IU releases depth chart for FIU game

There are no major changes to this week’s Indiana depth chart, only a couple minor tweaks reflective of last week’s start at Virginia.

Robert McCray is now listed ahead of Brandon Wilson at defensive end and A’Shon Riggins is now listed as one of IU’s two starting corners. Both McCray and Riggins started against the Cavaliers.

Here’s this week’s two-deep in full:

LT: Coy Cronk
, Caleb Jones
LG: Wes Martin, Grayson Stover
C: Hunter Littlejohn, Harry Crider
RG: Simon Stepaniak, Mackenzie Nworah
RT: Delroy Baker or Brandon Knight
WR: Simmie Cobbs, Taysir Mack
WR: Luke Timian, J-Shun Harris
WR: Donavan Hale, Whop Philyor or Ty Fryfogle
QB: Richard Lagow, Peyton Ramsey
RB: Mike Majette, Devonte Williams, Cole Gest, Morgan Ellison
TE: Ian Thomas, Ryan Watercutter

DE: Greg Gooch
, Allen Stallings
DT: Jacob Robinson, Jerome Johnson or LeShaun Minor
DT: Nate Hoff, Mike Barwick
DE: Robert McCray, Brandon Wilson
LB: Chris Covington, Dameon Willis or Mike McGinnis
LB: Tegray Scales, Reakwon Jones or Kiante Walton
CB: Rashard Fant, Raheem Layne
Husky: Marcelino Ball, Ben Bach or Jayme Thompson
S: Jonathan Crawford, Khalil Bryant
S: Tony Fields, Chase Dutra, Zeke Walker
CB: A’Shon Riggins, Andre Brown, Tyler Green

K: Griffin Oakes
, Logan Justus or Jared Smolar
P: Haydon Whitehead, Drew Conrad or Joseph Gedeon
LS: Dan Godsil, Shaun Bonner
H: Drew Conrad, Peyton Ramsey
KR: Devonte Williams, Cole Gest
PR: J-Shun Harris, Luke Timian


  1. For those of you dissatisfied with Majette as IU’s starting running back, it looks like IU’s coaching staff disagrees with your assessment. He’s still listed as the starter.

    Could it be that Ellison benefitted from Virginia’s defense being tired in the second half when Majette was running into a fresh defense during the first half? IU’s pace and the number of offensive plays in the first half might have fatigued Virginia’s defense for the second half. Or could it be that Ellison benefitted from a defense that had to defend against a dual-threat QB after Ramsey took over? No knock on Ellison. He looked good. But I don’t think we’ve seen enough of any of the backs to determine who will be the most productive.

  2. There is a lot of truth to what you have said. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t seen Natee yet though. He could be used to soften up the defenses early. Also, if our Line can’t open holes for the backs, he would make a great lead blocker every once in a while.

  3. Natee can’t block according to people that have inside knowledge and as a previous QB that is understandable. It is unfortunate that Wilson built him up so much even though no other coach on the staff thought he was a B1G back. He has been injuried and not practicing so far this year so for people to keep dreaming he will be some answer for this offense is unreasonable. I think he can turn into a viable back but he has a long way to go based on his injury rate.

    Po, I think Ellison’s success came due to the defense needing to defend Ramsey as a runner along with Ellison’s talent. In the last series he didn’t gain any yardage because the defense knew he was getting the ball. Unfortunately, our OL struggles last year were more an indication that the Wilson staff missed on several OL players as the talent doesn’t seem to be there against power 5 talent. Cronk and Knight, although we haven’t seen Knight yet, may be the only OL men that have the ability to form a good OL. For those that say we are missing coach Frey I would remind them of our struggles last year when Feeney and Camiel were out. If the OL struggles aren’t do to talent then they just don’t fit this offense and the type of blocking they must do. As far as the backs go, they won’t get enough reps until coach decides on his top two. You have to get enough game reps to get better and right now none of them get those reps.

  4. Yup that damn Wilson, what a terrible recruiter.
    So bogus. Even a modestly talented RB like Redding got a 1k last year. But yes there is a talent issue, Hiller is not a patch to Frey. But build your narrative if you like. The bias is available to use.

  5. HC, your post made me laugh. How typical, the world’s only expert on the subject of IU Football talking about “bias” and “building a narrative.” IU’s team had not returned to Bloomington and you had already concluded that Majette should transfer to an FCS school, Hart is questionable as the running backs coach and that Hillman is a bust as IU’s O-line coach. Wow, coming to those conclusions and expressing all that disdain after only two games! The humor is that you seem completely unaware that once again, you provide a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black! The obvious implication of your response to the posts that preceded yours is that anyone who questions your edicts or disagrees with your conclusions (i.e., judgements) is dismissed as “bogus.” The great expert known as Hoosier Clarion has spoken, so the debate is over and the subject is closed. It can’t be Wilson’s or Frey’s recruiting of O-linemen, because HC says its not.

