1. Different from Georgia Southern physicality. Many times I have seen Indiana fb teams over the last half century or so dig themselves a deep hole to look like they just give the game away and lights out. Other times it is something else. If it is not one thing it is another. Well, it is half time. IU looks better now. I am interested in the second half because I have watched big ten games sometimes like this one to see the team that is down and out come back to win the game.

    1. I don’t think much of Mike Hart as a B1G running back coach. He has backs not protecting the ball. He can’t see the value of Cole Gest. Waits to the end of the 3rd to put him in. Ridiculous. He maybe could survive in the MV conference.

  2. Terrible game Poorly played Poorly prepared
    Poorly game planned & schemed
    Poor in game coaching decisions
    Offensive play calling mediocre at best
    I’ve never liked the idea of winning the toss and differing to the second half. But I really have to question why the hell you do it when you’ve got a Barkley receiving the opening kick. It is like amateur hour for rookies. With all the injuries it certifies the brilliance of AD Glass booking Charleston Southern next week. Need a chance to heal up and hopefully get smarter.

  3. Overall domination by Penn State. IU decommit qb from central Indiana goes to Penn State to set on bench. Game no surprise as once again top 10 team shows IU where they are or how good IU is. Being in the

  4. The big receivers and passing game that worked for one half against OSU simply goes away against highly ranked teams. Plus they have big big time receivers of their own. Pick your poison. Either, Barkley or a combination of other players beat you.

  5. Come on guys, we were playing the #4 team in the nation and #1 team in the Big 10 at their stadium. This team didn’t quit and played hard until the end. It’s hard to overcome all the turnovers, and that is what kept the game from being closer.

    Hoosier Clarion – our defense is the strength of this team, why wouldn’t we defer and kick off to them?

    We have suffered a bunch of injuries the last two games and for the season as a whole and it’s hard to overcome all those injuries for a team like Indiana. There are still 8 games to go, so let’s see how things play out. This team could still finish 7-5, but could also finish 5-7.

    At least IU didn’t lose 41 to 0 like Tennessee did this afternoon. UT is stocked with 4 and 5 star athletes and they still got steamrolled by Georgia at home.

  6. Tennessee is stocked with 4 stars. I doubt they have hardly any 5 stars because there are simply not that many high school 5 stars. They may have a couple. IU may have a couple 4 stars but I think IU may have 0 4 stars and stocked with 3 stars. I agree with your first statement. Your 3rd paragraph / statement is an IU fb culture especially when in big ten trying to play against superior well coached talent.

  7. Ranger, Here is your answer; IU has a developing offense, in other words it needs help, you don’t help by winning the toss and deciding to kick to 1 of the best runners in CFB. That was a stupid decision before it became a TD. It became an idiotic decision when Barkley broke into the open. IU isn’t going to score points kicking off. They have a difficult enough time scoring when they receive the kick. Allen and staff earned this ass kicking. They will have difficulty getting to 5-7.
    1 improvement I am seeing is the OL is improving.

  8. HC, your response makes no sense. If IU has a developing offense, then why not kick off to utilize your strength, your defense, and try to get the offense good field position? Granted, it would have been better had Oakley been able to kick the ball deep into the end zone so that Barkley could not have returned it, but that did not happen.

    I just think calling the decision to defer to the second half “stupid” is Sunday morning quarterbacking. I don’t fault the coaching staff at all for that decision and saying that Allen and his staff earned this ass kicking is what is really just plain stupid.

    IU football is what it this year (and what it has been for so long) due to recruiting and fan support, or a lack thereof. We just don’t have the horses to compete with the elite in the Big 10 or the country, and that will not change unless recruiting somehow improves. The only way that might happen is if this team can somehow eke out a winning season this year, which is certainly not a sure thing or what I would call a good bet.

    I agree with you that this team will have difficulty getting to 5 and 7, especially if the offense cannot come up with a formula to score more points. MSU, Maryland, and PU all seem to be significantly improved over last year, and with two top 10 teams in Michigan and Wisconsin still on the schedule, the task of winning 6 or 7 games is daunting at best. If the coaching staff can pull off a 7 win season, I will consider the year a success. Anything less than 6-6 will be a disaster and will not bode well for the future.

    1. Daunting hell, it’s impossible. A struggling offense needs all the snaps it can get so it can have all the opportunities it can get to score points and limit causing a fatigued 4th quarter D. The team with the most points still wins. Making it easy, understandable sense. That ass kicking was earned and the coaching staff has to bear it. I’m sure Allen is regretting that decision this morn and for the common sense reasons I’ve listed.

  9. Allen is a defensive gunslinger/gambler…? Wilson was an offensive gunslinger/gambler. Getting the pattern here? Which version makes the football more exciting when you don’t have the depth? Which gives you the better odds when you don’t have the depth?
    Do you want Wilson’s highly sophisticated offense, better than average QB’s, and NFL-worthy running backs; a game plan built on plugging deficiencies on defense via more lethal threats and quick scoring chances….Or, do you prefer Allen’s more specialized defensive product with the goals of more takeaways and 3-and-outs against your middle road BIG opponents to get your unsophisticated, slow-to-mature offense lacking any explosive talent more chances with the ball?

    I tend to believe Wilson’s product was IU’s best chance to keep the excitement alive in Memorial….I simply don’t think crawling up from the historic cellar position of the standings against the likes of Penn St, OSU, Michigan, MSU…will garner much interest or support via slightly less shellackings dependent upon marginally better gambling defenses and unsophisticated offenses lacking any marquee names.

    The strategy to put trust in your rah-rah hungry defense on a short roster ….vs. Wilson’s points, points, points, big play potential, and more go-for-it on 4th down decisions using inventiveness/ingenious(?) offensive schemes appealing to top offensive talent?

    And keep in mind, we had Allen as the DC while working through the Wilson’s rather headline-capturing offensive talent pulling IU Football from the depths of complete irrelevance. And when the BIG network cameras gave us a look at Wilson sitting in the OSU coaching booth (Buckeyes @ Rutgers game), did the announcers give any mention of all those verbal abuses implicated against Wilson while he was at IU?

  10. No problem with deferred to second half, however if your kick is not going out of end zone then make sure kick goes out of bounds against Penn State and Barkley. I think Penn State would take penalty and field position. If they make you re kick then squib kick to toward player other than Barkley area.

  11. Or use squib kick on first kickoff away from Barkley. Could have had that as special play practiced especially for that situation. This is far from first time IU football has been in these kinds of situations over past many many many years.

  12. In reality it does not matter who the coach is (Lynch, Hepner, Corso, Mallory, Wilson, Cameron, Pont, Sam, Dickens) unless you are able to get recruits there will always be a struggle to win 4, 5, or 6 games and IU fb will continue to be non eventful. Plus have to have big ten quality qb.

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