been crazy and a whirlwind, working through so much uncertainty and wanting to have certainty for fans,” Indiana athletic director Fred Glass told the Herald-Times. “Clearly, it’s not like the uncertainty and adversity folks in the FIU community are experiencing and really folks in all of Florida.

“We’ve had some challenges, but our thoughts and prayers are with the people facing true adversity in the whole region.”

Charleston Southern, which lost 49-0 at Mississippi State in its opener, had last week’s game at South Carolina State canceled and shared a bye week with Indiana.

Should the Hoosiers defeat the Buccaneers, the win would count toward IU’s pursuit of bowl eligibility. Although the Big Ten had been prohibiting teams from scheduling FCS opponents, it recently adopted a new policy.

Under the new guidelines, Big Ten football programs may schedule one FCS opponent during years when teams have only four Big Ten home games.

“The game contract between the schools was signed today and the kickoff time will be announced at a later date,” a press release from Indiana reads. “IU Athletics continues to send our thoughts and prayers to Florida International University and all those impacted by Hurricane Irma.”

Glass said that IU will pay Charleston Southern $500,000, plus a travel allowance of up to $150,000. The payout for FIU would have been $800,000.

That amount will eventually be paid to FIU, which agreed to reschedule its game with Indiana for Aug. 31, 2024.

From a football perspective, the Hoosiers have spent the past 48 hours adjusting on the fly.

Indiana coach Tom Allen said his team is approaching this week like a modified bye week. The Hoosiers took their normal day off on Monday and practiced Tuesday. They’ll also practice on Wednesday and Thursday before using Friday as a workout day in the weight room.

Coaches will use the weekend to recruit, while players will enjoy downtime on Friday night and Saturday. The team will reconvene on Sunday to prepare for next week’s game against Georgia Southern.

“It’s different, for sure,” Allen said. “(We) weren’t expecting this latest turn, but you have to be flexible and you have to learn to adjust. I told our players that (Monday) night when we got the news about the situation we’re in right now. Not ideal, but we’ve put a plan in effect to be able to maximize this week (and) take advantage of it both in practice time and in recruiting this weekend. So we’re able to adjust on the move.”

Fans who purchased single-game tickets to the FIU game will have the option to exchange those tickets for the Oct. 7 game or request a refund. All requests must be sent to The deadline to request an exchange or refund is Monday.

Indiana will not honor any Sept. 16 Florida International tickets or parking on Oct. 7.

All full-season and mini-season ticket holders with tickets to the FIU game will automatically receive the same tickets and parking for the Oct. 7 game against Charleston Southern. Tickets and parking passes will be mailed to the address on file.

Herald-Times reporter Michael Reschke contributed to this story.


  1. How sad! No, how embarrassing! To schedule a team of this caliber. And IU could have played Georgia Tech. I guess Southeast Northwest Podunk University wasn’t available. I wonder if flagpole Fred asked the team who they would like to play. Very Sad!!!

    1. Dingo you are so naive that it hurts! “IU could have played GA Tech”? Your research was what: 1) both teams had a game cancelled for 9/16 and a bye week for 10/7, 2) that was the extent of your facts. Some issues you did not consider: a team approximately equal in talent to FIU; the financial arrangements; the home field, tickets, concession, parking, etc. revenues already received. All this had to be finalized in less than 48 hours, for teams and fans to plan. Sad.

  2. If they’re good enough for Mississippi State to play why the hell aren’t they good enough for IU to play?

  3. Oh yea – Charleston Southern – that athletic powerhouse, formerly Baptist College of Charleston, with 3600 students. They lost to Mississippi State 49-0. Did you checkout their schedule? Filled with the elite of college football. Let’s be real. This game is an insult.

  4. Dingo did you think that maybe Georgia Tech was asked but valued their buy week and wanted to keep it. These thing don’t happen over night nor are they easy. You start making the phone calls to find a team WILLING, which is the key word here, to schedule a game 3 weeks out. It isn’t that easy as “yeah, we aren’t doing anything that weekend, so let’s go to Indiana and play in 3 weeks.” You think it is as easy as picking up the phone and asking. Could it be that someone might actually say thanks, but no thanks? We are good. We like where we are. You have no idea how many or which teams were contacted before they got to one that said yes.