    It’s obvious you appreciate and remain loyal to Wilson. And while most objective Hoosier fans agree that he did upgrade IU Football, improved recruiting, changed the culture, and improved the performance and image of the program, you must remember that he failed to produce a winning season in six years. And let’s also remember that almost every offensive player on IU’s team was recruited by Wilson and his staff. So if, as you say, Majette should be playing for an FCS school, that’s on Wilson and his former running backs coach. But most importantly, let’s remember that Wilson got himself fired for non-performance related behavior. So obviously, Wilson is responsible for the fallout associated with IU’s need to replace the entire offensive coaching staff. If you don’t like Hillman, or Hart, or DeBord, you have to place some of the blame on Wilson. Because had Wilson not gotten himself fired, those guys probably would not be coaches at IU. But since they are, and after only two games, I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them some time, as in a couple of seasons, before concluding that they are “not a patch” for their predecessors. Remember, “the most important ability is availability.”

    1. That would be Darren Hiller, not Hillman.

      But, you’re pretty much dead wrong on your premise. It isn’t “obvious” that Wilson is responsible for the “fallout” of having to replace the coaching staff. He had three standouts last year. One became the head coach of Indiana and the other two went on to coach at Top 10 programs. Not just Top 10, but two of the biggest blue bloods in the sport.

      Frey would have left regardless. He didn’t seek a new job, but Jim Harbaugh came after him personally. It’s like coaching at Dayton vs IU in basketball. Frey didn’t even blink before taking the job at Michigan.

      McCullough would have left regardless, too. He got a huge promotion to coach running backs at USC. You know, that place where running backs winning the Heisman is set on a turnstile.

      So, is it “obvious” Wilson is responsible for this “fallout?” Perhaps only from the fact that he hired these guys and they shined under his watch. They all moved on to massively superior jobs.

      But how about those other guys?

      Johns got bounced because of performance and he was the QB and Wide Receivers coach. Allen replaced all three positions with new coaches. Patton lost his job too. He was tight-ends and fullbacks coach. Didn’t even know we had those positions last year.

      Other than all of those coaches, you are totally right. It is completely “obvious” that Kevin Wilson was responsible for the “fallout.”

  6. Hillman??? Who the hell is Hillman??? Like the rest of your post you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a 1/2 mile wide and a 1/16″ thick. I’ll check back if you ever get facts correct. It helps credibility.

  7. That’s feeble. Such an obvious dodge combined with childish insults. It’s your standard response to anyone who dares disagree with you. I’m not surprised you can’t defend your claims that Majette should transfer to an FCS school, Hart is not worthy of his predecessor and Hiller (H I L L E R) is not a “patch” for Frey? Given that you, and you alone, have all the answers about IU football, the rest of us should feel fortunate that you choose to enlighten us with any comments at all. Have you found it burdensome to communicate with mortals all your life, or is this a recent development? I’ll bet Tom Allen is absolutely crushed and despondent since discovering that the great and omnipotent Hoosier Clarion does not approve of his starting running back and three of his new offensive coaches.

    1. So you don’t even know the name of OL coach you defend but I’m wrong for critiquing his poor results. Indeed you do amuse yourself.

  8. Still weak. What, you want me to type Darren Hiller 100 times on the chalkboard?

    1) A lot of football teams’ Offensive lines are going to be ineffective against OSU’s D-line. It is generally considered one of the two deepest and most talented Defensive lines in college football. For example, Oklahoma’s total rushing yards in Saturday’s win at Columbus was 104 yards. Their leading rusher had 62 yards, and the team only averaged 2.8 yards per rush. Oklahoma won that game with an experienced and dynamic quarterback who threw for 386 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions.

    2) IU’s O-line showed improvement against a Virginia defense that, according to both Allen and DeBord, showed just about every defensive scheme and alignment imaginable. Virginia has a good run defense, and that was understood before the game’s kick-off.

    3) Broncho Mendenhall is an excellent defensive coach.

    As I said, you can’t draw any conclusions about a coaching staff after only two games.

  9. Well, thank you HC! I do have a firm grasp of the obvious. But it’s apparent from your premature judgements about Majette, Hart and HILLER that you don’t. When presented with FACTS that challenge your edicts/opinions, you have nothing but insults to fall back on. Feeble. And by the way, your comments suggesting Majorette transfer to a school in the FCS was a low blow. Since when has it become O.K. to attack IU’s student athletes on this forum?

  10. Boring because you can refute none of my observations. Facts, it takes facts and you have none to the contrary. I will continue to throw you fodder in an unscheduled manner to help hone your fact gathering skills. It will help you immensely.

