Miller on analytics: “I’ve always been a KenPom guy”

The web site itself is as basic as they come.

No fancy graphics, no annoying ads and very little written analysis. is all about the numbers. Count Archie Miller among its subscribers.

“I’ve always been a KenPom guy,” the first-year Indiana coach said.

Miller is one of a growing number of college basketball coaches who have looked to the advanced statistics site in recent years as a complement to their own in-house evaluations. The site, created by Utah meteorologist Ken Pomeroy, has become a must-use tool for identifying trends, strengths and weaknesses for teams across the sport.

Miller, like many in his profession, is a believer.

“The staff at Dayton who was with me always kind of circled around the numbers,” Miller said. “It’s kind of mesmerizing to follow college basketball through that.”

Through the KenPom numbers, Indiana fans can learn a lot about Miller, too.

Among the most telling statistics included at the site are offensive and defensive efficiency, which show how many points a team scores and allows per possession. Efficiency stats are essentially built on four factors:

— Effective field goal percentage, which adds 50 percent more value for made 3-pointers.

— Turnover percentage, which measures ball security.

— Offensive rebounding percentage, which measures possible rebounds collected by a team’s offense.

— Free throw rate, which measures a team’s ability to get to the line.

At Dayton, the Flyers improved their defensive efficiency in each of Miller’s first five seasons, peaking as the No. 15 most efficient defense nationally during the 2015-16 season.

Miller’s Dayton teams also cut their turnover percentage significantly during his tenure, going from 21.7 percent during his second year to 16.9 percent last season.

“Our defensive efficiency climbed almost every single year,” Miller said. “I think that’s just because of the experience level of doing something every single day. It never changed.

“However you want to look at it, when you can win on the biggest stage, which is the NCAA Tournament, the Big Ten Tournament, whatever, if you can win on a stage and win a championship, or you can advance in the NCAA Tournament, regardless of who you are the next year, as a player you always know from that point forward that you can win. That’s gonna be a challenge here at Indiana.”

The preseason KenPom ratings were released earlier this week, with Indiana opening the season as the No. 65 team in the nation. The site projects a 16-14 overall record for the Hoosiers, who are rated as the 10th-best team in the Big Ten.

For reference, IU opened at No. 26 in October 2014 before finishing at No. 48. Indiana started at No. 13 in October 2015, then finished at No. 11. The Hoosiers opened at No. 16 to begin last season before finishing 44th.

As much as Miller appreciates the KenPom ratings, he admittedly harbors a love-hate relationship with the numbers.

“They make me mad,” Miller said. “It’s numbers. It’s not emotional. It’s just numbers, but you get emotional. You win a game, you’re excited, and you want to look at your offense go up. You lose a game and you get killed and your defense drops 20 slots. It’s depressing, but it’s a great indicator of the efficiency of what you’re doing.”

So like coaches across the country, Miller will be among the many this season tracking his team through cold, hard numbers.

“It keeps you motivated as a coach that you can keep improving,” Miller said. “I think in our Elite Eight year (in 2013-14), we may have climbed 100 spots in the last month of the season on defense. So it’s an indicator of what you’re doing well and not doing well.”


  1. Victor is averaging 26/4.6/2.8 as a Pacer. EJ is doing almost as well. Great representation from our Hoosiers.

  2. Congrats to Victor….Poor guy needs to find a team that can be taken seriously. In the meantime, it’s gotta be nice to have more PT, more touches, more shot attempts, while nobody guards you.

    1. That’s hilarious. You posted a video of Ej’s highlight against Philly, for God’s sake.

      It’s okay. Nobody cares much about Gordon besides you. It’s not as if EJ was ever really an IU student as Vic was. Gunner Keil probably spent more time in Bloomington than EJ.

      1. And the Pacers lost to an OKC team by nearly 20 points….OKC sure lost some “star” power.
        I would be extremely proud to light up the gym with 30 points while my current team gets blown out by last team.
        Give him time…Bricktor Oladipo do just as he did at IU, Orlando, OKC, and, soon, the Pacers. …HOT>>>COLD>>>HOT????>>>COLD. His normal 2-15 streak is coming soon(especially if someone decides to respect and guard him).

        EJ shot faked, stepped right, and buried a game-winning bomb under duress. Victor played around the world against an OKC team very familiar with him. It’s called guard the other guys…If he’s on his once every blue moon streak, no worries. He can get his while we win by 20.

