IU releases depth chart for Virginia game

There are only two changes to this week’s depth chart, and you can probably already guess one.

Receiver Nick Westbrook is no longer listed on the two-deep after suffering a season-ending ACL injury last week against Ohio State. In his place at backup No. 2 receiver, IU lists true freshmen Whop Philyor and Ty Fryfogle.

We’ll see how quickly Philyor gets up to speed after missing a chunk of fall camp with an unspecified injury. Last year, the versatile 5-foot-11 athlete earned first team all-state honors at Florida’s Plant (Tampa) High School, where he played receiver, running back and defensive back.

Fryfogle was a first-team all-state honoree in Mississippi last fall, catching 89 passes for 1,432 yards and 14 touchdowns as a senior at George County High School.

The only other change on this week’s two-deep comes at free safety, where Tony Fields is now the listed starter.

Fields and Chase Dutra were each listed as potential starters entering the showdown with the Buckeyes. Although Dutra received the start, both players saw the field. Fields and Dutra each made five tackles, with Fields adding a pass breakup.

Dutra earned IU’s weekly special teams honor for his work on Thursday night.

Here’s the full depth chart:

LT: Coy Cronk
, Caleb Jones
LG: Wes Martin, Grayson Stover
C: Hunter Littlejohn, Harry Crider
RG: Simon Stepaniak, Mackenzie Nworah
RT: Delroy Baker or Brandon Knight
WR: Simmie Cobbs, Taysir Mack
WR: Luke Timian, J-Shun Harris
WR: Donavan Hale, Whop Philyor or Ty Fryfogle
QB: Richard Lagow, Peyton Ramsey
RB: Mike Majette, Devonte Williams or Cole Gest
TE: Ian Thomas, Ryan Watercutter

DE: Greg Gooch
, Allen Stallings
DT: Jacob Robinson, Jerome Johnson or LeShaun Minor
DT: Nate Hoff, Mike Barwick
DE: Brandon Wilson, Robert McCray
LB: Chris Covington, Dameon Willis or Mike McGinnis
LB: Tegray Scales, Reakwon Jones or Kiante Walton
CB: Rashard Fant, A’Shon Riggins
Husky: Marcelino Ball, Ben Bach or Jayme Thompson
S: Jonathan Crawford, Khalil Bryant
S: Tony Fields, Chase Dutra, Zeke Walker
CB: Andre Brown, Tyler Green or Raheem Layne

K: Griffin Oakes
, Logan Justus or Jared Smolar
P: Haydon Whitehead, Drew Conrad or Joseph Gedeon
LS: Dan Godsil, Shaun Bonner
H: Drew Conrad, Peyton Ramsey
KR: Devonte Williams, Cole Gest
PR: J-Shun Harris, Luke Timian


  1. So IU goes from top returning wide receiver as a backup, to the situation where two freshman are now backing up at wide receiver…..There is something here which does not seem correct?? If the only depth you have now is two freshman behind a starting wide receiver, then it was stupid to put your top returning wide receiver on special teams!!! what happen to wide receiver Phil Benker, Jonah Morris and Chris Gajack???

  2. This is getting to be a tiresome argument as teams all across the country put their top players on special teams. Last year Cobbs was lost for the year on his first play of the season it just happened to be on offense instead of a special team. I do wonder what is going on with the three WR you listed especially Morris as he was rated so high coming in as a freshman.

  3. Tiresome argument…what has happen has happen!! Westbrook has a knee injury. An just because we copied what every other team in college sports does of putting their top players on special teams, does not mean it is a good idea!! I cannot see much difference between having Nick Westbrook on special teams versus having any of the three names I mention above or any of the other backup wide receivers. If it was okay to put any players on special teams why not still one of our backup QB??? Why?? Because we are afraid of injuries. Why do you think the NFL and College football are trying to find a way to eliminate kickoff.

  4. I don’t see what the hell is wrong with putting the best players on ST’s. It is the way football is played. Go watch a Junior High game and see who plays ST’s.

  5. There is nothing wrong with putting your best players on special teams, it is just which special teams you put them on and what position (receiving kickoff, punt return) but the kickoff squad for a wide receiver. I agree to disagree an will leave this problem alone. With Westbrook down with an injury, let’s put Nick Tronti, Simmie Cobb or Mike Majette on the kickoff squad.

  6. A recent article in the Indy Star specifically addressed this issue. There really is no controversy, and almost all coaches agree; in college, in most cases, a teams’ best players play on special teams.

  7. Our history? Special.
    Our participation in anything outside a Foster Farms bowl….? Special.
    Our conference records…? Special.
    Our overall avg. attendance…? Special.
    Recruitment of top talent….? Special.
    Roster depth…? Special.
    Head coaching pedigree…? Special.

    Beg to differ, but I believe ALL of IU Football is a “Special” team.

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