  5. No, in all seriousness, it appears that “Flagpole Fred” panicked, or that he went for the low-cost option. He certainly didn’t take very much time or work very hard to find a suitable replacement for FIU. Money and a guaranteed win were probably his only criteria, so he offered Charleston Southern enough money to get them to justify playing the sacrificial lamb. As for CS, Fred was probably counting on IU’s offer being the second biggest payday that school will get this year. I think Fred could have done better. It’s very weak.

    I hope to goodness no one gets hurt playing in this meaningless game. Since it’s not going to impress any bowl-game committees, it eliminates the week of rest our players would have had before playing Michigan, and there will only be about 25,000 people in Memorial Stadium (for a half), I at least hope Fred negotiated a deal that saved IU some money.

    1. My goodness, what do some of you want? FIU got hammered by UCF and barely beat Alcorn State, so it’s not this was a powerhouse coming in and the whole point is to get to six wins. Scheduling Georgia Tech wasn’t going to help that get done. And having 25,000 people in the stands still beats none by not having the game at all. And if you’re not going to have a bye week between Penn State and Michigan, this is the next best thing.

    2. Damn Po you never fail to keep the facts from hindering your bias. If you would simply have read MM’s article above you would absolutely and definitively know FIU was to be paid $800k. $150k less than GS. Reckless. Credibility? Jeremy’s post proves AD Glass did a solid job to secure this home game. You on the other hand consistently exercise an aversion to facts.

    3. Podunker, review my post above. What specifically do you disagree with? You know nothing of the discussions. But your assumption that the AD did not work hard or take much time is infantile. Your comment on “injuries” is insulting to all players and coaches. Football injuries are a sad part of football life, every no contact drill, every live practice, every game presents the same danger. Your smug assertion that an injury against OH St is “better” than an injury against “Charleston Southern” is demeaning to everyone! Usually you are better than this!

  6. This gives IU the much needed 6th home game. Otherwise IU vs. GT is most likely an Atlanta venue. I don’t care who the opponent is I like AD Glass protecting the home schedule.

  7. A few years ago Central Florida was actually on the IU fb schedule. However, F.G. paid money to trade Central Florida for a more sure winnable game of FIU. Lol. IU fb has come through in beating FIU. Barring major upset (remember it is IU fb but see no problem as T A. and company will keep perspective). Play game, move on and IU will have plenty of tests in big ten play.

  8. HC, I take it you weren’t a math major! Here it is again for you. Read carefully. “Glass said that IU will pay Charleston Southern (i.e., the replacement) $500,000, plus a travel allowance of up to $150,000 (the sum of $500,00 + $150,000 is $650,000). The payout for FIU would have been $800,000.” Who’s not reading the article? Who’s not in touch with the facts? Who’s “bias is hindering his bias”? Do the math, wise guy!

    And note that Glass said “up to $150,000.” It could be less. But the last time I checked, $800,000 – $650,000 = $150,000, as in Fred is paying Charleston Southern at least $150,000 less than he would have paid FIU. So by scheduling some FCS school few people have ever heard of, and fewer still want to watch, Fred saved IU’s budget $150,000. Those are the facts! And as I opined in my post above, they fit with Fred’s modus operandi. Who doubts that the $150,000 in reduced cost to IU’s Athletic Budget was a big part of Flagpole Fred’s decision to replace FIU with Charleston Southern?

  9. Po the payment is 650k as I stated. All of a sudden you try to demonstrate facts are in your grasp? It will be sometime before that is believed.

  10. brownbomber, maybe we’ll get an invite to the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit, or maybe get back to the Pinstripe Bowl! If we’re really fortunate, the committee will understand the circumstances surrounding our game against Charleston Southern and we’ll get to play in the Foster Farms Bowl again! Then there’s always a chance we could slide into the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl in Nashville, or get back to the SDCCU Holiday Bowl in San Diego! Personally, I’m hoping we get invited to play in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix. Seven wins should lock that one down. The weather in Phoenix is ideal that time of year.

    1. Exactly which bowl games have you attended in person? Zero? They are all fun. Some more so than others. The Pinstripe in NYC was great, and a great football game!