        1. His effective shooting percentage his last year at IU was the highest for a guard since 1997.

          You’re just sad.

    1. Always reactive in your emotions…..I simply put out a post(initiated) a highlight some Hoosier fans might enjoy. Did you enjoy the EJ clip? Predetermined? You do not think I already had predetermined Chet’s reaction once I placed that post on Scoop. You do not think I already knew Double Down would soon follow with double snide? Predetermined? Predictable? Can we talk? You guy are more predicable than Tom Crean’s coaching ceiling.

  3. On to the topic at hand.

    Archie has a such a refreshing approach to coaching. He has an expansive tool set. His look into analytics helps point out areas where he can make his team better. Not to turn the game into a boring battle between 1s and 0s. He looks at the data, goes back to practice targeting those areas and coaches his players to work their ass off and get better.
    And, based on his past performance, they do. Identifying the issues is one thing, but getting players to get better after seeing the numbers is why we’re paying him the big bucks.

    Romeo and Darius, are you listening? You guys will get a lot better as basketball if you play for this man.

  4. Romeo is an Indiana kid. He’ll know how to play the game when he gets to his college destination…. rather than possessing minimal understanding just when ready to be on a hot prospect draft board.

    I fully concur in the gratitude to now have a competent coach…who simply isn’t attempting to make a name for himself, padding his “players in the NBA” stats by finding a future or suspect NBA talent 10 years out.
    Getting Indiana kids will be icing on the cake rather than the only thing to hang our hopes in seeing something resembling “Hoosier” basketball. Hard to claim such a designation when coming to wear candy stripes was only a self-serving individualistic pursuit while playing the game for Coach Galileo.

    1. Romeo is a southern Indiana kid…like Bird. You always go to great lengths to tell everyone that all the great Hoosier players come from near your house.

      Except all the really great ones.

      1. Oscar Robertson is getting closer to my house….And how dare you forget Dan Dakich.

        Bob Knight only had one kid who really was an NBA sensation….With a few breaks, Knight has five banners. He found winners and kids who knew how to play the game. Five potential banners…numerous Final Fours and only one true NBA star. I value a certain gumption/clutch/IQ for the game. Brad Stevens built those sort of teams…It’s not such a bad formula.

        I would love to see some central Indiana teams get through a Gary sectional……Sadly, many great ballers never escape some very hard streets. Best talent I ever witnessed on the hardwood never played beyond high school. I think he ended up in jail. His name was Alex Kiner. You don’t know him.

        1. And Chicago was a pretty close drive to my house. Isiah wasn’t too shabby….Gotta recruit Chicago as well.

          1. You claim a Chicago guy. I grew up playing pickup games with Darryl Griffith at Shawnee Park.

            He’s not from Indiana either.

        2. Oscar was a lot closer to my place. I have a pic of my (significantly older) brother doing a miserable job of guarding him. I don’t think they’ve moved Indy.

          I remember my first trip to the final four during my high school days. The Jeffersonville sectional (4 teams) winner made the final four every year back then. Gary West was the number one team in the state. They were also ridiculously overmatched by the competition at that level. They never knew what hit them.

          With the exception of the East Chicago Washington team with Bridgeman, Trig, Stoddard, etc., I watched the NW team get killed in the finals every year.

          I’ll be generous and grant that the basketball in the NW part of the state is as good as the central and southern portion. To claim that it is somehow better is laughable. Schoolyard legends are…legends. Don’t try to put forth stories of guys who were the next Big O but ‘the mean streets’ somehow stopped them.

          Mean streets are pretty much the same. My vest stopped a bullet in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Nobody talks much about ‘the mean streets’ in that place.

          1. Huh…? I always thought ‘The Big O’ stood for The Big Oladipo. My mistake….I figured it was just evolution in Chet’s basketball world. He left IU as Mini MJ…and now he’s The Big Oladipo. And Tom Crean is John Wooden….and was actually born in Indiana.

        3. Bobby Knight was a great coach for IU, but “he only” hung 3 Banners! Branch McCrackin hung 1, and I forget the coach of IU for the 1st Banner in the 1940’s.

          1. With a few breaks, Knight has five banners.

            I said…”with a few breaks” he has 5. Absent a horrific call going against Downing @ Final Four in ’73….and Scott May’s broken hand in ’75….and he’s likely at 5. When Knight was dismissed, he had more banners to his name than all other Big Ten schools combined.

