1. Wow, that was a nice recovery from what had to be the worst quarter of football IU has played in a while, and I’m now able to breath again. The mental mistakes made in the first quarter were horrendous. How do you field a punt on the one yard line? Lagow may have lost his starting job. While four of his passes were dropped in the first quarter, he threw another terrible INT and almost lost a fumble. Fortunately for IU, our coaches were not afraid to bench him and VA was not prepared for Ramsey.

    IU gets the ball back to start the second half, and they need to salt this game away by putting more points on the board on the first drive of the second half. Cobbs is a stud!

  2. I’ll hold the accolades for Ramsey even though he’s done well in the first half until they play a game where they know he’s going to start and the defense is prepared for him.
    Mike Majette if he has eligibility left needs to transfer to Terre Haute. Cole Gest clearly has the burst needed for a successful run game. Play him.
    Not entirely impressed with the Debord’s offense nor Hiller’s results with the OL.

  3. I agree HC. The O-line seems to be struggling and they are not opening holes. Is it DeBord’s offense, or the limitation of a young, inexperienced quarterback? But without a running game, no offense is going to be impressive.

    Special teams played well, and it looks like our kicker is back on track. You don’t see 51 yard FG’s every day. Nice punt return for a TD too!

    Defense played well, but it won’t appear so when you look at the stats. VA dinked IU to death with short passes, but thank goodness their QB could not throw an accurate deep pass.

    The targeting penalty was very dubious. I know the refs are trying to protect players, but that looked like a clean hit to me. Big call when you take a TD off the board and give the other team half the distance for a 14 point swing. IU probably got a little home cooking served up in that game.

  4. Wow, an athletic quarterback was able to use his athleticism to both complete throws (no tire swing required) AND open the run game by forcing VU to have to defend all 11. Like 2 completely different teams with Ramsey in the game. Lagow says the right things, tries hard but is just too much of a liability to give his team a chance to win. Welcome to the Ramsey era. The game is now too athletic to overcome a quarterback that cannot run. Give Lagow his participation trophy and let him cheer from the bench.

  5. Hiller is the highest paid assistant coach on staff after Debord. He should be backing up with his hand behind him when collecting his check. He couldn’t scrape Greg Frey’s dirty dinner plate. Vastly over paid.

  6. HC, I disagree about Hiller as he has experience of developing NFL players and having outstanding OLs. Last year we saw the beginnings of problems on the OL. Was it because Frey and Wilson missed on recruits they brought in or is it because they don’t fit this offense very well. We would have to sit in a coaches meeting with film cut ups to see what the problems really are on the OL. The result right now is they are not very good and they need to improve in a hurry. There were several problems cropping up last year and I think Wilson was going to see a decline if he stayed. Our roster isn’t very well balanced and this staff is dealing with those issues.

  7. Two games do not define a position coach. Hiller needs some time to get the players he inherited working in harmony, especially when his group is young. A true blue-chip program would have nothing but 5-star sophomores, juniors and seniors starting on the O-line, but that’s not what Hiller inherited. It is not fair to assume that IU has the talent it needs on the O-line, so Hiller must be the problem. It may simply be the case that this group of O-lineman is not mature enough or talented enough, and that’s not his fault. And let’s also note that IU does not really have a star running back on this roster. None of these backs are as good as the starters we enjoyed over the last three seasons.

  8. How silly because in just 2 games he has started defining his work to me. The results are glaring and I damn sure don’t need to set in their meetings to confirm it. No aggressiveness, no attitude, no nasty toughness. There is more mean and nasty by fans in the stands which contrasts to the ‘no push’ by the OL at the LOS. He should be building a chip on their shoulders thicker than their shoulder pads. Attitude is on the coach responsible for them. Coaches coach attitude. Either acquiescent or meat-eater become the result. This OL is so laid back and passive with a lack of energy to be 1st off the snap. But I’ll say 1 thing for passive and laid back it doesn’t breed penalties. I also suspect he does not evaluate talent very well(something Frye and Wilson were top notch at)and plugged the right product in the right position in the rotation. IU’s offensive woes are at the LOS, laid at the feet of the OL both in passing and rushing. His leash is now 2 weeks long. If he can’t get desired results against FIU and/or(and that is very forgiving)Ga. So. then IU’s offense in the B1G will be crap city and Hiller might as well be a pizza delivery man. $400K a year to wait for attitude that Frye would have had on display in the OSU game. Hagen(who lost talent through graduation and injury)is getting + results now, with no better talent than Hiller has on the OL and he IS earning his $300K. You earn success, you gain confidence but you instill attitude. Attitude manifests to attain the other 2.
    Got Q’s about Hart also. He don’t get it Majette is a situational fill in back at best and not the rotational starter. In other words he can pass block. But when you need to run the ball he needs to set. Gest and Ellison are the only 2 backs with the burst and power advantage for + yds. behind this docile OL. Hell even Rodrigues and Natee can survive at the LOS better than MM.
    These 2 coaches need to feel heat and urgency or there will be no breakthrough.

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