  11. HC, you stubbornness is affecting your cognitive ability. Here’s your quote from your previous post: “If you would simply have read MM’s article above you would absolutely and definitively know FIU was to be paid $800k. $150k less than GS. Reckless.” W R O N G ………… again!

    Sorry HC, but $800,000 is $150,000 MORE than what we’re paying GS. IU is paying GS $150,000 less than we were going to pay FIU. You got it wrong and you still doubled down. Is that reckless or is it something else?

  12. I wait 8 months every year for IU football to return. Basketball has many home games. Football has 5-6 home events. Appreciate their rarity and appreciate that we have another to enjoy.

  13. Dingo 44, not sad or embarrassing at all. There were very few teams with byes on October 7th that also didn’t already have 12 games scheduled. Georgia Tech, South Florida, and Charleston Southern were the only ones I could find when looking at schedules this morning. Basically, Glass had to find a team that had a game cancelled due to the hurricane and that also had a bye on the 7th and to schedule a home game quickly before others beat him to it.

    I doubt that Georgia Tech had any interest in playing IU in Bloomington, although they might have been willing to play in Atlanta. Why would Glass and Allen give up a 6th home game and play an option team like GT who rolled for 535 yards against Tennessee’s 4* and 5* defensive players in their opener when we already have OSU, PSU, Michigan, and Wisconsin on our schedule? Makes no sense whatsoever!

    South Florida seemed like a good match since that is where Allen was for a year, but maybe Charlie Strong and South Florida didn’t want to travel to Bloomington either or didn’t want to play another Big 10 team as they already have Illinois on their schedule. Besides, their game with U Conn has so far only been postponed, and not cancelled, so maybe they still intend to play it at the end of the year.

    One final point, all the SEC teams still play FCS teams. In fact, Tennessee played FCS Indiana State this past Saturday and I didn’t hear one UT fan here in Knoxville complain about this game. Instead, the stadium was close to full and the fans enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of tailgating and football. The only gripes I heard were that UT should have beaten ISU worse than they did.

    If playing Charleston Southern gets us to 7-5 and a bowl game, that is a big plus for Allen and the program and I’m all for it. Win the bowl game and finish 8-5, and recruiting will get a boost. If the team goes 7-5, no bowl committees will give a rats ass that one of those victories was against an FCS team. What they do care about is whether or not fans will travel to a bowl game and support the team.

    What about you Dingo 44, are you one of those fans?

    1. Ranger 67 – Have the bowl game in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane & I’ll definitely be there & bringing some Mates along.

  14. The SEC enjoy’s a reputation as being the best college football conference, top to bottom, in America. And that reputation is what allows SEC schools to get away with playing games against FCS schools without suffering any consequences. Plus, with the exception of Vandy, they almost always fill their stadiums for every game, regardless of who they play. They don’t need to enhance their reputation, national exposure or quality of opponent. IU football, while making progress of late, is at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to SEC schools. How many IU fans are going to be in Memorial Stadium for the game against Charleston Southern? How many people will be in the stadium at the start of the second half? IU needs better non-conference opponents, not weaker ones. While a victory over CS may help IU qualify for a bowl game, since we were most likely to beat FIU anyway, I see this substitution as a net negative to IU’s football program, and not the least bit surprised that Fred Glass reduced his cost by $150,000. The irony of his choice is profound. And the irony of some Hoosier fans’ double standard on this subject is funny, given the consistent complaints about the quality of opposition IU Basketball has scheduled over the last few years. Either the Hoosier Nation wants IU Football to be a big-boy program, or it doesn’t. Glass seems to care more about his budget than he does about achieving that vision.

    1. Can’t really compare basketball to football. The bball program was already a big-boy program and the weak schedule was an embarrassment. Not as embarrassing as Georgetown’s this year. Want a good laugh look at that thing. However, the football program was never on that level and to compare the two is somewhat comical. What teams had buys that week and were willing to give it up Po? How many of those that had buys didn’t want to add a 13th game? A quality opponent wouldn’t have wanted to travel and would hold all the leverage in the negotiations. So, I put it to you Po, who should have IU played? You have the question and the bitching down pretty good, but no solution. Pretty typical around here.