            Current Championship Banners:

            Indiana 5
            Michigan 1
            Michigan St. 2
            Ohio State 1
            Maryland 1

            For those who like to slobber all over Arizona(Sean Miller), here’s an interesting link.

            _______ “played” four years of high school varsity basketball as a shooting guard at Metairie Park Country Day School in Metairie, Louisiana, though he never actually played.

            He attended __________University, where he spent four years as a student manager for the _________ men’s basketball team under head coach _________. He graduated in 1999 with a B.S. in Marketing

            In many respects, we’ve rehired the teachings of Bob Knight…His teachings filter through all of college basketball…From Duke…to New Orleans…to Arizona…to UCLA…and back to Indiana again. When Archie left for Dayton, who did Sean hire to replace him(three first places in the Pac 12 since the hiring of a former Knight guy). Hell, to get to the brains of Knight, they’ll even hire a guy who was merely a student manager under Knight. Yeah, he chucked it in, alright…And the world of college basketball still reaps the rewards.

  5. Highest expectations in over a decade. For me the most prominent is finally recruiting INDIANA again. Go Miller.

    1. Great article. Anyone who believes RMK wasn’t phoning it in his last decade of recruiting wasn’t paying attention.

      Coach Miller is hard to get a read on which probably means he is genuine. It’s easy to read snake oil salesmen.

      Time will tell. I like what I’ve been seeing.

  6. Knight didn’t miss any shift….Coverdale, Jeffries, and Odle were all Knight’s guys and instrumental in defeating #1 Duke(regional semi) and getting to the Final Four. And Fife(nearby Michigan) has been thoroughly quoted on wanting nothing other than to play for The General.

    1. How true but other recruits were underachievers. Remember the 6’8″ black kid(don’t recall his name)who was more passionate about singing than playing Hoosier BB. His only claim to fame was he poured 39 in against Duke. Other than that he should have practiced his Do-Ra-Me 100% of the time in the music hall. Or how bout Eggers and Mandeville? What duds but all 3 would have performed even less playing for some other coach. Those are the absolute reasons why MD was brought to Bloomington by Knight. Bobby recognized the change in recruiting philosophy taking place. Davis was suppose to get IU reestablished during that developing recruiting transition. To preen the feathers and hold the hands of top prospective talent going through the recruiting process. He wasn’t added because RMK needed his coaching prowess(hell in his own words he stated he never understand ‘motion offense’.

    2. All those guys were recruited by Mike Davis. A huge reason why Mike was hired vs looking outside the Hall at other candidates.

      Knight was entitled and thought he was better than everyone else. Eventually kids learned they could get on airplanes and go other places. And they did.

      1. C’mon DD, you can do better than that. Yes, Davis was recruiting the kids but if think they were coming without Knight being the Head Coach, guess again. After Knight was gone, we saw what happened with IU recruiting. Not to mention Davis was unable to recruit on his own with a fresh start at UAB. Don’t tell me it wasn’t like IU. I seem to remember a former UCLA coach who did quite well there. Didn’t win it all but had a very respectable program.

        1. Nice strawmen. Not arguments I was making.

          I love how you guys go back and prove to me that Knight could recruit because he got Steve Alford back in the 80’s. My point, was AT THE END OF KNIGHT’S CAREER, he let it slip. He was getting run off the national landscape by coaches who could coach AND recruit. Coach K made that transition quite nicely. Knight was too proud and narcissistic to change. God forbid he’d walk into a situation knowing he’d have to sell himself to someone else. He refused. He hired Davis because he could do that. Davis definitely sold Coach Knight and the history of Indiana basketball. But he built those relationships with the families and recruits. It was Davis that made them feel connected. They were a decent team together, but regardless of Knight choking Neil Reed or reacting like a child to “Hey Knight,” that would have had a shelf-life, too.

          David took over and when it was exposed that he wasn’t that good of a coach, the best players went elsewhere.

          If everyone was so keen to play for Knight because he was so amazing (AT THE END OF HIS CAREER), why wasn’t he getting all Americans to play at Texas Tech?

          Let me reiterate, Bob Knight AT THE END OF HIS CAREER, let it slip. Even the big recruits he did get left in a hurry (Recker and Collier).

          Indiana basketball was a sea of mediocrity for the waning years of Knight’s tenure.

          AT THE END OF HIS CAREER. That’s kind of what I meant when I said, “Knight missed the shift.”