  11. HC you ignore the declining recruiting classes Wislon and staff had the past two classes. The high point was in the 2013 and 2014 classes yet Frey didn’t have any of the back ups performing at the level of previous OLs when they were needed last year. I think Frey and Wislon are good coaches but facts point to real problems occurring under their watch. Notice we also don’t have any senior OLmen this year which is very poor roster management, one that left last year was a transfer not a recruit. I am not happy with the OL but I won’t put the blame on Hiller yet. I want to see how the OL progresses as the year goes along.

  12. I believe the controversy with Wilson(the small sample set of accusations concerning insensitive verbal slights) was escalated by Fred Glass’s formal email threats that lacked face-to-face decorum.
    Wilson’s “decline” may have been his own form of softly chucking it in. I don’t think he appreciated the distant/cold relationship and the power-playing that was increasingly defining his lack of ability to handle the football program in the manner to fit his style/desires/messages/motivational tactics (maybe even disheartened a bit due to a posturing by Glass that gave appearances to a presumption of Wilson’s guilt rather than innocence).
    There was a lot of Bobby Knight in Kevin Wilson….He was not going to live in a straightjacket of political correctness modeled by an AD/ lawyer who [was already] a bit under fire for weak basketball/NCAA results. Wilson was never going to be micromanaged to death.
    I believe the slight tapering off of Wilson’s results were happening during behind the scenes undermining. Allen was no fool. He likely also saw a great chance to be opportunistic. Did anyone truly have Wilson’s back during any of the scrutiny?

  13. I ignored nothing. Frey’s IU OL played played with an attitude and stubborn mindset. I don’t see an ounce of either this season. They act like they’ve been tamed. Those deficiencies are on the coach. No sparks. No fire. OOC games is where those traits are nurtured. Time is running out. I fear for the IU OL and the offense in general during B1G competition.

  14. We heard it very early own on this blog….We heard one of our most ardent football contributors on Scoop refer to Wilson as a “jerk.”

    I’m sure Wilson wasn’t very polished. He didn’t want to be polished. He wanted to change the way so many people felt it was their right/earned privilege to ridicule/mock/degrade/sarcastically joke/belittle anything IU Football because of its lowly history.

    I never met Wilson….but I loved all the piss and vinegar. I loved the fact that he wouldn’t kiss ass from donors or inside meddlers. His confidence was based solely in his knowledge of the game. He didn’t want to do the waltz with country club boys who wanted to keep IU Football the easy joke in town. Most people fear the sort of power that can come with knowing your job beyond the need to kiss ass.

  15. I grow tiresome of the fetistization of Bob Knight’s “take no fecal matter” attitude. It was a bug, not a feature. You can be a warrior, tough as nails, highly demanding and also be a human being.

    Bob Knight is a legend and one of the greatest coaches of all time. But he’s also a petty man with skin so thin translucent would give him a tan.

    A product of the time? Just like Woody Hayes, one’s tyranny can only run so long.

    In Archie Miller, it looks like we got the total package.

  16. Re: Kevin Wilson, we have no idea what happened. Speculation is that Fred didn’t like his style, that donors were all huffy about him, and that he was a little too arrogant to others around him. However, none of these things are cause for termination. At least from the standpoint of where he wouldn’t get a much bigger payout from the rest of contract (of which, the ink was still wet). SOMETHING happened and it was swept under the rug. KW took a very minor payout and Glass AND Wilson were able to keep it quiet. This wasn’t a gruff football guy clashing personalities with slick talking lawyer. I guess we’ll never know what really happened. Kind of similar to Curt Miller.

    I think a lot of the criticism thrown around Glass is silly. However, these two situations are the ones that bother me. I don’t want IU involved in a very public scandal(s), but we had two pretty major firings, of which, there was far more going on behind the scenes that we can know. Hard to believe that someone other than Glass and the two head coaches mentioned know more than what’s been said publicly.

    I’m torn though. If no laws were broken, then I guess I’m glad things were settled quietly and off the front page of the national news. But that is a pretty big IF.

  17. It’s quite impressive that FG has kept these stories on the downlow. I wouldn’t have thought that possible but the Curt Miller story is getting long in the tooth, plus he’s changed jobs a couple times since then, and they’ve kept the lid on it (as far as I know and I’m not in anyone’s ‘loop’).

    No, something with some heft behind it caused CKW’s quick and unceremonious (and not very lucrative) departure. That Fred Glass could keep a lid on all that is pretty amazing. You don’t have to look very far to see how hard it is to keep an institutional secret.

  18. To me this specific aspect is a big part of AD Glass’s professional skill and management talent. He has a mastery for handling these difficult, potential ‘big bomb’ situation headlines.

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