1. can we at least try throwing a pass in Simmie Cobbs direction?? somebody please wake Mike Debord up??? At least ry something deep??

  2. Michigan trying to assist IU to a win with penalties. Still down 10. IU does not have quite enough talent to make them pay. Will Mich clean up their game and step up play Or keep IU in game? IU is a day late and a dollar short on to many plays.

  3. Except for first half of OSU game not enough talent to get the ball to IU strength which is big recievers Simi Cobbs and others. (poor S.C.’s. Frustrating I am sure)

  4. 13 to 10. Characteristics of past IU fb is to immediately turn around and give up a big play. Is it going to be same or breakthrough?

  5. So that happened. We almost didn’t lose again!!

    DeBord should be investigated for being a Michigan plant. That was the worst 4 play calls I have ever seen. I’ll take Johns any day of the week over this clown.

    Glad it took 3.9 qtrs for them to realize that throwing the ball to Cobbs was effective. And Ellison didn’t start! I can’t even count the number of stupids in this game by the coaching staff. Kids played hard today. Their coaches failed then today. Blockheads.

  6. Deja vu. 2015 IU vs MI game in Bloomington. In overtime, IU’s defense caves in and gives up an easy TD. Then, IU’s receiver gets mugged by a MI defender and the refs don’t throw the flag. IU loses. Same ending two year’s later.

    How many chances did IU have to win this game? But they just can’t get over the hump.

    I appreciate Ramsey’s grit, toughness, heart and mobility, but he does not have the arm strength to properly utilize IU’s wide receivers down field. I know MI’s pass rush is tough, and they pressure the passer very well. But you can actually see DeBord working around Ramsey’s inability to throw deep. Ramsey is accurate on the short passes, but the one time he throws deep down the sideline, the pass is an easy INT.

  7. Beautiful fall day in Bloomington. Check! Homecoming game? Check! IU has a winning record before kick-off. Check! IU has a legitimate chance to go to another bowl game. Check! There are lots of Michigan fans in attendance. Check! And IU still can’t fill Memorial Stadium! Are you kidding me!

    Second half, the game is close and IU is playing well. ABC’s camera takes a wide angle shot of Memorial Stadium’s east stands (student section). They are two-thirds empty during a close game against the #17 ranked Michigan. That’s embarrassing. I think it’s fair to say that we Indiana Hoosiers are the most apathetic fans in college football.

  8. DD, I have to agree with you. The Offensive coaching staff had a very bad day. First down on the two in overtime. There’s no excuse for not getting the ball into the end zone.

    As for the defense, they played well at times, but they are still susceptible to big gashing running plays and prone to cave in at times. MI’s running back is 190 lbs.!

    As for the refs, maybe they just got tired of calling penalties against MI. Because they sure chose to to call holding and PI against MI as Cobbs got mugged in the end zone on that last play of the game. And that’s not to mention the INT they wiped out with a terrible PI call during the first half.

  9. Deja Vu is correct 0-3 in the BIG 10 east (last place)….But, I must admit IU was a lot more competitive than I thought they would be. They hung very tough with a dominating Michigan defense. An Patrick Ramsey gave hope that someday he would be a decent quarterback (good football IQ, good mobility). That last series of play calling was questionable at best?? The one play that bothers me the most is you have the main defender on Cobbs go down with a injury at the goal line and a new defender comes into the game and you do not throw the ball Cobbs way?? Whatever happen to throwing the fade route or running up the gut (you did it early in the game with Morgan Ellison), with a running back not the quarterback. I like Luke Timian (very good player), but if you cannot get some offensive plays in the game for J-Shun Harris (bubble screens, short passes, etc) in space than this offensive cord has some real problems. Is Tyler Green hurt?? Why?? Well it looked like Andre Brown Jr got hurt on a play and Raheem Layne came in for a play or two….then on that overtime touchdown run I notice that Andre Brown Jr was back in the game and maybe he was not up to par still injury (banged-up)??? Not that Andre Brown Jr is that great of a tackler (more of the Deion Sanders type cornerback).

  10. I believe the way MSU took it to Michigan was a precursor to this near mild upset.
    If there was ever a chance for “breakthrough,” it was against a pretty average Michigan team. Jim Hairball is way overrated. Michigan QB couldn’t win the job over Ramsey. The current quarterback position on Michigan is not nearly as dynamic as in years past. Major opportunity lost by Indiana today….at least to sell the perception of a breakthrough victory.

    We have now lost 37 out of the last 38 to Michigan. It’s groundhog day again. Though I doubt the always reliable groundhog can be this predictable. We couldn’t beat a shadow of a usual Michigan team on a sunny day…
    Hoosier Football winter continues.

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