          Man, say anything bad about Knight Indiana fans over 50 and it’s like you spit on his mother. Gee, wonder why the man got away with being an absolute terrorist to people for so long? Enablement much?

          1. DD, I believe a real detriment for high flying recruits playing for Bobby was the ‘motion offense’. It just is not an offense to ‘showcase’ athletic talent for ESPN highlights.

          2. I love how you guys go back and prove to me that Knight could recruit because he got Steve Alford back in the 80’s

            And he also convinced the mother of Isiah Thomas that he would make him into a man before he was on an NBA draft board. Please leave Bobby Plump, Damon Bailey, Steve Alford and all of your other stereotypes out of this….For every Steve Alford in Indiana…there is a Steve Downing. Ask Steve Downing about Bob Knight.

          3. Coach K’s so-called transition wouldn’t mean diddlysquat without the brains for the game he learned under Knight. They are friends until the end. There wouldn’t be a banner hanging in Cameron without Knight. Recruiting isn’t just a winning personality, a flight ticket, and a suitcase…It’s what you have learned..It’s what you can sell via that learning…It’s what you embody and hold as a brand because of your affiliations. There is no better coaching degree than one earned in Knight’s classroom. That classroom was transported to Duke.

          4. The twists the human mind has to go through to justify a predetermined position sans any data.

            A sea of mediocrity as his last recruited bunch defeated a #1 Duke and made it to a Final Four/Championship game….with what many like to argue as an average coach.

            Playing on that final Monday night of a college basketball season is the greatest thing in the world to true college ballers. That’s the sort of kids Knight recruited. They are All-Americans in grit…

          5. Harv, once again, you prove why talking to you is impossible. I never said that Knight couldn’t recruit. Do you want to have a discussion or do you just want to emote?

            I said he started sliding later in this career because he just didn’t want to do it anymore and the landscape was changing. He was loathe to change. There were a number of major Indiana high school players who left and went to other schools in the mid-to-late 90’s as recruiting tactics shifted. Jesus, they explain in that article that set off this discussion on the difference between Dean Smith and Knight in getting Eric Montross. Or did you even bother to read it? Bob Knight’s genius wasn’t enough to stay on top anymore. He got Mike Davis and Davis played a major role in recruiting. It was the one thing he was really good at. Ask anyone who was around the program at the time–I knew people that were close to the program at the time and it was openly talked about. I can’t believe we’re debating this.

            Unfortunately for you, because you identify so deeply with Knight, you’ll probably go ballistic when I say this, but Coach K has surpassed him. Knight has a lot do with him becoming a great coach, but he’s no more responsible for K’s success than he is for Randy Wittman, Keith Smart and Mike Woodson’s failures, or Steve Alford’s mediocrity. If he’s such a genius, why don’t more people come out of his coaching tree an absolutely destroy when they leave? Is Tom Izzo a lousy coach because Crean stinks? If Dane Fife turns into the next big deal, who is responsible, Knight or Izzo? Coach K is responsible for his own success. Knight played a role, but he is by no means THE REASON he’s at the top of the heap. That’s not exactly deep thinking. Life is more complex. Influence matters but only to a point.

            Coach K has surpassed “The General” in every measurable category. More banners, more Final Fours, more conference championships, more wins, more gold medals, more players in the NBA. And still going at it. Kills me to say that as there is no program I personally loathe more than Duke. I need a shower having to type this. But facts are facts.

            And I don’t know what point you are even arguing, other than you just want to yell at me about Bobby Knight being great or something. Ok, done. Knight is great. God, who could argue with that? But, Knight wasn’t perfect. But saying that means I have to turn in my superfan card. Cool.

            You’ll surely personalize this as you do. Enjoy your weekend. Hail to the General or something.

          6. DD- thinkaboutit stated it quite concisely. You are simply wrong. Knight wasn’t losing that much ground. He had assembled a team that went to the Final Four. They have all been quoted as only wanting to be coached by Bob Knight.
            No doubt much of UNC’s and Duke’s success has been fueled by instrumental talent(especially bigs) from Indiana. Plumlees…Zeller…Montrose…May.

