1. Peyton Ramsey two times up the middle and then a 50/50 pass in the end-zone to your slot receiver….somebody please wake Coach Debord….but oh he would says that was a great seq of play calling…..will they please give the ball to the running back some more!!!

  2. WTH on two straight QB draws after the fumble recovery? Putrid play calling. Shades of DeBord in OT last week.

  3. Second big gaffe by MSU – snap over QB’s head. Can we take advantage? 3 after fumble was rather disappointing.

  4. Really disappointed in Mike Debord play calling…..Ellison was running the ball fairly good, average 4.0 yards in this game and yet we continue this poor playing calling not poor execution.

  5. Ramsey is not THAT good of a runner to lean on him this heavily. Maybe he scrambles for a nice gain every so often or you have a couple plays scripted for him to try to sneak in to catch D off guard. But he’s not a feature running QB. not even in the ballpark.

  6. We’ve gotten two huge breaks – the forced TO and the MSU bad snap. But we can’t convert jack. We should have 10 to 14. Instead a FG. Not a recipe for winning.

  7. Another big play by the D. Won’t hold my breath for offense to capitalize. Maybe Harris can bring back the punt.

  8. IU defense has to play against MSU offense and IU offense and offensive coordinator Debord. That is 3 against 1.

  9. The problem is about middle of 3rd quarter and thereafter MSU has a better chance of scoring a couple touchdowns due to running back in game. (Look for breakaway run) I have seen this scenario to many times. Hoping I am wrong. This will be due to non productive struggling IU offense.

  10. Spot on, T. Unless the offense gets the D some rest, they will break at some point. MSU has already had a couple runs that were one missed tackle away from busting out.

  11. No respect for Ramsey and not enough of a threat to competently go down field via pass (little screens and so forth for a yard loss or gain) so defense can play run. Biggest pass via penalty. So kick a field goal.

  12. did you hear the tv announcer say IU got to conservative near the end-zone….if IU looses by an extra point…it all falls on Mike Debord offensive.

  13. IU MVP thus far Griffin Oaks. To soon. Where is break away run by MSU. Way to much time to be field goaling every time by vanilla play calling. Isn’t there any creativity? Looking forward to another field goal.
    Illegal block in back on punt return is the kind of play that often starts misfortune for IU capped by break away run by opponent whenIU offense is ineffective… we will see. Another field goal is needed or are 3 field goals a loses hand?

  14. I sure as hell hope that Oaks never gets hurt or IU will end up every game with a zero.

  15. Take away needed.
    If IU wins Griffin Oaks and Tom Allen coached defense are the reason. However, are they able to overcome Debord coached offense?

  16. Hard to win a game where you can’t score TDs. Doesn’t matter how good your D is. And on our last FG drive Debord settled for no TD with the play calling inside the 10.

  17. I think the coaching staff made the wrong decision, frankly. As turnover prone as Lagow is, Ramsey just isn’t ready. And I question if he even has the arm strength to take advantage of our weapons in the receiving game.

  18. GAME OVER!!!!! poor play calling in the red zone lead to defeat!!! hard to win a game without scoring a touchdown!!

  19. So…2nd week in a row we easily could have won, only to lose out at the end. While the defense is clearly improved, it feels like the same IU football ineptitude.

  20. Ramsey is one of the best players for opponent defense. He almost completely neutralizes IU downfield passing game and does not add much to running game. However, Debord and his staff has to be MVP for opponent defense.

  21. Breakout plays on exhausted defense came a little later this week, but ultimately the same issue. Offense can’t produce enough points even with an excellent defensive effort.

  22. Does Ramsey honestly give us a better chance to win than Lagow? Lagow didn’t get the benefit of playing with this caliber of defense. With Ramsey there’s just no significant threat on the ground or in the air.

  23. DeBord is afraid to commit to trying for a TD when they get in the red zone. That offensive philosophy should be coined the “DeBord Breakthrough”.

  24. What a joke. Mike DeBord should walk back to Bloomington.

    This program is unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. Please point me to a program that routinely loses like we do. Every. Single. Time. No exaggeration. Every. Single. Time.

    If it isn’t Doug Mallory, it’s Mike DeBord.

    Mike DeBord. Calling screen passes with 1 min left and down 8.

    Defense was great. But typically, they blow in at the end. Because Indiana football.

    At least we can enjoy Indiana running up the middle 20 times for no gain versus Wisconsin coming up.

    Kill me for caring about this nonsense. Never been anything in my life so fruitless, so worthless. The fact there are even a thousand people that would come out and watch them is amazing.


    1. Best way to enjoy Hoosier football is with a bottle of DeBordeux wine.

      Even without DeBorderline calls, I’m certain we’d still find a way to lose. Allen all, it was a good effort.

  25. If I remember correctly Debord said he knows how to get a team in the end-zone from the red zone!!! well like I said 0-4 in the BIG 10 (last place)……but at least IU was very competitive against a young Michigan State football team. It is sad considering that IU has about the same level/amount of talent as Michigan State. Will Tom Allen win a game in the BIG 10 this year??

  26. Just remind me IU to be politically correct IU got rid of Kevin Wilson and his whole offense staff, for the current offense coaching staff. without any doubt Debord will defend this poor play calling again!! Time to start watching the soccer team!!! Maybe Fred Glass will leave that coach alone!!!

  27. I agree with DeBord’s critics for this game. The play calling was terrible, especially in the red zone. But I’m also realizing that Ramsey is just not that good a QB, and wondering if the plays reflect DeBord’s lack of confidence in his young QB. As D-Bone said above, Ramsey is not a good enough runner to be relied upon so often. In addition, his arm is weak and he does not hold fast in the pocket. I think it was a mistake to make him the starter. He’d have been better as a back-up, going into the game when Lagow struggles. Compare IU’s offense in the first half against OSU to IU’s offense today. Ramsey’s just not capable of throwing the type of passes that IU enjoyed during the first half of OSU.

    As for IU’s defense, notwithstanding allowing MSU to score at TD late so they could get the ball back, this is two weeks in a row when they simply caved in when it mattered most and the game was on the line. One step forward, and two steps back.

  28. Another heartbreak. Time dedicated to Indiana Football once again bites me in the butt. As DD mentioned, the screen pass made no sense and so much more. Another breakthrough flushed away.

  29. Your going to be looking at a true freshman qb next year competing for starting IU job. Reese Taylor of BD HS.

  30. Meatchicken fans settling behind me last week were so right, “how far the IU offense has fallen since Wilson”. SICKENING!

  31. Maybe, one year for Debord. Go get a younger small college offensive coordinator who can run an offense.
    If there was ever a use for 2 qb system this may have been a year to design game plans to let each play a half depending on if one has a hot hand. Example: when Ramsey played well against Virginia. Does IU beat Virginia now once Ramsey has been scouted in recent games.

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