Cobbs among 22 Hoosiers participating in Senior Day

Redshirt junior Simmie Cobbs will be one of 22 Hoosiers participating in Saturday’s Senior Day ceremony at Memorial Stadium.

Cobbs, who ranks second in the Big Ten in receptions (63) and fourth in yards (716), will decide after the season whether he will declare for the 2018 NFL Draft or return to IU for his final year of eligibility.

Cobbs’ participation in Senior Day is similar to that of IU senior cornerback Rashard Fant, who went through last year’s ceremony before deciding in January that he would return for his redshirt senior season.

“He’ll be going through that, just like Rashard did last year, without knowing for sure what the future holds,” Indiana coach Tom Allen said Monday. “We’ll handle it that way.”

Fellow redshirt juniors J-Shun Harris, a receiver who recently suffered his third ACL injury in as many years, and linebacker Dameon Willis will also participate in Senior Day.

Other participants include linebackers Tegray Scales, Chris Covington and Kenny Arnold, defensive backs Chase Dutra, Tony Fields, Ben Bach, Zeke Walker, Jayme Thompson and Fant, defensive linemen Greg Gooch, Robert McCray, Nate Hoff and Derrian Meminger, offensive linemen Danny Friend and Jack Trainor, tight end Ian Thomas, quarterback Richard Lagow, kicker Griffin Oakes and punter Joseph Gedeon.

Indiana hosts Rutgers at noon on Saturday.


  1. This has been one of the better classes at IU and I will be sorry to see them go. The defense will be hit hard with the graduation of some outstanding players needing to be replaced next season. Cobbs may leave but for his development and for IU’s benefit I hope he stays. He has the size for the NFL but his game isn’t developed enough as far as route running, consistently catching the ball, and creating separation against tight coverage.

  2. Ditto!

    Good news is Riggins will be in the rotation for RU after getting some ST work against Illinois. Dutra was a bad match-up with the TE for IU’s D in the passing game last week as he has been for 3-4 other games. Allen has to put some trust in someone else to share the snaps particularly the passing downs. Cook, Green, Bryant? Losing Ball has magnified the problem, also sounds like he’ll be shut down for the season. A “downer” for the team mentally knowing he is done for the year vs. thinking he is just out for the next game. PDTTOTMFB!!!!!!!!!

  3. With the ouster of Butch Jones at Tennessee there’s talk that they’ll be recruits loose that we’re committed to them. The senior recruiting director for IU is Matt Wilson and a year ago he came from Tennessee. Might be some movement afoot.

  4. HC…do not worry!! Tennessee wants a clean start!! They where very tired of what their program had become. You do not hear the name of Mike Debord or any other staff member being mention in any shape, form or fashion. Tennessee wants a clean start from top to bottom at their program. Just like Michigan did a few years ago!! I would not be surprise to see a strong Peyton Manning influence, this time around at Tennessee (just a guess). This was a very good class of IU football players, they brought a lot of toughness, excitement and cultural change to the IU football program. A sense that this program could win, be competitive and make it to “BOWL” games again. a big “thank you” to all those players for their dedication and hard work in making IU football very competitive again. May all your dreams come true.

    1. The movement afoot I referred to was meant in recruiting some committed Tennessee players who will be reopening their recruitment. The staff member I referred too from T should be an advantage for IU.

  5. Cobbs is ghost. Right now he is probably a 2nd or 3rd round pick. All will depend on his 40 time at his workout. If he runs in the 4.3s, he could sneak into the 1st round. He reminds me a lot of Dez Bryant.

    I had such high hopes for this season but we simply couldn’t finish games. Now we have to win out just to make a bowl. I have a feeling the Purdonkey game will be a nail bitter.

  6. Cobbs has too many short comings to go in the first round. I would be surprised if he grades above the fifth round many are projecting right now. He drops too many passes, his routes aren’t crisp along with he quits on some routes, and he can’t get enough separation from tight coverage. He is a physical specimen but his receiver skills need more work. The problem with turning pro is the back ups don’t get many reps so if you are lacking skills you don’t get better. Coming back one more year he could really focus on improving the areas he is weak on. It would also be good for IU’s offense next year if Cobbs comes back for another year.

    1. Like I said, he’ll only sneak into the first round if he runs in the 4.3s. I personally think he’ll be in the low 4.5 range. Scouts are always enamored with 40 times which obviously doesn’t always translate to success on the field.

      I’ve been projecting what rounds players go in for over twenty years and the only way he last until the fifth is if he runs 4.6. The guy is a legitimate downfield NFL threat with above average hands and size. His routes do need to be a little more polished but that is correctable.

  7. come back for what??? he has a better chance of improving in “PRO” with the proper coaching, which he will not get with this offensive coaching staff. why take the chance on injury??? all next years routes from this coaching staff will be short slants and 10 yard crossing patterns (linebacker and safety killing zone) and you do not have a qb that can throw pass 20 yards.

  8. I have to agree with IU79. Why would Cobbs come back to IU for another year? Unless the NFL experts tell him that he’s not going to get drafted at all, and assuming he will get his degree next spring or shortly thereafter, why risk career-ending injury to come back and play another year of college? He’s not going to have a quarterback that will allow him to shine any brighter than he already has. If he’s convinced that he can get drafted within the first five rounds, he should move on to the next level.

  9. I don’t think Cobbs will be back either but think he isn’t ready for the NFL. I would like to be wrong either that he comes back one more year or he does excel in the NFL. Even in HS he didn’t have great hands and it is hard to make it in the NFL with the skill to catch over 90% of passes thrown your way. If Cobbs leaves I will be wishing him well and hope an IU player makes a splash in the NFL.

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