            We are all somewhat products of our time…..And, at the end of the day, I have never seen anyone recruited with more ferocity than how Fred & Tom recruited Knight (Why didn’t they send Mike Davis?). The guy still knows a clown show….and from the recent news that’s been hitting the pages and the unveiling of the lengths taken to put a kid in a uniform, maybe it’s not so bad to not be a renaissance man “evolving” with the modern times. And let’s also be honest…for the most part, our culture idolizes youth. Knight was nearing the golden years rarely golden for most coaches.
            All things have maturation points for many reasons. Knight saw the clown shows coming. To survive he may have needed to change. But have all the changes necessarily been better for the game of college basketball? You need to do a bit of growing up to see those things with a bit of honesty and perspective yourself as well. Knight also had a son who was primed to take the reins for Bobby. Many on the inside did not want to ever see that day.
            I’m certainly not saying the man didn’t have his issues….But next time you find a perfect man(other than Chet), you make sure to bottle that DNA.

          7. Oh…And enjoy your weekend too!

            One last note…Alford a mediocre coach? Maybe true. Not everyone absorbs the classroom the same…and every personality doesn’t necessarily mesh with the culture of a place. But there are some things that were said on this blog about Alford that have been fully disproved. Somebody once said something to the effect that his career would die a slow death in the Mountain West….UCLA gig? He’s done alright for himself. He does have a nice head of hair….and one pure stroke.

      2. Quit rewriting history, boys… Talk to anyone who wore the Indiana jersey when Knight was coaching…Hell, even talk to the ones who couldn’t endure his demands. They came to wear candy stripes because they wanted to be coached by the best. Hells bells…Talk to Dane Fife. Yes, Mike Davis became Bob’s secretary….made some calls…did some schmoozing…brought a crystal ball with him and told kids they would be the next Oladipo(crystal balls played YouTube clips back then)…..But they came to IU to play for ‘The General.’ Please stop with the nonsense.

      3. DD are you really saying the 3 players I noted were brought to IU by Davis? Those 3 were on the roster before MD arrived in 1997. 2 years prior to hiring Davis RMK recognized he had to adjust for the changing recruiting landscape.

        1. HC, not you, Harv’s players listed. Jeffries and Coverdale were both recruited by MD for sure. Saw them both on campus with MD….not Knight. MD was the one showing up to all their games. Knight was the closer for sure.

          Harv with his typical strawmen. Making arguments I’m not making. But if you dare criticize “The General” it gets him seeing red.

          1. As Moye became a star high school player, he was highly recruited. Then Indiana coach Bob Knight was one of those pursuing him.
            I love coach Knight to this day. He’s why I went to IU,” Moye said. “Bob Huggins told me, ‘You don’t have to go to class.’ Henry Bibby told me, ‘You don’t have to go to class.’ Coach Knight was like, ‘Hey, you’ve got to go to class. You’ve got to work hard.’


            Moye against #1 Duke….Key block against Carlos Boozer. Played in a Final Four. Recruited by KNIGHT.

          2. DD, good. Indeed Davis schmoozed and Knight closed. Makes me extremely curious as to how good that combo could have been with a few more seasons together. i think decent leverage in Indiana would have been maintained.

          3. AGAIN…STOP REWRITING HISTORY. No schmoozing of Coverdale was necessary. As soon as he heard Coach Knight was interested, it was “sign on the dotted line.”

            While he garnered interest from coaches and programs around the country, as soon as Robert Montgomery Knight extended a scholarship his way, it was game over. As he explains it:

            ” Really the deciding factor for me was that I grew up an Indiana fan and had watched them my whole life. So I knew as soon as they offered me a scholarship, I’d stop the whole recruiting process because I knew I wanted to go there since I was a little kid. Basically that was the decision for me. I had always went to games there and just thought about how fun it’d be to play there so when I had the opportunity, even though they wanted me to go to a prep school first, I took it without even hesitating.” – (Source: The Crimson Quarry)

            Davis held their hand around campus and showed them where their classes were. Yippee. They came to IU for ONE reason. They state the reason..over, and over…and over again. It wasn’t hookers and it wasn’t the chance to attend Sunday School with Davis. It was Bob Knight.

  7. Crean wasn’t just failing in Indiana…He was failing in very strong basketball markets in Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago…..
    And specific to Indiana, NW Indiana/Gary (Darius Garland’s family roots..Branden Dawson, Glenn Robinson III, Spike Albrecht, McGary) might as well had been a trip to Mars for Tom Crean.