    2. Sort of agree with Podunker on this one….
      This game will bring zero spark to Memorial.
      I also don’t get fired up about a program getting to lower tier cupcake bowls paved in frosting by losing 3/4 of their games against conference opponents.
      There should be no double standard. It’s time IU Football be more than simply being here for parking lot boozing and participation medals…..and to make Fred look like he’s turned something around when, in actuality, he has not.

  15. Can’t have a discussion with Podunker. He starts with a conclusion and searches for evidence….which are sometimes confused with blind emotions. Has he ever changed his mind about anything after discussing it? He’s just here to unleash emotions no matter how ridiculous. I cede the ground. Hopefully it makes him feel better.

  16. Dingo44 – I am making the assumption you are Australian and not an American living in Australia. You need to get some of your rich countrymen to sponsor a bowl game in one of the cities you mentioned and then lobby them to invite IU to play in the game! If you could pull that one off, I would join you and your mates for pre-game tailgating and post game partying!

    I have been down under twice, once on an R&R from Vietnam in 1971 and again with my wife about 4 years ago. Spent time mainly in NSW and thoroughly enjoyed my visits and my interaction with Aussies, except for an encounter with a foreign born, broken English speaking TSA equivalent asshole working at the Sydney Airport. I won’t go into details, but my wife thought I might not be allowed to accompany her back to the states.

    Do you have any connections with our new punter? I think he is a significant improvement at that position.

  17. IUHoosier1992, I would have liked to see Fred take more than a few hours to try to find a better substitute team, one that plays in the FBS. I would like to see Fred’s criteria change from “what is best for my budget” to “what is best for IU football’s reputation/notoriety.” I would like to see Fred start putting his money where his mouth is in regards to (football) fan interest. Fred talks about all the things his department has done/is doing to increase attendance at home games and make the games a better experience for the fans, but then he takes about 30 seconds to sign Charleston Southern, primarily because it saves his budget $150,000. Fred talks out of both sides of his mouth, but his primary objective is to protect his budget, which achieves a short term objective at the expense of the football program’s long-term goals of becoming a Big Boy program. Remember, this is the same Fred that sold an IU home game to Penn State a few years ago because he calculated that it would increase revenue by $300,000. He sold his football program down the river, virtually forfeiting that game, and it spoke volumes about his priorities, as did this decision to sign GS as a substitute. Big Boy football programs don’t sell home games to an in-conference opponent for cash. When it comes to IU Football, Fred’s behavior and his decisions tell you all you need to know about what he really thinks about his football program. Fred’s not a bad guy, he’s just an opportunistic, risk averse, department manager. But as I see it, he has not and is not demonstrating the leadership or vision necessary to allow IU Football to achieve Big Boy status. If Fred had decided to spend an extra $50,000 to $100,000 to sign a FBS school for the October 8 game, I would have been pleasantly surprised. But as soon as I heard that FIU was cancelled, I knew Fred would take the lowest cost route. His budget is sacrosanct.

  18. DD, you have most of the above post backward. I consider the evidence and facts and then offer up my opinion. When the topic is Fred Glass, it’s easy. Fred’s provided a lot of evidence as to his priorities and M.O. But the bottom line is that, under Fred’s “leadership” (tongue-in-cheek), IU has not produced a winning football season. That’s why I was able to predict that Fred would look to save money by substituting a weaker opponent before it was announced that CS would be the substitute for FIU. Does anyone really believe that Fred gave any serious consideration to signing an opponent that would cost IU more money than FIU was to have been paid? If so, you’re not paying attention.

    Although I’m not here “just” to unleash my emotions, doing so does make me feel better. You see, I’ve been donating money to IU and IU athletics since the year after I graduated from IU. My wife and I support IU Athletics by attending as many games as possible and by donating money. And I also contribute my opinions directly to those people is positions of authority within IU. I’ve met Fred Glass in person, and I took the opportunity to provide him some feedback, both positive and negative. To his credit, he received it well and behaved as both a professional and a gentleman. I’ve also written Fred (and other IU administrators) letters and emails, offering my opinions about decisions they faced or had already made. That’s what being an alumni and a supporter is all about. I personally believe that IU Football is never going to become a successful, competitive program unless the Hoosier Nation demands more of its AD, President, and BOT. Signing Charleston Southern was, in my opinion, a step in the wrong direction for IU Football. Given the circumstances, it may have been Fred’s only option, but because I have been paying attention, I seriously doubt it.

