1. I posted after the U VA win that Ellison was our #1 running back and Gest was #2. Nothing against Majette and Devonte. But these two (Ellison and Gest) are the runners that IU needs. Play them!

  2. Other than Gest squeezing through one time, didn’t show a lot of versatility. I agree about Ellison though and am excited!

    1. JPat I replayed Gest’s 42 yard burst twice right after his run. He didn’t squeeze. It was a hell of a hole between the C and RG like several that Ellison took advantage of. But his quick start had him past the front 7 before they could react with any impact. I really like those 2 sharing the rushing responsibilities as they are not clones of each other although both have quick feet.
      Good to see your posts about the Hoosiers. Going to the Meatchicken game. Bride and I taking oldest Son, Daughter-in law and the 2 Grandkids for a weekend together celebrating the Grandson’s 7th BIRTHDAY.

  3. According to the Indiana Dailey Student, IU paid Georgia Southern $800,000 to come and play in Bloomington. Published attendance was just shy of 42,900 people, but I doubt more than 38,000 people were ever inside Memorial Stadium. What to do about home-game attendance? Better non-conference opponents? Thank goodness for the TV revenue from the Big Ten network, otherwise IU might be losing money on these home non-conference games. Hopefully, IU will catch PSU coming off a big-game hangover and give them a battle, and then Hoosier fans will get motivated to fill the stadium for the Michigan game. And I think IU can beat Michigan in Bloomington this year if the offense eliminates turnovers.

  4. If you are worried about money, ticket revenue stops at paid attendance, in this case 42,900. Have fun, enjoy the sunny day, converse with friends, watch the football, it is all good!

  5. Great point, BP. It was a sunny day, on a beautiful campus, and IU was playing well. That’s why I was surprised by such sparse crowd inside Memorial Stadium. I understand this generation of students have many other ways to spend their leisure time, and that low student-attendance is not a problem unique to IU Football, but still! Is it the mess with Highway 37 that prevents people from Indy making the game? Is it because we played a terrible team that should be in the FCS Division and no one cares about? Or is it just the same old pattern involving a severely apathetic fan base? This football team has potential to be good, but too many Hoosier fans don’t seem to care. These low turnouts hurt the program in so many ways. Aside from reducing revenue (IU needs every penny), it can’t be good for Allen’s efforts to recruit better players, or for team morale. I found it incredibly ironic to see images of the construction of a new, $65 million dollar facility in the south end zone of a stadium that was less than half full during the second half of a game IU was winning!

  6. Kids, it’s a basketball state. Whatever football exists in Indiana lives in the shadows of Notre Dame. Northwest Indiana and its old rust belt, steel mills, and factory workers heritage draws far more dog pound, rough and tumble-types than anything southern Indiana’s Scooby Doo Hippietown, USA could ever generate in fan interest for football.

    It is what it is….If you had a high-speed monorail from Indy to Bloomington and every powerhouse team in college on the home schedule, it wouldn’t change. Outside of a couple quarterbacks from our borders who flopped in the NFL(Cutler, Grossman), basketball rules 99.9% of this cornfield corner of the map.
    Bird, The Big O, Bobby, Butler, banners, barns, backboards, and basketball. You can get all cats to like dogs…and all dogs to like cats …before you’d consistently get Hoosiers to fill Memorial.

  7. it’s true. if we are winning 10 games a year, we might have a full house once or twice a season, but that’s still in the doubtful column.

  8. All good points. Even with the heat, we had a blast. A really nice guy behind me at the same time I said it….this crushes recruiting. Maybe, maybe not. It did not look good in the stadium or on tv. It was the talk of the tailgate lot that if they are killing this lowly Georgia So team at half, people were going to tailgate. Yes, we need wins terribly…but wow, it was so bad. We had 2nd string and down start in the 2nd quarter. We were on pace for 100 plus. Now we add Charleston So?

    1. JPat, No argument. We’re in that ‘in between’, are we the horns or the gored. The same situation for any questionable program with IU’s multiplied by decades of negative. Trade GSU and CS for T’A&M along with Pitt and IU is flirting with 3-9. To me that is more threatening to long term attendance and recruiting for IU than engineered scheduled W’s. Revenue from 43k who buy and leave early vs the old days of 28k who buy and leave early is a small step in the right direction. To my thinking with even W/L success it is a 1/2 a generation transformation timeline. I just don’t know if the starting point began with Glass or Wilson.
      Talk more later.

  9. Clarion, yeah no argument. I am stuck because I want the bowl too. I’m going to say it started with Hep!

  10. Getting butts in seats has all the very Indiana things going for it. But there are also problems that are endemic to overall attendance issues.

    Stadiums used to fill up (for other teams) when they played the Georgia Southerns of the world because these games weren’t on TV. It was also a cheaper ticket. You got to see your team in action. Now, with the B1G network, all of these games are nationally broadcasted. In HD.

    I know it is a continuing embarrassment for our team, but attendance is dropping everywhere that isn’t OSU, Mich, Alabama. Look at the empty seats at Tennessee, Mizzou, Arizona State, Arkansas and Georgia Tech last weekend. The previous weekend, I went to see Cal play Ole Miss. Pretty solid game, but we left in the 3rd qtr for better food, whiskey and comfort (we’re not Cal fans). About 60% full. Unless your team is seriously in the hunt, people don’t really want to fight the traffic, deal with uncomfortable seats, pay for crappy food and then no alcohol while in the stadium. At least most college fans aren’t the total goons who attend NFL games.

    Our “blue blood” basketball program experienced this phenomenon as well. The entire balcony was empty vs Northwestern last year.

    The good news for recruiting is that this is a relative measure. We can’t and won’t be competing with Michigan and OSU. But, we gain an advantage we never had before: the B1G network. Indiana Football is seen on a smaller, but national channel all year. Indiana gets a few ESPN games each year, too. More and more money is shifting from ticket sales, to TV. So at least Indiana has a leg up in exposure vs teams that aren’t in major conferences. We didn’t have this advantage before.

    All in all, the game experience isn’t really that fun anymore. Add in Indiana’s dubious history and all you get is a bunch of old guys griping the stands. Meanwhile, a lot of other people are having fun tailgating, are in the bars or at home on their comfy couch watching in HD. I know where I’d rather be.

  11. Some excellent points, DD. But I can’t imagine that it’s more fun watching the game while sitting on the couch at home than it is to be part of the scene at a home football or basketball game in Bloomington. B-town just has a great vibe and energy on beautiful fall days. I think the quality of the competition kept a lot of folks away from Memorial Stadium. The competition was not interesting enough to convince people to spend the time, even if they’d already bought the tickets. And for those that had not bought tickets, who wanted to spend money on tickets for a game against a team they’d never heard of before. And I wonder if TV ratings for college sports is also on the decline? If they are, that financial safety net is going to shrink when the networks renegotiate the new contracts with the conferences, and then schools with chronic low home-game attendance are going to be in big trouble. What haunts me is the crowd in Iowa’s stadium that watched Iowa play PSU. That place, which has a much larger capacity than Memorial Stadium, was packed, and the fans were loud and excited through the entire game. Iowa has a better history in football, and currently a better program than IU, but not by that much. PSU was a top-rated opponent with some star players, but could IU fill Memorial Stadium if Saturday’s game against PSU was in Bloomington? I doubt it!

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