  8. NW Indiana roots….

    Winston Garland(Darius’s dad):

    In high school, as a junior, he played for Roosevelt High School, the same school that produced NBA veterans, Dick Barnett and Glenn Robinson, in the 1982 Indiana State Championship. Roosevelt lost the championship game in the last seconds to Plymouth High School, which was led by Scott Skiles, NBA veteran. In 2007, He was inducted into the Indiana High School Basketball Hall of Fame – Silver Anniversary Team. Currently is the head boys’ basketball coach at Gary West Side in Gary, Indiana(courtesy: Wikipedia)

    Educate yourself, Chet. Arguably the greatest sportscaster ever interviewing a measly little hoopster from Roosevelt High School(3:50 mark)…Measly hoopster who was an NBA All-Star and played on two Knicks’ title teams alongside guys like Clyde “The Glide” Frazier and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe….I challenge you to watch the entire video…It’s quite inspiring.

    Wow…I educated myself as well. Never would have stumbled on such a great story if I wouldn’t have dug deeper into Darius Garland’s dad and the Roosevelt High School heritage.

    1. Oh, pulleeeze. Some guy with buckets of issues is actually better than the guys who had a grip on life and took advantage of superior coaching and higher levels of competition as well as better training.

      Yeah. That sounds reasonable.

      1. Calm down, Mr. Hostile.
        Jeremy forgot the link….I have no idea whose buckets of issues you are referring.

        Dick Barnett story…I thought it was rather interesting and inspirational.

        And I’ve placed all supporting evidence of every single player from Knight’s final days coming because they wanted to play for the horrible Bob Knight. There was no schmoozing from Davis required. Read the Moye story from the Crimson Quarry…..And what a warrior on the court that young man was. His words: “I love Coach Knight to this day.”

        Stop rewriting history. And I have always said every corner of Indiana produces great basketball talent. Jeffersonville/Connersville have great basketball heritage. Matt Howard…Another NCAA tournament warrior…Much like Mitch.

  9. One more thing.

    You have so butchered these guys names and nicknames.

    The player you are referring to as ‘Clyde the Glide’ is WALT Frazier. His nickname was Clyde as in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.

    ‘Clyde the Glide’ was Clyde Drexler of Phi Slamma Jamma in Houston and later of the Portland Trailblazers.


      1. And we talk endlessly of all the transfers Knight had….in the course of almost 30 years as head coach(Recker, Collier, etc). I dare say it’s hardly anymore than Tom Crean had in the last six seasons. Roth…..Hollowell….Holt….Patterson….Perea….Abell…Robinson….Davis…and the list goes on and on. In addition to losing out on the great proportion of to Indiana talent, Crean had either forced, removed, gently cajoled, wrecked names, of more his roster than Knight did in 25 seasons.

        Now you keep nitpicking at nicknames….

  10. I did butcher one….My bad. It’s been a long time. Maybe smoked too much weed on planet Lovetron…Hakeem ‘The Dream’ playin’ with the wrong rhyme it would seem…My brain went Sleepy Floyd and with my memory it toyed?

  11. Month ago I stopped at the Colorado Welcome Center. Walked in with my trusty IU hat & one of the staff volunteers greeted me with ‘are you really from Indiana?’ Said he needed to test me to make sure, ‘who do I think of; Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Boston & $40 million?’

    ‘Gordon somebody, don’t remember the last name.’

    Guy said he was Gordon’s uncle.

    Out this way all the football talk is the BYU mess

    Gallop NM, nice area but cold.

    I’m old, watched Big O in one of his high school games. First ‘dunk’ I’d ever seen.

    1. Ron, I can assure you that, unless you’re a Mormon, folks in Colorado don’t discuss BYU football much. For that matter, they don’t discuss Colorado football much.

      I’m guessing you made it into Utah before the topic came up.

      In popularity I’d say it goes:
      1. Broncos
      2. Broncos
      3. Broncos
      4. Broncos
      5. Hunting season
      6. Broncos
      7. Skiing
      8. The Pats are assholes
      9. Broncos
      10. Rockies baseball

      1. It’s been cold at night up here but the days have been glorious. Mid 60s with the sun beating down from a painfully perfect blue sky.

        It seems the prevailing winds have spared us from the California smoke. You never know how that will go. A few years ago we had a slight haze in the sky and it turned out to be from fires in Siberia.

  12. There’s a picture in my brother’s (1956?) yearbook of a little kid guarding a giant. That was my brother about to learn a lesson in basketball and futility.

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