  19. Podunker, I get your point. But you offer no evidence for your assertions: 1) that AD Glass spent little time and effort in finding a replacement team; we now know that there were only 3 possibilities: GA Tech, South FL, and Charlestown Southern; the decision had to be made in 48 hours for fans, players, staffs, etc. planning purposes; enough said. 2) that GA Tech and/or South FL were not contacted, had some interest in playing IU in Bloomington, etc; enough said. So, in sum, the decision was made in a tight time frame, with the only interested party available, and IU saves some money and should win the game. Not great, but not bad work for the AD.

  20. Ball State has shown to be plenty of competition for IU Football. No assumptions should be made as to any opponent being too weak ….Charleston Southern might just be taking us for granted. Hopefully, they’ll come into Bloomington thinking they just put an automatic ‘W’ into their non-conference schedule.

  21. Also in a positive effort in smoothing out previously wadded panties, facts from Sagarin rankings list FIU at 157 and CSU at 146.

  22. Yes, one always has to remember it is IU football.

    For me success for this season starts with 3 non conference wins, one upset win and a win over Purdue. (P is going to be somewhat of a tall task). Can IU improve enough to beat Purdue? Virginia was a very solid win on the road for IU. IU has often barely won these kinds of games or lost them. Virginia win was bigger win than what it might appear.

  23. Going forward, who made the best hire??? Purdue in Jeff Brohmn (2-1 record) has played a fairly tough schedule to date, team looks much improved. Minnesota in PJ Fleck (3-0 record) overall team looks fairly good, but competition is fairly weak or Indiana in Tom Allen (1-2 record) competition has been very good, but the team has only looked somewhat disappointing. All three teams have issues going forth, but fans have to wonder which program will take that next step forward.

  24. Two/three games into the season and there’s a tendency to overreact to just about everything. When Brohm was hired at Purdue, it was universally praised as a solid hire for a program on the decline and there was easy praise for PJ Fleck’s hire at Minn. Indiana’s circumstances around Kevin Wilson losing his job was bizarre and confusing. Still is. But he had one of the hottest assistants in Tom Allen. We’ll never know, but there is a good chance a Top 10 program would have come knocking for a D-Coordinator if CKW remained the coach. Yup, TA is indeed a bigger unknown as a head coach, but so far, it is Indiana who has faced the far more difficult schedule. Brohm and Fleck have done exactly what they need to get a great start on the season. Everyone is going to roll into conference play next week. There’s a lot of football left to be played. Indiana has a far more difficult schedule than both of those programs, too.

    I’m feeling pretty good about TA, but have to admit that most of it lies in hopes rather than actual facts. Comparing to KW, who I would say left the program better than he found it by far, still had a rough start. Nothing to do with quality of talent or what Bill Lynch left for him. It had everything to do with the soft skills and leadership of being a head coach. Not just to his players, but to the assistant coaches and staff he hired and managed. It was a revolving door for quite some time. It took him about 5 years to really find his groove as a leader.

    TA looks like he has that part down already. Players love playing for him and, it seems, that coaches enjoy working under his leadership. We’ll see how it plays out, but from an organizational standpoint, it looks like TA might be a little bit further along in his development as a head coach. The Bucket Game isn’t for another couple of months, so let’s temper wrapping up conclusions in a nice bow for now.

  25. Blueprint decades old comment examples of IU football tradition. Nothing wrong with it. Aug and Sept, thinking…wishing…hoping…
    October and November, minor bowl game…if this or that…next year…basketball season has returned with optimism after the bb circus has left B town.

  26. t- Bingo. Now that the hopelessness of the 10 year b-ball clown show has finally left town, it is much easier to temper again the old football zombie crowd where wins at a “bucket game” are akin to trips to a Rose Bowl.

    For a minute there, I actually thought IU might get serious about pigskin….but then OSU picked up our fumble and called up Wilson from the minors.

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