2018 game at Minnesota moved to Friday

The Big Ten’s push for Friday night games has now reached Indiana.

IU’s 2018 game at Minnesota has been moved to Friday, Oct. 26. The game had originally been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018.

At this year’s Big Ten media day in Chicago, Indiana coach Tom Allen voiced opposition to the league’s recent scheduling wrinkle. Like many in his profession, Allen, a former high school coach, doesn’t think college football belongs on Friday nights.

“I think that’s a special night,” Allen said in July. “I don’t like playing games on Friday night. I think that’s high school night, but it’s not always my decision.”

The Big Ten’s Friday night scheduling push has received merely lukewarm enthusiasm, at best, from many around the conference. The policy is part of the Big Ten’s six-year television agreement with ESPN and Fox, a deal that reportedly will make the conference more than $2.6 billion during the life of the media-rights agreement.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass told The Herald-Times last November that IU has agreed to play one Friday night game in any three-year period.