Several Hoosiers questionable for Penn State game

A physical game against Georgia Southern left Indiana with a lengthy injury report entering Penn State week.

And for an IU team that lacks great depth across the board, this week’s report is a significant concern going into a matchup with a top five opponent.

Most notably, starting corner A’Shon Riggins, defensive back Marcelino Ball and defensive tackle Nate Hoff are each questionable for Saturday’s game due to unspecified injuries.

Indiana rested top corner Rashard Fant, receiver Donavan Hale, running back Mike Majette and right guard Simon Stepaniak against the Eagles, and all four players are also questionable for the Penn State game, according to coach Tom Allen.

Backup linebacker Kiante Walton will undergo surgery Tuesday on an unspecified injury, but is expected to return later this season.

Defensive tackle Juan Harris is also “doubtful for the immediate future,” Allen said.

“It’s a tremendous challenge for our program,” Allen said. “You know, you get to points in seasons when you want to be healthy. Sometimes you are, sometimes you’re not. And other young men to have rise up and play to a level that you expect them to; what this team demands, what our conference demands, and it’s part of it. You look across the country and other teams are dealing with the same thing and you have to pony up, as we say.”


  1. Such is IU football. IU gets banged up against Georgia Southern. This is already after losing Westbrook. I noticed Ellis a little gimpy a couple times in Georgia Southern game. To me this is a concern is he physically ready for Penn State level of physicality. Did the chop blocks by Georgia Southern cause any of the bang ups? A team the likes of Georgia Southern should never be able to bang up a high level team. This is not good unless over blowing injury report is part of IU strategy.

    1. T you are so wrong. A team like GA Southern is made up of tough kids who love football and have a huge chip on their collective shoulders because none of the “big schools” wanted them. The play hard, they hit hard, they take no prisoners.

      1. Yes and they whether directly responsible or not for the injuries to our depth chart, the opponent was GSU.

  2. IU did a great job on Barkley last year by getting to him in the backfield before he could get going. Nate Hoff is their best and most disruptive lineman. As good as Riggins and Ball are, they will not be missed as much as Hoff. This made a tough game a lot tougher to win. Hope that Penn State is drained after their big win this week in Iowa.

  3. Ok. Now, lets make Georgia Southern a top 5 nationally ranked Alabama Crimson Tide type hard hitting team. I know what you are trying to say BeatPurdue. Only in the virtual reality world of IU football. IU 27 Penn State 24

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