Indiana opens at No. 65 in KenPom ratings

Indiana has plenty to prove in the first year of the Archie Miller era.

The Hoosiers are slotted at No. 65 nationally in the preseason ratings released Sunday night.

Indiana opens as the tenth-best team in the Big Ten, following No. 10 Michigan State, No. 17 Purdue, No. 18 Northwestern, No. 31 Wisconsin, No. 32 Michigan, No. 36 Minnesota, No. 40 Penn State, No. 41 Maryland and No. 54 Iowa.

For recent reference, IU opened at No. 26 in October 2014 before finishing at No. 48. The Hoosiers began at No. 13 in October 2015 before finishing at No. 11. They were No. 16 to start last season before finishing at No. 44.

The Hoosiers are projected to have the No. 45 adjusted offense nationally and the No. 92 adjusted defense. Last year, the program ended Tom Crean’s final season as coach at No. 27 offensively and No. 104 defensively.

According to KenPom, IU has a predicted record of 16-14 overall and 8-10 in the Big Ten. Games against No. 28 Seton Hall (22 percent chance of victory), No. 6 Duke (31 percent), No. 32 Michigan (25 percent), No. 16 Louisville (18 percent) and No. 22 Notre Dame (31 percent) are each projected as early losses.

Indiana has only one projected sub-300 opponent — No. 344 Howard on Nov. 12.


  1. Lol….40 to 45 to 50 to 65. Put them all in a brown paper bag and shake them up to see who drops out first. Excellent deal for A.M. and IU. Set the bar low so you can be high achievers from the very beginning.

  2. its just an odd roster…there is talent and experience…but is there a high enough level of experienced talent? Davis, Morgan, RoJo, Hartman, and Newkirk all have the opportunity to have a break out season, but will they? Can they? Moore, Durham, and Smith both have great potential,but can they tap into it this year? Can Green, Jones, and McSwain become contributors? TEAM effort and unselfishness will be the only way this team can realistically compete for anything this year. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Next year could be a totally different story especially if we add Garland and Langford. Then if we loose Garland and Langford to the pros maybe we add brooks and watford the next year. Hard not to think about the future in Bloomington.

  3. Morgan, Davis, Green and McSwain have an honest opportunity to perform at high levels absorbing the fundamental coaching process of AM and his superb staff. Improved D and better protection of the ball will win 2-3 maybe even 4 games. Also I have solid expectations Miller will grow and develop a reliable, competent bench. Hell having a serious, well prepared out of bounds play will win 1 more games.

  4. I think IU will be good this year because they have from my observation (even watching Dayton get beat by Wichita State in tournament) 1. an organized team 2. Meaningful approach *noted that on defense 3. A.M. seems to be serious no non sense in control willing to take aim and compete for his vision. They have some good players (one being Davis). They may very well be a surprise in the country regarding a major conference team. No grace period here and definitely a top 25 team. I appreciate how you constantly hear A.M. saying how much is to be learned as an on going process especially on defense. It says to me his knowledge to be applied is so much greater than what has been there sense B.K. winning years. I think IU will be good.

  5. This is very low. But understand it.

    Upperclassmen like Rojo, Newkirk and Morgan have a lot of untapped potential. They all play really hard, but are more “system” type players who were being asked to make plays while running the weave to nowhere. I think there is upside here with them. I also think that Devonte Green is the one with the biggest upside. I think he could be All Big Ten. I really liked his skill set and he seems to have the right pacing to his quickness. That’s saying something with Crean’s “spaz” offensive mindset.

    I have no idea about the new guys coming in at all.

    Maybe I am drinking the Archie kool-aid, but I’m a lot more positive about this team than a lot of the writers are.

  6. Outside of locker room pep talks from Morgan Miller, the highlight of the season could just very well be a Pritchardesque thunder-slam from Tim Priller…..?

    Any ‘Haunted Hall of Hoops’ this season?

  7. Miller and his style fits our role player roster, but the big 10 is a pretty big step up from the A10. Injuries could really hurt this team as well. In order to be successful they will need to stay healthy. I think a middle of the pack big ten finish is realistic. Just getting in the big dance or a high NIT seed. No way this team succeeds under Crean and the weave so the Miller addition definitely increases our chances. I agree a solid inbounds play will definitely win at least 1 game…assembly hall is always good for a few too….maybe even ones we shouldn’t win. Didn’t Green lead all scores last year during Hoosier hysteria? Not sure what to make of Green. He needs to slow his roll a little and let the game come to him.

    1. Yes, Green led all scorers in the Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage last year. But it was on five 3-pointers, and this was a little different than making spot-up jump shots.

    2. I don’t find the B1G to be very the strong at all. Not compared to where it was a few years ago. Definitely a step up in competition from the A10, but even with our current roster, AM has a relative step-up with his own team’s talent, too. Michigan State looks dangerous, but other than them, no one really scares me all that much. The conference has been down for a while. Our last B1G championship was like winning the Foster Farms Bowl. 😛 I think AM has a forgiving conference to make a first year splash with a roster that the pundits think isn’t that strong.

      Your weave comment made me chuckle. I don’t think I can ever see that being run again without laughing. Ah, the madness of the previous regime.

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